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How to Sketch People Quickly and Simply

Teoh Yi Chie, Sketcher, watercolour lover

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3 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Sketching People Quickly Intro

    • 2. Sketching People Quickly Individuals

    • 3. Sketching People Quickly Groups


About This Class

This lesson shows you tips and techniques to sketching people quickly and loosely. 


1. Sketching People Quickly Intro: Hey, everyone, this is still in this to Toro. I'm going to show you some tips and techniques on how you can sketch people quickly. Now, this video was originally published on my YouTube channel, and many who washed it found it helpful. So that's why I wanted to share it here on skew share as well, so that's get started. 2. Sketching People Quickly Individuals: My first advice would be to have a sketchbook in hand all the time so that you can practice anywhere, anytime, whenever there is the opportunity to do so. So here, for example, are some sketches that I drew at a cafe on location. This is just the line, not there's no shading. This is to practice capturing the likeness. So that's what I focus on here on. Here are some sketches drawn a location as well. During a sketch walk here I have used relax to create contrast. No, it is for this are Skechers. I only drew the people. I do not draw any setting. There's no environment, no background because my focus is armed drawing people. And for this cash, this was wrong with help off a reference photo. So there are a lot of people here in an anti virus setting. So here the focus is on getting the people at the right sizes in perspective, and this was drawn with the help off, a reference for to ask. Well, this is an exterior setting out dos, so we have people in front of the beauty ing. Our people are various sizes on. This were actually drawn what? Simply? There's not a lot of details. My focus is really on getting the proportion off the people right. So in today's to Tarell, I will be drawing with the help off reference photos as much as possible. I prefer to draw people on location because it's more fun and challenging, and there are actually many places where you can find people to draw. For example, when you're waiting for a bus at a bus stop at a train station, airport, shopping centered hospital or even when you are in a meeting in cafes, there are just so many places where you can draw and practice. But if you feel intimidated when you're drying outdoors, maybe you can start by drawing with the help off. Some reference photos and for reference photos are typically go to Ficker to such for them . And when you want to draw people, some of the key was that I recommend would be to such for crowds, tourists. So here I have entered the such time Tokyo crowd, and we have some photos here, so let's try and draw awesome that I can see. Just roll this you don't actually need to use the same reference photo that I'm using because the drawing techniques can be applied to any human figures. So typically, when I see someone, I would draw the hit. First. I will try to get the shape of the hit first, and here you can see the hairline. It's also about this week, so when I draw the hair on it to you to do hair this way and ends here now, the year it's to what's the right site? So if you take the proportional to hit, the year is about 1/4 to the right side and a year it's here. So when drawing people, observation skills are very important. So the chin it's right below this are part here, where it's the higher. So please the chin here and I see this line. It's like curve. So it's a curve and then curves off slightly and Dan goes up here. The nose. It's the tip of the nose. It's between the hair and chin, but Twister left site slightly, is not directly above the chin here. So that's what I'm thinking off when im sketching, Where is the future relative to other elements that I have a really drawn. So the eyes they are to toe at an angle like this. So this lady seems to be closing her eyes. Now the eyes here the left side of the island is above the nose here before this high. You see, I joined this line to the nose and take a look at a photograph. They are not joined together so slightly, not accurate here. So every little mistake that you make it's going to affect the likeness. And this eye appears to be be good and usual because I drew the line too long. So for the next, it starts here below the right side off the lips here on goes down slightly like this and goes up to behind a year. And for the hair, we can draw some here. And some of the hair starts from the chick here and ends around this area here. So the hair hands about one hit balloon hit and for the hands I can draw them Here. It's about one hit. Be load a hit as well. So it starts here and elbow it's here. So sometimes I like Teoh, see where the elbow is, and then I can just join. So the show does will be here and now I can just join like this. This is the Baghdad she's carry Now for the hand. It's Athena here and thicker here. So let me try and get the proportion right when drawing people, Usually there are no straight lines. So as much as possible, try and follow what you see. Not what you think. You see, This is the fact. And we have some something here. This thing goes behind the shoulder and we have more hair here. We can draw the other hand to hand is below this and hear the right hand off this lady. It's been loaded. Laughs I often knows here. So we control the hand and she seems to be carrying something. And this line here, um, this hand here, it's for shorten. So the angle goes down like this very slightly. It's a very short line, and then it stops and then curves like this goes up and then it stops. And this is the and here on this is the dress. So now we have we have almost drawn the whole thing. You already strong umbrella. That goes up. So the umbrella. The top off the umbrella stops right here between the top and year. So it's somewhere here, and it can continue to Troy here on you see these umbrella at this 0.123 So we have this point directly above the hit and it will come down Teoh decide here, which is slightly below this point here. So yeah, this is correct on for this point here. It's a line to this point. So it's control of that here on this line here will intersect. You're at a hair here, and this is the umbrella, and you can draw the clients