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How to Sew a Shopping Bag and Customize it

teacher avatar Monika Sleke

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. How to sew a tote bag and decorate it!

    • 2. Pattern making and cutting

    • 3. Cutting fabric

    • 4. Sewing

    • 5. Finishing

    • 6. Customizing

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About This Class


In this class I will show You how to sew a tote bag for your shopping.

Easy step by step tutorial includes:

  • pattern making
  • cutting the fabric
  • sewing using a plain domestic sewing machine
  • creative decorating, using acrylic and fabric paint.

You will have a lot of fun creating your own shopping bag and full introduction into basic understanding of sewing.

In less than 1 hour we will learn how to create a shopping bag from scratch following step by step tutorial with me. Also, in the end we will decorate our project in most beautiful way we can.

I think, in this plastic-wrapped age it is important to be able to make your own household items, such as a tote bag to improve our imagination, recycle old clothing, or simply reduce waste and consume less single-use bags. Earth will thank us!

I myself trying to be cautious about my plastic bag use and always try to have my own bag when shopping, so I think all creative and environment-friendly people should take a class, make this project and be proud.

No need to worry, I am a professional seamstress and help You all the way and if you have questions, please ask!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Monika Sleke


Hello, I'm Monika. I am a real DIY pro and I love crafts.

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1. How to sew a tote bag and decorate it!: Hello. My name is Monica and I'm a professional. Seem stress and as much as I like, so wait. I like to do things myself. Also known as do it yourself projects. So today I'm going to show you how to make a shopping bag and customize it after using acrylic paint. 2. Pattern making and cutting: okay, I rented to start. First thing to do is a partner or a template to make sure you know what size and shape the final results going to be. I want my template to be 20 centimeters wide and 40 centimeters long for a bag and seven centimeters wide and 40 centimeters long for handles. - I used post wrapping paper for my project, and it is difficult to cut mint paper. Is Carling so much? You will see that in a minute. You can use that baking paper proper part in paper or even an old newspaper as long as it does the job. By the way, be careful while cutting and try to be precise with cutting lines. It will help you later. I'm pretty sure you see now what a big struggle is when paper is curling that much. So just keep that in mind. 3. Cutting fabric: next step in our project is to cut fabric for things like towed back. I would suggest to use plain cotton, linen or canvas. These fabrics are really easy to work with, especially for beginners, and you can find a lot of beautiful patterns to make it most virus and lively. I chose plain white canvas, and you will find out why. Later. Lay the fabric on the worked up and fold one edge as wide as the back template is and market using pen choke open so but around the shape and repeating the same action to have two pieces for front and backs. My favorite marking tool is invisible pen because it just disappears after a while. I remember when I started sewing the shopping bags was my very first project, so I think it's really a good thing to start last but not least, to hold the edge off fabric again breast well and place a handle template cut around open fabric and cut along the fold. Marc. Also, you can make to separate handles. It's completely up to you. This is just the way I'm doing it, okay, and then all cutting is done, and you should have four pieces for our Parton 4. Sewing: Okay, now we can start the fun part sewing. Firstly, I need to set up my machine by fretting. Get up. I use Plain Cotton, Fred and Universal Needle. You can find these in every hobby or sewing shops saying that don't forget to set up the lower Fred so called Bob in front. Depending on machine, it can open on a side is mine on top just under the foot. Correctly placed, bobbin will click and you can start your project. I like to turn the wheel on a side off machine to move the needle down and pull the low. Afraid out. I take two large cutouts off bag template mark the same on top, just a single for myself and place the piece in the machine. Take another piece and align it on top to start sewing. I lived the foot. Place fabric directly under the needle and run. Couple stitches front and back to secure the same. Don't go fast. Go straight. Keep fabric pieces aligned to the edge and hold the bottom image. Repeat front and back stitch lifting the foot during the fabric, so we will. So the bottom seam. Now repeat, secure stitching and believe me, it's never enough to keep the stitch straight. You can follow the foods distance from edge use marks or machine, or simply draw a line. I remember when I started I drew a lot of lines, and the best for that is invisible pen. Yes, invisible pen marks fabric, and Mark disappears after a while, so you won't ruin your project with all the marks on it. Okay, the last edge to so keep going front and back to secure the stitch and full of the straight line guide to prevent fabric from from fraying, I recommend to run another row of his exact stage just on the edge of the fabric. You also can use overlook for very clean and neat look. But if you machine does only straight stage, that is good, too. Just run another row exactly same way as 1st 1 And don't forget to run front and back on each theme You start and finish. It will give your bag extra strength, which is important for shopping bag. Who wants to pick up apples in supermarkets? Parking lot? Definitely not me. And always, I suggest to so slowly if you are a beginner and posted it down when needed. Sewing takes time to