How to Record High Quality Audio with EarPods | Steven Mather | Skillshare

How to Record High Quality Audio with EarPods

Steven Mather, The Backstage Wizard

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3 Videos (17m)
    • Getting Set to Record

    • Recording the Audio

    • Post Recording Edits and Audio Comparisons


About This Class

In this course you'll learn how to record high quality audio for your content with your EarPods, iOS device, and a helpful app called Tape (by Focusrite). This means you'll gain the necessary knowledge about the best way to position the EarPod microphone, how to set the right settings for your needs in the Tape app, and the final considerations post-recording.





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Steven Mather

The Backstage Wizard

Hello all, my name is Steven, aka, The Backstage Wizard. Behind the title, I'm a college student passionate about creating the highest quality content possible. That said, you'll learn how to do various things in relation to producing content, and you'll also find some content teaching you about some of my other interests. These other interests include magic and cardistry.

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