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How to Shuffle Dance | Vol 2. Beyond the Basics!

teacher avatar Brian B., Teaching Men Step-By-Step How To Dance

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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29 Lessons (1h 32m)
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About This Class

In this Shuffle Dance master class, you will learn a handful of new, more advanced shuffle dance moves. You will also learn how to string these moves together into a brand new routine!

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Brian B.

Teaching Men Step-By-Step How To Dance


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1. A1: welcome to level two. You made it. So at this point, you have a couple fundamental shuffle moves under your belt, and you also have a shuffle routine that you can bust out on that's festival. But now you're looking to learn some war dance moose, so you can go to the next level. If this is true, then perfect, because in love with you, we're gonna kick it up a notch. You're going to learn a bunch of more advanced shuffle dance moves so you can spice up your shelf. Also, you're going to learn a board of shelf routine. Once you're through with this program, you get to incorporate all these new things into what you already know and have a ton. Now, a few words before we get into the tutorials were going to be moving faster than Volume one , because at this point you have a sense of how shuffle works. So that's just a quick warning. You ready for that? Also, the best way to use this course is to go through the portion for teaching. The new dance moves twice, So learn these new dance moves first before going on to the routine section If you think you're slower learner, then feel free to go through this section where I teach you that you dance music 34 or even five more times. Take this much time us. You need to master these new dance mix. Once you've got these new dance moves down, then move on to the routine section. I just want to remind you that this is not a race. Since you have lifetime access to this program, take your time to go through. All right. That being said, let's jump into the new dance reception for this course. 2. B0: Let's get started with learning some new dance move. I'm gonna teach you the dance moves, step by step and then we're going to practice to something slow counts and then I'll speed up the counts. And once you have a good handle on these moves, then we're gonna move on few music. I'll play a slow song and then or dance to a passerby, make sure you have some comfortable clothes on and the tower lying around because you're about to sweat. Alright, that is it. Let's get started. 3. B1: this move is the hopping Yotel Looks like this. All right, let's bring this one down. So the first move that you have to get used to is the field toe. Now, we talked about this dance move in the first volume, so they until regular goes like this. All right, So you should be able to do this one already. If not, then you want to review the ball one Or learning dance, Move individual. So once you happen regularly, Kyoto down. Next thing we're gonna do is to put a small tweaks to it. So the tweet looks like this. We're going to start doing the hell till, like, the spoon. So it's a drawing motion with the toe. So let's try going this way first. So what's gonna happen is I'm gonna do this side. And what doing this? This toe is gonna draw backwards like that. They replace All right, So this is the prep, the starting position. So here we go back. So pivoting on the hell this week. Toe drawing. So we go that back. All right, she get out quick. Trying to go draw, bring back in, draw. Bringing back in. All right, so noticed I'm drawing in this foot is going behind bringing back you. So from the back let's do a couple more times Bring back bringing one Let's try the other side. So who in this way? So we're gonna go being like so in this would it's gonna draw me so come back from starting proposition We go, you're bring back Bring back draw bringing back one. And am I right? Try to get So bring it back. Bring about back, Bring back. All right, Let's not try combining the two sides together. So we're gonna go this way first from the proposition toes pointed in. We're going to go home. Bring it back on the other side. Bring it back first. Bring it back, You know, so 11 one? Yeah. One. All right, let's take a look. All right, so at this point, let's want to the next part. We're gonna put the hot in there. So we want to do is start from the proposition just like that. And from here, instead of doing the pivot and draw, we're going to jump into that position, so it's gonna look like this, all right? I'm sure all right. So know this from the side. Go like that. So it's just like the draw position, but we're actually gonna jump into it and going to my right here. Axl, over to this site. Go job. All right. All right. Job. All right. So I will mention when you're trying this in the beginning, it's gonna look a little bit weird. But don't worry. Once you get the movements down, it's going to start looking more natural. So there