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How to Sell Physical Products The Easy Way Using a Print on Demand Company

teacher avatar Shelley Hitz, Watercolor and Lettering Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Intro Video

    • 2. Supplies Overview

    • 3. Why Use Print on Demand

    • 4. Print on Demand Companies and My Top Choice

    • 5. Setting Up Your Account

    • 6. Creating Your First Product: A Mug!

    • 7. T-shirts and Other Products

    • 8. Setting Up Your Store

    • 9. Getting Paid

    • 10. Advanced Settings

    • 11. Share Your Product With Us

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About This Class


Would you like to diversify your income by selling your designs on mugs, t-shirts and more without having the hassle of inventory, shipping, and sales tax?

In this class, I will walk you step-by-step through the process of selling your designs on physical products. I share with you one of my favorite print on demand companies and why I chose them, but I will give you other options to research as well.

This is a great way to develop products for your business. Click enroll and let's get started.

Before You Begin:

Coloring book design: You will need a hand drawn design to digitize. You can take my class, “Easy Coloring Book Design” for a step-by-step training on how to create your own design the easy way:

Digitize your design: Before you can sell your design on products, you need to convert it to a vector image. Learn how to do this in my class, “How to Digitize a Hand Drawn Design” here:

If you want to know when I release new classes, make sure to click the "follow" button on my profile here:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shelley Hitz

Watercolor and Lettering Artist


Ready to learn the art of lettering and watercolor, the easy way? I know what it's like to be a beginner. And I know what it's like to battle the inner critic. The fear, self-doubt, and comparison.

But, I have learned to embrace the artist in me and have re-discovered the joy of creating art.

Art can help you:

Relax and have fun. It's been an amazing form of self-care for me. Discover the power of color. Creating art can bring you so much joy. Create beautiful pieces you can display in your home or give as gifts. And so much more!

I'm passionate about teaching others and love seeing each of you have the courage to embrace your creativity and choose to create art.

In my classes, I will take you step-by-step through the learning process and cheer you on in this... See full profile

