How to Safely Do a 7-Day Fast & Energetic Cleanse | Selima Lust | Skillshare

How to Safely Do a 7-Day Fast & Energetic Cleanse

Selima Lust, Herbalist, Teacher & Spiritual Coach

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6 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • Why Should I Fast & Cleanse?

    • Your Intention & Reflection

    • The Process & A Few Easy Rules

    • What's In The Fast Kit?

    • Conclusion


About This Class


Whether it is your New Year's Resolution or you are feeling tired, ragged and run down, doing a 7-Day Fast & Energetic Cleanse is a healthy way to R-E-S-E-T. 

Unlike other detox and fasting programs, mine (which my wife and I do twice a year), encourages wellness, balance and renewal for the body, mind and spirit. We are multidimensional beings, so we must include the emotions and our spirits in any truly holistic healing process that we embark on.

Through this short, 23 minute course, you will learn how to safely design your own Fast & Cleanse where you maintain your nutrition while gently encouraging the body's natural eliminative and regenerative processes. Come Day 3 you'll be bursting with energy and vibrancy! 

Additionally, you'll learn to incorporate spiritual practices, like setting your intention, grounding and doing reflection exercises throughout the process that will keep you connected to your inner being, your personal mission and life's purpose.

Lastly, you'll see up close what's in my 7-Day Fast & Energetic Cleanse Kit, which includes:

  • Detailed Instructions, a Sample Schedule/Menu and Shopping List
  • Recipe cards for your raw foods, broths, juices and infused waters
  • Precautions and guidelines, so that you have a successful cleansing journey
  • A Setting Your Intention Exercise and 12 Reflection Cards
  • Herbal TeaTox Blend, Bone Broth Spice Kit Blend, Palo Santo and Nut Milk Bag

Kits are available for sale on


  • Before starting any new health regimen, program or cleanse, check with your health care provider if you have questions or concerns about your health condition as well as any medications or supplements you may be taking.
  • If you have diabetes, hypoglycemia, or another chronic health problem, your cleanse program should be supervised by your health care provider.
  • A cleanse program is recommended for the general population of healthy individuals and is not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing or who require daily intake of solid foods for proper nutrition.
  • A cleanse program is recommended for a healthy adult and is not recommended for children, teenagers or those who are still growing.





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Selima Lust

Herbalist, Teacher & Spiritual Coach

I'm a wife, mother, healer and co-founder with my wife of Iwilla Remedy, a wellness brand and online herbal apothecary dedicated to helping people understand the power of herbal medicine to improve lives. Passionate about all things herbal and spiritual, my wife and I love to bridge the gap between the material and non-physical worlds, between the body and consciousness.

As an herbalist, I facilitate healing with plant medicine. My approach to healing is deeply rooted in using sacred p...

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