How to Record Quality Vocals in GarageBand | Joseph Evans | Skillshare

How to Record Quality Vocals in GarageBand

Joseph Evans, Make Better Music Now: Follow Me

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13 Videos (1h 8m)
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    • Introduction

    • Download GarageBand

    • Getting The Right Equipment

    • Sound Proofing Your Office or Studio

    • Setting Up Your Mic

    • Creating A Project In GarageBand

    • Record Your Audio

    • Edit

    • Add Effects

    • Bouncing Down Your Project

    • Live Example

    • Thank You


About This Class

If you would like to learn the proper techniques to record quality vocals for you next song, album, mixtape, podcast, online course, teaching, or radio show then I have a very special treat for you!

In this step by step course on "How to Record Quality Vocals in GarageBand" you will learn how to:

  • Download GarageBand
  • Get the right equipment
  • Properly soundproof your office or home studio
  • Connect your microphone to your computer
  • Create a project in GarageBand
  • Make sure you get a clean recording
  • Add Music Files
  • Edit and add effects 
  • Bounce down your project to a high quality mp3 or wav file

So your search is over!! Learn everything you need to quickly and effectively produce amazing sounding recordings using GarageBand. No experience is required and all musicians, instructors, podcast hosts, voice-over talent, singers, songwriters, rappers, and even preachers are welcome!

All thats left for you to do now is enroll, watch the videos, and get to work!

See you inside.

- Joseph





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Joseph Evans

Make Better Music Now: Follow Me


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