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1. Intro Video: Would you like to diversify your income by selling your designs on mugs, T shirts and mawr without having the hassle of inventory and shipping and sales tax? Hi, my name is Shelly Heads, and I'm an author and illustrator. And in this training, I'm going to walk you step by step through the process of getting your designs for sale on products I'm going to share with you my current favorite print on demand company and why I chose them the benefits to using that company. But I'm also going to give you many different options that you can research and go through yourself as well. When I was launching my Broken Kranz still color book, I wantedto launch products along with the book. However, I looked into it and I didn't wanna have to go through the hassle of dealing with sales tax by selling physical products myself. My accountant told me it can be done. It's just gonna be a process. So I decided to look for print on demand companies, and I found a company that I love. So I'm going to share with you step by step, how you can get started selling mugs selling T shirts, and they even sell my very favorite type of mug a magic money. Believe me, I've searched all over the Internet, where some place that would sell this print on demand and I finally found a place. Magic mugs are so cool. Let me show you how it works with a magic mug. It changes color, and it reveals your design after you add hot water to the mug. This is a great fun gift that you can give a customized gift. You could even just create a design to give away as a gift of family and friends. But it's a great way to develop a brand for your business, for your books and so much more so I would love to help you diversify your income by showing you how to sell your design on products. Click and roll and let's get started. 2. Supplies Overview: in this video, I'm going to cover the supplies that you'll need for this class. Basically, all you need is your design in a vector format. So in my previous classes easy coloring book page design, I walked you through the steps of creating your own hand drawn design and then in my class , how to digitize your design. I take you through the steps of scanning, cleaning it up and vector rising your image. So now it's ready to be uploaded to print on demand sites to sell on products. So once you have your factor image, you're ready to go. Let's get started. 3. Why Use Print on Demand: So why print on demand? Well, as I was sharing with you in the introduction video, when I was publishing my book Broken Kranz still color. I was looking for places toe publish and sell products with my designs on them. I was researching. And so I decided to contact my accountant and asked him about selling physical products and what that would mean for taxes. Now, I am a business entity. My husband I have formed an LLC, and so your situation is different than my situation. You may be a sole proprietor and I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not giving legal advice. But what my accountant told me is that it is possible to set up the sales tax thing for selling physical products throughout the United States and other countries. But it's just gonna take a lot of work. And I just didn't really want to have to pay him to set a bunch of stuff up or deal with a bunch of extra work when I didn't even know if these products we're gonna sell very well. So if you have ah, hot selling product and you know it's gonna sell well and you want to just dive in, then go for it. But this classes specifically about print on demand companies most proud of me and companies will deal with the sales tax for you, so they will collect the payment so they will deal with all of the customer service stuff. They will deal with returns. They will deal with shipping it out. You don't have to have any inventory. You don't have to stash boxes and packing materials. And you don't have to be wondering, like if an order is going to come in when you're on vacation and how you're gonna fulfill that order. It's done for you. And so that's the thing I love about. For on demand companies, it takes a lot of pressure off in. Sure, I could probably make more money if I found a company and sourced a product and had it printed and figured all that out myself. And I may do that down the road. I may go ahead and figure out how to do sales tax so I can sell physical products from my Etsy store, but at this point, I've decided to just keep it simple. Use print on demand companies for my products and then use digital downloads in my Etsy store. It's a great way to get started without a ton of work without a ton of expense. And it also helps you to diversify your income with something you've already created. So you have this design. You've already created it for me. It was my coloring book designs. I'd already created them for my book. Why not repurpose them and use them in other ways? Print on demand was exactly what I was looking for. And I'm excited to share this process with you. 4. Print on Demand Companies and My Top Choice: in this video, I'm gonna talk to you about the different print on demand company options you have in my top choice. Now, I will tell you there are companies popping up all the time left and right that do this type of thing. You can do your research and see if there's a company that works better for you. But I did a ton of research and I'm just going to share what I found. So my top choice at this point is gear bubble and you can find all the links to these print on demand companies in your class. Resource is pdf So one of the things I really love about gear bubble is that you can request a payment right away. You don't have to wait for a certain amount of sales. So even if you just sell one mug, you can request payment and voila, you've made money, and that's something I really liked. But also gear bubble was the Onley print on Demand Company that I found that sells magic mugs. Magic mugs are really important to me because I have used a magic mug in my speaking engagements. Has an illustration for years I mean years and years, maybe even 10 years. I can't remember exactly how long, but it's something I used a lot as an illustration, and so I wanted to be able to have my designs printed on a magic month. So gear bubble works great for me, and I'm gonna actually be walking you through the steps of setting up your account and setting up your products on gear bubble. In this training, however, I wanted to mention a couple other places that you may want to look into. Canvas is a place that I use for T shirts. Now, looking back, I probably would change it and use gear bubble instead. But Canvas is a company that sells a lot of Christian based T shirts. I have a faith based audience. They really understood the process. They gave me a lot of one on one attention and coaching, and so I decided to go with them. But the downfall to canvas is that you have to wait until you have $100 in profits until you get paid. So right now I have sold T shirts and I have