How to Set Up a Custom Watercolor Palette | Denise Soden | Skillshare

How to Set Up a Custom Watercolor Palette

Denise Soden, Watercolor Artist & Content Creator

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12 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Materials

    • 3. Watercolor Palette Types

    • 4. Watercolor Brands

    • 5. Pigment Property Considerations

    • 6. Cataloging Your Watercolor Collection

    • 7. Basic Palette "Recipe"

    • 8. Selecting Color Based on Subject

    • 9. Work Flow & How to Fill Wells

    • 10. Class Project: Custom Palette

    • 11. BONUS PROJECT: Color Mixing Chart

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Choosing the perfect colors for your watercolor palette can be a difficult task! In this class, we will build on the information we learned from the last class on color mixing to construct informed and functional watercolor palettes.

In this class, we will:

  • Learn about different types of watercolor palettes
  • Briefly go over different brands of watercolor paints
  • Discover a basic "recipe" for setting up a new palette
  • Explore how an artist's subject may dictate color selection
  • Determine if lightfastness and staining properties will impact your color selections
  • Construct your own “perfect” palette based on your artistic preferences

This class is intended as an extension of my prior class, “Watercolor Mixing Based on Pigment Properties.” It is highly recommended that you have taken that class or have a good understanding of color theory and pigment knowledge before starting this one.





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Denise Soden

Watercolor Artist & Content Creator

Denise is a watercolor artist and online educational content creator. She's been captivated by both animals and art since before she can remember. In 2015, she had to leave her career, passion, and lifestyle as a zoo educator to tend to her personal health. Luckily, around the same time, she found watercolors and has since fallen completely head over heals for them. Connecting her artistic roots with her passion for wildlife and e...

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