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How to Shine Your Light in the World and How Your Handwriting Can Help

teacher avatar Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Optimism

    • 3. Intuition

    • 4. Abstract Imagination

    • 5. Positive

    • 6. Open to new ideas

    • 7. Analytical

    • 8. Practical Imagination

    • 9. Starting power

    • 10. Determination

    • 11. Wrap up

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About This Class


Discover nine personality traits in your writing that can help you shine your light in the world, making your mark, making a difference.  You will find clear explanations, lots of illustrated examples of each stroke and personality trait. There is also a quiz at the end of each personality trait lesson for you to test out your new skills.

If you do not already have them in your personality and your writing, you will find out how to add them. You will also learn why adding these strokes to your writing can actually add them to your normal behavior.

Of course, you will know, as a result of taking this course, how to identify these traits in other people's writing too, but mostly it's for you. So you can have the confidence to step out, step ahead, do what you want to do and take the world by storm.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fiona MacKay Young

Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth


I've been involved for over 20 years in helping people move ahead with their lives through identifying their gifts, strengths and overcoming blocks or limitations. It is my goal to inspire those I meet to develop their potential to the fullest.

There are a wide variety of ways to do these things, and I love to explore, adapt and create new ways.

As a Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist (Handwriting Analysis),

And also as a Career Counselor and Personal Development & Law of Attraction Coach,

I love nothing more than to help people be the very best they can be, to realize their hopes and dreams and love their lives. 