money in there waiting, but I can't access it because and I haven't reached their minimum. Now that the owner of the company is great and I love them, they're so helpful. But he told me, You know, if if I really needed it, just Teoh email him and he could He could send me a payment, but that was that was the downfall with canvas. I really liked them, though, for T shirts and then also, that is where I had my stickers. So when you set up a T shirt or a hoody or something like that on canvas, there's an up sell and the person ordering can also by the stickers. So that was really fun. In the past, I've also used dazzled, and I have had it an entire store, four items based around the book and ministry I had for teen girls, and it worked really well, really. Hands off, they have all sorts of things button stickers, and they have a lot of a variety of products. However, we did T shirts with them previously, and I was not impressed with the quality. So whatever company you go with for T shirts, I recommend selling the premium quality T shirts, not the cheapest T shirts because you'll probably get what you pay for. So you want to make sure that your T shirts, air quality and something that someone's gonna wear for a long time. And so that's something to keep in mind. If you go with sass Ill Kathy presses another one that's been around a long time. I think years ago I had products on there. I don't think I really made much money from their or sold much from there, because then I really got into Zazzle. So Cafe press is another one toe look for and to check out. And then, if you already have a system set in place to take care of the sales tax issues you can actually use print full and they will ship out your items. You can connect it with your different Shopify stores or Amazon and different things, so it's a more advanced feature. But if you're in that place, you're a designer and you're in that place where you already ship out physical goods. You know how to take care of the sales tax requirements for your country, then print full is definitely something toe look into. They also connect with Gum Road, and I actually had thought about using them at first when I was wanting to sell physical products. But again, I didn't wanna have to go through all the hoops of setting up the requirements for for documenting and keeping track of sales tax here in the US So that is another really great option. And it's I love it that it connects to your stores like Shopify Gum Road, Amazon, those types of types of things so that you can really have your own branding. And so that's a great option toe look at as well. But in this training, I'm gonna take you through how to get started on gear, bubble selling mugs and T shirts, hoodies and more. They have many different products, and even in the short time I've been using them, I have noticed that their platform is changing and they're growing and adding more features , and so I'm sure that they will continue toe, add more in the future 5. Setting Up Your Account: before you set up your account on gear bubble, you may have a few questions, and so I just want to go through some of their frequently asked questions on their website . And the first is, Does it cost anything to launch a campaign? No. And that's one of the things I love about this. There are no up front cost. You don't have to have any inventory. You don't have to put a bunch of money into products that you don't know if they're going to sell yet or not. And here they say, we'll handle the customer support, production and distribution. Your main job is to market your gear and keep the profits, and I will love that. Says, do you have to be in the United States to launch a campaign? No. So you can be international, which is awesome. What file types can I use? They accept E, P, S, P, N, G, J, Peg and Jeff, and you can always contact their design team with any questions. They also offer help in adjusting your design. If you need help on that, what types of items are available? They have mugs, T shirts, phone cases, sweatshirts, hoodies, and they're updating more. I'll show you more in another video what they currently have available. This is How does gear ball will make money? Well, they earn a flat fee for each item you sell, and so there are no hidden cost, no extra fees, and they do not take a percentage of your profit margin. Which is awesome is when can I withdraw? My profit says once your campaign ends and I'm gonna show you in the next video how to set up a product. And you can pretty much set up a campaign campaign to end daily, which I like, because then you get your profits faster and it's just it's just a better overall system to set up. But once your campaign ends, you just go to the get paid top, and you can ask for a payout. Depending on a few factors, you'll paid in up to 14 business days and most times much sooner. I've personally used pay. Powell and I usually get paid within a few days, and they're linked to contact them. Is there? What about taxes? You are required to fill out a 10 99 form and you know if you earn more than $600 in profits. So says who handles customer service they do. This is we offer fast email service and phone sort of support. All you have to do is design your product and market it. We take care of all the customer service free. So I just want to go over a few of those because it's just really ah, great feeling to know that they're gonna handle everything for you and that all you have to do is have your design and then market it. You know some people to purchase that design, and they take care of everything else. Now let's get into setting up your account and getting everything set up for your first product. So now that I shared with you why I print on demand and the present a man company I've chosen, let's get started so you can just go to Shelly hits dot com board slash gear bubble to get started. The link is in your class, resource is, and then you're just going to click on here. Get started now, and you're gonna fill in all this information. I'm gonna go ahead and create a new account so I can walk you through the steps. I'm just gonna go ahead and fill this out, and then I will meet you back on the next screen. So what it will show you is it will say a message with the confirmation link has been sent to your email address. Please follow the link to activate your account, so you'll just need to check your email address and activate your account to go on to the next step. So once you click the confirmation link in the email that you get, you'll be redirected to this sign in page. It says your email address has been six successfully confirmed, and then you'll log in. So what, you log in, you'll see this screen. Now I want to give you a disclaimer. That gear bubble is changing their formats and adding new features, so their dashboard and the way this looks may change in the future. But the basic process of signing up and getting your products started will be the same. And so I just want to let you know that things may change in the future if you're watching