How to Retain a Hand Drawn Quality to Your Vector Drawings | Lisa Glanz | Skillshare

How to Retain a Hand Drawn Quality to Your Vector Drawings

Lisa Glanz, Illustrator & surface pattern designer

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12 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Quick intro

    • 2. Materials and equipment

    • 3. Shaping your character

    • 4. Adding texture: the power of layering

    • 5. Adding accessories to your character

    • 6. Scanning your artwork

    • 7. Image trace: vectorise your sketches

    • 8. Three time-saving tools in Illustrator

    • 9. Building your character: part 1

    • 10. Building your character: part 2

    • 11. Bonus: create a quick pattern

    • 12. Final touches

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About This Class

If you love working in Adobe Illustrator but can't seem to retain that hand drawn quality in your vector graphics, this class is for you!

Lisa has spent many years experimenting with ways to incorporate texture into her work that's simple and effective. You'll learn tips and tricks she uses in her vector graphics that you can incorporate into your workflow to save you hours of time and give you more control.

In this class you'll learn:

  • How to use simple shapes to create almost any animal!
  • How to harness the power of layering for great texture results
  • Three power tools in Adobe Illustrator that will save you loads of time
  • The best texture settings for Image Trace in Illustrator
  • Techniques you can apply to any vector project! 

You’ll be creating:

  • A whimsical character using the techniques and textures from this class.

Even if you’re new to drawing or Adobe Illustrator, you’ll find these simple and effective techniques easy to use and apply to your work!

You can also find Lisa here:




The 5 minute drawing project





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Lisa Glanz

Illustrator & surface pattern designer

Hello! I'm Lisa Glanz, a multi-passionate illustrator living on the coast of sunny South Africa.

After a successful career as a freelance graphic designer, I finally took the plunge to pursue my life-long dream of becoming a full time illustrator. Mostly self-taught, my illustration journey has been an interesting one! From the struggle of finding my own style, to figuring out how to make a living as an illustrator, I've been through it all. 

Thanks to my ...

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