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How to Record the PC Screen- Windows

N LourenZo

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10 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • 1-The program

    • 2- Instalation

    • 3-Basic operation

    • What will you learn in the next class?

    • 4-Screen Recording

    • 5- Screen Recording-Watermark

    • 6 Screen Recording WebCam

    • 7 Screen Recording Full Screen

    • Help the programmer


About This Class

Making Videos is an art, not for everyone, a video so that it is good to have to dream, laugh, cry, remember, deep down appeal to the intimate of each one of us.

Many tell stories of people who are heroes, others tell lives, or remember momentous moments.

To dream is to believe that you can go further.

With my course you will learn to record good videos, and to use a very simple and practical tool to use.

With Ocam you can capture videos for tutorials, record the games directly from the screen to youtube, or just the voice.

It is a program of image capture and does not edit.

You will also learn how to export them to different platforms in the market, such as Facebook, Youtube and Udemy etc.





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Hello, I'm Nelson.

Since I was little I liked to play games, much for curiosity, fun, but also for games that made me dream.
I watched movies on television telling stories of people telling lives. That you have seen Heroes, this is my way of living.

I am not an engineer, a teacher or a doctor, I am a simple, honest man who likes to learn and also try to share what little I know.

I'm Freelancer, make games watch movies, it's a hobby that I really like.

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