master, and speed comes with practice. Please always be aware off needle being too close to your fingers and maintain low speed to prevent an accident. And now the last front and back and we cutting the thread. Okay, the main back pieces done. Now we can start with handles. Cannabis or coltan is easy to handle, so just fold fabric pieces inside for about a centimeter or 1/4 an inch on each long edge. Press and fold in half lengthwise. Use plain straight stage and run a seem both sides lengthwise. Try to keep seems on the edge of the fabric. It will looked idea. Run forwards backwards as usual and use food as a guide for straight line. Repeat the same for both handles. Take the bag again. Hold so the top is on top of that makes sense and folding 1/2 mark the center point on both sides. Then think edge and fold up to the center. Mark the fold line. Repeat the same action on another side. To this is how we know where our handles goes. Okay, the trick about place bag and sewing machine mark under the needle and one end of the handle. Run some stitching front and back to Cavite, secure. And now I mean it as we want strong handles for our shopping bag. Could the friend and now take another end of the handle and repeat the same action. Make sure it is not twisted and lays flat because it can be really night meant to fix it later. Okay, and now we need to do exactly same thing for another handle. Just want to mention that you can choose your own hand of position as long as measuring same distance from edges or middle to keep it even. And that's it Now, not really doesn't look solid at all to me. We need to finish the top by folding in couple centimeters or an inch. What I do is simply keep the bag inside out and fold approximately one inch on each side. Quickly check if it looks even and breast really, really hard to create a crease, which will be our guide. Alternatively, you can measure an inch around the top and fold fabric to the marks, but you need to make it look like that? Sure. And here is the important part where we need our stage. Extremely straight. But needle got on Fred. So I need to re friend. It man happens. Okay, now all good to go. I like to start new. C'mon aside, There is no rule. Just I think it looks much Nida going slowly use Greece as a guide as well as marks on the machine. I feel like I just must still this This is the part which everyone will see. So work extra hard to make this that seems spotless Masterpiece and you can show off your d a y tote bag. And also, I hope you're not forgetting to run forward and backwards, do you? This is the last secularists pitching, cutting the friend, cleaning all messy tales. And now it will be time to reinforce the handles. First thing first, make sure they are laying flat to the rest of the bag. But don't pull too hard. It will make old plate and show the handle is a square and slowly start stitching. I like to make that books which most banks have because it looks nice and it gives extra strength. Simply saying it is kind of a blind sewing to make that box shaped seem on a handle, while the main bag piece covers it all. But it's not that difficult. You just simply can feel the fabric is figure. This is where we need to stage. Just be careful and go slow, so slow just to avoid the mass broken needles as it can happen. If you so thick layers very fast and again, just please go slow. You must make sure you're not catching any any needed fabric under the handle and repeat the same action on all four handle joints. If this is correct way to say it. When people start sewing, they always want all at once, like so address and jacket. But I always suggest to start small, make cute pillowcase, a shopping bag or symbol. T tower. I think whatever you want to do, start small and learn the skill gradually that will give in depth, knowledge and practice. Okay, we are about to finish our talk back, the last stitches and done 5. Finishing: and now seriously, very last bit off sewing. I take a lot off care about aesthetics. So precisely clean finish is a must for me. Try to cut everything a little hanging. Fred Tail. Just be careful not to snip in the fabric. Actually, it's hard to believe. How messy can the project local before the finishing touches all dream ups and tidying? It's like an old house makeover into modern brand new building. What do you think? Okay, and what I'm doing here, I like to turn back inside out and dream around the stitching on main Seems still. Just take your time here and be very careful. Don't room on the same leave a millimeter or two just to stay on the safe side because we really don't want to broke the stitching. Don't way. And it's done. We sewn a shopping bag. How exciting it is. It looks nice and cool, but also a little bit boring. What can we do about it? 6. Customizing : you will need a sheet of paper or plastic or fabric to secure a nice stable. As you see here. I'm folding the bag in half both ways to find the middle, mark the point and start sketching or drawing using invisible pen. It's the best because it disappears quite quickly. It shouldn't be nice. It'll just rough guide off what it is to help you understand with a shape. Then start coloring. Here is my water paintbrush and tissue paper. Another trick I used. It's a notebook to make a path for my joining. Also, it prevents caller sinking in another side of the bag. You can use clips to stretch the fabric, but I fail now because my notebook is too thick and the clips are too small, not a big deal. I still can feel cold. Here is all my pains now. Shame how long I haven't used them. And here is a little palate made from Old box to mix the colors. You see I'm not. First settle about my equipment. First thing first, big trouble. Come on first big job to do is to find good shades what usually means to mix up a lot off colors and I'm going for a bowlful. I'm not sure if you can see it clearly, but my masterpiece on the bag is going to be a nice cream cone so crisp and delicious waffle is essential. I'm mixing brown and yellow. We