this training later. But the basics of it will be the same. So there's just a little introduction thing there, and we're pretty much you have your account. So what you want to do first is you want to come over and go to the settings tab. So you click on your name, you go to the settings tab. So the my profile tab is gonna be what you've already set up your personal information. So go ahead and click on notifications. And I personally don't need the notifications of when a campaign has been launched. An ended the wake your bubble works is they will continuously relaunch your campaign for you. And so it'll just be overwhelming with all of the notifications you get. I like to know when I've had a sale, and it's also nice sometimes to to receive the daily or we and weekly sales reports. But this is completely up to you how you want to receive your notifications at the very minimum. I'd say, you know, get a notification when you've received a sale, because then you'll know when you can request a payout and when you can get paid. But you can check out the notifications here. So the payout settings is very important. If you want to get paid, you have to fill this out, and what you're gonna want to do is put in your E i N or Social Security number. This is just so they can track it for sales purposes if you're in the United States, so if your business you'll have any I M. And otherwise you'll have your Social Security number. And then, if you want, you can get paid through PayPal, and you can just put your papal address in here email address. And that's the way I've been getting paid. But you can also get paid through your bank account. Personally, I have chosen PayPal, and what I find is, once I request a payment, I get paid very quickly. And so if you have a PayPal account and that's how you want to get paid, that's great. Otherwise, put in your bank information and they say on their site, you will be paid within 14 days with paper how I normally find that they pay me within a few days, so payment may be faster through PayPal, but really it just whatever you want to use tracking pixels. This is an advanced feature that I'm really not using right now. But if you use any tracking pixels, you can put those there leads. You can actually add your customers to an email list, and they have some different terms that you agree to and you can just click on. I agree, and then you can connect a Weber get response, male trump or constant contact. I do have a get response account, and I have been adding my customers to a specific list and get response, and that's a list I can follow up with. This is a very, very powerful list because this list is a buyer's list. So if you do have one of these email Cos I recommend setting that up, even if you don't, you can set up mail chimp for free for up to 2000 people, which it's gonna take you a lot of sales to get to that. So you could set up a free account with male chimp and at least use it for, you know, just for your customers and then default settings. You can create some default settings. I don't think I've done anything in this area. Um, yeah, I haven't really used this area. So that's a more advanced feature that I'm not really gonna worry about covering in this training. But basically, once you have all of that set up, you have your basic account ready to go. You can start by setting up your first product, so let's go ahead and set up your first product in the next video. 6. Creating Your First Product: A Mug!: Now comes the exciting part. Now it's time to set up your first product. I recommend starting with a mug. I think a mug is something any of you can sell. You can sell your design on mugs so easily, and it's something so many people actually need because they're drinking their coffee or their tea every day. So I'm gonna show you how to set up a mug campaign. Now there are several different options. When you launch your campaign, you just choose traditional. That's the easiest way to get started. Couple is where you can Group two of your products together. I haven't used club. I'm not really sure what that is. And then the store function. You can't use that until you have at least three products created, so just click traditional and you'll get started that way. Now here's where you'll see what type of products that they offer. I have used the coffee months, the necklaces and the bracelets. So far, I probably will use their shirt hoody feature in the future 11 thing I do recommend is if you do have shirts created on any site, is to always order a sample first of all, you could be a walking billboard for your design, but second of all, you get to see the quality firsthand yourself. I've had problems in the past with quality issues with Zazzle for T shirts, and so it's just better to make sure your head you have a quality product. But let's start with the coffee mug and just click on that icon and then you'll click on the green next stop. And this is something that I did not realize that first, you can choose from four different options so they have a love announce mug 15 ounce mug, a love announced metallic mug. You can see it comes in pink, gold and silver. I think that's pretty cool. I don't know exactly how it would work as faras. You know what it would look like? I would have to order them, but I love the shiny stuffs. But then this is my favorite, and I did not realize that first they had this option until I saw it later. From the drop down menu, they have a color changing mug, which is your magic mug. And so when it goes from colds a hot or from hot, cold hot. It reveals your design. So, depending on what type of mug you want to do, it's good to start with the just the 11 ounce mug. You can add the 15 out smug to it right there, too, and I didn't realize that in the beginning as well. One thing to note, at least at the time of recording this training. They don't allow you to come back in and edit these things later. You actually have to create a new product to to change it. So it's good to know these things in the beginning, because I did not know this, and then I had to create several different products in order to get what I wanted. But what this does is adding, the other style on here is they can choose from one listing. They can choose either the love announce or the 15 ounce. So I recommend doing that. Why not? Because they they'll get two different options Now. It does say metallic and color changing mugs must be launched on their own campaign. You can also do black, if you like a black mug and then you have like a white design or something that you can put on that way. I tend to just do the the white. But there is that now, once you do that, you do the base cost. And for mugs, I think 11. 