you go. We'll be back. Bring it back. Bring back. Bring them back. Just get used to that. No, Bring it back. Bring about. Bring it back. All right. So let's try the other side. Starting from prep the back. Come back. So from the side you go. Come back. Come back. Thank you. Do you proposition. Proposition? Proposition. All right. So at this point, let's try how come to that side and then happened back to the proposition, right? So what's gonna happen is I'm gonna go hop and that hop back right to the proposition. So that beginning position. And now, of course, we're gonna go do the other way going back. All right. So this one who come back. Bring back. Well, so one to what you one do you? Well, yeah, to. All right, let's shake it up. Break going this way. Tired. Well, the fashion we go up do that. Oh, in one to Yeah. All right, shake it up. So the next step now is what I want you to focus on having the upper body stay centered. So this is what I mean before, our upper body was traveling with hot. So we're going from here, over here. Center the other way. Now, why don't you just move our feet in our upper body? It's going to state center, relatively speaking. So it's gonna look like this. Yeah. Yeah, A little bit difficult when you do it slow, but it becomes easy. So let's try. I'm going to speak to go home, bringing back 1211 Do you want Yeah to You all right, Shake it up, Speed up a little bit now. All right. Going this way. My 6121212 12 1212 11 All right, get up. Trying to get this week, Mike. 5678121121 12121212 All right. Striking using 4. B1: trying to some music. Now we're gonna get it started with a slower beat. All right, let's give it a try. Way, way. 5. B2: this next move is the shuffle. All right, so let me bring this one down from the side. What's gonna happen is you start with one like one leg planted from here. We're going to do the running, man, like usually what brings one foot down and the other foot back you're And at this point, what's gonna happen is you want to go on to your toe for the back foot in this front foot is going to slide backwards when it happens from your and go. All right, on the toe, back foot from the beginning we go. What? And from here, what's gonna happen is we're just going to go down just like the running, right. So the battle, it goes on to the toe foot stomps down, and now we're at opposite position. Right? So we're gonna do is bring this one up. This you go. All right. So let's try from the beginning. One foot up, we go down, slop. And from here you go. What? And now we're at the very beginning, right? So let's repeat the process. Slot one cute. 1212 one. You, you one. Let's start from the front. my foot up. Let's try a little bit. Fashion we go. What? Slide slide inside the G. From here we go. Sliding down. Down. All right, good. Okay. Now let's within our movement and do it a little bit more quickly. Okay, One foot up. Here we go. Go fly. Fly down. Slide down. One, 11 All right, take it up. You should be able to you start to get angry things now. All right? That's right. You faster. Okay, we go. 111211 Cute 1 to 1. All right, let's give it a try to music now. 6. B2: Let's start with a slower song first and that way. - Okay , let's try a different way. 7. B3: So here is the next. Let me show you for that. All right, let me break it down. So you want to get started with a prep like this? And then from here, you want to do a little hop, so one foot goes to the front and the other foot? Actually, folks in So from here we go, you go. Okay. So no, this what's happening with my hip here? My is actually facing this way. So this leg is OK. Sideways that way. All right, so we go up, go back. Go, go. Look. All right? No. Okay. So once you have that down from the prep to the hot, where you're gonna try to do is bring this what the actual like they should part of your life. You want to draw a circle in the back, So let me show you slowly, even though this is very hard to slow. So from here, we're gonna go hot draw. Yeah. All right. One more time. From we go. Hot book. Put it down back. You know, look, what a day. Okay, so now you see why we have to pivot the hip a little bit. All right? So once we put it this way, this allows our leg to hook in a direction. And what's it hooks up. You're going to turn the hit so it allows you like to draw circling back one more time. Go from you know, India. All right. We'll go. Yeah, we're done. Yeah, from the back. You The faster you knew it, the easier it It's all right. So let me do it a little bit more quickly we go. Okay. So let's try you on their side now. So from here, we hot with this leg to the front this late cooks up like that in the hip. It's this way. So we go. Who more? Okay, Now, let's try joined the circle in the back. All right, so let's go. Yeah, well, the quicker Okay down. Yeah. Also, if you're like it's more possible, it makes a move look better. All right, let's try one more time. So, like, hook back this like those two different you? No, a little bit that way. Go down. So one more thing to notice. You want to keep your need relatively close together. If you try to do it with your knee outside. It's gonna look here. So