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How to Setup a Shopify Store

Jordan .

How to Setup a Shopify Store

Jordan .

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6 Lessons (30m)
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About This Class

Welcome to my Shopify course. My names Jordan and I'm here to teach you the techniques on how to setup and navigate a shopify store. So to sum up this course I will be showing you how to setup your own online store, how to find the perfect products to sell on your store and finally how to bring traffic to your store. So if you guys have any questions throughout the course please feel free to leave them down below and will try to answer as many as possible.

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1. IntroRedo: Hey there. Welcome to my Shopify calls. My name's Jordan. I'm here to teach the techniques on how to set up and navigate a shop of ice storm. So to sum of this cause, I was shown knew well, how to set up your online store, how to find the perfect products to sell on your store on finally how to bring traffic to set store. So if you guys have any questions for us, of course, he's feel free to leave down below, and I will try to answer as many as possible anyway. With that said, Let's just get to it. 2. Lesson 1: we're gonna start this first lesson off again. The basics of our store set up now, To do this, we need to use a website called Shopify. This site allows us to essentially create our own online shop. This is honestly the best platform out there for drop shipping. The most e commerce stores, as for the most part, is simple and easy to use. Will also having a huge community you can assist of any problems you may encounter. To start store, however, is not free. You will need to spend on 30 Parliament to Shopify so that your store stays active and actually runs. That said, though, you should be able to get a free trial if you haven't already made a story than before. To start this off, go to your browser. I suggest Google Chrome and Serge Shop of High and click on this link. Here, the page appears should look similar to this. I should concede. On the top there is a start trial button. You don't want to click that, then into your email address, make a password and finally create a name for your store. Important thing to know here is that the name of your stool also being your U R l So I would advise not having it too long unless you plan to use your own neural later down the line. Either way, once it is done, click create store these options here. Really? Just a survey for Shopify. So answer whatever you want here any. So we're just gonna click playing around and do you not wink just whatever. Once you did not just click next, it's again the same here. Just filling your contact details. This is really up to you as I can only do this for you. So once you've done that, just press and distal. So this is your shop. If I I'm just going to give a quick overview of each section here just so you know where everything is and what the basics of American Israeli. So to stop, we got the home page, which we're currently already on. Now this tells us a bunch of tips and stuff and shows us a bunch of different videos for stories and block posts and stuff like that. However, when you've actually got your source set up, this will be like a hope page. So you can come on here every day and I will show you the basics of how your store is running. Not too useful, but it's nice to have anyway, if we move on to the order stump, just bear in mind when we're going through this. It obviously would show any of information because, you know, we haven't actually started our store properly that I'll just let you know what what you expect to see so on orders you'll see your orders. Very straightforward, but you'll be able to see what he ordered your stuff. So the customers email address. It's a true and the price of the order, and you also got to see if it's been fulfilled or not. But we'll get into this a lot more later down the line. If he moved in the next type products you can see here says Add product. However, we're not really gonna be using that because we use a separate app quarter below, which will let us import products from Ali Express, which is like a Chinese wholesaler. This makes the process a lot more easier. This out of product burns more for if you're no no, it's not ready for drop shipping more for if you've got your own product, you're selling, so we're not gonna be using this feature. However, when you do have your products, this is this page will allow you to manage them a bit more. So if you need to change the price for stuff that's people, real customers, this will be obviously all the customers that use that you have. So if they place an order, they'll show up here. If they signed up to your newsletter will show up here. This could be useful in Say, you want to retire, get those customers. But you may want to use a separate mailing up for that. Anyway, let's move on. We've got analytics now. As you can see, this is going to be very important. Good to see a bunch different things so we can see our total sales are on my store sessions . How many up to CART sessions? Converted stuff. I This This is quite useful to know if you wanna study exactly what your customers are doing and let's move on to marketing. No, we don't really use this top. Andi. I'm much prefer to just use Facebook systems by themselves rather than go through Shopify. And so I wouldn't really recommend using this on because we're just gonna be using Facebook business manager to create ads and send them that way and will connect Facebook with our store using a pixel. And we don't you don't need to worry about about the movement will go for that later on. Okay, let's move to discounts. As the name shows, you can create discounts on these could be percentages or fixed amounts or even link discount, which are quite useful to use a few making a block Anyway, let's move on to APS lapses and never really important. Section has this what really makes