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How to Remove Logos from Your Image

teacher avatar Bee Trofort, Bee Fearless N Create

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Using Clone Stamp and Patch Tool

    • 3. Removing Logo from Boxing Glove

    • 4. Layering to Remove Logo from Background

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About This Class

This class will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop tools (ex. clone stamp, patch tool, brush tool) to remove logos from not only the background of images or logos on the products in the image.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bee Trofort

Bee Fearless N Create


Hey guys! I'm Bee Trofort, a full-time commercial fitness and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles! I will be providing photoshop tutorials as well as photography tutorials, showing you all my process of creating and editing!

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, my name is B And today I'm gonna teach you guys how to remove locals from your image using for little shop Hope you enjoy. 2. Using Clone Stamp and Patch Tool : Hey, guys. So today I'm going to teach you how to take the locals off of the background as well as the boxing gloves in these images using photo shop. So the main tools that we're going to use for this is one the eyedropper two. We're going to definitely be using the brush tool we're going to be using. Then, uh, pen tool as well is the clone stamp tool. And the last one we will be using is the patch tool. So each of these play a huge role in how we're going to remove the locals out of this image . So the first thing that we're going to begin with is we're going to turn this image into a low and high at it. I don't know if any of you guys are familiar with it, but I'm going to introduce you guys to the low and high editing method, which is where you're able to take the image and we separate the colors, and then we separate the textures, so you're able to really fine tune and go in depth with your editing. So first things first, we're going to start with the first layer and we're going to duplicate it three times. So one you're gonna jacket right at the bottom here to and three. So the first layer, we're going to rename it by double clicking it. If you just double click, the name will light up and you're able to rename it. So the 1st 1 is going to be the before layer. The 2nd 1 is going to be the high layer. This last one is going to be the low layer. So now we have four layers to the right. So regular, turn off all of these first gonna start with the low layer. So for the low layer, we're going to go to filter. We're going to go to noise and they were going to go to desk and scratches and then we're gonna turn our radius up to nine, and you're gonna keep the threshold at zero, and then you're gonna hit. Okay, so right now when you zoom into your image, it will look blurry, and I'm going to explain everything in a jiffy. So now that's our low layer. So now, for we're gonna go to our highly or we're gonna press the and turned that later on, they were going to go to image. We're gonna go to apply image. We're going toe. Keep this layer right here is going to We're gonna make sure that it's tackling Arlo Layer . We're gonna keep our channel at RGB. We're gonna make our blending subtracts. We're gonna keep the opacity at 100. We're gonna turn our skill to two minds already in it cause I do it all the time. So this is for you guys. Make sure you change your settings to the scale to two and offset toe 1 28 when you hit. Okay. Now, a year later is going to look like this looks a little little funny. So after this, we're going to go over here to the right where says normal and they were going to change it all the way down to the year. Linear light. Perfect. So now when you turn off the highly er you see, it looks blurry. When he turned on the high layer, you have the textures. So basically, with this editing method, it basically subtracts the image into two different parts. So, for instance, gonna zoom out a bit? I'm gonna play with the cone to really well equipped you just to show you guys what it does . So let's say I want to play around with get rid of this hair here. I would, because it's a texture if you turn it off. You don't see any of that hair in this area. Correct. But you see the colors, but when you turn it on, that's when you see the texture of the hair. So if I clone right here, it removes that layer. But I still I still have the color, and I still have her skin color without it being interfered. But if he did, I'm gonna go to the before layer. And so this pistol, you able to see the before and after just from cloning right there. But, yes, the loan high method is such it's one of the best methods, especially when it comes to retouching skin or just be touching anything of the image. And, um, with this method is gonna I'm gonna really show you how you're able to really make the most out of retouching these locals out of the image. So first, we're going to start with this big logo over here. I'm also gonna get rid of these black dots, give it of the global and get