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How to Sell on eBay - eBay Basics for Beginners

Braeden Parsons

How to Sell on eBay - eBay Basics for Beginners

Braeden Parsons

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About This Class

Do you want to make extra income while working from home by selling everyday used or new items on eBay? Trust me it's possible! This course and my unique strategies and templates can help you achieve this! You will learn how to make money from the comfort of your home and how to sell on eBay the right way! I will give you assignments, quizzes, and templates to ensure you're learning and to make eBay selling easy and enjoyable! Anyone can sell on eBay with a plan and I want to equip you with that plan! Let's keep things simple and grow in learning together. Enroll now for access instantly. :)


Successfully launch a product on eBay and turn what you're selling into a profit
Have confidence using the eBay Platform
Create Professional Looking Listings
Have goals and a plan for your eBay Journey
Know common eBay Jargon
Take Great Product pictures at a low cost
Recognize common Rookie Mistakes
Apply my "Standout" hacks
Apply my exclusive product checklist


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1. IMG 4704: eBay is one of the world's largest marketplaces and is available to anyone. But where do you start? My name is Brandon Parsons, and I'll be your instructor for this course in this course will go over the basics of selling on eBay and everything you need to know to get started. Selling on eBay is simple. If you have a plan, then this Khorasan equipped you with an easy to understand plan that's perfect for beginners. You will learn how to successfully launch your eBay business from the comfort of your home and learn how to take used or new items and turn them into profit using my tested strategies. Some topics that will cover in this course are what to sell on eBay, eBay jargon, working mistakes, equipment needed account creation, where to find products to sell, how to stand out and more. You'll get exclusive quizzes, tests assignments along the way to make sure you're learning the material and having fun while doing it. So what are you waiting for enrolled today and get access instantly 2. IMG 4719: in this lecture, we're gonna be going over the acronym for eBay that will help you succeed. No matter what. You sell these air. Basically, the golden rules of eBay First E stands for educate. You want to educate yourself about the eBay platform, which is what I'm gonna do in this course for you? You're gonna want toe be educated on the basics of eBay before you can sell anything. This is the starting point for successfully selling on eBay. Next is buyers first, Without buyers or eBay, business would be pointless. You want to make sure your buyers happiness comes before anything else, whether that's answering questions or letting them return an item for full refund. This will make your business look professional and leave your customers satisfied. Third is ambition. It takes ambition to grow in maintaining eBay business. It isn't a walk in the park, but with a plan which I will equipped you with. You will be on your way to eBay Success in no time. Last is your goal, as Tony Robbins has said, setting goals of the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. You have to have goals to keep you going? Start small and keep growing. It may be a goal you can have is to sell 10 things on eBay this month. Or it could be to get 100% 5 star reviews. Whatever it is, your goal should be giving you motivation to keep growing and getting better. What I want you to do before you move onto the next video is create five short term goals for your eBay business. Also, remember to check out the resource is for a gold planner. 3. IMG 1630: Let's begin by setting up your eBay account. If you already have any be account. Feel free to skip past this video. But if you don't have one, I'm going to start off with the laptop version and then I'm gonna move on to the IOS version. Okay? On your laptop. After you search in the search bar ebay dot com, it's gonna show up. This person, and that's to sign into your account, were register, and you want to click on that. Another place you might find it is in the top left corner above the eBay logo. Next, it's gonna bring us to the sign in page, and we don't want to sign it. So we're going to click the register button in the top right corner. The first option, and gives us is to have a personal account. Or we can click the business account, which I recommend doing. If you have a legal business name and you want to sell your products on eBay, we're going to start off setting up a personal account, which I recommend doing unless you have a business first put in your email and this should be an email that you can access. Then put a password that you can remember. Then put your first and last name and your mobile phone number, then register. No, if you do have a business, setting up a business account is easy but a little different. You want to put in your legal business name and then you're gonna put in your business email. I don't recommend putting in a personal email for this one and then a password that you can remember and your business phone number. Then click register at the bottom. No, we're gonna set up an I. O S E bay account, which is super easy, and I personally used the IOS eBay up all the time. When you open up the app and get into the home screen, you're gonna click the register button on the left. Then I will give you two options to use context or inter manually. You wanna click enter manually, and then everything's the same from here. You're gonna put in your email, and then you're gonna put in your password and first name, last name and your mobile phone number. Then click register. If you're having