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How to Setup Development Servers And Kickstart Your Coding Career

teacher avatar Somenath Sen, SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Enroll Now !

    • 2. What Is Development Servers ?

    • 3. Development Servers Type 1

    • 4. Understand How To Used Development Servers Type 1

    • 5. Development Servers Type 2

    • 6. Understand How To Used Development Servers Type 2

    • 7. How To Access Root Folder

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to setup your own development servers and start your coding practice right into it. So enroll now !


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1. Enroll Now !: 2. What Is Development Servers ?: So in this video we're gonna be learned worthies. Local host local host referred to the local computer that a program is running on. For example, if you were running a Web browser on your computer, your computer is considered to be a local host. While this does not need to be specific when using a single computer, the local host doesn't need to be defined when running programs from multiple computers. For example, a network administrator might use Hiss Local Machine to start a Web server on one system and use a remote access program on another. This program would run form computers other than the local host in the example Evel that to non local computer must be defined by their I p address. The local missing is defined as local host, which give it an I P address off 127 or 0.0 dot one. This is considered a loop back address because the information sent to it is routed back to the local machine. Local host is often used in with scripting language like BHP and SD. When define water were the court should run form or where a data base is located in the studio. We're gonna be installed local host into our computer using two best program when and them in a one next videos. 3. Development Servers Type 1: Okay, Now we know what is local host. Now let's install local host in tow our machine. So we're using two most popular software to create local host into a war machine. First used when and 2nd 1 is them. So first of all, in this video, I'm going stole When server on in the next video, I'm gonna install them server. So I'm just going to my browser and in the google dot com with stirred Let's die download when on you can see the very false to result in the search and click on this result and you would just go to the when. Server dot com website. This is the official website for when www dot went server dot com. And no, in the speech just called down a little bit and you will find the download options in here . We have two options for 32 bit windows and for 64 in windows. If you don't know what type of process or you're using 32 bit or 64 bit, just goto the my computer and right click on this my computer icon and click on this properties, and you just see the system type is 64 bit operating system and also 64 bit processor in hair. You confined your processor bit version. Either it will 64 weeks or either it will 32 it find your system information here and then go to the web dot com with side on. Click on this download option. If you have a 32 bit processor on 32 bit operating system running than in, click on this went 32 Big portion on. If you run the 64 bit operating system and you have ALS the 64 bit processor, then you click on this Web service. 60 Corporate portion. Also, this Web servers are come with the BHP frequent five latest version and also some couple of more often like a party. 2.4 point nine My Skrill footprints Explain 17 on pH. Remind Mean Corporan 1.14 on its total body 1.3 point three and X Tilburg 2.2 point five on Also, this is the latest version of one server, which is 2.5. So I'm using 64 bit operating system and I have all the 64 bit processor. So I click on this one service 64 bit version. When you click on it up box will pop up and click on this download directly link over here . When I click on this, it can redirect toe source for dot net website on our one server will download reading few Siggins. And if you find this one's over link are not working. You just find here are direct download link option. As you can see here, it can say problem with the download. He's used this link to download so you can click on this direct down. A little bling on it will be download directly. So, as you can see here, our Wednesday over was downloading. It will take some couple of minutes. It depends on your Internet speed connection. All right, guys, now is going to see here. Our warm server is downloaded. Now I just click on this yet, like Wile on it will pump up with the installation. Just click on run on click on years, then click on next, absent the agreement and click on next again to the location where you want to create your warm fuller. And in this one polar, you will find your root directory as well. So by default it will install in the sea dive. But if you want to change, it is click on this. Browse bergen over hair. Andi, select your director from here. So I'm just living as it is on. Just click on the next. Then we just check this to option here, which is one is. Create a quick lunch icon, which is pretty good on. Also create a dexter of icon, which is pretty awesome as well. So just check on this to option on. If you don't want this to icons, just take this often as well, and I'm just click on next again on then click on Install. When you click on Install, Warms Over will install on your mission. It will take some fields second toe, few minutes, depending on your system configuration. As you can see her once over is installing just written a couple of minutes when it finished, it can actually choose your default browser. If you have some couple of brother in your mission like room so far, the fire cloths etcetera. You can choose from there, or you can just click on this open burden, and it will select the Internet Explorer as your default browser. As you can see, her Internet explorer dot txt