How to Run Successful & Profitable Webinars

John Williams, Home Business Expert

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11 Videos (1h 48m)
    • Introduction to Webinars

    • Different Types of Webinars

    • Webinar Formula and Tricks

    • The Expert Webinar Model

    • How to Pitch in Your Product

    • Brainstorming and Planning Your Webinar

    • Creating Your Webinar

    • Setting Up Your Webinar and Webinar Pages

    • Marketing Your Webinar

    • Avoid Crashing Your Webinar

    • Webinars On Autopilot


About This Class

You're About To Discover How To Run Your Own Worldwide 2 Hour Seminar From Home, And Cater To a Large Pool Of Audience, Each Paying You $97-$497!

Basically, the webinar wealth formula can be summed up in 3 steps:

1. Find the audience

2. Deliver the presentation

3. Follow up, upsell and repeat all the 3 steps!

This video training course will explain how you can start your own webinar riches and get rich delivering high impact presentations from home - or anywhere you take your computer to - and earn a massive income working just 2 hours a day!

Let's Take A Peak Inside This Video Training Course:

Video 1 - Introduction to Webinars

Convert fence sitters into paying customers! Here's how webinars can enhance the image and reputation of your information business, elevate your expert status and ramp in massive profits!

Video 2 - Different Types of Webinars

Did you know that there are many different types of webinars? Right. Not all webinars are created the same. In this video you will learn what is available to you, the advantages and disadvantages, so that you can decide what type of webinar you will want to create.

Video 3 - Webinar Formula and Tricks

You could setup your webinar without much thought. However there are time tested formulas and tricks that we have used, that can help you increase your conversions and sales. Did you know the way you create your webinar can increase or worse decrease your sales? More on that in this video.

Video 4 - The Expert Webinar Model

What if you want to sell a product or a service, but the problem you face is that... you’re not an expert on the subject you want to sell? Don’t worry. This video addresses the problem if you don’t feel like you’re an expert in the subject matter. For example, how to invite guest speakers and much much more!

Video 5 - How to Pitch in Your Product

Before you begin to brainstorm and plan your own webinar, you will want to learn how to pitch the product you are selling, inside your webinar. That would be the last 15 minutes on how to effectively pitch in your back end product and get people to act now.

Just like those offline seminars where the speaker gives the Upsell in the last 15 minutes of his or her speech, we’ll show you how to do the same in your webinar.

Video 6 - Brainstorming and Planning Your Webinar

Now that you’ve learned all you need to know about the different types of webinars, the tips and tricks, how to pitch your product, and much’s time to really focus on creating your own webinar.

But before you can do that, you need to brainstorm and properly plan it. Without the proper planning, you may as well say goodbye to the success of your webinar. In this video, you will learn just that.

Video 7 - Creating Your Webinar

What software should you use? What kind of microphone? While this part can be technical, you don’t have to be technical savvy to create your webinar. Simply follow this video step-by-step and I’ll walk you thru it HOW to create your webinar.

Video 8 - Setting Up Your Webinar and Webinar Pages

Once you learn the concepts, formulas, important points on creating a successful webinar, and you’ve created your's time to put it all in action! In this video, you will learn how to setup your webinar and webinar pages.

Video 9 - Marketing Your Webinar

Find paying customers using low-cost but highly effective, renegade marketing tactics! This is the most essential bit of info, this module alone is worth the price I'm about to ask for this entire training course!

Bonus Video - Avoid Crashing Your Webinar

One of the biggest problems people face, is they drive all this traffic to a webinar. People are anxiously waiting for the webinar and suddenly CRASH! This is a common problem that happens often and as unfortunate as it is, you will lose potential customers. In this bonus video, you will learn how to avoid this problem.

Bonus Video - Webinars On Autopilot

Did you know that most successful webinars are replays? Webinar replays are webinars that are simply on re-run. Think about having a webinar on autopilot while you are happily watching movies or spending time with your family? In this bonus video, you will learn how to put your webinars on autopilot.





John Williams

Home Business Expert