trouble thinking of a business name or you need a business logo. Here are some websites that I recommend for getting that done 4. IMG 4742: in this lecture, we're gonna go over nine common rookie mistakes that I have made or experience during my years on eBay. I don't want you making the same mistakes as me or other eBay sellers. And if you avoid these rookie mistakes, then you'll save yourself a lot of trouble down the road and possibly a lot of money that you could have lost. So get your notes ready and let's go over the top nine. Working mistakes that you shouldn't make. The first rookie mistake is not knowing and researching how much profit you'll make on a product. Many rookies go to garage sales, grabbed use items around their house, go to thrift stores and use Alibaba without checking if they're gonna lose money. Rather than make profit from the product, they find cell. Many rookies try to use what I call their price instinct to pick out products to resell, and this does not work. Many items you find to resell cost you way more of the store than you'll ever make for them on eBay, and it is worth a lot of money on eBay. Then there's a chance that it won't even sell very good let me give you an example about what I mean. A few years ago, I got a stamp collection from a family member that they wanted me to sell one of the stamps and the collection was listed at a price of $10,000. But when I checked completed listings of this stamp, I found that people were only buying it for around $1. You see, anyone can put a high price on a product, but not everyone can sell a product at the right price. So when you're shopping for products to resell or looking for items in your house to sell, you can use your value instinct. But don't stop there. You also need to do product research, which I'll teach you how to dio and use your product checklist, which I will provide you with by knowing how much you will make. And if the product is actually gonna sell at that price, then you can be confident when you're buying products and you won't waste your time and lose money. Next, you should always take inventory and make sure your quantity is up to date. Later, in this course, you will learn how to put a quantity on your listings so you don't have to make a bunch of duplicate listings that this pure after you sell it. And don't let your customers see the purchase. History and purchase history is a great thing for customers to see. These will give them more confidence buying from you by senior purchased history they might think, Wow, 500 people bought the specific item, so it must be a better deal than the others or something like that. But whatever they think, they'll still see you're selling items, and this might make them wanna buy your product more. So if you're quantity runs out, then your sales record disappears with it. This is just a heads up, and it doesn't mean you have to go out and buy a ton of units. Amount of units you want to buy and sell is totally up to you. But before you go and buy a ton of units, I would make sure your product is producing profit for you. And lastly, another reason why you should take inventory isn't did not make the mistake of your listing , saying you have five units in stock, but you really only have four available. Another mistake is not having packaging ready to be used. This is not the end of the world if you don't have packaging available for the items you have listed, but it does save you time. If you have the right packaging and it gives you the opportunity to ship right away, many rookies wait until they're item on eBay cells, and then they go out and buy a box or whatever they need for it. But like I said, this isn't the end of the world if you do this, but it makes it way easier in the long run. If you don't do this, I recommend having a variety of shipping stuff available to conveniently grab when you need it in your house. This is a great time saver if you plan on selling a lot, and it's also a good idea to go on by packaging stuff that you think you might need in cheap bulk sets. A newer thing that eBay is doing is letting you buy bulk packaging lots with their eBay logo on it. To use for your eBay shipments. Just search eBay shipping supplies in your eBay search bar and a variety of eBay branded shipping supplies will come up. They have even a branded boxes, Polly Nailers and even packaging tape. You can also order free USPS priority mail boxes or priority mail envelopes on the USPS store. Many rookies make the mistake of not giving customer feedback right away or not giving it at all for any eBay transaction of either selling or buying. You can leave feedback for each other by giving a rating and leaving a comment by giving a buyer feedback. Then it helps her eBay business's reputation, and they'll also be more likely to give you good feedback. If you are new to eBay, then you will likely have a rating of zero. You can easily get your rating up by buying products on eBay and having a great transaction with the seller by having good feedback your chances of selling a product or much higher, especially if you have a feedback of 100%. It is a really great thing to have a good reputation if you're a seller on eBay, here are some ideas of feedback you can give if you are giving feedback as a seller to a buyer and Of course, you don't have to use my examples. You can change him up all you want. The first thing you could say is great by our A plus plus experience. Another thing you could say is super fast payment. Thanks. You could also say Great buyer highly recommended. Also, if you want to give the buyer called the action Inter feedback, then you can say something like Come back any time or you could say I hope to have more transactions with you Suit. By doing this, the buyer might come back and buy from you in the future. And here are some feedback ideas. If