with thin underneath the umbrella, so it starts here. See? It starts here. Joint here, On here on this Lima Go. Don't hear, hear. There are some hair here, so this is pretty much sketch. So it's a very quick sketch. Hair actually crows down here. Yeah, so that's it. And now let's draw this full figure. So when I look at this reference for, though, the first thing that comes to my mind is I need to get the size of the hit, right. If I draw this too big, I will need to draw the body bigger to get everything in proportion. And if I driver thing big, I mean run out of space on my pitch. If I draw the hit smaller, everything would be drawn smaller. I will probably not feel the pitch, but it's okay. I have somewhat space, which I can use to draw other years. So this photo is off a lady riding a bicycle in real life, if you are going to be drawing of this on location, it would be very challenging because she will be riding the bicycle rata quickly. She'll be she would just disappear in a matter of seconds. So when drawing people on bicycle, I like to draw them when they are stationary at the traffic light junction, for example. So now we can draw this because it's a photo, A few things to take notes off. The hand is below. The right side is below the chin here, and this handed to us the last site so I can see this negative shape here. We have a negative shit here. The knee, it's below the elbow, the knee. It's below the hand and the fit is below the elbow. The fit is below the elbow. So this is the general ship. So when I'm drawing, I'm constantly thinking about where the hand is, where this point is in relation to other elements. So that's a do a very quick sketch. So much is going to draw very quick sketch. So this is the year it's in the middle on duh nose. The nose is almost always the same height as the year. If you are looking at the person straight on motion, why Havas trailing there anyway? That's continue. So the eyes the moth on. We have some hair here. So this is the chin and this popular the neck line. It's below the hair here so I can draw that. The neck goes to the right side and the shoulder. It's about one hit, um, through this site here, and it's okay to draw, like have a lot of lines because you are just practicing. This is just a sketchbook. So the elbow it's somewhere here on the hand, is to west a right sight off the year here, and we control. We can then join all the lines together with hand. It's directly begin this chin here, so it should be here, and that's drawing the oddest sight now. So we have the elbow, which is here, and this will come out like this so we can draw some wrinkles on uh um, on this line here. It stops here, beneath the chin towards the right side. So it stops somewhere here. So when you're drawing really fast, you need to know where those points are and his hand will come down like this. The hand will taper from thick to thin arado recent area, and then we control the fingers. Make sure the fingers out of the line see the bottom of the finger here issue aligned to this part here, I drew. It is a bit too long. So on it, too. Um, correct. It selected. And we have the bicycle. The handlebar. Okay, so let's draw the pot here. Now the back off their shit has some wrinkles. And this shit just lying here we will be like this. Okay, let's move down slightly. So we have to me beneath the hands here on this distance. Cities distance. It's about the same as this distance. So when I draw the knee and in to make sure that this does. It's correct. Now this sketch here is about the same size as what I have in the photo. If you're drawing in, realize this lady is probably going to be quite far away, so you need to get your proportion. You related to understand your proportion. So I'm joined wrinkles on the dress, and that's why it's more challenging to draw on location. So the me here, that sort of at a 45 degree angle, and this is not a straight line. There are some curves. The most important thing to notice where the feed is going to end. It's going to end to what's the right side up this elbow. So it's good and somewhere here, and I could draw this first and then joined is together the order at which you are droid. Sometimes I may draw the feet or the hit, for sometimes I mean draw the body first and within the ship itself, sometimes, I mean draw the lab site to the right side, right? Sided. At that site, you're it's really up to you, so that's full of the bottom of the skirt woods and also in drawing. I try to think off the drawing. Try not to think that I am actually drawing person. I'm drawing the lines. I'm fooling the direction off the lines. I'm not actually growing the person. I'm just fooling the lines. And when you full of the lines when you draw what you see after you finish Troy, you have a human figure. So this lady is peddling a bicycle. So focus off this to Tora is really too. I'm drawer like people. So I'm just going to draw this bicycle really quickly. So the fit is behind, uh, this bicycle remain here and yeah, So this is it. It's OK. Toe making mystics. It's part of the learning process and it's actually what makes drawing fun. When you make mistakes, always ask yourself why Why did I draw the angle this way? Why did I place the point on the line here? Why the I get a proportion wrong? Always ask yourself why? And that may actually help you improve and help you understand your own drawing process and where you are pruned Teoh making those mystics. So here for this sketch I can add a bit more detail because this sketches rather lache. If the sketches small then I don't need to have so much details. So I'm just adding some wrinkles on the shit on. This lady is carrying a back here and the bag is behind. And this neath now this line here it's not street. It's actually curved because it's curved to, uh and this is also curve to So when you're drawing, look for those details. 