How to Secure a Great URL for Your Website, Course or Landing Page

Alan H. Jordan, Writing & Instruction that Entertains & Empowers

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6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. URLs for 3 Different Purposes

    • 2. Get More Out of this Class--Use the Skillshare Notes Feature

    • 3. Discussion on the Secrets of Picking Effective URL (Website) names.

    • 4. More Secrets to Help You Pick URLs that help you achieve your goals.

    • 5. Why a Great URL Helps to Make These Sites Successful

    • 6. Additional Insights into How to Pick a URL


Project Description

Visit DGS2.Net and Create website names that will help you to achieve your goals--whether that is to make money, raise awareness or another factor.  

Search to find names that are available.

Select at least one name and spend about $10 to register it.  (There is world-wide competition for website names, just like for low-fares on airplane flights. Even a delay of two minutes can cost you your perfect name.)

Student Projects