you're giving feedback as a buyer to a seller, you could say something like product as described in fast shipping. Thanks for you could say Item has described good communication, fast shipping and smooth transaction. You could also say something like highly recommended seller and very good product. I hope these examples give you an idea of what feedback communication is like on eBay. Continuing printing out your shipping label through eBay is a great idea. This is much easier than shipping through the post office by printing a shipping label out through eBay. You not only saved time and gain convenience, but by doing it this way, you could take all the items you sold for the day and have them ready to ship, and you can ship them all out in one trip to the post office and drop them off. And, thankfully, eBay shipping labels automatically put all the shipping information you need on the label. And once the label is printed than even automatically puts in the tracking information for you, tracking information allows the buyer to see when their product was shipped, and it tracks it through its journey to their front door. The buyer will know exactly where the packages and when it arrives. Another cool thing about printing eBay shipping labels is that when you print it out, it marks the items shipped for you, so the buyer will be notified that their item has already shipped right when you print out the shipping label. So using eBay shipping labels is a great way to have all your shipments ready from your home. Moving on. Many rookies never check their messages in checking your messages on eBay's essential Having good customer service, I recommend checking your messages daily at least one or more times per day. This will keep your customers happy because, let's face it, nobody likes to be ignored. It's best to respond sooner than later. I recently got a message from one of my buyers on eBay that one of the items they bought from me got lost during shipment. Of course, once it is shipped, it's out of my hands. But I still take responsibility for it. So with no questions asked, I happily sent in them a replacement. And for the inconvenience. I also sent them a free bonus items. I would have had a very unhappy customer if I never read this message. And because scenarios like this can happen, it's very important to resolve things quickly and read eBay messages daily or the minute they're sent. Next, you should always double or even triple. Check anything you spell in your listings. If you're writing your description or title or anything in your listing that involves writing, then you should make sure everything is spelt correctly. A good idea that you could do is have somebody else check the spelling, and if the sentences makes sense for you, sometimes when I re read something that I wrote. I read a word that's not even written down because how I intended to write it. That might sound confusing, but we've all done it. So let me give you an example. An example might be I write this backpack for hiking, but I read it as this backpack is perfect for hiking. You see, the sentence that I originally wrote doesn't make any sense, but I read it as if it does make sense. My mind automatically puts the word is in the sentence, even though it's not written down. That's why it's important to have somebody else read what you wrote or read it slowly. Word for word for yourself to make sure you don't make any spelling mistakes. Something you can do is copy and paste what you wrote in your description or title to Google docks and use its spelling correction tool by taking a few seconds To do this, you can save yourself some embarrassment down the road and save your buyer some confusion down the road. Also, make sure anything that you write doesn't get auto corrected to a completely different word . This has happened to me many times, and I don't want it happen to you. Too many rookies think that if a product photo is on the Internet, then it is free to use. But this is not true. TV restricts using other people's pictures or copied text in your eBay listing without permission from the owner. EBay does, however, allow you to use images or text from the eBay product catalog in your listings. Also, the best way to keep another seller from using your photos. Or I should say stealing your photos is to use watermarks or other identifiers. If you see a listing that stole your image or text, it is a good idea to contact the listing creator and ask them if they will remove your image or text from their listing. If for some Audrey's and the person who stole your image or text is not willing to take it off their listing, then you can report them using eBay's Verified Rights owner program. It is best not get reported by this program, so I recommend not taking any photos or text without permission from the rights owner or the creator last. If you're leaving town or going on a trip. It is important not to leave your eBay business unattended. If an eBay customer buy something from you from your eBay store while you're gone or on vacation than the customer will likely be unsatisfied, and you could lose your reputation first. Before you leave, it is best to not have any auctions going on that could end, or if there is already an auction going on to make sure it will end it with plenty of time for your buyer to pay before you leave before you leave, you should make sure to put in your description when you will be able to ship items and also message any buyers and tell them when you will be able to ship items. But I think probably the best thing to do is have somebody else run your eBay business while you were gone. So those are my nine rookie mistakes, and there's probably thousands more you can make. So make sure to take this course so you don't miss out on any more mistakes. You could have made 5. IMG 4719: in this lesson, we're