95 or 9 95 even. I think I had mine price at 9 95 But 11 95 you still get $7 profit, which to me is really good. And let's say you did 9 95 You still get $5 profit, which is still good profit to me. You get $5 for every mug, and then it's less than $10 plus shipping for your people. So whatever it when you can put whatever price on here, if you have a really nice design and you want to charge 14 95 then you're making $10 profit . If you want to charge 1995 I mean, that's up to you. Whatever you want to charge on here, you can do so let's say it's 11 95. Okay, so you're just click the blue upload design, but in, and it gives you the information here. You might have a maximum file size five megabytes and file types. They want it to be PNG, and the backgrounds must be transparent, and they give you the sizes they need. So you just click upload graphic, and then you will find your vector eyes graphic. And what it needs to be is it does need to be PNG for this to upload. So I have mine here, and I have the correct size that I need here for the mug. So I just click on that and it will start processing and uploading my design. So what you can do is you can actually move this around anywhere you want on here. You can say snap to center. And then this little box in the bottom is where you can make it bigger. So I kind of like to make it bigger just so it's easily, you know, to be able to be read. And again, I chose to have it on the front and the back. Then you just click next up. And here's where you have your campaign title. So I would probably just say Brooke Moran still color mug, and then you can write in extra description in here in your class. Resource is I will include the text that I've used in my descriptions, and you can feel free to use those as templates and then, you know, just make it your own your categories so you can choose if there's a certain category minus faith, and then you can put in tags. This is optional, so I probably put in some tags here, like broken crams. Still color Christian Christian Love. You can just add a few tags in there, whatever you want. And so this is where the campaign length comes on, and it says Times are in Eastern Time Zone. If you need campaigns to be more than seven days, you can turn on the auto relaunch feature in your advanced settings. So what I usually do is mine is just typically for one day that way, and it continues, and I have it down here as evergreen. So that way, the evergreen just means that it will continue to relaunch every day, and I don't have to do anything its automated, so it's always available, but it looks like you know it's there having it. I'm having a sale for 24 hours or whatever, but it's just the way that this particular system works. So I'm just going to broken crayons. Demo. It's gonna make this a demo, and you're gonna set the selling price. But in text by it now you can set the back. Is the default side Teoh to show if you want, you can look at their terms of service. Basically, you're just confirming that the images, slogans and content do not infringe upon the rights of any third party person and click launch campaign. So it pretty much is just a few clicks, and you now have a product online to sell with your design so awesome so you can click on here and convert you your campaign. Here it ISS and I didn't even put anything in here, says you're sleepy order than 7 to 12 business days and they do have a refund policy. And so, basically, that's what it looks like when your customer comes to the page. And it does have the gear bubble branding on here. But to be able to have everything kind of set and forget it, I think it's a great option to start with. So then you just click on my account, and now your product is in here and you can, you know, see how Maney you've sold profits, how many sold and it's available. So you just have that link that you can send to people, and you could start selling a mug literally today with just a few clicks of the button. Is this getting you excited? I hope so, because it's super simple to do super simple to set up no up front costs. And yet you can start selling products literally, just within a few clicks today. So in the next video, I'm gonna show you some of the other products that they have to sell. 7. T-shirts and Other Products: congratulations. You should now have your first product up for sale and you can start collecting orders as soon as you post a linger email your list. However, I'm gonna also show you how to set up some other campaigns. I'm gonna actually show you the T shirt because I think that will be something that will be popular for many of you as well. So if you come in here, choose shirt hoody and then click on the green Next up and colors are more popular for T shirts. White T shirts do not sell. Well, I have talked to people in the T shirt industry that sell a lot of different T shirts. And typically the blues blacks, you know, purples. You know, those types of colors we're gonna sell better. So I'm gonna upload my design. And because it's a color shirt, I need to upload my white design. So you upload your design. And again you can use this little thing at the bottom and make it bigger or smaller, depending on where you know how big you want it. And for T shirts, I recommend going with the premium t. The premium tea will probably just be better quality. And they also have a women's T could see what that looks like. The women's T does not tend to Sella's well, is what I've been told from people who have sold ah ha two T shirts. But I personally like the women's D. Then you have the hoodies. The hoodies do tend to sell well, but I would say no, they're sweatshirts, and then they have long sleeved tees, so I like the long sleeve as well. But I would say Go ahead and do the premium tea and then you can add another style. Let's say you want to do the long sleeve, and if you want to do oh, there's the hoodies. So there's a women's tank top. Let's do a hoody and I don't think there's that Putting would look right with that design. They have V necks, women's tank tops. Go ahead. Just add those on there as options, even though they probably won't sell us well. And then you choose the default color and you can add other colors too. The choices. So I'm just gonna add some of these other colors in, but my default color is blue and then the base cost. So let's say we do 1995. You're gonna make $8.50 profit. And so that's pretty much what you do. You can duplicate the image on the back if you want, and C back. I don't know why you would duplicate an image on the back of a T shirt. But hey, if you want to do that, go for it. And again, it's the same as before. You're gonna have a campaign title, a description, category, tags and so forth. I'm gonna save dem again because what happens is once you choose this girl, let's say you wanna create another. I want to create another project in the future that you are all will already be taken so you can't go come back and like, edit this design and then that you are all. If you ever want to use that again in the future, it would already be taken. All right, so then I, based on this base cost of 1995 than everything else, was priced accordingly. So I would just keep it for that. Um so it tells you your estimated profit if you sell five charge more for bigger sizes. Okay, so you add $2 for extra large quick terms of service and then click launch campaign. All