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How to Remove Background in Photoshop CC Using Professional Methods

teacher avatar Maac Desmond, Adobe Certified Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. 01. Using Select and Mask Method

    • 2. 02. Extract Complex Hair from any Background

    • 3. 03. Using CHANNELS, How to Remove Background

    • 4. 04. Using the background Eraser Tool

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About This Class

This course is for anyone who loves to work with Photoshop may be a Photographer or Even Blogger too. Extract or Remove the background from the Picture or Photograph (Teaching of 4 concepts).

After getting the knowledge about this course & You can do the Work yourself with Confidently and Professionally. You can achieve Production Quality OutCome Results.

Meet Your Teacher

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Maac Desmond

Adobe Certified Instructor


Hi !! Everyone, I am Thanga Saravanan - a Freelance artist from INDIA. I have my own DESMOND STUDIOS in home town. I really hope my courses will help you do better in everything from career to your Personal Work or in your business confidence.

I completed my Masters in Multimedia Engineering and done my Masters in 3D Arts and Animation.

I am consistently creating new courses on Adobe Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and In 3D Application - Autodesk Maya.

Thank you, Followers, and Skillshare Students.

                      &n... See full profile

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1. 01. Using Select and Mask Method: Hi, everyone. I'm Mike Desmond. Welcome to our class. In this lesson, you have bean learned toe hope to remove the bag room. He majors in the photo shop Sisi Person 2018. I am using no problem whatever. Ever since you are using so all the stock wages, I would attach it in this course, you can download it and you can use it further before for your projects. So let's don't waste time on have toe. Take the class for the last look. So this is the result what I have first of all, I just show you the result on then how to do this. So listen this one. So this is the stock first image that then they replace the land stock with this one with. We told this guy we just replace it on to the final Recently is going to be looked like this one. So how to do this? I just opening the to stock images from the layers sky layer on the land layer. First of all, I just switch off are invisible there, Scalea. Then I select the land layer. Click the quick selection tool. Okay, The shot. Curtis W then coming toe the stool properties, click the select demise, Then reduce your transparency to show the image inside the canvas. Then click the radius about toe. One are two pixels is very much enough. I click the Smart Radius. Then I select the land from here like this. Okay, like this one's just paint on the picture like this once. Then you can make the transparency 100%. Increase it. Then you can see the edge off the directions lace from here. So just open the edge direction now then click were not two pictures is enough. Click the smart trade. Yes. Then I move into the global refinements. So what is the global refinements? You can select the inch off this picture and you can. I just heard that very fine refinements off the edge. So I click the smooth nearly 23 pixels feather 0.3 pixels. That is very much smaller amount monthly. Then I don't touch the compression of the safety age. No click there This defend age button shocked that this are button. Then you just paint on the agenda. Not much more things click like this. Then you feel the contrast nearly to the 20 are 15 to 20%. It's enough than the safety agent. What does mean? The safety Age rising are believing the age only. Say this. This is below embraced the inch. Okay, I just making toe 0% only fill the contrast into from here. Then take the brush. Dole, You can see you can watch from here. Didn't select like this. So you can select these on sort. That's very much player. Just looked like them Unmask off the picture on me right Then click again our button. I just reduce the precise Then now I just paint over to the edge. Okay, then I click output to layer mask hard with the new layer With a layer mask you can select it. You can read these options. You can feel it. Yeah, when Lee later mask only for the new layer New layer with a layer mask are with open with another new document This one This one's going toe New document with a layer mask. I just prefer for the new layer with a layer mask. Then I click. OK? No, everything will be done 70%. So what is that? I just remove the sky layer from this one. So how do you see this shifted? Clicking on the mask you can see with the mask mask. Click on this without R option key. You can see which type off this thing will be going back to Seoul on the selection I take the stool, select the overly more capacity 100% taking to the black I just painted worn away like this so it can feel that Chris. But excitability that you can That's very nice. Now again alter option on the key from here and now I select their sky live right plus the control zero to make fit on the window. Now I select this one press the control all shifted he to make merge the layers on below the layers I again say control all the shift plus e that is the short cut key. It's very much useful for you your projects. Now I select the moto by pressing the wiki. Then my gain. I just choose the brightness contrast or some other things you can use. Whatever the color Carson works here. I preferred for the camera. So I right click on this one convert into the smart object. Then I go into the filter. Click the camera, filter the shark. It is command shift yate. And they choose the temperature level toe the 10% weight because off all the dry grass, lives are in the brownish. That means Sophia like colors. So I just the temperature toe the safety, um or are with a bomb. Or then I click the exposure A little bit off. Down. Right, So that look, it looks like yeah. Evening thing from dawn to dusk. The highlights. If you choose the highlights, all the weights will be comes against race will be there. So I just down the pilots from here I put down the whites very much Little Only then the blacks all the shadows will be cut down. Right? So this is the very much in agreement of the tool. Then click. OK, so this is the final result. What we have done in this the first class using the select and the mask tool camera or with the camera function for the final color correction. What's so? See the next two combination levels in the second class 2. 