gonna talk about the absolute best items to sell on eBay. First is not restricted items. This is very important because this condensed Roy your eBay business. If you post something restricted, make sure to check on ebay dot com to see what they're prohibited and restricted items are second. You want to make sure your product is in working condition if you say it's in working condition. If it's not in working condition, then you must say it's for parts on Lee or indicate that it is not in working condition. Next, I recommend that the item is small. It doesn't have to be small, but it will make shipping and handling much, much easier on your part and less costly. Next is not fragile. The last thing you want is for your item to show up at a buyer's doorstep and be broken. You also want an item that's profitable. There's no use selling it if you're not making money for it. Another great thing for a product to be is popular. A rare this will make sure it sells quickly and most likely at a high price. Last something to look for in a product is that it has completed listings within one week. This is very important because it makes sure that it's selling. 6. IMG 4718: Now that you know what to sell and not sell on eBay, the next step is knowing where to find items to sell. The first place I would look is for stuff around your house that you don't want any more. Just selling a few used items will help you get a feel for eBay and will help grow your reviews. When looking around your house, make sure that you use the product checklist to see if it's worth selling. Another great place to find stuff is at garage sales. You confined really great deals and turn them into huge profit. I once bought to Apple keyboards for $5 sold them for 50. Also, many people are happy to negotiate prices. Goodwill is another idea. They almost always have good prices, and many people find rare collectibles, brand name items and high demand electron ICS. This place is definitely worth checking out. Next on the list. Er, thrift stores just like goodwill. You never know what you're gonna find there, but you can almost always find something that will sell for five times more on eBay. Last on my list is Allie expressed. This site is great for cheap new items from suppliers. Now, I know there are probably many ways to find products to sell on eBay, but feel free experimenting and see what you like best. 7. IMG 4717: in this lecture, we're gonna go over equipment. Level up your eBay quality. First thing you'll definitely need is a camera. You have to have original photos. Unused eBay items out honestly, just use whatever you have lying around the house. You don't need big, expensive cameras or lenses for eBay. If you already have an expensive camera, then feel free to use it. But honestly, I currently amusing an iPhone to take pictures. Lighting is next on my list and is very important. Lighting makes your item more visible in your photo. More professional. Usually I don't use artificial light. When taking pictures, I find that natural lighting usually works best. You can also get studio lights for cheap on amazon dot com. When setting up your lighting, make sure the light evenly hits the product and that there's no glare on your item. Also, there should be no shadows covering your item. Here's an example of natural light and artificial light. Compared as you can see on the left, it looks way more professional than the one on the right, and I did take out the background on the one on the left and I'll show you how you can do that with simple IOS phone APs. Here's another example on the one on the left. Doesn't have an overpowering glare, actually makes the product more visible, and it's a totally okay that there's a hand in it. But the one on the right has an imp noxious glare, and it's too dark to really see the product. Here's another perfect example of what you do not want your picture to look like. So there's an air appoint pointing to a glare, and you don't want glares on it unless it's actually beneficial and it makes it more visible. And then there's another arrow where there's items in the background and there should never , ever be items in the background. Unless you're selling it with the item that you're currently listing and it's also blurry. It's tough to see any of the writing. Another thing that can really up your eBay game is a white backdrop for a light box. Of course, you can go and buy these things, but I recommend making him yourself for a cheaper option. One way to do this is to use a white sheet or a white poster paper and hang it on the wall and curve it to the ground. You also want to make sure the paper cloth you are using is not wrinkle the reflected for best results. You want it to look smooth and even another thing you can do is make or buy a light box. Here's a picture of the homemade lightbox I am made, and it literally only took about 20 minutes, and I use it all the time. So after you take a picture of your product on a background, it's super easy to replace the background with, Ah, flat color. And I usually use superimposed for this. But you can also use Photoshopped mix, superimposed costs money and Photoshopped mixes free. I also recommend a tripod, but it isn't necessary when taking fotos. One minor movement can ruin the entire picture. Cameras are often hard to keep steady, and with the tripod, you can study your camera to create sharper looking images. Not only does it help study the camera, but it also helps you get the framing right 8. IMG 4721: adding value is a crucial step to standing out by adding value and giving or providing something that your competitors don't provide, Then it will be a clear choice to your customer if they will pick your product or your competitors by adding value, you're not only likely to sell more, but you will also gain your customer satisfaction, and your