right, so they have now set that up. And I could just click this link here to see my campaign. And so you can see this was the default color and shirt. But then on here, they can choose from any of the options they want to do the long sleeve. They can choose that they want a different color, so that's really nice. It gives you those options, and so when you click the buy it Now, but in can add another item or you can check out with credit card or with PayPal. And so what happens is they'll be. They'll come to this order page, and they could just enter in their address, their credit card, and they'll be set. So shipping and handling on this was 6 95 So that's how it works for T shirts. It's come back to the dashboard. Now we have two products created. Let's go back to traditional, and so let's just kind of show you the other options. Now, if you want a magic mug you will need to come back into the coffee mug and you will need to choose the drop down color changing mug and then upload your design and create a product there. So that's how you set up the magic mug. It's just the exact same as the mug. I should you Here is the necklace. Me Show you what the necklace is so you can have a round pendant necklace square we're heart, and then they have gold plated necklaces as well. And if you upload, load your design, This is a one inch pendant. So you know, everyone's designs gonna fit differently on here. So that's kind of how it would look on that necklace. I haven't personally used this necklace or bought it to see the quality of it. If you do do use the necklace, I would recommend purchasing one bracelets. Let's, um, let me show you what they have for bracelets. So they have this round pendant bracelets similar to the necklace that you upload your design. They were square pendant bracelet, and then they have a stamped bracelet. Now, I do have this for sale on my site, and I did purchase one of thes. So this is something that, if you want to add, would be great. The thing was, you have a limited number of of phrases, so I wanted to do broken Kranz still color. And it was to money. Yeah, so this that says as far as I can go. So I ended up doing I am a masterpiece That's also part of my book. So this would be a really easy thing. Hey, you could even add this without having any designs. So that's a really easy product to add. And I did purchase one myself, and they were pretty good. So they have phone cases right now. They just have the iPhone 455 C six and this couple Samsung. They don't have the six s, and then, you know, now we have the seven and all of that, so I haven't made any iPhone cases, but it wouldn't be that hard to make it if hats and with the hats and Beanies, they have to be manually approved. So they said, since they're stitched with thread and not ink, there's a lot of design restrictions. The manual approval can back up staff of it. We unlock this feature for members once they have passed 100 sales on the platform. So you're not able to sell the hat or the Beanie until you've had at least 100 sales. Check out the pillowcases. So let's say I want to upload my same design and again you can make it bigger. What? We've got a little too big. How cool is that? Could have pillowcases with your designs on them. And then finally they have posters, and as of the time of recording this, they just have square posters. So 12 by 12 or 10 by 10 12 by 12 14 by 14 and 16 by 16 and you can add other styles, you know, so it could be scaled up. But that's a really cool thing to offer as well. Are those posters? Let me just uploaded design so I can have at least three products in this store so I can show you how to set up a store. But you can make this is big or as little as you want. I'm just going to get demo again and let's see, we have this for 14 95 SC at $6 profit. I'm going to do that and then launch campaign 8. Setting Up Your Store: So now that I have three products in my store, I can create a store and you can do it right here under store. And then they also have a tab up here for stores. See and click create a store and you can choose which type of store you want. A standard store. This was the only feature I think available when I first launched mine. So they've added, Now these other options store the beginner, store the slider, and then this is cool. Store the cart. So I think I would want to do that and would recommend that so then they can add multiple items to their cart, and then that way they just have to check out one time. So you just put in your title. It's a broken Kranz demo. It's gonna add categories if you want gonna ad campaign. This is you can Onley add evergreen campaigns and multi item stores. So at all of those and then I'll create the store. And that's literally how fast you can set up your store on gear bubbles. So let's go ahead and open that up and there's my store and I have all my designs there and then, you know someone can come in here, say they want to add that to the cart. They can add another item. If they want. They can continue shopping so say they want to come in here. They want to add to cart, then continue shopping. And so then up here in the corner is the cart, and then they have the two items and they can check out. So that's really cool. With the store option, you can have them be able to add multiple items instead of having to purchase each item separately. So let's say a quick check out. And most of the time I think what happens with gear bubble and my understanding from talking with their support is that they source the different products from different places . So they have to do the shipping and handling separate because they have, you know, charge double for that because they're going to be shipping them from separate locations. They have separate suppliers and retailers and stuff that that do those so, but that's still really a cool way to do. To do your store is to have the card option, but I just want to show you real quick how you could do that. And now you have your basic account set up. You have your products in there and you have your store set up. Congratulations. It did want to mention that if you decide to sell things from multiple places or if you're an author and you have books and you want to sell those as well, you can create your own little store page. You can see I've done that with my book Broken Kranz Still color. The link is in your class. Resource is, Or you can go to Broken Kranz Still cut or Broken Kranz book. Or you can go to broken kranz book dot com ford slash store So you can see I have several different things from several different places. So I just created this simple landing page. I created this with Thrive Landing page. Plug him. You can check it out at Shelley had stopped. Com port slash Thrive can either get a membership or you can buy individual plug ins. But you can create this on any page on your website without templates and such as well. But I have my T shirts here, and you can click here to go there to where I have my T shirts. Currently, I'm selling them on campus and you can see