rid off. I don't know what this bottom part here says So First things first, we're going to play around with the clone and the patch tool. So first, I'm a turn off the low layer and you see, Look, with this. The black spots here really, really simple. So with the clone tool, you have to make sure you're on your layer. So we're gonna start with the lowly, which is the color I love using shortcuts. So make sure that you learned your shortcuts. Eso with the clone stamp tool s will be your shortcut. To get there be. It's a shortcut for brush. So s were on the clone stamp and we're going to when you hit. The option is where you hit your target of where you want a clove from. So any time I used to clone toe, I try to be as close to I try to make the target spot as close to where I want to edit. It's possible so it could resemble the true, whether it's the color or the texture of what I'm trying to clean up, so I'm gonna go right underneath it. I'm a make the circle about the size of this dot Here, go right underneath that, Click the target and then now, just cover it up. Just like that, You want to make sure that your hardness is to the lowest cause when it's hot, the edges of the brush and that's what you don't want because then you can see it when you zoom out. You were gonna undo that when it's gonna go back and make sure that our harnesses to the slowest and then we're just gonna go around it in Wana Then I'm also before I leave, that area will turn up the highly er just gonna clone that up and just clean it up. So something gonna make chic clique that clone and just clean up to make sure that the texture looks the same there. So that's the first for us. We're gonna go to this little dot down here and do the same exact thing, So we're gonna start with the will turn off the high later we'll go to the low, gonna click right by it. He's go click around it to make sure It's the same turn on the high layer. You see, right here is the little Lyon. So it's going to try to clone that noise and that texture, and we'll didn't even look like it was there. All right, so now we're going to slide over here, so there's two ways that you can go. The great thing about photo shop is that there's numerous ways where you can get the same results. So I'm gonna show two different ways of how to get rid of this garden area here. So we can either do the same thing that we're doing with the clone. I'll just make my brush a little bit bigger. I'm gonna come to the bottom here. So this line showed where that target is. Look, Target down here. You may see that Linus from this corner here, So I'm gonna try toe klik in a little bit more. I was gonna click away perfect internal of the high layer. We could see we're getting rid off with that sections of that word and make sure that we're duplicating the texture of the background. So that's one way to go about it. So the second way, I'm gonna show by playing with the global. So actually, the me I'm gonna clone out this little area this corner first, right? So now we're gonna play with the global. So another tool that you can use to get rid of the background get rid of different locals is the patch tools. The difficulty with the past tool, though, is that she have to make sure that you have enough room to drag whatever it is that you're gonna be cloning or patching from. So by here is the patch tool. When I'm gonna do is I'm gonna circle global, make a nice little being. So there's every time when you need to add to the selection. You can either go up here where you can add some clicking and you'll be able to add. This will be the ad right here. You'll see the little plus sign. This was a minus so you could move from selection. Or you can add to the selection another way that you can even do it. Also, the shortcut would be if you hold, shift will be, you can add was the shift and then with option will be minus. So I'm gonna add a little bit here to give a little bit more leaving turn off at high layer . This is a track from here. So what I'm gonna do is because we have all this space of the bottom. I haven't passed elected, so I'm gonna click it, and I'm just going to drag it down right beneath it. You'll see the past selection process, and it basically will try to clone the same texture. So you'll just have to go into it just a little bit more. Start serious here. You could just keep pulling and keep dragging until it looks realistic. It looks more of how you want it to look in the background. You see it clearly, you see these two dots here. If I drag it here, a little evil patch, they'll sing to God's there. So just be mindful of where you're patching from and where you're picking up and dragging from catching the That's a tricky thing. It just depends on, like with this wall, because it's a textured wall. It just depends on what aesthetic you want for yourself. You wanted to look as clean as possible, smoothest possible. So now that we have that they're gonna get I personally and I'm gonna turn on the high later. And now we can see, like the texture, the actual texture from the lettering. So that's when I will go back with the clone to and just we make sure your pasties at 100. When