your store. You can add a bunch of different things to your store, so, like you can see it product reviews or you cannot sizing guides and, as mentioned earlier below. You got to bear in mind, though a lot of these APs hard, entirely free because I can see you've got free here. But here we got free to install. That usually means that you get a no 10 day trial of a nap and then you have to pay monthly for it. It doesn't tend to be a lot maybe like £10 or something like that. Maybe a bit more, depending on the app. But just bear that in mind because I know some people may get this up. We'll get a certain up thinking, Oh, it's free. But actually it charged you every every month. Let's move on to online store. Now, this section here, all of these are gonna be how your store looks. Really? So the 1st 1 themes is exactly how your store looks and the layout etcetera. Um, Shopify do give you a free themed customize, but you can also buy themes. Now these tend to be a little bit pricey, and they are. I personally do recommend them, but it's up to you. Really depends what your budget is, and it's not the make or break it just make things a little bit easier. If you have a certain theme, I mean lets me want to block. Post I could see was create block posts. Not too crazy. Rini, Um, this is up to you quite good to make a couple of them just ah for like, flash out your business, make it look a bit more professional, but yeah, that's completely up to up to you. Depends what you're doing really smoothed pages. This concrete pages are on already in your feet. So when you make a theme or when you're themes active, Pacific and customize is mainly your home page and your product pages the basics of each page Where is this? Allows you to create separate pages like shipping details or save you on a size kind page to fight back. Move on to navigation. This is gonna be your navigation bar, which is, say, when you go to the top of the website. You see, you see, if you got clothing website, we'll have all the different types of clothing in the bar and you can decide where you want to go. Very simple stuff. But this largely just customize everything exactly the how you want it. Let's me want to domains. Now you can see here at the moment my domain is this Don't my shop. If I did not come now, I would personally recommend changing this and however you will need to buy it. I mean now domains on particular expensive and I mean they're not really expensive of all depending on where, Ugo, I'm pretty sure for my last website I got one for about 15 a year, which in the grand scheme of things is not done an awful lot. So but I would really recommend getting a domain, preferably a dot com demeanor as well. Okay, let's move on to preferences. So the key ones we're gonna be looking at here is the Facebook pixel on the passport protection. Now, as mentioned before, the pixel is where you connect Facebook to your store. So what the pixel basically does is track information on your store, however well, we'll go into that later. On the other thing, too. No other serves password protection. This just means that moment no one can see your store so everyone goes to your your own. They'll just see a page saying, You'll stores not open year. It's even soon, Bob are so we just need to make sure once we've got our store set up, we turn this off because you're preferably like people to see our store. All right, let's get to the last section here. Settings. Now this is a bunch of different information, but you will go through all this later on. It's not too much to worry about the moment, but obviously this is going to be quite vital in making sure your stores probably set up anyway. I think that's gonna be it for the first lesson. And if you have any issues, any problems, any question, please leave. I'm done below and I'll be happy to answer as many as possible anyway. Thanks, guys hope to see you in the next lesson. 3. Lesson 2: Hey, guys, Welcome back in this class, I'm going to show you how to select a plan on unlock your store. Now, first of all, you want to go home thing, click, Select a plan, then free options orbit 29 a month, 79 month on 299 of them. Now, I'd personally go for 29 of them, especially if you haven't done this before, just because it's a little bit cheaper, even though these over two options will save you more money down the line. However, once you've picked which option you want to go for collect, choose plan. Now for this, I won't actually be choosing a plan just because this is a test site for me, however, want you do click whichever button you want, you'll come to a page where you have to be your credit card details in your dress. All you do from manages press pain and you don't. You should then go back to your home page. Once you're here, we're gonna try and unlock your store. So if we go down toe online store and then click preferences scroll to the bond on, we have password protection now if you uncheck this box, he won't let me at the moment cause I haven't chose a plan. But if you uncheck this when you actually go to your website of your actual website, you want to show it. Whereas at the moment it will basically say it's locked and you need to put in a password anyway, that does it for this lesson. Hope to see you in the next one. 4. Lesson 3: Hey, guys, in this class, I'm gonna show you how to install a theme. So if we start off from your home page, we're going to get a online store and themes. It meant no, With themes. You can either buy a theme where you can use a free theme. Now it's really up to you. It really depends how much money you have around despair on what which is and festival. I'll show you some of the free themes. So we're gonna do is click this banana explore free themes. So we have, ah, variety of different things to pick here. Not as many others, obviously the year paid teams. But, um, for now, I guess we can click. Let's say Brooklyn one on them will pick was playful. No, well, stupid classic. So if there's don't seem to library, I'm gonna see it down here. Load enough already. So this