I also love 'techie' things, and have worked as a Graphic Designer, creating websites (WordPress) and creating videos fo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to heart is shown in your life in the world on how your handwriting can help. Shining your light in the world means using what you have going for you to make the most of who you are and what you can do. It means allowing others to see who you are to offer help. Inspiration, instruction, comfort, whatever it is you're good at, whatever your strengths, are offering them wherever appropriate so that they become gifts to the world. Not only gifts of yours, the personality traits you will find here, Arthur. For all positive traits, the idea is that you will find out how to identify them from handwriting. Look at your own writing to see if you have them on. If you do, celebrate them in whatever way you wish and share that with others in your life if you don't have them or perhaps don't have one or two thumb. This course shows you how to get thumb and explains why adding them to your writing will also add them to your personality, which I know. It's a bit of his stretch if it's not something you're already familiar with, but it really does work and I'll show you how on this decreases your ability to shine. So here the traits you will discover how to identify from handwriting optimism Looking up Intuition Hello, spirit To guide you abstract imagination Allow inspiration to come to you positive. Look for the light and be the light. Open to new ideas. Welcome you thoughts and ideas Analytical. Check out the validity of what you hear. Practical imagination. See her best to take action. Starting par, take action and determination. Keep on going. So that's the traits. Now let's start less than one. 2. Optimism: optimism. Looking up. One of the reasons is good to write on online paper for handwriting analysis is that the trade of optimism is unlikely to show when the writing is constrained between printed lines . It indicates how an optimist is likely to feel, if too bound by restrictions and conventions, about how to feel or how to act. So I always liked your interrupted miss Shine through and right on unlined paper has to be . You are. They are writing online paper. Look to see if the writing is going up Hill downhill or street across our pill writing shows theon chemists. So there is one going uphill, another one dream or uphill again, hand again. So any writing that goes uphill towards the right shows optimism. T bars going upwards to the right. Also sure optimism below is a writer who writes uphill towards a fight as well as having upward slanting T bars. So their city bars going uphill and they're so writing, going uphill. So that's a very cheerful, optimistic person, just like the writing says. Here is the more examples of optimism in writing both in T bars on the actual lines of writing and that one has it only in the lines of writing. Here is some more examples. There is in the tea bars, but not in the lines of writing. And here it's in the lines of writing, but not in the tea bars, so you can get it in both or either are. Obviously, if you get it in both its stronger. Here's a lesson quiz, which writings, tools, optimism, policy video have a good look. Answers on the next side. So here we have tea bars, which do slightly go uphill. They're not very clear T bars, but yes, sickle. Uphill on the writing itself goes slightly uphill. So this is someone who is mildly optimistic. This was the lines of right here, straight across as sort of the tea bars, so there's no optimism showing in this writing. That doesn't mean it's a pessimist. It just means is not a no civil artist. And this one again, straight writing across straight T bars have this one T bars going uphill on light off, writing, going uphill, a swell. So how about you? Are you an optimist? 3. Intuition: intuition. Listening carefully. Intuition is described in one dictionary as Theobald lit Ito understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. In other words, you just know the second part of using your intuition. It's not so easy unless you're used to it. That is believing in what you know. Intuition shows in writing. While there are gaps between letters within script, I've heard so many people apologizing farther intuitive writing by saying things like, I don't really write properly or I sort of printed sort of right. They apologized, but they really shouldn't when you really should be proud and delighted, because intuition is that fabulous trait to have. The more often there are gaps within the script. There's stronger the intuition on were often the writer will receive intuitive messages, whether or not they pay any attention to to shine your light in the world, listen to intuition. And when I'm talking about intuition from handwriting here, I'm not talking about a psychic un intuitive. I'm talking about someone who doesn't consider themselves a psychic or an intuitive, but they have intuition. Everybody has intuition, so we're talking about it in that sense. Here is one excellent example of intuition. I've only arrows to the gaps in the top and bottom lines for clarity, but you can see a great many gaps between the letters and this writing. But some of electors air joined together as well, so this means it's strong intuition. This type of writing is known not surprisingly, as Prince script and prove the script his prince script. So long as you have some letters joint on some letters not joined, some people will have most of the latter's joint, and just a few not, and other people will have most of the letters not join and just a few joined up there. More gaps, the stronger the intuition. There are only a few gaps in this example of Prince script. So while the writer does have intuition, it's a great deal last strong than in the previous example on. Because it's so much weaker and happens so much less often, this writer is more likely to ignore their intuitive hits writing, which is our printing. Merely there are no letters. Giant capital does not show intuition. This doesn't mean the person doesn't have intuition. It doesn't mean they're not using it. It just means because they're printing. It doesn't show in the writing writing, which is all trying together with no gaps between any letters. A tile doesn't show intervention, either. However, this person is not using intuition. Everybody has some, but when they're joining all the letters together, they're shutting out the intuition. Intuition comes in the gaps between the letters and writers who joined everything together are shutting out their intuition. Here's a lesson quiz, which writing shows intuition. As always, pause a video. Have a look answers coming up on the next site. So this one has no gaps. A tall every letter is joined on to every other letter, so there is no intuition showing there at all. Here we have some gaps. There aren't a whole lot, but there are some gaps in this person. Does have unused some intuition. They will find it more difficult aside, mention before to actually trust the intrusion, cause it doesn't happen that