02. Extract Complex Hair from any Background: Welcome to the second lecture in this class. You had to be learnt. How do we extract your subject or any other photographs with the complex off their heads like this? So this is the final result. You can see like this The coat mask. You can see the background and everything. After doing this, I just idea solid color adjustment layer to bring back there colors. What do you like for the background? Are just your claims need So take a look on this one. Just open the picture in the for the shop then. Now select that quick selection tool by pressing the w key. Click the silicon mask, reduce the transparency again. Then click on being the into a word. The mortal like this. That is one you can select. Very need on this pictures. Actually, I love this pause. Click on Select that. Just one click only on the options then. Now, like the transparency level to do like this one. Okay, then make the transparency level. This is very good. Then click the refined edge brush. Who can detect that? Whatever the had we just leave on the backside off the background. Just painter. Very smoothly. I'm just using the pen tablet XP Deco 03 model. No, I do. A little bit off thing is very fine. No, it click the transparency level as much as good. Then take, don't you? With fresh coming from through the some block C area. Click on. Move it. You can see the He should just paint until it right like this. Very clear from here it's very much not take again. Briefing age brush. Take the reduce level of the business on the hardness zero on me. I just paint very fine, little bit only because the great color on this picture is hold a little bit On the tip of the hat are the age of the head like that. Once you're done, you're just going to the fresh again. Be we just paint it on the it just like this it will makes you were picture very clear on very crispy Look, that means all the details and everything will be looked coming back toe the hat that great colors one lee revealed on the masking off the black color is very good. Once I do that again taking the little bit of a brush are You can switch over the by clicking R and B toe the brush Father be and we finished for the art. It is very good. Once I click that taking to the layer mask then I click command zero to make it felt on this who don't the contrast level to nearly 15 to 16% and dig the down the soup Ph right, That is very good. I just introduced there wasn't age very much clear then taking the output settings to the layer mask and click OK to make fine and click adjustment layer yet take to the solid color You just go for the any colors. Just need I just go for the little bit of a blue but you don't know the you were asked, Player. Now that results gets going. Be standing amazing. Look, thank you for watching this. See the next to my third using by the channels How we extract the background is on the lesson Third 3. 03. Using CHANNELS, How to Remove Background: welcome to the third lecture. Apart from the two lectures, the 1st 1 in the 2nd 1 is the students and over beginners level methods. Like we said in this matter, we have used channels. So this is what I'm setting. It is the advanced matter to remove any back road off your anything kind of any pictures. So take a look off. So this is the dark clouds. I just cut it off from here. And this is the brightness and contrast for especially for the clothes. And this layer is to be going for separation off this layer only three layers. When this land layer second worst has kinda year. 3rd 1 is the just color correction, adjustment, layoff, brightness and contrast. So how toe do this? Just learned this. Just open this picture inside the photo shop on everything. Just click the channel. If you don't help channels here, you can go for the window, turn on the channels here, then you come back. Click the blue. Why I selected the Blue Channel Only because off if you go for the Red Channel the maximum weight content in the same the picture will be there even for the green also the same. But in the blue, The shadow makes blacker site on the highlights. And the midterms are going for the weight sites. So the weight color you can make, the more weight you can make the black towards the more black. Then how do you do it? Watch this. I just go. Cynic, the option are all key. Click the blue layer, Put it into the new layer. Then it will be asked for You were duplicated channel I just named for the channel. Alfa Alpha is the first to one maybe like deters. So then click the health far. We're just going to the click command yell to activate the levels. Are you just going to the images at just months? Inside this levels Libya. So click the levels and this is the middle. I just push the mid turn into black site like this. Then click the shadows. What's this? The light makes more light and the blacks make more black. This is the technique. What we're using inside the channels. Then click Ok, no, this one this is the most fun are important. But what's this? I just select the lasso tool Click and select from here. Chris, fill this color with the all day. Delete all the backspace. Our option. Do it like this incident. Mac, you can learn the quick shortcut keys. It's very much useful than press the command be controlled the do the select. Then I do mini maze This picture inside a canvas That is very useful because I'm going to be select the new choose like this. You cannot be Cilipi easily. When I choose like this, you can sell it very easily like this ones. Then I cover all over the picture from here through the borders like this Don't say back, so it would be very useful. Watch