How to Sketch Watercolor Lips: 5 Different Styles | Volta Voloshin-Smith | Skillshare

How to Sketch Watercolor Lips: 5 Different Styles

Volta Voloshin-Smith, Watercolor Illustrator and Artist

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8 Videos (27m)
    • How to Sketch Watercolor Lips - Intro

    • Recommended Art Supplies

    • Style 1: Pink and Blue Watercolor Lips

    • Style 2: Classic Pink Lips

    • Style 3: Ink and Watercolor Lips

    • Style 4: Water and Brusho Lips

    • Style 5: Ink + Spray Bottle + Brusho Lips

    • Bonus: How You Can Use Your Watercolor Lips Sketches


About This Class

In this class, students will learn how to sketch watercolor lips in 5 different styles, using watercolors and brusho (watercolor powder).

Some previous watercolor experience is helpful, but even if students are brand new, they can still enjoy playing around with this medium and painting watercolor lips.

An illustrated instructional worksheet will be provided in case students want to trace the shapes and just dive right into playing with watercolors.

Also included is a:

  • PDF of recommended supplies + links to where you can purchase them <3.

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Its a inforative class
Beautiful, colorful and fun class! Thank you for all the tips and inspiration, Volta! Looking forward to more of your classes!
Irina Trzaskos

Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

Fun and informative class! Watercolor sketching can be tricky, but Volta makes it looks so easy and much less intimidating! Will definitely be taking more of her classes in the future. Volts enjoys sharing her knowledge of watercolor and focuses on the process of sketching rather than just the finished product.
Julie Hansch

Make everyday moments count





Volta Voloshin-Smith

Watercolor Illustrator and Artist


I'm Volta, the artist behind the blog, and a self-proclaimed Taco & Art Evangelist.

I'm originally from Moldova, but currently live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and cat.

Watercolors are my favorite art medium and I will never grow tired of trying to convince you that you need some for your soul :).

So I'm excited to create these classes to get you in the mood for some watercolors.

Let's fill that sketchbook up with something ha...

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