file is already selected by the whole. So I'm just gonna be goto my dick stop on select the Chrome browser because comas pretty much faster than Internet Explorer. So just go to the Google holder on in the Google Holder. Just goto the Crume Fuller on go to the application folder again on in hair. Just select the chrome dot txt file and click on the open button. And now the Chrome browser will our default browser for this Web server. So when we just dissed accord in one server, it will display on the chrome browser by default. In here, the one server will axum couple of more option here something like s name PT or your email option. We just live it as it is and click on next if we want. You can change this to SNP Tito, local host by default, it is named as local host. But if you want, you can change these valuables well on. You can put your email address in this email frill but for now, I just live it as it is and click on the next button on. It will be now finished and it can be ox me If I lunge once over right now, we just until it on glee. Gone, finished. So now we have done with our once over installation on into our next video. We'll explain the warms over interest in details. 4. Understand How To Used Development Servers Type 1: Alright, guys. So we're just now installed. Warms over still. Now take a look at warms over interference. So under go to my next stop on hair. As you can see one server icon I'm just double click on it on it will be explored for mission Click on Yes, and when you click on is the warm server will running on your toolbar So I'm just click on this icon over here And as you can see here, that one server is running. So just click on this little one server icon in your toolbar And when you click on this icon, only a tool were You can see some bunch off Robson so as you can first see here we're using warms over 2.5. Here is the version off this month's over as you can see on this cyber And now we have some a couple of quick admin office. Unlike start all service, double service and restored off service sometimes of one server Bill Crouse. So when the ones that we will cross it will restart all the services once And when you want to stop the server, just click on the stop all service auction, It will stop all the service like each B minus grill on your Apache. And all the services that include in this warm server are being stopped. And when you want to start the service again, this click on the start, all services on it will start all those service. And now we have a developer. Awesome. Like Web grinned on some couple of beauty, my school option. First, we have a mice will holder, and under this my skin Fuller. We have some couple of more holes like version. As you can see here, we have using my still quite 0.6 point 17 which is the latest version of my school on we have, Ah, another four local service. And in here we have some couple of more option. Like if you want to stop the my school service, just click on this stop Burton bite if all the my school service was running when the warm server is running. So if you want to particularly stop this mind school server, just click on this service fuller and just click on the stop button on if you want to repress the my skills. There was just click on this restudy of service button and it will be restarted Your my school data vis once again. Now we have a my school council log on. We have, um, my daughter I n I filed and also my school lock while which will deter mined all the log option. Now, as you can see here, when I click on this, mice will lock while it can Oxfam it. We want to create a new while because we don't have any databases or anything in our minds School files. So it will create a new minds will lock file if we click on this year's button. But for now, we don't want any my school local So we just click on cancel on Goto our one server options again on then we had a beauty holder. When you over on this speech before older As you can see, we have a couple of more bunch of coolers under this speech before her first holer has the Petri version in it. So when I hover on it, as you can see here we can see the PHP version, which is type one weapon drills, which is the latest version of ph. Andi, if you want to know more about this version, you can click on this. Get more option and it will go into the pitch. Be dot net website on. After that, we have some beautifully settings there, as you can Hoover on it. As you can see here, we have some gun shop option over here. Viatical some of this option. Our check that means this option are in a bill on bicycles are often are inject. That means this option are not interval. So if you want to enable are untenable any option from here, you just click on this option and it will be just in a bill or animal for you on. Now we have a beauty extension cooler which hold all beautifully extends on, as you can see. Here's and couple up beautifully. Extension are checked. That mean viatical disputes be extension are running with these swamps over and some of them are not. Check that mean this beach be extension are not running with this bombs over. So if you want to run this unchecked BHP extension, you just click on this option and it will be run on. This warms over Andi After that, we have a PHP I and I file, which is pretty awesome on if I click on this speech by and I file and it will open the all iron is sitting for this PHP version. As you can see here we have all the beauty I and I often hear. So if they go to the once I was sitting again on board the beauty holder on after the beauty dot I and I file we have one more file called PHP here, log as like the maestro lock while you can throw each and every part off the PHP log in court in the smile. So I just go to my once I was sitting again and we have another four letter call Apache, which was also how hold some couple of more for learning crossed one is obviously a version . We have 2.4 point nine version of Apache running with this warm server, which is the latest version