often. Here's someone else that everything's joined up. So no intuition showing their atoll and here's one with pretty strong intuition is some words. Interestingly, enough of this one. Other intuition in the word you on the last line So some nutrition joy here. Quite strong. So where you get the gaps? This interest in no cafs, no intuition. So look at your writing to see how much intuition are you showing and do you trust it? 4. Abstract Imagination: abstract imagination allow inspiration to come to you. Abstract imagination means ideas. They do not necessarily come with instructions as to how to use. Um, it's just the ideas themselves ideas of what inspiration is made up off. By share your ideas, you conspired inspiration to yourself on others. The difference between abstract imagination into intuition is that intuition is just a sudden knowing, while an idea that comes through the imagination may start small and grow as you think about it. Dream about it on develop Its abstract imagination shows in writing in upper loops on B, F, H, K and l. So there we see two l's k and it age. They've got upper loops by the upper love, Sir. Pretty small. So this person does have abstract imagination, but it's not really active. It's not really strong. Here's someone with a bit more abstract imagination. It's still not enormous, is still not extremely strong by the H In with On the second alley will are quite white, so guessing more imagination than the 1st 1 and this one again has good imagination. It's not exaggerated in any way, but it's good imagination they being about in the H and workshop especially show larger looks so abstract Imagination shows in upper loops. The bigger the loops is stronger. The imagination T and D and P do not show abstract imagination as they have different meanings for the loops. So there's T's and D's. They don't come and there's a P. It doesn't count, either. Here's a lesson quiz which writing shows abstract imagination. You can pass the video. If you like to have a better look on. The answers will be on the next flight. In this first example, there are no upper lips at all. There are several opportunities. I'll just mention the ones in the first line, the F and for the H and the effin gift in the H in voters and their other chances in the next two lines as well. But there are absolutely no upper loops. It also this person does not use abstract imagination. Is this one? There are upper loops on these letters that you see the arrow is pointing to. However, there's no upper lip on the H in relationship, so three out of four and you'll notice the looks that are there are very narrow. So this person does have some abstract imagination, but it's not very active is not very strong. Here we have some really large upper loops. So this person has great abstract imagination. Fabulous ability to come up with ideas widely choose to If you look in the third line, there's the word Blue Ellen is another word I'm assuming is lagoon. It starts with an L S O. Is two letters say that have no opera loop. So when this person chooses to use your imagination, they're really good at it, but they don't always use it, but nevertheless they definitely have it. It's last one again. No abstract imagination. It could be in the Ellen listening the h in the effort. Hi, fi, the H in here Hitachi. But there's none. So this part does not have abstract imagination. So how did you do with those 5. Positive: positive look for the light, be the light. Being positive involves looking for the good in situations, even difficult or unhappy situations. It doesn't mean be insincere. On pretending to be happy, however, it has to be genuine. So here is one example. See where it's most of all the teas, qualities with some other letters as well, to be there for ER, etcetera, where they comes straight down, and then the either end or the change direction abruptly abruptly if they curve at all, that is not positive. So positive comes straight down to the baseline, and then you stops or changes direction. You'll notice if you look at the first line, the tea and but from sound straight and drastically change direction farms little tick to the left, so that's positive. The next year it comes sound to the baseline, but it's sort of curves at the bottom, so that one is not positive. So that's the difference here. We have a lot of positive strokes. They come down the end abruptly, absolutely straight, and this one also has lots of them that comes straight down and end. So positive is a straight stroke coming down to the baseline and ending abruptly Kingo on Beale of beyond the baseline. But it must get absolutely straight and end abruptly or change direction drastically. So here's a lesson quiz, which right? He shows positive. You composite video if you want, have a better look as he was coming up here. The answers. So this one has one positive stroke there. You may be looking at this and thinking, No, there aren't really any concern. They're not straight the old curve, but this one in there Now, if you're looking at the esses on summer, has spread their very straight lines. But he started the base and go up. We're looking for one that comes down towards the baseline, so that has a little bit of positivity, but not a whole lot. It doesn't mean negative that if they don't have positive, but they don't have the trait of positive if they don't short. So this one has lots down, two strokes straight down. Either change direction or end again. Lots of damage strokes absolutely straight. And they abruptly and the last one No, everything is curved. Everything curves at the baseline, honest one. So the snow positivity showing How did you do with that one 6. Open to new ideas: open to new ideas. Welcome new thoughts and ideas Be orbiting your ideas. Beings being willing to consider new approaches even although you don't particularly like them even if they seem very strange, are different to you. It means being willing to consider these new ideas to evaluate some on decide based on merit. Not sure whether or not they fit with your previous ways of thinking. Opener Close Mindedness shows a Lower Case E Open minded is where the lower case E has space inside the loop. Just like your mind has space inside it for new ideas. So there is one as very open ease. Lots of space inside there, so great open mindedness. This one has open mindedness in those two. But if you look on the last two lines, more summer and lately have closed ease and actually hope on the first line has an almost Closius well, so this person's sometimes is open minded, but more often than not, they have trouble with new ideas. Here's another one that's very open to new ideas. Lots of space inside and again. Lots of open this. See new ideas there, so we're looking for the space inside a lower case. He clothes are narrow bind. It is where there's no space inside the loop. You'll see there. There are three ease and not a space of the site, this one on the end of negative there as well. Here again, we've got lots of clothes. He's very narrow minded person, not willing into, interestingly, says gratefully accepted. Presumably, it's