How to Schedule Meetings Like a Pro | Rosamaria Carrillo | Skillshare
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12 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Welcome | Scheduling Meetings Efficiently

    • Scheduling Drains Your Mental Energy

    • Unclear Meeting Requests Slow You Down

    • No Process for Scheduling Meetings

    • It's a Time Zone Challenge

    • Strategy One: Develop a Weekly Project Review

    • Strategy Two: Reserve Time for Scheduling

    • Strategy Three: Create a Customized Scheduling System

    • How to Make a Good Meeting Request

    • Scheduling Tools | Doodle & Calendly

    • Scheduling: The Rundown

    • The Project


About This Class

In my opinion, scheduling meetings is hands down the most tedious and time-intensive task of the professional world. If you agree or spend tooooo much time processing emails and scheduling meetings, this course is for you. In this course, you will learn what challenges and barriers can slow you down and potentially hold you back. Next, you will learn about some strategies to tackle these obstacles. You will also learn about the scheduling tools that I use to be more efficient in my day-to-day tasks. 

This course is for anyone who schedules meetings, but is especially relevant for freelancers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and anyone who does his or her own scheduling. The course's content is also ideal for any administrative professional looking to understand why this part of the job takes so long. 

Supplemental resource: How to Schedule Meetings with Doodle Tutorial





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Rosamaria Carrillo

Educator, activist, entrepreneur, & YouTuber

Hi, friend! Welcome to my channel.

My name is Rosamaria. I graduated from the University of California - Berkeley with a Masters in Social Welfare with a focus on management and planning. I am here to share my passion for leadership development, marketing, productivity, and self-help strategies to both motivate and inspire you.

My channel focuses on the creation of courses that let me actively share everything I learn, read, and listen to every single day. I create courses tha...

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