How to Setup Sound and Video for Your First Skillshare Class | Michael Todd | Skillshare

How to Setup Sound and Video for Your First Skillshare Class

Michael Todd, No Nonsense Life Coach

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5 Videos (15m)
    • 1 1 Introduction

    • 1 2 The One Big Mistake New Course Makers Make

    • 1 3 Getting Decent Audio on a Budget

    • 1 4 How to Record Awesome Video

    • 1 5 Summary


About This Class

I will walk you through exactly what you need for Skillshare success. I address budget concerns and even show you completely free options for recording awesome sound and video!





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Michael Todd

No Nonsense Life Coach

A fanatic life coach, I have walked with more than 3,000 clients set on achieving their dreams.

I say 'walked' because your life is a journey, not an event. I want to help and that means I must walk with you, providing guidance during both high and low times.

With a background in science I apply only what is proven to work. You won't hear any mumbo jumbo "believe your spirituality" type rubbish from me. Every recommendation I give is steeped in scientific research giving you ac...

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