you want to keep your niece to get so it creates that motion. Okay, let's drive once more. So this lead to the front. This leg draws in the back. Yeah. All right. What? Do you have that down? Let's try putting the two sides together. So we're going to stand like this for the prop. We're going to do the first. Once this light comes down, it's gonna go to the front in once it hits the ground, this leg is gonna go Indra, Right? Here we go. This life prospers. This like the first we go. Boom. No, you go from that. You know. All right, a little bit. That's when we go copy for Go again. All right. Try to get again. Cool. All right, So for this move, we're going to just practice two counts in the next video. All right, let's try 8. B3: Okay, let's practice this move. Two counts. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to counting in and we're just going to go one side, the other side, and then we'll stop and then I'll tell him in the game to the next round. Here we go. By 612 The game by 6125678125612561 All right. She could have a little bit. All right, again. Here we go. By 67812561267261256126 One, 261612 All right. Alright, let's try the last round. Your 61267812612561212 six, one. 9. B4: this next one is a running man Variation. Okay, so it is not that different from the doubling off motion on you're doing is you're just doing the regular running man, and then you're coming back to step to the back. Okay, So let me break this one down. We'll want to do the irregular. And then what's gonna happen is we're going to live a fund like, up while the back leg slides to the center, and we just want to step back with the front leg, now slides forward, and then four, all right, from the beginning, we go from here, we go down. All right, so the back leg is going on the toe on the front line. All right, so that is the fact perspiration. Right. So let's try out more. So we go front first, huh? That and then we're gonna come tm All right. A little bit more quickly from here you go. 111 in. Let's try the other like now. All right? Honestly, No, we go. Come. One, one. You one in. You all right? She get up. You sure? From front. So we go from, so it's a little bit more difficult to do. Obviously when you're doing it slowly. So let's try it from this side. Going to have this like we go. One, 21 All right, shake it up. Have you? So this, like we go one one if you want. You can. One in you one. Yeah. Okay. One. Do you want to shake it up? Now? We're going to you. Speed it up. All right, speed it up. So here we go. It's, like 561 21 to 11212121 to 11112 All right. So you really you know, first since 81212 What do you do? You do you want? Let's try to see music. 10. B4: Let's try to some music now. So what's gonna happen is we want to do one side first and then we're going to take a break and that switch over to the other side. So the first on here is actually a hip hop track, so it's a little bit slower ball. Okay, let's try to a different being out, So this one is a little bit. 11. B5: this next dance. Who is the soccer step? Looks like this. All right, let me bring it down. So the starting position looks like So So you're gonna have one, like in the front, and it's going straight in the other life from here. What's gonna happen is you're going to twist your hips in a way where this life comes down like, so front goes. Oh, I like that. You're twisting your hips from here we go. What's gonna happen when you bring the front foot down the back foot is gonna grow up and come up like one of those soccer kicks, Right? So from here, this foot comes down this, like, close up like this to do the kick together to go. Oh, like so back. Here we go. Right down. Come on. All right. Side from here we go. Step. So that goes one. And then from here, what's gonna happen is you're going to hot back up to the foot. Let's look back to the original position. So we go from here, you go one. And once you're at this point at the starting position, we're gonna do a backwards step. So, Leslie, it's gonna go here. Well, this leg kicks up. You should from the original position. We go down and all right, so from here, we go back to this later. Kicks up on the front. We go down in that again. Yeah. That inside? No. You that that we go. That so I'm sure you decide. Let's do a little bit what you hear. You just want hot back, do this foot. And now we're back at the starting position. Shake it out. Alright, let's try. So from here we go with the socket that this life is now going to go back. All right, then we're gonna hop full. Starting position down. Yeah. That down? Yeah, that. Yeah. That down you down? Yeah, that's all right. Shake it out and let's try the other side. Okay, Let's not try the other side. So we're going to reverse everything now. So this, like, is now the hunted, and this lady is gonna come up like so. All right. So from here, we bring this leg down this way. Well, this leg goes up, so we go all right again. Did you see that on from Europe? Of course. Come back to the starting position. And now we're prepping this one to come. That's I hear that from the beginning. Like you go? No. So Okay. No. Okay. From here, of course we are back