not ideas because they won't gratefully accept your ideas again. Very close minded. No space at all. For your ideas to come in on again. This one has slightly open. The ian already is a little bit open. Ian. I don't have that spear. The last word. It's almost there, but really they're closed. So this person has maybe think over new ideas, but it have to be pretty close to what we already believe him before they'll accept him. So who's the lesson? Quis on openness to new ideas, policy video. Take your time to have a good look at them. I thank Guan to the next site for the answers. So here we have all the ease closed. We're not quite e there. Very were in the middle line has an open E. The rest are all closed so occasionally you could squeeze a new idea into this person's mind. But most the time they're not listening. In this one, we have to ease, which are both open. So this person is open to new ideas again to ease that her open and monitor closed so open to new ideas. And here we have to ease that open a little bit. Now, if you look at the difference between the bottom right on the top, right? The bottom right is open to your ideas somewhat. The one at the top private is very open to new ideas. So how did you do with that one? 7. Analytical: analytical. Check out the validity off what you hear. I think of analytical as a follow that used to sift and separate the good from the bad. The good Congar oh, through the narrow neck of the funnel that bats can't, and that's how it works. With information, you sift out what you don't want, believe or consider necessary and keep what you do. Want to include analytical shows in handwriting. Why there's a V formation at the baseline. This fee formation resembles his shape of a funnel. So there you will see some V formations at the base of that writing. I haven't read Iris in the mall. It's actually a very nice one on the tee off the word great, but you'll see. It's where there's a V at the base line, so it's envy. That's a right wing up. Here's another one with very sharp fees of the baseline. I can't patera sit them all, I guess so. Platter. Do you just can't see it, but just look for yourself. You see all the V formations along the baseline, especially if that one it's got a lot and there's more. So anywhere you see these feet formations whether it's Electra V or any other lecture, it doesn't matter. The V formation means the person's analytical. They're sifting the information for validity. So here's a quiz. Which righty shows? Analysts come thinking post a video. Have a look and the answers are on the next site. So the 1st 1 has a lot of analytical as a guess. As always, I can't put the arrows to them all because there were too many. But there are lots of V formations they're showing. This is a very analytical person. 2nd 1 again, we've got V formations at the baseline, another very analytical person. Thes people sift through the information and make sure it's worth wall before the uses. This person is not in the lease. Analytical. Look at all the baseline is all curved. Letters are curved scarves, strokes at the baseline. Even the V in gave is curved, so no analysts go there and again here. The curves aren't his white, as they are in the previous one. On the bottom, the right bottom one isn't quite Askar, because the left bottom one, but they are curved. There's no sharp. There's no sharp formations at the baseline, a tall so the bottom to have no analytical on the top to have strong analytical thinking 8. Practical Imagination: practical imagination. See how best to take action. Practical imagination is just what it sounds like. It's imagination put to practical use. Meaning is being put into action. Abstract imagination is coming up with ideas. Practical imagination is coming up with ways to make thes ideas happen. Practical imagination shows in writing where the lorry extenders on G J f and why half loops. The bigger the loops, the stronger the imagination. So there is some loops. They're not very large, but there is practical imagination there on their looks at her a lot bigger. So it was much more imagination, practical imagination showing in the lower one. So here there are lots of loops. The only one that doesn't have a loop is the half of off in the last line. So the rest of lips there's lots of practical imagination going on there. It's recently. It's not huge, but it's is reasonable. Most of the looks about the width of the rest of the letter. So this somebody who is really good at coming out with ways to do things, taking an idea and making it work. And here's someone who's even better. Look at the size of these loops there Really, really large. This person is great at finding ways to do things once an idea comes, but they could be. Their own idea could be someone else's idea, but they take the idea, and they're great at making it work. However, ignore the P because peas have rules of their own. So it's justice. The other ones lower extenders on a P and Q don't qualify for showing practical imagination . The P has rules of its own on the Q is intended to re written differently with the Lorik sender flipping out to left with no loop. Here's a lesson quiz which writing shows practical imagination have look at all the examples and then go on to the next site for the results. So here we're looking at somebody who has very large loops and all overlapping everything else but very big loops. Great at coming up with ways to get things happing, taking ideas and making the work. This person has none. There is absolutely no lower loops it all, So this person is not very good at taking an idea and getting it into working. This person has a little I've put there cross on it because it's not going to do very much . But the Y in very does have a look, so there is some ability, but the other two wives don't have any, and that one's very narrow. So if you put yes, it's OK cause there is a little and this one has some not not everything, like the amount of the top left one. But it does have some practical imagination because it does have lower lips. So how did you work out with Laura Loops? 