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How to Shuffle cards like a pro!

teacher avatar Federico Dellavalle

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Table riffle shuffle tutorial

    • 3. Tips for the table riffle shuffle

    • 4. Riffle shuffle tutorial

    • 5. Tips for the riffle shuffle

    • 6. Overhand shuffle tutorial

    • 7. Tips for the overhand shuffle

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About This Class

In this class you are going to learn how to impress your friends and family through the handling of the deck.

The three ways of shuffling that you are going to acquire during this lecture are:

-The correct overhand shuffle that doesn't ruin your cards;

-The in the hand riffle shuffle with bridge end that looks and sounds amazing;

-The table riffle shuffle that is used in casino.

+ A lot of useful tips and application of this shuffles.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Federico, i'm 19 and i live in Italy.

For the past 4 years i have been in love with the process of learning new skills, some of my favourite are: magic, juggling, solving a rubik's cube, doing 100 pushups in a row, shuffle dance and becoming a strong chess and poker player.

I can't wait to share with you what i learned!

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1. Introduction : Hi, My name is Federico and for the last three years have been practicing magic. In this time you have learned quite a few skills, and I thought it was a good idea toe share some of my favorites with you in this lecture. You're going to learn my three favorites, shuffle the table, refer, shuffle their India and riffle shuffle and over and shuffled. I have also included the some tips and some cool application for these shuffles. So let's not waste any more time. Just grab a deck of cards and I will see you on the other side. 2. Table riffle shuffle tutorial: Now we're going to learn the table. The Riffle shuffle This truffle is mostly used in casinos and after card tables, because the cards remain Eden and face down tow truck deliver shuffle. It's also really smooth and shuffles. The cards scored well, so I hope you liked. Now we're going to run the table. The riffle shuffle. These shuffle is used a lot in the casinos and that card tables. This is mainly because the Carson stay face down for all the shopping, and, ah, there is no risk off flesh off guard. It's also a vehicle shuffle because only the professional, uh, Copia can use it can are able toe. Do it. So let's go. But but to, uh, yeah, to do this kind of shuffle, you need the soft texture or a surface under your doctor because you need to pick it up. And it's easier for of all caution under your back and it's order. If you have, all are on the surface. A carpet works just fine, and a lot of the car table nowadays have it so stunted a problem. You're going to start to shuffle by beating the deck up like these. We did the ring finger at the middle finger in the side of the deck, the number I'm decide now. Then Delaram is going toe. Do the exact same thing, but it's going to lift it house off the deck and then you're going to pull apart your aunt . Now you're going to practice the refill motion that's done by digging the packet of guards , the middle ring, finger staying, the excessive position. The index finger is curved and the price pressure pressure from the top in the time but pulls the cars up and then slowly releases them. I tried practicing good. This is a mover. Slowly at first you get the right the muscle memory once you're comfortable doing it with boot off the answer at the same time, you can take your guards and do the actual shuffle. You don't need the cards toe overlap by a lot of this is fine. Then you're going to scrape him up. Just use your pinkies and the apply pressure and then pinch with your middle are in finger and your terms where you are, spring out these ah shuffle. It's easier to use. I soft touch you said the farm a stronger one, so be gentle and ah, it will be easier 3. Tips for the table riffle shuffle: one of the problems that I had when I first started doing shuffle was that I felt pain in my right end this point. This happened because I was using muscle that you never really used. And, uh, that it happens to you is going to disappear if you're practice and continue to use that muscle. The shuffle is also very useful. If you want toe, try and cheat it because you can routine the top and bottom guards, like for the other shuffles. That's done simply. Why you making sure that the bottom card off the deck is the 1st 1 that falls in the ground ? The same thing can be applied to there top card. We just need to make sure that there are scarred that falls. When doing these. I suggest that you don't always pulled back apart this way, but you also do it. Get away. That is going toe. Make it harder to see for your opponents 4. Riffle shuffle tutorial: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture in this actually are going to learn Rto airy for