you do this, we go. So now another thing that you can do, like what I would pretty much do If I want to clean up this back on a little bit more, I would create a new layer on top of the low layer. So the reason I'm creating on top of the lower layers because I'm only playing with the colors, I don't want to affect the textures in any way. I just want to smooth out these colors. So with that, I'm gonna use the brush tool so I could be for the shore colleges clicking it. And then I'm gonna sick option so I could get the eyedropper, and I could pick the color that I want. I'm gonna right click to make sure my harnesses at zero bring my size up a little bit. And I want to keep my opacity at about a 10 So this is where you kind get into your little painterly mode. And I just want to brush in here and just make it still keep the textures of it. But I just want to clean it up just a little. I'm gonna click and brush away, Remember, I'm going The reason I'm bringing the high hardness of just I can show you guys how that looks. You raise the hardness and capacity, you'll get these hard brushes, which doesn't do anything for your image. It just looks like a mistake. So just make sure that your harness is always at the lowest and then bring your opacity down just so it gives you more control with your layering. I always just have my always have my left hand on the option. But just I could make sure clicking colors that are near it. And I'm going to zoom out in the image and turn on that before and after. Well, so that right there is the basics of using all, actually all of the tools I usually use whenever I'm moving locals or anything using the brush tool, the eyedropper Lessel tools to select the clone stamp and the patch tool. So those are the basics right there of retouching and cleaning up your image 3. Removing Logo from Boxing Glove: Alright, guys. So let's get a part two. So Part two is where it's gonna be a little bit more difficult because we're trying to get the locals off the boxing glove first. Gonna zoom in here, so I'm going to start with the black Love right here. So with this, basically, we can literally use different tools, but I'm gonna start with the pencil. The pencil is one of my favorite tools when it comes to selecting on the images because you're able to really not create just a straight line but a a curve line. So I'm gonna zoom in here just so we can see when I click here, you cook that first click with the second click, make sure that you hold you hold the mouse, do not let it go. And then when you pull your able to make this round edge with it, you can see when you pool, so it's gonna pull and just get that round this right here by her hit. So I'm gonna hit option and I was gonna click at the square and it just then it just ends that first selection. So I'm gonna go here, do the same thing, but I'm so bring it in slightly right here. Then I hit option again and close that selection there and there from here. I'm just gonna go around, help out and they just go back to where I started. So we see that circle, you press it there and it's gonna close your your patch selection. So I'm going to right click makes election. And I'm keep the feather at one Onley because we have the side of her right here where we still want to be able to get a little extra Embrace that feather up to two. Um, just so we could be a little soft selection, it wont be a hard selection. So what we're painting or where we're cloning by her skin, it'll still keep like that night's roundness to, and it won't look too sharp where it doesn't look believable. So now we have the selection. So we're gonna start with the lonelier, actually, so there's different ways that we can go about this. I'm going to go the route of the painterly route, so we're going to start with the hot instead of starting with the low layer. This time I'm going to start with the high layer. So what I want to do first is just clone out the textures of the logo. So unlike the previous year, we hit option to select the texture, and they were just gonna start cloning away Own clone co come a little bitter. Remember, we're always being my full of where you're clicking your target from. So luckily, because the boxing glove it always the most of this image here has the same texture, like that greeny looking texture. So I'm just gonna keep clicking from there, and I try not to click to buy click by where the logo is, but click further away from it so that you're not duplicating any of the locals or anything like that. Here we go. All right, so right now, now it looks very, very blurry, cause now we have cloned that texture and now we just have how old look on the low layer. So the one way that you can go about it is you can clone it. The second we can go about it is actually painting it. I want to go the painting wages to give you guys a little bit practice with that. So But what I'm gonna do before I paint it, I'm going to extend this election so that when we're painting, we're painting the whole glove. So I'm gonna right click, and I'm just gonna go to the parley lasso tool. I'm hit that shift so we can add to the selection. I'm just gonna come a little