How to Set & Achieve Weight Loss Goals Using the Flexi-Planner System - 4 Weeks to a New You!

Sandra Hess, Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer

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7 Videos (18m)
    • 1. Having the Best Mindset

    • 2. Weight Loss with Flexi Planner

    • 3. Let Flexi Planner Work for You

    • 4. Revisit, Revise and Regroup

    • 5. Adding New Motivational Pages

    • 6. Motivational Thoughts Going into Final Week

    • 7. Answers in all Your Whys and What’s Next


About This Class

Losing weight is a journey. Keeping the weight off is a lifestyle. This class takes a practical approach to weight loss using the Flexi-Planner System. Using your favorite blank notebook, you will create the motivation and tracking that will help you achieve those goals. You use your own choice of a diet and your own exercise plan. This class uses those to take you to the next level and keep you motivated and moving forward in your goals. The Flexi-Planner will be your vehicle to motivate, inspire and be your guide in a way that makes sense to you because YOU create it!

You probably know what to do, but lacking is often the motivation to actually DO what you need to do to lose weight. This class tackles that problem using the Flexi-Planner. 

Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 50 this class will help you get there as it motivates, encourages and inspires you to meet your own unique weight loss goals! 

I apologize for my raspy voice. I am getting over a cold. I was too excited to share this with you to wait another week. Let's get started today!


Basic Flexi-Planner Class  - Short and I recommend watching this class to get the full understanding of the Flexi-Planner -

My Favorite Notebooks:

Rhodia and Moleskin. But I have bought and used very inexpensive ones as well from the Dollar Store!


Happy Scale smooths out your daily scale weights so you can get insightful predictions about your weight loss rate, when you'll hit your goals. - a calorie tracker App and a website that syncs with all your devices.

Flexi-Deck FREE Download! 







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Sandra Hess

Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer

"Your 20 year old daughter MADE that card?" I asked my best friend. The card images and text were stamped and embellished with a well-placed rhinestone. A 3-D feel was created by layered focal points and a beautiful ribbon completed the look. She showed me several more cards that she received for her birthday and her recent wedding anniversary. I was in awe and felt so inspired as I saw card after card, each with its own unique charm! I couldn't wait to learn to hand craft my own cards!


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