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How to Set Up Advertising Account on Facebook

teacher avatar Rita Zinger, Facebook Advertising Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. How to Set up Advertising Account Business Name, Address

    • 2. How to Open Ads Manager for the first time| 2021

    • 3. Ads Manager Set up| 2021

    • 4. Payment methode , account limmit

    • 5. Manage roles on Facebook advertising Account

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About This Class

Before you'll start advertising on Facebook you have to know how to set up your advertising account.

In this class you will learn:

  • Advertising Account Set Up
  • Get invoices on from Facebook on your business name
  • Add a payment method
  • Set up account sending limit

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rita Zinger

Facebook Advertising Expert



Hello, My name is Rita! I am a Digital Marketer and Educator. Nice to meet you :) 
You'll find many classes about Facebook Advertising, that will teach you how to advertise your business or how to become a Campaign Manager for an Advertising Company.  

Everything I teach about is based on my personal experience, I try to make my courses as practical as possible so that you will learn only the things you will really need. 

About me:

I work in Marketing space for more than 9 years now, running campaigns for different companies all over the world (the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and more). In this time I managed advertising budgets from $1000 to $500K per month and ran campaigns for F... See full profile

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1. How to Set up Advertising Account Business Name, Address: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this Facebook decision today we're going to talk about how to set up your Facebook advertising account in order to start at resulting My name is Margarita Zinger and I'm your teacher for today. So let's start with how do you set up your advertising account? First of all, you look in into your personal Facebook profile and from your personal Facebook profile on your rights in the corner, you have an arrow. And by Clifton, it's just here. You will have all off this menu. For those of you who already started to advertise with who beat, you will have managed EDS. And for those of you who didn't start anything yet, you will have create. It's so it's basically the same thing. It will take us to the same place we'll click on its here. You will see your personal advertising accounts, your name probably or name off your business. If you already started toe advertisements in order to go in, you just click on the name. I will go back for a second and show this step for someone who d and start advertising and who clicked on create ads right now. so let's see how it will look. If you just started and you clicked on, create ads in your main menu. This is the screen that you're going to gets in order to go and continue with what I'm about to show you. You need to close this window because we're not about to create campaign at this moment. Searches close it close without saving, and she will get to the exact same place as well. Right now, this is the main menu off, adds manager. You can see it on your left, adds manager. So in order to set up your account, you need to go to the main you off your advertising account, which you can find right here on your left in the corner. Free lines. As you can see near your ads manager menu, just click on them. This is your frequently used menu, an orderto open everything else. We just go here and click on all tools, and here we are going to go to settings. It doesn't matter if you want to edit your Facebook account or to change something on your computer. You always go to settings. So same thing goes for Facebook account. Right now, we are in our settings for our advertising account, and this is the data that we can see. Our ad account said here we can set up our ad account as we wish. If you have a business and you want to run, as for your business, I would suggest to feel in all the details of your business. Here you have a business name, business, others and so on. Later on, you can use this information for tax purposes. You simply can't use your Facebook invoices that will be on your business name if you don't have a business, you don't have to set it up right now. But just so you know where you can do it from if you didn't start advertising here besides your business information, you can set up your currency if it's USD dollars, Canadian dollars Australian doors whatsoever and your time zone. Once you set up your currency, you can't change it any more. Same goes for your time zone. So if you live in Australia, for example, but your target audience your market is in UK, your time zone will be different. So maybe it makes sense to set up your time zone for UK instead of stratum because you will start your complaints running according to your case, Time and not Australian. So think about how is the best way for you to set up these accounts. So let's go over all of those options and let's see what is relevant to you and what can you change? What can you add at the count? Me? It's important, but only you can see. It's if, in case you have more than one that account, it will really help you out. So just give to name that will make it easier for you to remember. What are you using this account for then, as we talked about you have times on you have currency, then advertising purpose. This is just something that Facebook wants to know. You don't have to change your anything. Then it is business name business, others that you can feel in business Country tax. I d. Number. This is something that you need to have for your Facebook invoices in case really need them and adds agency in case you're using someone else to help you with your ads. So this is how you set up your advertising account. Just feel in all the details and keep in mind that you can choose your time zone and you currency only once. So when you done but you're editing, just click on save right here, safe gingers. And that's how you do it. That's how you set up your account. 