How to Self-study Effectively ? Improve your Pronunciation , Make the most of the books you have | Ahmad Rabiee | Skillshare

How to Self-study Effectively ? Improve your Pronunciation , Make the most of the books you have

Ahmad Rabiee, TESOL Master , Lecturer and Narrator

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About This Class

All of these methods are based on many Hours of Research and Studies 

  • This course is meant for motivated people who would like to learn English for any purpose
  • This course is meant for those students and people who want to improve their english through self-study Plan
  • This course is designed for those people who really  want to Self-study Effectively

What you will Learn ? 

  • Many Great tips and techniques to to help you self study Effectively based on some proven Researches
  • Create a motivating study plan for your English Learning process
  • Identify the best resources and New Methods
  • You will get lots of Real Authentic advices from many Professional English Teachers and Linguistics

All over the world, millions of people are studying English. Some study in a school, a college or in a club. Others study at home on their own.Whatever your situation, this Self Study Course  is designed to help you. It is filled with proven and authentic  ideas and helpful suggestions for making the most of your study time.

  • This course is based on many hours of Research and Studies done by Professional Teachers 

It's a struggle to self-study anything, let alone a language! Languages were created for the sole purpose of communicating with others. So, is it possible to self-study English ? Of course it is!

This course will help motivated self-studying English students learn how to effectively learn English. Learn how to set achievable goals, how to identify the right resources that will lead you to success. 

You can also download the pdf which contains the whole contents and Transcription to help and Guide you through the Course 

If you're at a loss on how to study English online, have no fears! This course is designed to help you





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Ahmad Rabiee

TESOL Master , Lecturer and Narrator

Founder and Manager of Englishvid ( Professional English Learning Center )  I hold MA Cambridge degree in Linguistics .ESL Cambridge international exam Instructor   I have more than 8 years of experience Teaching different courses such as IELTS , TOEFL , CPE , Grammar and Pronunciation & Accent Training I have written several booklets and books regarding Teaching and Learning subjects and I have lectured in many Universities I ha...

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