eBay reviews will go up. This isn't guaranteed, but it is very possible by knowing how to make your listing have more value than your competitors and how to make it stand out like a pro. You will then have a clear advantage over all the same product listings. This brings us to the question of how are we gonna add value with hundreds or even thousands of listings of the same product on eBay? How do we make our is more valuable than the other listings? This is a question with many answers and is quite simple to do. No. Before I tell you the ways I add value to products, I want to make it clear that these ways are for most products, is not just for valuable or rare products that are hard to find. These tips for adding value could be applied to almost any eBay product that you plan to sell. First, you can add value by adding a bonus item. This bonus items should be related to the original product for sale or be in the same niche . By bundling products. Together, you can increase the price of the original listing. Or, if you're still making good profit, then you can price it the same as your competitors without the bundled item so you can have the bundled item, which your competitors don't already have in their listing and price it the exact same. By doing this, you're listing will clearly be a better value to your customers than your competitors Listing. The item that you're bundling shouldn't be big and expensive, because if it is, you'll probably steer away customers rather than drawing them into your listing. For example, if you're selling sunglasses that include a case for them or if you're selling painting brushes than at a small canvas for the painter, this method works with a lot of products, but not all of them. The next four tips will work with any product, so if this method doesn't work for you, then the next tips will be a great option. Second is respond quick. If you have a potential customer who's asking the question, then you're more likely to make the sale if you respond while they're still interested. This shows that you value your customer, and by doing this, you're customer will be more likely to value you and your eBay business. When you respond to their question, always be friendly, even if the customer is not. If you don't know the answer to the questions, then try to find the answers from the supplier or on the Internet. If you still can't find the answer to their question, then honestly tell them this or recommend them to a resource that could answer the question for them. This doesn't only apply for your questions, but also eBay offers that are sent to you and giving feedback. When somebody buys from you, always try to respond as quick as possible. Next. It's always valuable to make your listing. Have free shipping. If you do free shipping, make sure you can still make a profit from your item that you're selling. You can do this by using a shipping cost calculator through the UPS website or the U. S P s website. You can also try getting the fast and free logo on your listing. And by doing this, eBay claims that you can boost your sales by up to 11%. That's a lot. So how do you get the fast and free logo on your listing? It's most likely to appear when you offer free shipping. You have same day or one day handling specific on your listing you and your buyer living the United States using standard or expedited shipping, and is a high possibility that your product will get to the customer's doorstep within four business days or less. This is a great way to stand out and add value to your customer because they know that they will get their product in a short amount of time. My next recommendation is to ship your item as soon as possible. Now I realize sometimes this is not possible for some people with very busy schedules. In these cases, I recommend putting in the description when you are going to be able to ship their item in all caps. I also recommend messaging the buyer when they buy your product and reminding them when you are going to ship their item. If you don't have a super busy schedule, then I recommend shipping the product the same day the buyer paid. Or the next day. You can also print out the shipping label through eBay, and it automatically puts in the tracking information for your buyer. I personally always print my labels through eBay, and then they're ready for me to put on the package inconveniently ship with the other items I sold. Also, I suggest having a set time for shipping. So if you sell multiple items, you don't have to keep running to the post office, but instead take one trip every day or so. Lastly, having a money back guarantee is a big way to add value to your listing. By doing this, you're customer will have a worry free experience and will probably be less likely to hesitate before buying your product. Buyers can use the money back guarantee when the item they bought from you never gets received or when the item they bought doesn't match the description. New rope the's air. Two great reasons for the buyer to get a refund, which makes a money back guarantee a great deal for a buyer, and because of these two reasons, it's very important to write an accurate description and ship your item quickly. So the money back guarantee is a great deal for the buyer. But is it a great deal for the seller? Simply put, yes, it is. This guarantee is a way to create for us with your customers, stand out from your competitors and enhance your customer service. So, in my opinion, offering the money back guarantee is really a win win for both you and your customers. 