2. How to Open Ads Manager for the first time| 2021: In this video, I'm going to show you how to access your ads manager or simply how to start advertising on Facebook if you never did before. So first of all, you should have your personal profile. Yes, you should start with your personal profile. Now, when you are in your Facebook, if you already have experimented with Facebook ads, you will definitely have ads manager menu on your left. If you don't have this menu right here, maybe click on see more and check if you have ads manager menu somewhere here. If you still don't know what it is, you can easily enter it via plus sign on your right. In the right corner, click Create. And here you will have AD. So just click on ads. You will get this popup at first. If you've never advertised on Facebook before, you just need to close it and continue to your ads manager. This is your ads manager, brand new ads manager. This is the system where you're going to advertise your business. This is Facebook advertising system. So get familiar with this. And I'm going to show you how to manage your campaigns, how to create your campaigns in our next lesson, as well as how to setup your ads manager. If you're just starting. 3. Ads Manager Set up| 2021: Setting up your ads manager is actually very easy. All you need to do is just to fill in details of your business so that you will receive invoices from Facebook. Right now when you are in your ads manager, you need to go to business tools or menu. On your left, there are a few dots here. Just click on them. And you need to choose settings, Add Account Settings. So click on this. Here is our menu. If you set it up for the first time, if you need to choose your time zone, this is going to be the time zone of your advertising. So for example, if you go into, schedule your ads to run at nine AM and your local time here is Los Angeles. So they are going to start at nine AM. According to Los Angeles Time. Choose your currency. And then you're going to fill in all the other details, starting with business name, business address, business country, and so on. If you are an agency, you should say so if you are not just leave it as it is when you will finish filling in all the details of your business. Just click Save Changes and you are ready to advertise. You need to set this up properly in order to receive invoices from Facebook with your business name. Also, another useful thing that you can do here in this account setup. You can add people to manage your ads if needed, simply by clicking add people. And you can choose either they're going to be advertiser, admin, or analyst just to check your data and to tell you if everything is working fine. So you need to enter your friend's name or their email address. That way, you're going to add them to your ads manager. 4. Payment methode , account limmit: So let's take a look how you can at payment method to your advertising accountant fees. On our last video, we saw how we can actually set up your Facebook accounts and adds, All of your business details were change your parents. So from the same menu from the same screen, we will choose on our left category, um, that called payment settings. And that's where we can add our payment. Mental for Facebook. What do we have here? We have next Bill and we can change it. Right now, it seems this is your accounts and we have ads. Payment meant it by clicking on that. Those are the options that we're going to have. We can pay with our credit card. Facebook can accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express, or we can pay with PayPal. And for those who are very lucky of us, we can actually add Facebook open. It will have it. So while just choosing whatever matters that works for you, you feel in all the details and you click Continue. And that's how you will have an active payment method on Facebook. The next option that we have in thes menu is set up your account spending limit. So if you have just a certain amount of money that you would like to spend for your advertising it just click on set account spending limits and you type in your number for example, 100 set limits. And this is only me and our limit will be updated. Ian 50 minutes. It means that no matter how many campaigns Willie create and no matter what, can the budget really choose for those campaigns? If my a compliment for all those campaigns will reach that certain number, my campaigns will stop and would not until you're anymore, since I have overall limits on my account. In order to remove or change this limit, you will have to go to your settings to your payment settings, and by choosing your account elements, you can change it or cancel it whenever you like. 5. Manage roles on Facebook advertising Account: how to manage rolls on Facebook advertising the guns. Let me show you everything from the start when you looked into your personal facebook cones and you have been running some advertising on Facebook before. You will fund your advertising account right here. Go to the right. You will have an arrow right here and the right corner of your screen. Illegal. It's And the next thing that you will choose is managed. EDS And here you can choose your advertising account that you have been working with. Just click on your name and go in. I want to go back for seconds and talk about the case where you don't have your advertising account set up already. It means you didn't run any ads before on your Facebook. So in that case, you go to the same place to the same menu by clicking on the arrow at your right, but instead off choosing manage as because you won't have this option. You will choose, create it's and the truth, and that you will get toe the main menu where you can create your head from scratch. Okay, you to do is just to cancel it by choosing clothes right here on your left, and that's the screen that you will get this menu called, Adds Manager. This is where you manage your ads from. If you've been running your advertising before, you will get right away into your as manager menu. So from here, you have additional menu additional settings right here on your left corner. Just sleep here, click all the tools and choose settings on your right Inside the settings. You can set up your Facebook account if you're using it for the first time, but we're right now talking about other controls so you can add new people to your other account by clicking at people. You can add them as accounted me, an advertiser or on a list. You can add a new user by an email or by his or her name on Facebook. In order to do that, you need to be friends with that person on Facebook first and then tap in their name right here into this box and in order to save the tops and just click confirm and that's it. You have a new user on your Facebook accounts