3. Sketching People Quickly Groups: And now let's draw a group off people. So I'm going to use this tiny area here when drawing so small the focus is on simplifying and to be able to feed everybody on to this small area here, I need to draw the biggest element first ones. I can feed the biggest element. I will be able to draw the other people in the scene. So I'm going to start by drawing the lady first. So once again, I am going to pay attention to the proportion off the hit. This is the arm that is stretched out to the left side. This is the back that as step she is carrying and this is the right side. We have address here. We have the feet here. So a shames like she's carrying a bottle. And there is a little kid on the left side. Kid iss, top of the hit IHS at the bottom off the back here and bottom of feet is actually much lower. So I'm gonna draw notice. I drew this line first because I wonder bottom off the tee shirt. Once I get that, I can join all the other elements. Yeah, let's get feet, right. So we have other people in the scene follow for all the other people in the scene. I'm going to draw them relative to this lady here. So there is a not a kid here. It is going to draw the hit the body and licks. So notice This is just a circle, a rectangle and not a rectangle. And there is an adult here, the top of the hit ISS here, hands here. The adults elbow ends here. There's under the bottom off the kotis there and the bottom Octel exits here the bottom of the legs and higher compared to the bottom of the legs up. There's our kids here and we have not a kid here, which is much bigger. The hit is here at a top off the back. The elbow is to us the left side and desist, kid, carrying the bottle. The feet will end here on something like this. So notice for this more sketch. I am not even able to place not even able to draw the eyes. Because if I place the eyes, it's going to be too big. And we have guy here wearing this hat. Now this guy. The bottom off, the quote on the sweater, it's here, and hands here extends beneath the bottom of the sweater. And we have this guide angle of the Liggett's in this direction because he is walking. This link is in this direction, but the other liquors in the other direction and we have the shoulder, um, and hen and this guy it's carrying back. So basically, does how I draw really small. So this is good for simplifying. And this is also good for practicing and getting your proportion right. Even if you don't add a lot of details, you can steal. Just to be able to tell that these are actually people and Justin. And now I'm going to draw this lady who is holding a handful. You can find people holding of phones on trains. Those are fantastic subjects to draw because they are always looking at their funding. Wouldn't know that you are drawing them as long as you don't to your hit up and down to often. So this is the Cheney area. The nose it's about It's closer to the bottom, down to the top. So the nose is here and we have the lips. We have eyes and we have the eyebrows. So the phone it's too. What's the lad side? We have two fingers here. Some of the fingers are behind a phone, the fingers stretched to almost covered up for And we have another hand here on. I'm just going to draw this lines to represent a hand, pay attention to the angle off the hand and just would come down here. Onda Hammer, go into this. Leave this sister sleeve for this hand here. This will go into the sleeve as well. When the hand goes into the sleeves, some parts of the sleep will be behind a hand. So, for example, this part here we'll be behind so insidious line overlapping this line that gives the illusion off death. And for this particular Cicely, I think I drew this a bit too street. This life should be more curved. So employing Try notice the details. So the night comes here goes to the right site, hand comes down like this. Now, if you draw bits lower your lives may look a bit Steve. Sometimes I like to draw fast because I want to get those lies. Get my sketch to look a bit looser, but even when you're drawing Fars, try Teoh, not draw so many straight lines. There are no straight lines, so we have back here on the back. It's about the height off the hand, right, a booth. And sometimes you may notice that I would go back and draw the line again over the other line that is called restating On Way. Have back there and, uh, Kins me just drawn a pork it. If you have too many overlapping lines, the sketch is going to look a bit messy. So when you practice drawing when become more experience, you will be able to strike a balance between home. Much shock beat you to add how you should restate those lines on not restate those lines, throwing people walking. It's very challenging, so you have to draw really fast. Try and capture the big ships first, and it's okay to make mistakes when drawing people really, for the trick is really to capture the movement off them walking. And when you practice long enough, when you ever experience, you may actually be a going to draw people even faster because you are really if you have a lot of experience. You would have to imprint off how to draw a person in your hit, and that can really help you drawl more accurately. So these other people was catching tips I have for you to sum it all up. The most important tip would be to know where your lines are going to end before you start drawing. So, for example, I know the elbow is here. So when I draw, I can just end here. I know their hands are here, So when I draw the harm, I know to end here, and yet other important tip is to think about drawing as drawing shapes and lines like where that's this line. Go. What's the angle? How does the line curve? How big is the shape? What are the negative ships between the figures? Something about drawing figures? Because sometimes I mean, you know how a human future will look like, and sometimes that knowledge actually will prevent you from making a good Troy. So draw what you see in front of you rather than what you think you see when it comes to drawing, simply fight figures. Ask yourself this. If I can only draw this figure with as few lines as possible one of those lines that I should draw, so that will help you simplify your drawing. I have a few more to Tora is on drawing people. He may want to wash them. You can find links to those videos in the video description below. Before you go, I want to recommend to you this book called Sketching People and Urban Sketchers Manual to drawing figures and faces. This is by Alan Chapman. No, the cover on may be different, depending on who is the publisher. This is a fantastic book on your drawing on drawing faceless people. It's really worth the money. I'll put the link to work and find this book in the video description below as well. So if you really want to get, like, really good withdrawing people, consider Catholic in this book. Thanks for watching to do his view. I hope this is helpful with you in the next one. By