9. Starting power: starting power take action. Starting part is just that starting par. It says nothing about how well you will continue. That is decided by the trade of determination, so starting par is just the push you need to get going. Sarti Power shows Inlet in the T bar when it's written more heavily, with more pressure than the rest of the writing. So there's a T bar that's very heavy, showing lots and lots of starting per, and those was there also are stronger. They're heavier than the rest of the writing. So, showing strong starting power, this one gets heavier physicals along so again, starting par on that one again. So when a T bar is heavier than the rest of the writing, you've got starting bar. When the T bar is written with the same pressure as the rest of the writing, moderate starting power is present. This is usually enough to get going most of the time, but do not be quite enough when you need a really push to move ahead. So there's a moderate T bar is the same weight as the rest of the writing and some more they're just look exactly same as the rest of the writing. When the T bar is written with less pressure than the rest of the writing weeks, starting part is present. This person, this is someone who may have the very best of intentions but just can't get themselves going. It's not the same as procrastination or putting things off. They want to get going, but we just can't seem to achieve it. So there's a light tea bar. It's lighter than the rest of the writing on There is. Some more of it are basically light, so that person just can't get going on anything at all. Here's a lesson quiz, which writing shows strong starting per that's always paused look and then go on for the answers. So in this first won T bars are basically the same heaviness as the rest of the writing. So there's no strong starting power present that personal get going most of the time for mostly things. But when an extra preciously that they don't have it, this one definitely has strong starting part. The T bar is not all of them, but these three that have Qataris pointed to are definitely heavier than the rest of writing so this person, when they're going, gets tough. The tough get going. This person qualifies This again is moderate because it's the same heaviness us the rest of the writing and this one is definitely heavy. So strong starting part. So the two on the right of strong starting park, the two on the last of moderate our average starting per how is your of searching par? 10. Determination: determination keep on going. Determination is what takes you from just being started to keeping on going to achieve your goal. Determination shows in the length and strength off the lower extenders on G J f. And why at a lorry extender is where a letter goes below. What would be the base sign if you were writing online paper on G? Why JNF uncle Below it p and Q have their own rules, so we won't include them here. The longer straighter on firmer thes lower extenders, the more Issa determination off the writer. So there are two Laure extenders. It are very long and very straight, so they last for a long time, and they go directly from Point A to point B. This is a very determined person, and for this it doesn't matter If this a loop are no loop it just ignore the Lupu theories one are looking at. It's a downward stroke, and there's one with a loop. But again, the downward stroke is long, firm and straight. It just curves a little bit of the bottom to form the loop. So accent determination in both these examples. Here's some more examples again, long straight determination. The 3rd 1 that it looks like you are your is going to be its charter, the first tour very long, But still, it's decent determination here. It no loops, but very long. So again, excellent determination. Here we have long has straight a swell, and here we have two more with loops. So again, we're just looking at the downward stroke. It doesn't make any difference if the troops are no, loops were coming up with the determination by the length and the strength off the Darwin strokes on all of the's are as strong or stronger than the rest of the elector. The one in Calgary sort of fades out towards the end, so this PARCC charming for a while, but it was kind of a fade out if things go on for too long. But nevertheless, it's still good determination. So here it contrasts. There some examples off moderate or weak determination. You'll see here the downward strokes. The Lord extenders are short on their very curvy, so they don't last long, and we don't go directly after their goal here, there, there. But again, they're very short compared with the rest of that writing there really, really short. So there is determination there, but they give out really fast and again. No loops doesn't make any difference, but very short. Not long lasting, very short lasting determination. Here's the lesson quiz, which writings to a strong determination. You composite video. If you want to rip pressure, look answers on the next site. So if example one you'll see the downward strokes on along. The 1st 2 are very straight, which means direct. The second one's a bit curvy. It's not quite so direct, but nevertheless it's long, so they will get there. They may take a bit of a detour on route, but they will get there. So excellent determination in that example. Here we've got down strokes again. That air strong there are heavy there straight there recently, long so great determination there as well. Now this one has very short plus, they're very light if you look at the down stroke in the F off. Unfortunately, the Y in your and your only f off off, they're actually lighter than the rest of the writing. So this determination not only is short lived, but some of the time is very weak in the first place, and this one has good determination. It's long, it's strong and it's straight. So excellent determination. That one So three that haven't on one that doesn't. How did you identify that from your own rector? 11. Wrap up: wrap up. Now you know which of thes nine traits you have in your writing. You could make a choice to take the chance to make a change or keep it the same. If you want to add any of thes traits that you're not presently in your writing, just start adding the when you write, keep noticing how you right thumb on deliberately right thumb so they show the traits you want. It's all about euro pathways in the brain. Both your behavior and your writing create neuro pathways in your brain. If you start doing things differently, new your pathways air created on the old ones as they start being used fade away by the time in Your behavior is natural for you. Your brain is programmed to use these new pathways. Your writing is body language because it's caused by moving your body. But it's not your hand that decides how you write. Is your rain the same brain that determines all your behavior? This jokes in your writing to picture personality the same way is your facial expressions. Your other body bill was such as how you walk, use hand gestures, etcetera, show your personality they're all connected and justice Walking around with a big smile on your face, holding your head up high and a sprightly step will have you feeling happier so your hand movements affect how you feel as well. And if you keep up any of thes movements long enough that they become your natural way of moving, you will find a personality trait. A still see it'd Witham is also known natural to you, so changing your writing and practicing till it's natural can change your personality as well as your immediate behavior. It takes time, but once you write in this new way totally naturally, you have programmed your subconscious mind on. Once this has happened, not only is your writing are different, but you also will be fine. You also will find the behavior associated with the traits that you have added will appear equally naturally in your behavior. However, don't expect a quick fix. Any farm of personal development takes time, and this is no different. So be patient and keep out the practice so you can shine your light in the world