is now added, however, what's not actually on our store. So if we press actions and then repressed publish and then press published again conceit, Brooklyn is now our actual field, however, say if you do want to get paid team, let's go here, visit team stool and this will show you a bunch of different team should get. So we have the free themes that were shown to us before. We also have these ones, as you can see. That quite expensive, though, So it's really up to you. It's no. I wouldn't say they're needed, but it depends really helps in certain aspects. Anyway, that would be the same as, um, this theme here. Be the same way to add it Anyway, guys, once you've actually installed your team, you want Tokyo and customize it not to do this. You want to go toe online store click themes and then click this blue button here customize . This will take us to the shop of my female. I can see there's a bunch of options down the side here. The's all correlate with different things on here that you can add it. So, for example, if a slight ship which will edit this, stop it and then you have, like the rich tax, which will be this surgery etcetera, I say if you want to actually edit what's on this lightship so you want to change what it says here here. About two on no food well, we'll click on the slide show. We'll click on the first slide, go down to heading and change not to, as you can see now, says food. But say if you want to edit, the second slide will go down to the second side here, click heading and then say on a drink. So now when someone clicks for your side, you'll see food and then drink. I never important thing to note Here is up. What an editing your pages If you want to change which page can always change here, or you can actually click on certain things to change pages. However, we don't really have any props on at the moment, so that's gonna be more complicated. It so nothing Teoh mention is not. We can also aren't on remove sections to say, If we don't want the collection list, we can click on that and then click Remove section Police report again. If you want Under section, you can click this button here and then on something. So I say we on a video. I think we can't. We can paste a link in for a certain video. That's up to you, Phil. What if we want the video to be fervor of the top. So if you want the video to actually be London, even a slight you Well, we go here. You see this six pronged doffing. Hold that and drag it up just below this lunch. I know. Just right there, I never think to know is that at the moment we're currently adding editing a normal desktop size. However, you can click these free bit different burns to change what you want to add it. So this one here is mobile. No more deaths. Stop size on the ultra ride. This is quite important because if you're advertising to mobile users, well, you don't want to be editing on here because things will be different. If you see here, the feature collection is in a nice kind of pan. However, if you get a mobile, it just goes down in woman's. So you want to make sure you're on the right, right? Desktop or computer or mobile vision just to actually added the right one you wanna do and I want you want you decided what you want to do to your team and you chose always colors like in the theme Sanks colors, then you want to click the save button appear on that, make sure it's actually live on your website. One thing to point out is you may find it easier to heading off site once you've added your products. So it's not a big deal if your science and edited now as we can still move on and come back to this land anyway, there has been this lesson on hope. You see you in the next one. 5. Lesson 4: Hey, guys, Welcome back This Let's not gonna show you how to add Obillo and actually handsome products to your page to do this. You want todo up section on your shop of my dashboard? Either click this, but if that doesn't show, give to visit Shopify up store right there. Once I was loaded, type in Obillo and click on the first option here. Then all you do is click the blue and up. Once that's loaded, click Install up and it should take us to the Obillo dashboard nearly there. What we need to do now is open a new top type in Obillo extension like in time, and then click this one here. The express product important. And there should be a burn appear that says install and then just follow the steps through that curly. I already have mine installed, so I can't do that. Once you have that installed, you want to go to open a new tab and then type in me express and I want to choose a product upon your store to say for this one, we're gonna let's go with a phone case. So what? Type in phone search. I don't have a bunch of different ones to search for you now Personally. Well, I'd recommend you do is choose orders and you choose four starring up. Let's just make sure that you get best part, you looking up as you can see this one of 74,000 soldiers, which means a lot of people who could be like in that on with the stars. Just make sure that you get the right sellers anyway. You say, Let's say if we want this one quick on that and they will be look at the top right Where are plugging is? We'll see express product on board if we click Lock and then had to import list. Click now that's been honored to our borough dashboard. So if we go back to a builder and then we click on in Port List on this left hand side here , we'll see all the products that were imported. Now we can actually edit all the different sections of our product here, so we've got the title, the products of the names. Ellis has changed that for now, too. That's a phone please, on our collections because I don't have a collection, but we'll get onto Valley Iran in the lessons. But for now, we'll just leave that say, from even description. Nomis point out here, none of these are actually that key as you can actually change or this later on in Shopify itself. So don't worry if you made a mistake. It's not a big deal. So we got two variants now. This is quite important. We want to change the