How to Render an AutoCAD Floor Plan with Photoshop | Alek Stanojevic | Skillshare

How to Render an AutoCAD Floor Plan with Photoshop

Alek Stanojevic, Every day is a new chance to learn a new skill!

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6 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction

    • Converting a DWG file to PDF

    • Adding Colors to the Floor Plan

    • Adding Patterns to the Floor Plan

    • Adding Shadows to the Floor Plan

    • Adding Text and Background


About This Class


Dear friend,

If you ever wanted to discover the exact steps how to transform a plain floor plan created in AutoCAD into a visually appealing floor plan image filled with colors, patterns/textures and shadows by using Photoshop.

In order to start this course without wasting your time, you can download a ready-made Photoshop file with the exact same floor plan I will be using throughout this course.

>> Click here to download the floor plan (.PSD)

I will show you, step-by-step, how to:

  • Convert an AutoCAD DWG file to PDF file
  • Fill objects with colors
  • Fill objects with patterns
  • Add shadows
  • And much more!

Does it sound interesting to you?

Click the blue ENROLL button now!

See you in classes,
- Alek

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Alek Stanojevic

Every day is a new chance to learn a new skill!

I love teaching people and doing it the right way. All classes and lessons I teach have one main goal: trying to keep it as simple as possible, so that the learners can acquire a skill with the least amount of effort.

If you are one of them, I would really like to know if I'm on the right path.

See you in class(es)!

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