How to Shoot Videos on Your Cell Phone and Look Great! | Alli Saunders | Skillshare

How to Shoot Videos on Your Cell Phone and Look Great!

Alli Saunders, Entrepreneur, Creative Content Producer

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3 Videos (58m)
    • How to Shoot Video on Your Phone

    • What to Wear On Camera

    • How to Be Confident and Charismatic on Camera


About This Class

Today, everyone is shooting video on their cell phones. And although they manage to capture content, they're still making a lot of newbie mistakes. With the simple tools and adjustments you will learn in this course, you can go from simply capturing content on your smart device, to capturing video that looks and sounds great! In this short course you will learn exactly how to shoot great videos on your cell phone! 

You will also learn what to wear on camera so you look, feel and sound fantastic!

Most importantly, you will learn how to come off (and actually feel), confident and charismatic on camera!





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Alli Saunders

Entrepreneur, Creative Content Producer

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