9. Basic Listing Creation (Part 1) from swf to mov hd 1080p: So I'm on eBay, and then this lecture, we're gonna talk about listing your items so you have to be signed into list any sort of items. So I'm gonna click cell while I'm signed in. Wait for this load. Okay, Sorry. That was kind of a jump cut their, but it did bring me to my sellers hub. And then once you're there, you can click, create, listing, and you want to create a single listing. And then once you're here, you want to tell them what you're selling. So this is where you put your title? Basically. So where you guys? I pre made my title, and I did keyword research and stuff like that. But this is the title. I have it in a little box. So I'm gonna control, and I'm gonna copy it. And then let's go back to eBay. There we go. And then I'm gonna haste it here and get started. Uh, there you go. It's loading hurting. So my goal here is to help you guys make it. Uh, excuse me. Create a free listing, so I don't want this cost you any money, So that's gonna be what I'm gonna do. and as you can see here, this will cost 50 cents. So I'm not gonna create a subtitle or I'm not gonna bold let title or anything like that. Okay, for the S k U, which is Stop, stop keeping new. Excuse me, We're not gonna put that in because we're not going to need it here. But stock keeping unit is basically a unique identifier code for the product and for this particular product, we don't need that. So we're not gonna put it in. And for most products, I usually don't put it in or don't need it. And as you can see, it's not required because it doesn't have a red Star next to it. So the title is required category is required, which we're gonna move on that and for category, I'm gonna click sporting goods, fitness running and yoga. His I That's what my massage ball is gonna be more geared towards is the fitness area and not the health and beauty. It actually has nothing to do with health and beauty. So that's why it's important to check. So there you are. That's my category selected, and I'm not gonna do a second category There's no need for that now. It's gonna be asking for a UTC or universal product code, and this is required. But don't Don't get too nervous if you don't have it because we can click does not apply. And that's what I'm gonna do right here. So condition and I'm gonna click new because the item that I'm selling is in brand new condition, but your item is used. You can click that or new Other. That means you can put, um, put any specifics in the details or or anything like that and, uh, specify anything that would keep it from being completely new. Um, Now add some photos, add photos, pictures and this one and this one We're gonna have to open one at a time and let it load. There we go. That's gonna be my main photo. And then I'm gonna add another photo. Oh, I don't think I have the right size on there one second, so I might have to do a different photo. I didn't realize that I had the wrong demon dimensions, but let me try this trick cropping that works. Let me go and redo the photo really quick. Sorry, about that. Okay, here's a little jump cut. But I added the photos. So he was with photos for my, uh, listing. As you can see, their high quality, the lighting's great. And, uh, I did put a, uh, a very white background on there. I photoshopped that in there. Which you can do that especially especially on, uh, new items. Excuse me. This just makes him look way cleaner and way more crisp and, um, easier to see. I just I just love adding a white background on, and once you have the photo on, you can edit it by adjusting maybe the lighting or contrast, or anything like that you can play around with and use eBay's editing tool. 10. Listing creation part 2 001 from swf to mov hd 1080p: Okay, let's continue our listing here. Um, and you can add display a large photo in search results, but that cost 35 cents. So we're not going to do that, that in this listing, and if we go down here, well, we can put in our items specifics. So the first thing asks us to put in is our brand, and this is unbranded. So that's what we're gonna put in. And then it asks to put in the MP end, which the MP n basically means manufacturers. Part number, which are listing does not include So we're gonna say does not apply, then model. It is not a specific model and activity it goes with. I'm gonna just keep it broad at fitness. Um, Now the type is and to your own, um, I'm going to just leave that blank. Honestly, I'm just gonna skip analyst. India's ours is not that and country region of men manufacturer. I'm not gonna put that. And either these are all just preferred things. And the only thing you have to fill out really is the ones marked with the Red Star, which all of these do not have a red star so that it's just extra information. If you feel like adding it now, it's time for our description, and I'm not going to do in html one, which, if you know HTML feel Frida, make your listing description look like a website. But that's not what I'm gonna do. I'm just gonna make it look normal. And I haven't already written my description. So I'm gonna go ahead, go to my girl docks and copy and paste this, uh, control. See, let's copy and paste that, and you can pause your video and feel free to read what I did for my description. Um, and up here you can bold anything you want. Let's say I want a bold that. And if I'm making listings like this, I can bullet point it, or I can, um, make it Ah, letter. I'm excuse me, numbers like 123 But I'm gonna keep a bullet points because I think that looks sharper. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that to all this. All these different points I have about it and your description does not have to be this long. I just wanted to get as much keywords in detail. as I can in there. There we go. So that's my description. I'll scroll down slowly so you can pause the video and read it if you want to. So that's that. Now, perform at We can either do auction, which is where people bid for it. And you do not get paid until the auction ends. And, um, you have no idea way. Ah, it's gonna sell for So it's a little more risky, but you could sell it for more than you want. Um, but I'm gonna do fix price. And so I know how much I'm gonna make. I know how much profit I'm gonna make and if I want to. If I have multiple in stock for this item because it's new so I can put multiple in stock, then I could just have one listing instead of making a ton of different listings. So that's why I'm sticking with fixed price. And I am gonna make it hopes that means right, click good til cancelled. That means the listing keeps going and it never ends until I tell it. Toe end. I come in here and edit it, or you could do all these different options. Three days, five days, seventies, 10 days and 30 days. But I'm gonna stick with good pill cancer if you want to. You can schedule when you're listing is up. But I'm gonna just start my listing when I submit, uh, in when I am done making it right now and for my price, I'm gonna put it at around. Uh, let's do, uh this is why I haven't researched price very much. So this is just gonna be a random price. Let's do like, uh, let's do, like, $8. And if you want toe put sense in there or whatever, then you can do that. But I'm just gonna leave that $8. And then if you want, you can accept best offers, which that means if people don't like the price that you're setting it at with your buy it now, price or B i n. Price, Then the customer can send you an offer for a lower price or if they're buying multiple quantities than, um, buy it for a lower price. But Mork wannabe So this is a great thing to do, and I always put on best offer 11. Basic LISTING Creation 3 from swf to mov hd 1080p: So after we put in the buy it now, Price weaken Dio best offer and what a best offer is is it lets customers give you an offer . So if they think you're buy it now, price is too high, they'll give you a lower offer. And I love doing this because, uh, they can also give you an offer if they're gonna buy a multiple quantity of it. So if they're gonna buy, like, uh, five items, then they want to buy him at $7.8 dollars. I still think that's a great deal, because then they're getting like, a wholesale deal from me, and I'm still making profit from it. And I'm selling more product. So I think that's a great option of you is best offer, and then right underneath that you can kind of automate it. You can automatically accept offers of at least let's say, a certain, um, price and then automatically decline offers lower than a certain price. So if you have a set price that you want to decline offers that you can put the price in here, and if you have, um, and any offers that are, uh higher than a certain price. It automatically accept them for you right there. Then you can put in 1/4. Let's say I have 10 available. Or if I put 11 and then on the listing, it will say I am more than 10 available. Um, and I'm not going to sell it as a lot. I'm not gonna make it a private listing either. I want people don't see my account while, uh, buying for it. And then right here. This is really cool. You can make a donation. I'm gonna click that, and you can make a donation of 10% up to 100%. Let's leave it. Do you like that? And then you can cues, Uh, any non profit charity that you love. So if you click here, then you can search different charities, which is really cool. Uh, then you can choose your payment method, which is I would choose PayPal. But you can choose a bunch of other options right here, like cover American Express, all that kind of stuff, and then additional check out instructions. You can add any information you want for additional instructions for your buyer. And then right here you can add sales tax, which I never do. It's not required because it doesn't have the red store. Um, you can also apply handling cough if you want. Uh, if your item is hard to handle or whatever, then you can click this button right here and apply it. Return options. I always accept returns, so I usually do it within 14 days. And like this is, you can do money back or replacement money back or exchange. But I usually just keep it at money back and the buyer piece for shipping. You can also pay for shipping, but I usually have to buy your do. And then you can add additional return policy details right here. If you have any, um, you charge just restocking. No, I do not. And then if you don't want toe accept returns, you can go here and click. No returns accepted. And then down here is the shipping details. And you can add, um, what kind of shipping you're gonna do, like flat or calculator or great shifting, which is large items over £150. And I'm gonna keep it calculated. And I'm gonna do free shipping because I usually always put free shipping these. It helps your, um listing stand out. Compared to the other one, you can offer a local pick up if you want and handling time. You can have up to 30 business days, but I'm gonna keep it at two business days and handling costs. I never put a handling cost when I make a listing, but feel free to do that if you want to. And here is some extra shipping information that you can add in like international shipping . If you want to do that and you can check this or uncheck it and I am not going down here, you want a all your package weight and dimensions. Make sure you're as accurate as possible, so get out your, um, your scale and weigh your package and measure it with a measuring tape or whatever you have to do and make this, uh, as accurate as possible. And make sure to specify if you're using a large envelope, a package or thick envelope or a large package. And there you go. Once you filled out all the required sections, then you can list your item, and I want to be able to elicit because I left some of them Blake, like my payment options. But once you fill out all of that, then you can list your item and before so you can preview your listing to to make sure it's how you want it to look or you can save and continue later.