to this foot and now back at the story position. So check it out, and then we'll go through it. A couple of attacks. All right. From here we go. That Yeah, you that that That 12 one. Do one. Do switch. Go. Yeah, to one, do 12 one, shaking out. Going to speed things up a little now. All right, let's go back to the first position here the first time. So I have this, like this, Like, comes up. So let's try this one time. Slowly we go. Yeah, that. Yeah, that that. All right, speed it up a little bit. Now we go. 612 one. Once you get going to do you want to do All right, shake it up. We're gonna try the other side. Ready. So now this one comes up this slowly, and then I'm going to increase the speed. Right? So we go to do you one one. What do you do? Do you want to do What do you do? Do you? All right, So if you think you're ready, let's give it a try. Do something. 12. B5: Let's talk to see some music now. So the way that we're gonna do this is we're going to practice one side first. And then afterwards we'll take a short break and then do the other. Okay, so let's get into it. Let's start with a slower me first, try a different saw. So this practice I'm gonna be doing facing this way. So going, That's right, - way . 13. B6: in this section, we're gonna learn about t separation. So what do you know? The regular stuff? All right, but in this case, we're going to put a little tweak to it, so it's gonna look like this. Okay, so let me make again. We're going to do the very first step, just like before the seven time it's gonna go forward. All right, then. We're going to go do this. Here we go. One suit, one. So a little trickier is to action. Tap a little bit to the side opposite side. So this actually gives you nice effect. What? One? All right. Okay. So once you're here, we're just going to go over this way. Way front. Okay, Running, man. All right, let's start from the beginning. Going this way. We're gonna do the running, man. We're gonna come back. So we go in 12 All right. That's right. Small 1 to 1, 6 to 1. All right, so let's get to some practice now. 14. B6: Let's get some practice into yourself. Music. So what's gonna happen in this case? We're gonna go this place first and then come back this way and then we'll take a quick break and then come back. OK, Way. 15. B7: this next move is the crossover running. Looks like this. Okay, so this one is similar to the regular running. But of course, there's a tweet put into it. The first thing got it you got to understand is that the running man done in this movie is not the down, down heavy running man. So the down, down having running. So what's happening here is your weight is four and you're battling is going back quite a bit, So iss four. So that's the heavy right? Now with this move, you want to get used to the center motion or the light running man. So the light run me looks more like this, so you can tell that my weight is not forward, but rather it's in the centre and I'm money more my seal flatfoot. Okay, so what? I'm doing it rather than Okay, So that's the first thing to understand. If you've been doing your running man lately, then there should be no problem for you. However, you do have that it's time to kind of lean back and start trying toe. So let's try that. Let's go. 121212 All right. So We're gonna be center, all right? And you're gonna be OK. So from the front we go. 12 1 to 2. You have that. What's gonna happen is now we're gonna put in a tweet, so we're gonna be setting scientist in our hips is gonna twist. Okay, So when we do the first step, this, like this one, like, it's gonna cross over to the side, and then the back leg is gonna go out the opposite way full myself. So the upper body going center, the lower body is twisted to the side. All right, and then go up and then we're gonna cross over 50 other side, right? So from the side, Yeah. All right. A little difficult to do. Slowly. So let me try that again from front one. And from here, one energy. So it's a twisting motion twist and twist and twist, and it looks all right. Let's try that slow. So we go One and 212 one. Twist, twist, twist. What was your little break? Should get out one more. So remember, your upper body is going straight in. Your lower body is twisting one way and the other. Okay? So we go. Gonna go this way first. Gonna go step, step, step. Step. 12 one. 12121212 12121212121212 A little bit And then we'll speed it up. All right, here we go. Six. This 1212121212121212 All right, let's give it a try to something. 