will see what did come up little bit wide, which is empty. So well, grab another tube and mix. See what's happened. And I see now that is gonna be nothing like delicious and Chris before Oh, that's a play game. A bit more brown and white made in. No, it still comes up like a mighty color. Oh, people know your color wheel. I wonder if I managed to open that orange. Maybe that would help. Yeah, let's try that. Just a little bit off orange to blend in and it comes. Ah, no, not really. What? I was expected to be honest. Okay, lets try Orange and white. See, Maybe that will be better. So far. Two orange, maybe a little bit more white. It doesn't look like awful. Still, let's send some more yellow. Maybe that's what we hope. And as you see, to have a lot of white is a good thing todo like, seriously, never run out of white is the savior and saying that maybe we are getting there's some kind of truthful, colorful are a waffle cone word nice, I think. Now what do you think it's? Try this and family. I'm not too bad saying that these pains, I'm using their dedicated fabric paints. But if you haven't got them or you can get them quickly, acrylic paints I really good to use as well. Just don't tumble. Dry them if you want to wash your body on the other than that, you can buy acrylic paints in literally every single craft shop when I'm painting something on fabric. Firstly, I like to do bold base colors and add shadowing in the end. So now I'm just trying to get but perfect cone shape. And once I've done that, I do do some changing one. As you see now, I took some brownish color from our Failla remixes and now gently blending in on very edge of the cone That should give that three dimensional feel as's faras, I hope add a little bit off highlight in the middle ish just so it looks more natural, sunlit and delicious sweet ice cream cone. Oh, hi. 11 Now. Now, as I squeezed out some more white paint, I had just lit a little bit. Tiny tip on the top of the paint brush off thing and mix it in will be our strawberry flavored. Well, I don't know strawberry or maybe raspberry. Which one? You go and now being very, very careful. Draw the circle. All those delicious ice cream. Well, I think I will. Won t that bag? - Yeah , I just thought it's worth dimension. If you really want to have those clean edges which I'm making now, you must Teoh. Be sure that you choose incorrect broad brush because if you will take, let's say, a quarrel brush. It never will happen like this. It should be quashed or acrylic paint brush for the best result, especially when you're painting on canvas or line in oak. Wharton doesn't really matter. Just not silk or so. So I imagine orange and white with a little hint off thing for me. Just streams for peaches and it looks like that I remember myself eating peach flavored ice cream. It was exactly the same color and this one and just brings me back to childhood. Um, I've allowed some dark in the middle, so it grates a shadow and the three dimensional feel of it. Also a little bit of wide highlights just to tap around to create the texture, as you say, then the same on the pink one as well. Just forgo to mention it, cleaning the brush, cleaning very well now and drying guitar. That's why you see all the time I'm keep drying the brush. It's very important in this situation, because if the brush will be very watery, all pains is just bleed out uncontrollable on the fabric. And we don't want that. You do something more abstract. It's OK. It's even look creative. But in this my situation, when I want just an ice cream cone, the dry brush is essential. - The last scoop I was started it to do in yellow, thinking off vanilla. But then I thought, Maybe it's kind the lemon. Which one you prefer more vanilla or lemon ice cream? I cannot really make my mind up now. I like them both. - Honestly , it feels really hot today, so I thought maybe ice cream is little bit melting as Well, just to make it more different. Where do you think now I'm gonna do some raspberry strawberry flavored melts as well. It was basically twist the brush, although around downwards and at some wind highlights to create that volume. Just a couple more white tops just agreed That texture a little bit of the highlights, so it looks more realistic. - If you noticed I'm using only one brush. I have that sickness. I'm in love with the brush. If I have my favorite brush, I do everything that it all alone, no matter how big or small video Taylor's. I just used one brushes my some kind of sickness. Yeah, now is the time when I'm looking at it and just turning my head from one side to another side, thinking, what's wrong, what's needed to be added. It just It's very hard to explain, because you just see that it's good if you know what I mean. I just saw a floor in my lemon slash Manulis scoop, and I just want to perfect the shape now for stopping with a brush and adding more texture in it. Of course, - now I add a little bit more shading into the cone to make it more precise, just basically to clean up their just and make it as good as I. And here is my the very most interesting part, as well as most responsible and making now the great for the mind awful count who just very simple, very easy, but also very responsible job. Now the same thing for the opposite side to make a proper grip. Couple more strokes, and I think we will be done to the cone. Finally, I like to clean up all those blurry edges so better to turn. Actually, the whole bag now and Teoh make one brush stroke very, very clean on the edge. - So I would say it's done. But I'm such a perfectionist. So I want to make just some two weeks on that about the highlighting that melt. I want to be, like, more refined, so allowed just just a very little amount off dark of full shipping just to enhance it. And as you see now, I'm using really, really tiny brush because these details it's just impossible. Big brush. Well, I just betrayed myself. Seems like it. - Okay , just very, very lost touches. And I think we don't know about ice cream cone