this, then. I Celik like this also. Then click the command. Delic, our control. Backspace toe. Fill the black clip inside this impress to control the or command e to de select this one. Then take the stool. A ticket. Whatever the size, you just need it. Hardness must be zero. Then click the moored off this one over the plate. You can overly what? It will be happened when you choose normal. You can select the black means and you paint this. You can paint black right when it was the X key can switch over the colors and you can paint inside this like this white from here. When you paint from here you can paint weight also. But in the overlay, more when you choose. Wait. If I paint inside the black color, you could not be painted When I choose the black color like this can paint inside the weight means you could not be painter So this is the overlay metal off more is be very useful for this So I chose the black from here I just like this You can see Watch over this when I paint Here it be selective. Very good, fine even for the ages also right. This is very great. Once you painted inside this everything because the command zero toe fit down the canvas like this Then I come in tow normal mode again. Then I will make zoom a little bit size of the breast only just taken for like this ones I just paint the very edge the weight dots These are the way darts. It doesn't make well, but it makes beard. So I painted all over this way Darts make patient on. Do this. Don't be rush on your picture when you are editing some other things like this. Okay, if you feel like this, some kind off Bush will be comes toe the like feather. Don't feel bad. Everything you can just And you can alter this later by feeling like this. Okay? It's a kind of your father only so no need our help problem. Then you take white color than coming toe again. Back to the world early. Just paint again and again like this from here. Finish this one to finish this. Chris Command are controlled on the lead off the alpha. It will be selected then coming to the layer. Hit the layer. Click the mass button If you want to do separate the sky means we can do like this If you make invert the mask press control I have come and I are You can go for the Selic Inverse. That is very useful once you click. This was this one. You just go to the this layer. Once I started this, I just go for the dog glowed put it inside the canvas, then press the art on the shifter. Britain to make proportionally scale or transform this picture. Once you finish this, hit the return key or in Turkey to finish this, put it down to the site so you can feel like this. You can move. You can transform any sciences you just need from here. Okay, like this. And now for this dark clothes, I just go some color correction work a very little bit. Only one leader. Brightness and contrast. Watch this. I just add a little bit off greatness we because off the hills and everything make break that. So the clothes also breaking. So I just make a little bit of greatness for contrast. I just produced this way because the blacks and the grace looks great on more softer. That's so I brightness increases on the contrast decreases. And this is the method. What we are using inside the channels to separate the background on from the layer. This is the very professional mattered what we're using inside the studios also for working for the claims and everything. It's make very easier You can do any for the picture are for the models are for any pictures, will be there. You can do it. Do it yourself and some of the some of the pictures inside the projects that is very helpful for you and for the other people's. Also thank you for watching this video. See one the fourth, the tape off bagging on demo video on the next one. 4. 04. Using the background Eraser Tool: Welcome to the class Lecture number four in this. Listen what I am teaching toe hope to extract the bag room from this by using bag grown a research tool. But I remained you. One more important thing this matter is a destructive meant there rather than three methods are non district imitates So if you want to use this method us kind of some pictures in any certain situations, you can use it. But this matter is your district omitted. I just This is the final one taking to the image I just for the e t for activate the it is the tool you can sell in the background. The razor Then I just goingto tool properties. You can activate this. This contiguous are continuous. I just going to the find. It is also tolerance How much tolerance you just get when the tolerances is very much a low . Means you can go for that work is very fine. See this? I just pick the it is like this. Okay, Like this one. If you make the continent yes, activity. This means you just take this very fine. A little bit off plain brushing on the yes, like this we just take down. This is tape off majors and everything will be looks when the image size under the pixel capacities working for you Very fine. If the pixel density is to be four K or Fike, image like this means you can do this one very great on the result will be well, results are come is be very fine. Not like this. But this is a very district moment there. Most of the peoples are not using when you are using for the claims that any other projects like this only, but this is also your matter. Then you comparing toe another pictures. Methods means it is very lonely. But rather than three metres are very much good in prisons and we'll be there. So I hope these four mothers will be very useful for you. Toe. Remove the bag, run from any picture or any other photographs on any foot tape off the project to the claims with the clothes. That is very easier. I hope you will understand this lessons and everything. After finishing this course and everything, Please give me a feedback and you can some into your projects. It's all very welcome I even specially replied toe every comments off your spirits. Thank you for watching my glasses. See you on the next class. The next class will be for the shop CC 2000 waiting for beginners course from year to either see on the next classes. Bye bye. Have a nice day.