the campaign I have set up there for T shirts. And then I have mugs have the magic mugs I have that I am a masterpiece bracelet. And then these two necklaces actually worked with a jewelry designer, and she's currently selling them from her Etsy store on custom orders. So these air really cool. I have the book print Kendall on audiobook. I have all the links here for them to get the book, and I actually also have a DVD that I sell on Kornacki that I added to this page. And so that's why I created the store pages, because I have several different things from several different stores. And so that's always an option for you as well. But starts simple. Maybe just start with one product on gear bubble just to get your feet wet. See how it goes. It just takes a few minutes to set up your first product, but I just want to show you what is possible. Once you have different products set up 9. Getting Paid: Okay, so this is the part that I know many of you are waiting for this. Show me the money, right? How do I get paid? Well, once you have your store set up, just click on, get paid. And what you'll see the first time you come here is that they need your tax information. And this is just in case you make more than $600. They need to submit that to the I. R. S. And so what you'll do is you'll just fill out your name and email, and then you'll fill out this form with your tax information, either your social security number or if you have a sole proprietor or a business. You put your e i n and you sign this. So I'm not going to fill this out because this is a demo account. But I'll go into my other account and show you what it looks like once you filled out this and you've been accepted what it looks like to get paid. Okay, so now I'm in my other account and you can just click on the get paid tab and you can see here. I've already been paid for several different payments, and I have chosen PayPal. And so what you can do you can request a payment for his little US $5. But once you have what you have sold a product than you come in here and there will be a but in or a link that says request payout or request payment and then you just click that and it will say how you want to get paid. And basically you just click a couple by ends and then for me and PayPal usually just shows up, Um, a few days later in my account. So and I get an email also can email confirmation saying that has been sent to me. But you can also have it sent to your bank account. If you want to do it that way, and we request the payment that way, it may take up to 14 days for your payments to be there. But this is a really great way to be ableto diversify your income with products that are branded with your personal designs. And like I said in an earlier video, what I love about your bubble is that you can request payments right away. You don't have to wait to get paid until you've sold so many products, and so far my payments have come really quickly. So that's just a quick demo of how it works to get paid once you sell products. 10. Advanced Settings: So at this point, you should have your account set up. You should have products attitude count, a store created. And now you know the basics of getting started with gear bubble. How awesome. Now I want to show you some advanced settings that you can take advantage of in your account. To be honest, I have used mostly just the basic stuff because I really like to keep things simple and just use things that work. But I will tell you that there are a few settings that I want to show you that might be helpful to you. One of the things that they offer is add photos so you can click on the add photos, and then they'll have different photos of your pictures. You can choose different images, um, to choose a new image. So then they have all these different types of images, which are cool with different backgrounds and such. And then you can download those to post on social media to post on your website to to share in an email, and then you just click this to download it and it will download. You can just click right click on that and save image as but that you can have those types of images created and those air really helpful for advertising or for sharing about your products. The next thing I want to show you is coupons, so if you go under the discounts tab, you can create coupons here. Just click on, create a discount and just you can click on this little button here to generate a code, and it can either be free shipping or a discount. People love free shipping, but they also love the discount. So you just choose the amount that you want discounted or you can choose a percentage, and then you can have it expire on a certain date. If you wanted to expire, which usually you will want it to expire. So let's say you wanted to do an opening sale and do 50% off so you could just create that coupon and add it. There I am. Then it's ready for you to use. You can see I have a few coupons that I've already had set up. I did a 50% off coupon when I first opened my store, and then I have the one I just set up here that's to expire. I have a 10% off in a free shipping one as well. But let me show you now that you have the coupon set up, how you set up the you are also go back to my account, and then what you'll do is you'll come to that product and you'll go to settings under settings. You'll click on other and then you'll click on a URL generator and you'll use the discount code that you just set up. You'll see it here 50% off, and what you'll do is click on this little paste, but in and then that will generate the link for you, which includes the coupon code. This took me a little while to figure out so, and I love this. It has the, um, the price crossed off, and then it has The new price says Congratulations. This is the price, and you know that coupon will only be available until the date that you select. So that's a really great feature. And sometimes gear bubble runs specials. So when I offered the 50% off coupon, they offered a special on their mugs that they were just gonna be a dollar 95 for my cost. So anything above a dollar 95 was gonna be profit, so I could afford to give them at 50% off because I was going to be making more. And so that's a great time to run. Discounts is when gear bubble sends out an email and says, Hey, we're running a sale on T shirts or on mugs or whatever, and then you can pass on that discount to your followers. People love coupons and discounts, and I got quite a few sales when I first did that. So I want to show you that about the coupons. And then I want to show you just the settings. So when you set up a campaign, each of the campaign does have this settings button, and you know you have the lead generation, but in which you can set up with different auto responders, give the tracking pixels. I haven't really used those yet analytics, which you can set up different Google analytics. You can add an up sell. I added an up sell at first, but personally, I don't think no, nobody bought it. I'm not worrying about the up sell right now, but that's