How to Sew Bunting | Mel Thorley (Ditsy Tulip) | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. How to Sew Bunting - Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Cutting the Flags

    • 4. Pin the Flags

    • 5. Sewing the flags

    • 6. Pressing the Flags

    • 7. Attach Bias Binding Step 1

    • 8. Attach Bias Binding Step 2

    • 9. Attach Bias Binding Step 3

    • 10. Adding the Lace (Optional)

    • 11. How to Sew Bunting - Goodbye


About This Class

I remember my first sewing project that I completed, the feeling of accomplishment that I had actually made something that I could proudly hang in my home or give to a loved one as a gift.

It was bunting! Its such an easy project but really helps you to understand the basics of sewing due to its repetitive nature.

It's also a great starter project for children, both my Daughters have sewn bunting, especially at Christmas when they make it for their friends.

In this class I will show you step by step how to sew pretty bunting that is fully lined so it was last forever, there is also a bonus class on how to add lace if like me you love a finishing touch.

I have added a printable triangle template to the class materials that you can use, but of course you can easily make your own if your wanted a different size triangle.

The materials and equipment that you will need are as follows

  • Sewing machine (basic model is fine)
  • Sewing machine needle and thread
  • Main fabric (I used 2 contrasting cotton fabrics)
  • Lining fabric (curtain lining is great, I used Calico)
  • Bias Binding
  • Lace (optional)
  • pins
  • Scissors/Rotary cutter
  • Triangle template (I used a plastic quilting ruler but you can just draw a triangle on paper)