of Apache on. Also, we have a folder called Service as like the my school. If you want to stop the service s click on the stop button over here, and if you want to restart the service s click on this restart button over here and after the service colder, we have one more folder which is called a Party Models as like the PHP extension, we have some couple of mortals viatical running with these warm, sober, and some are not. So if you want to interval are desirable. Any off this option, just click on this models, and it will be interval or disable with your warm server. And after these Upashi mortals, we have allies, directors, which is the Allies directory for your PHP mired mean for your beautifully system in court on Korea, Israel Body and Korea Web green. And after that, we have a STD p d dot conflict while on we have a budgie airlock files on. After this Upashi file, we have www directly, which is the root directly for your warm server. If you click on this www directory, it will go to your root directory on. After that, we have a huge, be mired min option. When you click on this, obstinate will open the pH in my admin on the Google chrome because we're set up Google Chrome as our default browser in swarms over, and after that we have our my project folder where we can store our all type of applications. So scored, which I discussed more on the later videos on. After that, we have a local host option. When I click on this local host, it will open the local host in our Google chrome because we're sitting up Google chrome as our people browser in our warms over. So when I go to the local host, it will open the warm server and server configuration. As you can see here, we can run Apache version to contrite for nine, as you can see in this once over office and hair as well, and we have the PHP pipe in pipe and want to as well. Andi. Some service software, like Apache slashed open open nine Windows 64 bit, which I was running Windows 64 with abortion so it will display on the window 64 bit Andi. Also, this happens in a couple of more our information over here, so this is the basic information about one server. In the later videos, we'll explore more about warm server 5. Development Servers Type 2: in the previous video, we'll learn how to install Web Server Indoor Machine. And now in this video, we're gonna be learned how to install Zam Server into our machine. So first of all, go to the google dot com West Side and in the google dot com Search for Down Lord Them and click on the first result in the search, which is a party friend's daughter. Or and click on this. Download them link. So the correct address is www dot Apache friends dot org on in this, which that you will find the download link for them. Server. Here, you can find some couple of options for Windows for leaners, for with X on in them. You don't need to. I didn't defy word abortion off your CPU is word version. Off your windows is either to 34 weeks or 64 bit. This does not matter in here. If you can download them for Windows, it will comfortable for 60 Corbett and 32 feet, both in our case, the them for Windows is the correct version for us, because I'm using that Windows 8.1. So when I click on this is them for Windows it will download on our machine. As you can see here, it can say, also, your download will start automatically on our download will start here. So when your download Wilson is just click this r e extra file over hair and it will install on your machine without knowing that you are using 60 Corbett or cut it a bit. That one and only e actually filed for board version. Actually, it automatically I indicate a version for you on install a Keurig portion on your machine. That is the awesome features in them. So as you can see here, that was empties. Downloading on it takes a couple of minutes on It also depends on your Internet speed. So now, as you can see, here was Zampese. Now finish downloading. Now I'm just click on this txt file toe, start our installation process Now Here it Accident Permission. Click on years Now it saw some warning this suing us just because we're installing when before then installing does them. So we just doing is this casual warning I'm just click on OK and is the start of the state of on. Just click on this next burden here on. Just don't change all of this hair. You just show you what type of our items are. Come with those Them like servers. Apache. MySQL will file zilla ft Reserve er, Mercury Mills, er were come get on. And huge people, then Petri Miles mean then Web allies there. Then fix and Mel. So this type of items and con traditional comes with them, so I highly recommend it. Don't hunt. Take any off this hair on. Just click on the next button here and also here you can select your installation. Kohler. Viatical. It will be. See, then it's last them. Andi, I just go with this one. If we want to change this display on this little cooler I can over here on change your Lucas and from here, in my case, I'm just stick with this one. That dick old one and displayed on the next button here on here. You have a little textbooks over here, which is option that learn more about Vietnamese beaten enemy is a company that developed is zam website. So if you learn about Bittner me, that's check off this check box over here. And if you don't want to learn about Bittner. Me? Ah, just on ticket. I'm just unticketed right now and click on this next button over here. Then click on the next Gordon again on it will start installing them into your machine. It will take sometimes like some few minutes toe install, exam into a machine before these then uses and detailed explanation. I'm discovered this topic in the later videos, but for now, just things up this installation in this video. So you just say that Unpack the Quiles it will take sometimes from fume More minutes on it will just finish up the installation causes. And one more thing, guys. It reversed actually. What is the best locals there was them for when? So my ends That is example when