How to Shoot Photos like a Pro (Without Being a Pro) | Jon Olsson | Skillshare

How to Shoot Photos like a Pro (Without Being a Pro)

Jon Olsson, YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Skier, Traveler

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21 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Our Gear

    • 3. Vertical vs Horizontal

    • 4. Lighting

    • 5. Most Common Mistakes

    • 6. Composing

    • 7. Shoot Against The Light

    • 8. Making It Look Natural

    • 9. Getting Creative

    • 10. Making Things Stick Out

    • 11. How Much To Shoot

    • 12. Tell a Story

    • 13. Shooting for Instagram

    • 14. Use Your Access

    • 15. Shallow Depth of Field

    • 16. How To Act Behind The Camera

    • 17. Having Unique Gear

    • 18. Let's Talk Focus

    • 19. Drone Photography

    • 20. GoPro Photography

    • 21. Conclusion

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About This Class

The Team Overkill guide to shooting photos like a professional! 

In this class, you’re going to get lots of insight from start to finish in relation to how we go about taking and editing photos, from gear, to lighting, to Instagram tips.

Some quick background: I was a professional skier for 20 years, and with that, I was always in front of the camera, but through working with photographers, I got to learn quite a bit. I really like photography as I always loved the aspect of capturing a moment in the best possible way. I eventually became a YouTuber, and on the side built my Instagram page to 1m followers. I’m not a professional photographer, but I think I have a unique insight in terms of taking photos as I’ve built my skills with a modern day social media side of of things in mind.

What you'll learn: 

  • What gear we use to take the best photos - what is necessary as opposed to what is just nice to have!
  • When should you take photos in vertical mode, and when in horizontal? 
  • Lighting - one of the most important things about taking a great photo! 
  • The most common mistakes that new photographers make, and how to avoid! 
  • How to compose a picture in the best way possible
  • Why you should shoot against the light (get the sun flares!!)
  • How to photograph a person and make it look natural, as opposed to it looking staged!
  • How you can get creative with photos, and how to make people stand-out
  • How many photos should you be taking? Take 20 photos, or 500? 
  • How to tell a story through a photograph
  • How to optimize your photos so that they look great for Instagram
  • Why you should shoot wide angle
  • What you should be doing, and how you should be acting, behind the camera
  • Do you need special types of gear? 
  • The ins and outs of drone photography, and even GoPro photography

What's next?

- Photography Editing Class - coming in mid-September!


Leave your comments below and I'll do my best to get back to them, and feel free to leave a review if you found this helpful! ;-)