shipping T e pocket. You don't really want to use anything, which isn't he pocket because a packet is the cheapest and fastest way to get a delivery somewhere. Anybody want, you do not click, OK? And now we can change all the different prices thruster so safe we press change your prices and set the value we can change while iPhone cases to, say 1999 and then click apply. So now all our products in £19 this parked on the side hairs on like discount to say if you wanted to say and that it used to be 29 99 and that was 1999 so that'll show as a discount. And in this bit in the section here is how much money would actually make from this sale because it costs is £1.12 to buy the product to found 12 to ship the product. And then here's how much we actually sell it for profit would be 16 75 now. Obviously, your profit wouldn't actually be 16 75 because this obviously doesn't take into account the money you spend on Facebook aunt. But that's and everything will get in on later on. You want your happy with this? Move to the next session images, and you can choose these images. But it might be better to come back later and choose images. It's really up to you. However, Once you're happy with all these sections, just click import to store. Once your product is have been imported, the store you can click on my products on the left hand side, you can see is right here. Now if you go back to our shopper find dashboard, let me click on products. We can see our phone cases of running here. As I said before, you can actually edit all this stuff on Shopify. So if you click found, we can change or the description here because you don't really want with this stuff, so we'll just get out of that for now. You can type a new description even into images and a video. Whatever you want. We can also change all the variants here. No, A good way to change all this stuff is actually, if we go by the safest first, actually. So we keep the description Civica box, and then we click this button here on President edit product. We can see all the information here. This is a lot use if you want to change the prices as you can change pretty easily. So if you just like the top on and then shift and click like you can change all of that once. Anyway, let's just go back to the party. So as you can see, here we go all the different variants. Now, if you want to get rid of variance or add variants, you can just click on any options and then click which ones you don't want to say. We don't want a next all get up police record. Now let's say we want to have this to a collection. How do we do? Not well, if you could on the left hand side. Here you see collections quickly, I think relic create collection. Now this is used to like bunch stuff together. So say, if you're selling sunglasses, one all your sunglasses to be in the same collection on the same of phone cases, you want all that stuff to be altogether just makes it a lot easier, especially when you're doing navigation bars and menus and stuff. So let's just say, Well, no, we'll name this phone case. That's what we have. We're gonna make a description not really needed for a collection that's up to you. And you can do automata manual here. Personally, I prefer to do manual, but you can do whatever. It's not a big deal. Eso gonna stick a manual for now on. Then we're just gonna see now if we go back to our products and then click on phone case here we have collections so we can just search for a new one enough, in case we just under that will be suppressed. Save a phone case should now be in the collection, so just check that now by going back to collections, click on phone case. Yes. You look about phone case you know, now going back to what? We actually have collections. If we say we go toe online store and press themes and go to customize, we can go to collection list or feature collection. Let's go feature collection. You see, we'll have that one there. How we can change which collections actually showing. So the moment is showing home page. For some reason, I didn't know that was a collection, but from case. So we select that and it shows the collection we have now say, if you have multiple, um, items in the collection, pretty sure this would just be random, depending on how you edited but say, if we want to go to collection list here, we can actually change a bunch of them throughout phone case. I'm sure when when your page loads, I think it's just shows a random collection. Anyway. I just shows what collections actually useful. Lastly, that's Arctic Election toe on Navigation Bar. To do this, we wanna go online store and include navigation. We want on it Teoh Main menu, which is the one of the top. So we click on Main menu, click on add menu. That's cool. It in case, and then we want to find it. So if we go on link and click collections, we'll have phone case, right? I'm in breast Heart now. We can have it like this Were to show you show home catalogue of phone case where you can also put these tubs within each other. So we click on this here, I move it to the right. See? It goes in. We'll leave that there. And now this is underneath catalogue. So once you click on catalogue, you'll see phone case, and then we could just save up. So now if you go back Teoh store custom ones, we can actually see that. So we click on this hair. I see all our catalogue and price on that phone cases simple. And I made that pretty much does it for this lesson. I have to see you next time 6. Summary: Hey, guys. At the end of the first set of lessons, we did a lot of things this class, such on staying up Shopify, having a burglar so we could import products to have store and creating and customizing up team. Now, in the next class, we're gonna be looking at finishing up setting up shop. If I This will include sorting out legal pages and payment providers and shipping details. Eight century. This is so that in the class after that one, we could start looking up Facebook and how to actually have the times. Two people with that said, I hope you enjoyed this class on a Conway to see you next time.