both are the good local server who, installing your mission. And if you guys actually which I was personally using I'm using when? Just because I love the wimp user interface. But that does not mean them either. Back server This boat server are very good. I'm also recommended toe you guys try the both server, then choose which is the best for you on now you can see here There's a little mess is over here. Set up has finished installing Zampa on your computer, then have a little chick book that asked me, Do you want to start the control panel now? This country urban is not your computer control panel. This is there's them control panel, so I don't want to start right now. I will cover this in the next video, so I'm just don't take this and click on the minutes Burton over here. Now, as them is installing on our missing successfully indoor next video will detail explanation on them user interface and options. 6. Understand How To Used Development Servers Type 2: Okay. Now we install them into our machine. So now take a look at them interference. So what I have to do? I just go to my my computer and then go to the C, Dave. And here, as you can see, a them holder, some just double click on it and open it on. What I have to do is under this double click on this Zampa hyphen control dot dxy toe. Open those them control panel on, as you can see here, this is that them control panel and which is the 3.2 point one portion, which is the latest version off them control panel. And as you can see her, we have here some couple of option like Apache, my school pile zilla, Mercuri and Tomcat on As you can see her my school color are green. That means the my schools did. Services are running, as you can see here we have some buttons over here and for my school. Burton, it's just say the stop That mean the my school deliveries are running a quick click on the stop, but and my school delivers are now the stroke working. And if I click on the start button again. It will start walking event. And if I want to start, this service is just take on this start, but in our hair. And it will just start the service, the spirit of Slim Bill. And as we're going to see here, we have also a configuration button right after the start button on. As you can see here, we have some admin buttons over here. This is called the Administered Panel for thesis services. So if I start the services also and that will also provide a admin panel for this service, which is mercury. And when I click on this admin Burton, it will go to the admin panel. And after this admin but And we have some confusion button over here, which is open the configuration file for these services. So if I click on this mighty scwill conflict, Burton, over here, it will open the my school consideration. Finally, if I want to open them, I'll still a configuration file. Isis, click on this conflict burden right up to the quienes Enlightenment panel. And if you look in the files, their country quietly and after this conflict Bertel, we have some logs weapon which obviously opened the locks Well for these services And also we have some couple of general buttons over hair which will I have to explain now 1st 1 is confusion. Confusion is for Zand control panel. If I click on this country Asian burden, it will open this them control panel confusion window in here we have the auction called Editor which is a default editor Toe edit this zam files by default it will select the note pad from my computer as the default coordinator for thes Zampa control panel. And also we have ah option for browser Which brother? That I was to Fort Lee used with this them by default. There is nothing there is empty And if you want, you can too beautiful brother for these them by click on this little ah Fuller icon Overhand Choose your browser from here just like the wind on. After that we have some Orgel start motors, which is if we can select this models from here it will start automatically when we start the control panel. As you can see here when I run that's them. Control panel. My school did a bizarre run automatically as like my Skrill, you can cilic form this often as well, which you want toes or co start when you can start the Zam control panel and right upto this we have some couple of more option which is start control panel minimize in a will Tom , get output window which is a command line window when we start that Tomcat service. And also we have some technical port on start ups and so debug information so you can check or uncheck this option. As for your need and we have also some couple of often we're hair like change the language you can select either from English are home Dutch maybe Andi, save the file to change the language toe this And after that, we have some services and hope sitting. If we click on this option on Herrick and finds imports it in court thesis services. As you can see here the Post columnist for Apache And you can see here the Apache name and then the port for Apaches. Then we have my school and we have quite villa. Then we have mark your it and we have Tom got so I highly recommend it. Don't change this support from here because if you put wrong port in this columns, it will not work for correctly. So I highly recommend it. Live this Aditi's. So after these services and pork sitting, we have some user defined files and some log auction were here. So this is the whole user interface in them Control panel. So let's check how the local host look like when we can run it, using them so good in my browser and this type local host and just Chris enter. And as you can see here, when you can place inter, it can go to the local host using them. I can previously so you, the local host interface using when and this is the local host user interface using them. And as you can see, her hair is some couple of Ling's over here like application. Some effect you go send somehow guides and beach being copious, be mired mean, so if I go on this application, it will show some more information here. Like Apache Friends