16. B7: trying to sell music. Now let's get started a slower beat and then we'll speed it up way, way. 17. B8: This next move is a variation of the previous dance moves. So it looks like this. All right, so we have a twisting motion in there on top of twisting motion. So this is how it's gonna work. We're gonna do the basic, twisting, running man twist, twist. And once we're here, we're going to hop over and back. Okay, So let me show you. So how that works. Let me show you the footwork here. So what's gonna happen is once we step here, all right, our back foot is going to stay still while we hop over to this side in the front foot is going to pull point the other way. So from here, we're gonna go. So if the back stays relatively still in the front foot points So let me show you front from here, we go right into my heart. Back we go. So what's happening here? I'm doing a little hot and my hip twisting the other way, so make sure you decide. We go step from here we go put you go from here we go. So let's try that. So position this way. Go puts a twist. What? All right. She I hear. So make sure your foot for it is wanting from one direction to the other in your creating the movement with your hips twisting 41 time. So you're you go with with Okay, let's try the other foot. So it's gonna go from here. So the toe 20 this way in the back is like, so and upper body is twisted this way. So from here, Are you listening? Take it up. Let's try one more. So from here, we're gonna go. I was with was one. Do you all right? Breaking likes getting sore. Okay, let's put the two sides together now. Okay, So this is how it's gonna work. We're gonna go one and two. Okay, So we do the running one direction or the other, and then for the 3rd 1 once we go down, this gives us the house emotion. Hop right into this. Okay. So, mission. You want a little slower? So go step. So, uh huh, uh, again. So All right. So let's try that side alot traveled. Here we go. We go. 12 Here we go. 12 by six. All right. So once we end off here, we just want to do the other side. So we're gonna take this, like, up, and it's gonna go over here, and this starts us off in the opposite direction. So let me show you from the very beginning. Slowly we go one up one and hey, from the beginning, one to pop up. All right, so let's now practice this side. So we're gonna start here. We're gonna go 68 in 1181 You Okay? So let's put the two sides together in a continuous motion. All right, So we're going to start this and then go over to the other side and then come back. So trying to try to stick with me from here we go 6 to 1, you know. All right. That's right. A little bit. Just like for 612 to 1 to one. All right. That's right. 18. B8: Let's try it out to some music now, kind of keep up way. 19. B9: This next dance move is the area that looks like So this one is placing. So I'm not gonna spend too much time getting started. Rudy, stand like this with our place shoulder with part, and then we're going to make the first hot. So we hopped up. What's gonna happen is we're going to cross our legs in the air and land, like so. All right, so it's kind of like a like a Charleston position only. Maybe not as drastic. So the position looks like this. So we're gonna go up, we're gonna go cross, all right? And the nets hop here, we're going to land with our feet placed opposite ways. So it's kind of like Charleston. The first position, second position. So you're jumping up and then switching feet in the air. So let me show you from the beginning, I'm going to jump first. You mean like so? And then the second hop switch. All right, so which which Okay, so the more where you get, the easier it is for you to switch your feet. Okay. So let's try it from the side. So the 1st 1 I'm gonna place this put to the back of this book to the front. So we're gonna go, and from here, we're gonna go. Okay, from the front. Get go. Okay, so a little bit. All right, let's try to get so from your let's go. 5678 567812 When we're done. 567 All right, So the last creation here is we're going to do it while traveling. Okay, So what do you do there? Going this way? So let's write 5678 You want 56 68 All right, so that is the 20. B10: This next dance move is running man slash t separation. It looks like this. All right, when you break it down. So you want to take one foot and you want to kick it forward first. And as you do that, it's kind of like a running man Motion when your back leg slides back a little bit cool, and from here, you're going to bring it down, and this one is gonna go out. All right, so we're gonna go in and out, so kicks like that front. So we go No. Well, in. And OK, so at this 0.1 thing won't put in there is we step out this year is gonna go in words like that way. All right, so the U tidbits in words. All right. Okay. What? And from here, we're gonna take this foot and we're gonna bring it in. We're gonna do that kick to the other side backs, goes back, and this late, of course, goes all right. So from the beginning, we're gonna go now. What you like? Not right out. And 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 and to All right, so quick, pointer. Here. You want to keep your body centered here instead of moving with before. So this is moving with footwork. This is not going to heaven. So you want to keep your body centers 1 to 1121 Let's try this like the 1st 1 in two. 12 1212 12121212 121212121212121 Shake it up. A break in. I was speeding up. Six a 1 to 1 to 1121212121 Do you want Do you want to do 1 to 1 to 1 to 1? 21. B10: trying to use a music now. So this first all is actually a hip hop beat. I thought Switch it up just a little bit. Let's give it a try way. 22. C1: Now that you've learned the dance mints, let's start connecting these moves together to form a routine. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to teach you this brand new routine in four different second . And once you've learned each one of these segments, then we're gonna combine them to get. And, of course, we're gonna then practice this complete routine to a couple's off. All right, this is where everything comes together. So again, make sure you have some comfortable clothes on and maybe a towel lying around because you're about to sweat. That's it. Let's get started. 23. C2: Okay, let's get started with the routine. So the first thing we're gonna get started with is the very notion of the happy. So we did the happy feet involved, which is that's right. But in this case, we're gonna do this one and two. Okay, So we're going to do you happen to be the first step? This way? Bring it back to the proposition The other way from back in the first position. Twice. Okay, so we go one and 21 1 to 1. Nice. Sensible. Okay, so let's try that one more time. Go 1 to 1. So from here, what we're gonna do is we're gonna do the running man slash t separation here. So we go. 12 one. So Okay, so let's connect the 1st 2 moves together. We're going to be happy feet variation. 1 to 1 and one. Kid and stuff kick instead. 12 and one and one. And then we go kick and step and step. All right, little break. Let's try that. Connecting the two together one more time from the beginning, 1 to 11 kick and step and said, OK, sensible. So from here, what's gonna happen is you want to do a simple around the moon so it looks like this. So what's gonna happen? We're going to go one to toe for this foot. And what, you're going to step over to this side with the other? We go like so So what is your typical talk to make you look what you're stepping, stepping right into it. So we go. Okay, So you should around OK, And this you want to be able to prop because you're going to be doing hot, so she won't time. We're gonna go to this side. Oh, right. Okay. So let's try putting this in with the last two moves from the top. You go one and 211 And so from here. Alright, let's try a little bit one. Do one. All right. So once we're here, what's gonna happen? We're going to hop into prepping position for the hopping your way. Okay, So notice how toes are pointed it He was pointed out because this is a proposition with helping. Okay, So go from and from here, we're going to happen to the Kyoto this way first. Hmm. So you let's try that from the beginning. Slow. So we're gonna do the happy feet. You go 1 to 11 Kick and stuff get instead, right? All right, let's try that one more time. There you go. By six. A 1 to 11 Kick and stuff instead. All right. Okay. So let's do it one more time, A little bit faster. And then we'll end this section by six. A 1 to 1. Kept stuff kicked instead. All right. 24. C3: Okay. Lets we want to the next session of their routines. We ended off right here. Wait right at this point, we're gonna do help. Happy feet, variation from the first ball. So it looks like this. OK, so this was stalking the first wall, But let's do a quick refresher. Were hopping out, do the heels, and then we're coming, pointing the toes back in, and then we're doing a cross just like Charleston back out. So from the proposition we go Boom, boom, frost. So the council like this seven and a game from here Go up those points in cross. Okay, so here we go way. And this actually says us up now with a tale with emotions. Okay, so we went from this. Gives us the with what you go from Boom, boom cross. What? All right. So let's try that from here we go. And with and from here, we're just gonna back out. So two counts. What's gonna happen is we're gonna go seven in a 12 All right, so here we go. Let's do a little bit faster from the front. You go. Seven and 1234 Okay. Okay. She got a slew. Quick break. Try to get so seven in 1234 A little bit faster by 56787 And 1234 So, from here, what's gonna happen? We're gonna do a potted orange motion this week. So the product or is let me break this one down. So this one is gonna go behind this. Would this one is gonna step out, and this one just replaces. Do this up. Let go place again. That we go. Okay, so let's connected together. So we go from seven and eight. 1234 56 Okay, Okay, we go. Seven years, my son Way. Go by six. Seven in. Oh, okay. So at this point, we're going to do this next move. Okay, So the way to do that is we're gonna start with less feet planted about shoulder width apart, and we're just going to hop to this like, this letter comes up. So we go. Okay, so we go and we do that. I'm going to do to us. So we go. Yeah. So let's try from the party. Boring. So we're gonna go and you step, step stuff more step in step, My son sits next. All right, let's put the all the moves together for exception to. So here, we're gonna go seven in a 123456 Do you? Well, then I know. Open. Here we go. Seventh and with down open. All right, so if you have that school into the next section 25. C4: So we ended off with this from here. Drop this down to this toe and we're going to go into the shuffle moonwalk. But the shuffle walk in this case is not gonna just this. Rather we're gonna go in a circle, so it looks like this. All right, let's practice that. So let's