bit wider. I'm just gonna spread the selection a little bit wider right here, Right now. We're going to we're gonna go to the first. The layer one you remember will be brush from this layer here. This is from the background layer from just paying it cleaned up over here to the right. So I'm actually going to just for safety. I'm going to just reading this right background, and then I'm gonna create a new Leo, and I'm gonna call this one. They're right glove. So I'm gonna go with the brush tool and that we're just going to paint. So, as you can see, there's a highlight in the middle here with the brush. Well, there's a highlight in the middle of the glove here, and then you can see it just has to regular black of the glove on here. So we're going to start with the black here, remember to always use that eyedropper so that you actually click cloning the actual color of the loving, not just making up a color or just picking a random one. And there was going to start painting away. Then I'm a raise up my opacity because there's locals and things already on it. You want to raise up that a passage so you can paint over it. It's our basic. Instead of doing 10 I raised a deal passing to a 61 paint over right here. And then Now I'm gonna go back lower the a past the little bits and that I want to create that highlight again. I'm a select one of the highlight colors in here, and I'm just gonna start painting. So now you can see it looks a little bit funny, and that's from that texture from the highlighters. I'm gonna go back in the high layer and just start cloning out the texture because sometimes you know the lettering, it'll clone the lettering, and you can't really tell until you start going back in a different not been selected and and you could always go back. And if you just want to add a little bit more if you want to remove some of the highlight and make it a little bit smaller basically, I from So I'm gonna go into the every last so again can use the pen tool again. So I'm gonna click from right here, and I'm gonna click at the end point. Remember, you're gonna hold and pool seeing a Getty like I'm not. You see how gives you like that? Nice curves was kind of following this line here they well that option. Close it. Come back out here. Remember pool again. Never been a close s election there. Right click next election. Keep that feather to so However you want to play it, you can either do the clone again. You can do the paint. I'm going to do the pain again. But I'm a first start again with Cloney. The texture from the highly er, With this, you will have to make your brush a little bit smaller because the layer that you're calling from its so much smaller than it is than it was in the background. I was gonna work our way gets very, very tedious when it comes to locations that are in tighter, tighter sections of the image with the background, the backgrounds you, she you, she somewhat the easiest cause you're able to clone and poor from so many other places in the image. But when it's something like clothing or accessories, that's when it gets a little little tough. When you have toe, get a nice finger, work out Well, while you're editing built, just clicking away said you can see just holding. I try to click the target damp areas often as possible. This is the part where the new abs on social media make you think that you could just click a button and edit, and it goes away. It's really not that simple all the time, right? So keep clicking away. So now we have the highly earlier section. Now I could see a little bit more, you know, perfect. So now with this still being selected, I'm going to go back to the right glove layer and start painting, and I'm going to raise a pastie 58 and I'm just gonna start meaning away. Remember? Always use that eyedropper, so that you basically you're cloning that right? The correct color. We're here just a little bit just to get that, make the bland a little bit smoother and the lumber and go back to that highly. Er, yes, I can see you just need to clean up on the cloning. We want to get rid of these little lines. - So you always want to make sure that you zoom out from the image. Because how it looks when you're zoomed in sometimes look completely different when you zoom out. So you want to make sure that you're going back and forth. I'm just gonna assume out, just paint a little bit more. So you see, when you're doing product shoes or shoots for clothing in tow specific products, you never want to mix brand. So these air to locate the locations when they would actually photoshopped the mogul off of the boxing gloves if they're unable to get the plane boxing gloves without any locals on them. So here we go. So 4. Layering to Remove Logo from Background: are right. So let's go into the left glove. So with this one, I'm just really used the clone tool for the most part for this area. So first, I'm a start with the highly returned off, we're gonna go to the low layer here, remember the old passes at 100 harnesses at zero, and it was just gonna clone away. So turn that highly or on, and they're gonna clone out that texture quickly. Easy peasy, guys. Right. So I'm gonna