and Bittner me are cooperating to make dozens of open source application of a level on them for free and packet application included. What place do pull Jumla on. Dozens of other can be deployed with just one click installers. So you can goto this Bittner Me is them page and install those applications into your then on. And if I go to my beach, be in Fort and it will start on future information regarding to this them so ever going to see here we can run Ph. D version, Fi Pons explained. One will into awards and which is the latest version of PHP. So this is the with them control panel. Andi, this is the local host user interprets using them. 7. How To Access Root Folder: All right, so in this video, we're gonna be learned how to find Route Holder in them. And when both off the softer. So what I have to do? We start with the Wendt software. So what I have to do is I'm just going to my dick stop on first of all, and just start the Web server. And when the warm server is running, I'm just goto the my computer and go to the C Dave on in here. Never get toe went, Hohler. On in the wind Fuller, you can see a branch of cooler sneer. And in this bunch of cooler ah, cooler coils. The blue, the blue W This is the route fuller for when we just go to this Www colder on in here. What have to do is I'm just right. Click on here on create are a steam l file call. Ah, let's say in next door a steamer ex pump up with them. Ah, confirmation. Just click on the years written on it will create a indexed or a steam milk oil on. Let's just read wanting listeners create a new holer on Call this holder demo on in this demo quarter Just good. And based this estimate file here and for up to do one just right leg on this estimable file and open it in north pad plus months on. I'm just typing a stim pill line off text in this aced email file. So when I triggered this a steam elk wild using local host. If I put the estimable file on the route holder, it will display that takes in the browser. And if I don't put the estimable file on the right holder, it will not display that text. And so us on a door in our browser. So this is the quick process to test if we are putting our files in tow, the right holder or not. So let's just type some take something like this is, uh, Demel fix. Good. That's fine. Just read the file. And what I have to do is I'm just goto the my brother on just navigato. Local host on it will start my local host using one server on would have to do is I'm just never get to my cooler called demo. So when I never your toe demo Corder, it will pop up with our indexed or a steam l file because we just named The estimable file is index dot estimates and we already know that index dot a steam l is a primary file for every folder. So when we never get to any fuller, the browser will find in next door aced email coast So it will pop up our in this not estimate while on that fire up our takes, which we just type in this a steam is fine. So just give us less after this local Holsten type demo. Andi just hit, enter and see what happened on, as you can see here, if I zoom on a little bit so as you can see here it just fire up our in exhorted estimable file, which is content this text and that will display in the browser. So we just put our file on the right directory. So keep it in your mind. Www folder is the root holder for when If you create any project, just create the project cooler into this doublet of little blue folder. So now let's just check the route cooler in them. So first of all, I'm just stop my one server and close it, then go to the See Fuller. And here we can find our them Fuller, which is right here. And what I do is them Just double click on this colder and open the corner. And in this cooler, we coined bunch up holders and bunch of files over. So what I have to do is post. I'm just start my ZAM control panel. Just double click on the same pipe in control dot txt file, and it will fire up hours them control panel, which is here. So Harry, there was them control panel? No, we just start our Apache and we just start about my school. Onda, we just minimize this them control panel. Andi in this them Oiler find a holer. Call HD dogs, which is right here a STI doc, This tasty dog schooler is the root fuller for them. So what have to do is we're just creating the same testing method Toe taste our route direct e in them. So I'm just going to my hasty docks cooler on in hair. I just create another cooler call demo on in the Dem Accord Lor just don't go on this holder toe open the folder and in the demo caller, Just create a steam milk I'll call index nor html it Pop up some gun commission here, click on Years on. It will create our index dot html file on rightly on this index dot html file and open it in north, back plus plus. And also, I just hope some takes over here. So as like that when when we fire up our local host using them and navigate to our demons cooler. If we could the index or a steam ill and our demo cooler on the right root directory, it will pi up our text. So let's just create them. Takes over here something like thesis decks also on a more next, with a little bit of difference than the previous Dix in previously, we just type. This is a demo text on for now, we just type this sticks. Also, our demo ticks. So said the choir earn good lower browser and coast just navigate to local host to fire up our local host, using them and what happened, who is just navigate to our demo? Fuller. That's right. So if we put our in next pile on the right root holer. It will find up these sticks. So just hit sender. And as you can see here, it will quiet up that fix which we can. Dave here, this text also our demographics. So keep it in your mind. For them, the brute cooler is a STI dogs and winner create. Oh, your application holder, you can create on that this tasty docks colder. So in this way we can find our route holders. Also, we can verify our route holders by simply creating on in next door a steam ill file and tested on the browser like this.