something you can check out. You can also set a charity to the campaign, which is kind of cool. You can contact gear bubble about that more if you want to use that customer reviews. I haven't gotten any reviews yet, but if you have any reviews, they will show up in that spot. But then the place you'll use the most is this other tab. So that's where you get the You are general generator for the discounts, the coupon codes and this general settings is an important place to go into. You're gonna have to do this for every product. So if you want to show the number of sales on the campaign, you can leave it clicked or you cannon click it, show the expire date. If you don't want to show the expire date or the timer, you can unclip those. You can show related items on the campaign if you want, and then with the evergreen option, you have the option of you have the option of having evergreen and auto relaunch, which means that every time the campaign ends, it will just keep relaunching. And that way you can always be selling that product and not have to go in and manually do anything, which is all some zooming. I think that's a good thing. Tohave show total sales volume from all relaunches Make available for affiliates money back guarantee so you can choose, you know to not have a money back guarantee. If you want Hide reviews on this campaign allow campaign to be searchable, so there's a lot of different settings here. You can change. This is under general settings, social preview settings. You can go in here and you can add it and add a title, a description and an image off what will show up when your link is shared on social media, which is really cool. I haven't gone in and done that yet. So relaunch data. You can see I had this on your since October 28th and you can look at your leads Report in your sales reports if you want. I personally don't go into their related items. It just shows you the other items you've created. So those were the settings that I wanted to show you, so I'm gonna show you if you need to go in and end a campaign. And you don't want to ever sell that product again. Maybe you I want a change of setting on their or you need to change something that you can't change anymore. I want to show you how you can do that. And and I actually need to do that with this mug because I accidentally added that they had to create they had to upload their own photo. Well, let me show you what you can at it so you can't edit the title, the description category tags and the price so you can come in here and change the price at any time if you want, and those are the things you can change. You can also change these images, but you can't change a lot of the different settings that you set up in the beginning. And so that's something that is a limitation right now with your bubble. So if you need to end this campaign for good, you can't just click end here because it will then auto relaunch. So what you have to do is go into settings, click other click on general settings, and then what you need to do is unclip, evergreen and unclipped, Auto relaunch and Click Update. So that means it's no longer going to be evergreen. It's no longer going to be out there ongoing, and it's no longer going toe auto relaunch every time the campaign ends, which is I've said it for every 24 hours, and then once you have done that, you come in here and then you click end and then the campaign has ended. Now I can click on Relaunch, but I don't want to do that because, like I said, I just need to create a new product for this mob because I had made a mistake when I was setting it up. So no worries. If you end up pressing something wrong or doing something that you need to change later, you can just come in here and close out this campaign and then just start a new one. It doesn't take but just a couple minutes to set up a new campaign and you're good to go. I personally had to do this several times and I did not know how this whole process worked . And so it was a little frustrating at first, but that's why I want to show you that particular Suning. And finally, if you want some of more advanced features, just click on the little video icon for the training videos at the top here, and they'll have a bunch of different training videos that are really helpful, You know, if you want to learn how to set up cell, if you need to remember how to set discount codes, there's just all sorts of different things in here you can go through. I did go through all those videos when I first set up my store. And then, if you want Teoh to integrate with Shopify or with Amazon, you can do that through their system. I have not done that, but you can go through these videos and check it out and see if that's something you would want to do for your products. And so those. This is a great place to get extra training, and you can find the link to this in your class. Resource is, you can also contact their support. The best way is such a scroll to the bottom and click on the Contact US link and then you can find information here. You can go to their support dusk, or you can email them support at gear bubble dot com, and they will be able to help you out. There was a couple times that it took them a few days to answer my requests, but they did get back to me pretty quickly and were helpful in what I needed. So that is the advanced settings. I am so excited to see the products that you create and sell and the stores that you set up please remember to post them in the project area of this class and know that I am cheering you on. 11. Share Your Product With Us: Congratulations. I am so excited to see the products that you have put up for sale. As a result of taking this class, please post a picture of your product in a link to where it's available for sale online in the project section of this class. I would love to see what you've created and what you have up for sale. When you post your new product in the project area, feel free to also just include any of the tips and tricks you've learned. If you enjoy this class, I would really appreciate you simply taking a moment to post your review here on skill share. There should be a pop up at the top of your screen that says, Would you recommend this class to other students? Simply click yes and post a sentence or two about what you learned, what you appreciated or what you've gained from this class, and it would mean the world to me. It also helps to reach more people with this training, and so I appreciate you taking a moment to do that. Thank you for taking this journey with me from creating your own hand drawn design to digitizing in fact arising that design to now selling it on products. This has been quite a journey. I'm so excited to have walked alongside you through this journey. And I cannot wait to see what you do with the skills that you've learned and how this can impact others as you spread the message of your company, your brand, your book, your ministry to even more people. Again, this is Shelly Hits. Thank you so much for joining me, and I'll see you in the next class.