actually make another there, and I'm gonna call it the left glow, and it's just plain and it just clean up any areas I just need a little bit of then. So So now with here, I'm gonna use the poly tool because it's basically a straight line. And with here, you can literally you comptel this a true black. So one thing that you can do because it's a true black, you can create another layer on top of the high layer. And the reason I'm saying that put on top of the high layer is when you painted in black, you'll be able to cover it fully. But when you put it underneath the highly you'll still have that texture and have to go back in there. But with their we have it right over the highly er I was gonna be named this black left glove. I like to stay organized with my head is just so I know if I need to go back into something I know exactly what layer I need to work on and edit on And then for here I'm gonna paint So this use that pen tool, remember, Click. You can click and hold to drag it to make the roundness member Hold that options. Here we go. I'm a bike leak next election Turn off the high layer and on the pain away chopped Cassity his painting lying on the drop feel passed a little bit more start That's a second Concede help many It looks no, but I always remember to zoom out Perfect. No, Turn the high later on. Now I just have to clone Oh, so I'm actually gonna start pulling texture from this bottom of the glove here because the love itself is the same material gets you a little bit more leaving too. It's the next front clicking away. Now we have it now. All right. So the last local we have is this five in the back, and there's a couple different ways we can go about it, so I want to show a different technique. Um, so because we clean up this background here, this back on, it's basically the same background. Is this back around here? Correct. So what we're going to do is I'm going to select all of this layers. I'm going to drag and duplicate it. I'm gonna merge it together by hitting command e. Another way to merge is to go to layer, layer linger and merged layers. So now I have the marriage later. So what I'm going to do is we're gonna start over here, and what I'm gonna do is I want to select this area here, so I'm using the quick selection tool. The quick selection tool is great, but it's not the best Onley because it's sometimes select too much. And not everything needs, but actually is doing really, really good here. Selected all of that, Spence. It's actually what I'm just going to do is I was gonna subtracts away from her her face and the hair, right? Perfect So we have this selection, so I'm actually going to do I'm gonna create with this same layer here, I'm going to create a mask. So if you hit the bottom square with the circle in the middle, it creates a mask of the layer, and I'm going to undo this key chain. So basically what the key chain doesn't. If I move this image, the mask will move with you wherever you move it to too much. But if you un chainat, you can basically move the image. So now I'm moving. So basically, I moved Jack this background area toe, but as you can see because we mast it, it has, like, this hard edge here. So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna go to the layer here to the right, the make the mask layer. We're going to use the brush, and we're just going to smooth out this election because, you see, it's a hard selections, a hard line. So where is going to smooth it out? So black is to add to the selections I was going to start, remember, we had the harness at zero. I had the past the low to about 20. I'm just painting away. Quickly click quickly and we're just trying to soffin their selection. So, as you can see was trying to see black from the logo right there. Time's gonna go back in with the white. I was gonna paint away, and I'm very, very particular, so I can see it's kind of a more I want to say it's a little bit warmer, so I'm gonna create another layer and I'm going with option command. It basically will link the layer to whatever you're leaking into, so I'm just thinking it right here. Actually, I'm gonna create color palettes later, and I just want at the best is residents. There you go. And if you want, you can also treat another layer. And where's using the eyedropper to get that color? And on top of this election, perfect. So now we have an image that's clean of logos so that I hope that this tutorial was very informative. I can't wait to see what you guys do with this image. And if you have any questions on any of the tools, any of the shortcuts, please let me know and I look forward to. Since showing you guys more editing videos. All right, guy. So this has been the tutorial where you learn to take out a local from the background as well as the boxing gloves. From this image. I can't wait to see what you guys do and what you guys start to create and edit. Let me know if you have any questions I look forward to hearing from you guys. And then you know, if there's any feedback or anything that I can do better. I look forward to teaching more classes and educating you guys and make you guys the best artist that you could be. Thank you.