shuffle. These are really good movie. I drink a lot of time and it's also really useful because it's shop force a black. Really? Well, I don't eat in the past toe a lot of my friends, and they picked it up quite easily. So you can do it too. For starters, you need toe back in your non dominant tender in my case is the left one. This is called the Dealers. From this position, you need to pass a like to your right, and we're going to place the on these two joints. Then you're going toe, curl your industry in the finger and place it on the back. The dam is going to hold the packet, and the pinky is staying there. Nothing. Now you're going toe practice. One of the probably the only difficulty about this truffle This is very for Are you do the reform you bush, both with your index finger onto the packet and you pull. Oh, yes. With your number. Undo off the top These grates attention in the decker. And when you let go which are dumb. ID card group of up. What year we you need to do now is to practice the bingo one card off. Uh, time Do you get the right Moscow memory when you have this part down, you before off the deck and you pass it onto the other hand in the exact same position. So they like meter or each other joints finger. And now you're going to practice Duri foot with both ends at the same time. When you are quite comfortable. Your face there, the cars don't. And you, um maybe hands closer to each other, you do the exact same thing, so you have to go the same time. 111111111 for deal back it. And these there I feel shuffle. So once again, then you need to go the the good bar to the flourish in the bridge that looks something like these. How do you do that once you're in the correct position? Where were they? Cars don't need to wrap each other by a long part. That is fine. You place both you for times on top off the top. Gardner, you press down, you make or miss with your pinky and index finger, you press down, let's go, then slowly that go off. The pressure is building side of bank. That's the breach. 5. Tips for the riffle shuffle: Now we're going to go through some overall tips for the Indiana Riffle Shuffle. You might feel of people do the shuffle where they let the car forward on the calendar, and then they become up into the free. That's not necessary for the shuffle. And, uh, it's not our B two that you should create. This shuffle is also useful if you want to retain or ah, in regard to stay on top or the water off the rack. In this case, the nine parts you want denying toe. Stay at the bottom. You can stuff your shuffle in the same way, but you have to make sure that the first car fools comes from the understand and then you can compete your shop. This Indian goes for the card if you want to. The night off diamonds to stay on top to make sure that the last Guard force comes from the right and 6. Overhand shuffle tutorial: now you're going to earn the overhand shuffle. These are really common. Truffle is used by pretty much everyone, but it's not done in the right way of people. Shuffle the heart like this, and these Reznik carves a lot right over in shuffle. Number is done like this. So what do you do it? It's really easy. You need to start in your dear scrape or mechanical grip. You're going toe. Elevate the card. Um, I think he's replacing India's tree fingers on the bottom. The index goes on top off the deck and a dump stays rest on top of the deck. Then we do right, and we're going to grab a bucket of cards. Um, Index is not goingto take away any cards. You're going to do that with your middle and ring finger. The Knicks restaurant up squares of the bracket. The thumb. So does the rest. You left the card. Place them on top of the deck press, which are Tom and the Guard, a small chunk of guard. Then you do it again. When you're let the wheat not off the guards, just throw them on top, start doing it real slow, and then, as you get more used to, it can increase the speed. Indeed, quite fast. 7. Tips for the overhand shuffle: Now let's go through some overall tips for the on shuffle one quick, deeper that you use toe. Increase the speed off the actual shopper visto. Use your left index finger toe square the cards that are coming from the right end In this shuffle, The standard Ardley musical is the right end that does all the motion. One cool application for the shuffle is the retention off one or more cards at the bottom or at the top of the deck. Let's say that we want the three of diamonds to stay in the boat after deck. We can give it to their for as long as we want using the shuffle. Uh, you do that. It's pretty simple, but you're going to take the cards from the bottom. We're going to apply pressure with your bottom prefigures and these goes, is the Boston Guard to stay a to bottom. Then you're gonna keep the shuffle going, and it creates the illusion that there decades being shuffled. But the bottom cars stays there all the time. You can also use it for the top tired, of course, and it looks even better because you can see their actual card being shuffled