have this foot comes down first, and then we're going to start sitting this way, way skillet. Attract. So wait, I use that quick. Shake it up. Might not want to quickly or else you'll get a little nauseous. Let's try a little bit that way. Got it. Okay, let's continue. So we're gonna go from hot operate. So the hop is seven. Yeah. See that? So we drop this down to that photo, and this allows us to start into the circular shuffle. So let me weigh seven way. So we end up at four in, and this leg is them. This late is only talk. All right, let's come back. Duty seven eight. So this comes down. Yeah. 1234 With that. So we go from the hot, hot hot is seven. So we go seven 12 and this concludes this section. Right? All right, one more time. I try to keep up, so we're gonna go from the top seven. Okay, so we go seven and eight. All right, so from here, we're gonna go to the next session. The next section goes like this. Okay. On the phone. We're gonna do the foot running that. So we go down, and then we're gonna do back, and then we're going to go to the foot two times for attacks. So we should. So for that, and then this, like, comes four. We're gonna go attack a season position. Okay, Let's try that way from front. You go front that. All right, let's put it together. So we're gonna go from the top seven in, so we're gonna go slowly. So one messed up there. So from the hop we go seven in 8123456 That's hard work. Okay, we go. Seven and 81245 So let's up. You want to the next section, so way we go from here, we're going to do this soccer kit. So this life is already up. It's gonna come. Okay, So, soccer step, We're just gonna do the front. So we go. So we go. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, we go. You down? All right. So let's try putting that together from So we go. 7814 All right. Go from Go. Seven for five. All right, She get out with low grade will speed up. All right, let's try it. So, from the hot, we're gonna go. 78123456 Trying once more, going from hot. Wait for All right. So if you're ready, let's move on to the next section. 26. C5: So what we left off was here, right? So we did that set up. So this is the way we start. And now we start on one. And what we're gonna do is we're going to do the T step. Variation this way and come back we go. 12341 Dude in 34 from the way. Go! 123124 Okay, so let's try that out to be. You go into a 41234 So from here, we're going to do the the shuffle. Twisting variation. So we go Foot twist. Okay. So just like before, when you step this way first and the other and then go hot. So we're gonna go. 1234 Okay, I know something this week. Okay, let's put the two sides together. Three sections together. So from the tea set, we're gonna go. 1234123412 All right. Okay. From Tisa. 12313 So, 5678 22 34564 All right. So from here in that section, do another. So open up and then going to do three air hops. So this, like, it's gonna go behind first. So those are three hops in open. All right, so let's practice the air hospital quick. So from from you from this position prep, we're gonna go. Okay. All right. So Okay, let's put it together. So from a T seven, we're gonna go. 1234 Way. No. All right, More. 56781234 Okay, so and that is basically the end of the routine. Try speeding up a little bit About 6 22 3456456 All right. You know, work. 56123456 All right. 27. C6: now with the entire routine together. So for the first, a portion of your routine, we ended off right here. Right? So from here, we just don't right into the cross. And with that's no problem. So let's try it from the very beginning, and we're gonna do the 1st 2 sections will do it slow. So if I started with 68123456 6123 Open. Okay, not that right. That's right. From the beginning, six, 123456 And with All right, So if you're okay with that, speed it up just a little bit so we can smooth out of transition. 6123456 45623456 All right, so that is a connection point. So cold. Right? Okay, so we connect by going seven. So Okay, so the topic is seven are Let's put everything together from the very beginning, and we're gonna do the third section. We're gonna end it off. Soccer step. All right. So slowly from the baby. Getting 5678123456 Now what for? Front step So, of course, from here, go into the tea set. Go. All right. So was that good? So they must speed everything after kick it out. Okay, Let's right from the beginning. Just a tiny little bit. 568123456 512345 All right. 28. C7: - way . 29. D1: and that concludes Volume two was that fun? Now that you have a brand new set of dance moves under your belt, it's time to put them to use, go to the next festival, busts out these moves and catch yourself some attention. So at this point, if you've enrolled in falling three, then I suggest you head on over and check it out because involving three again, we're gonna take means to the next level. Specifically, you're going to learn shuffle spins and other traveling related shovels. Once you've learned these new dance moves again, you'll take your dancing to the next level, all right, And that's all. This is Dr V, your room dance teacher, Thank you so much for taking this program and I'll see you on the dance floor.