How to Reach Balance between Work & Personal Life | Aleksandra Shupletsova | Skillshare

How to Reach Balance between Work & Personal Life

Aleksandra Shupletsova, · in handmade we trust ·

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5 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. How to Reach Balance - Tips

    • 3. Class Resume

    • 4. Class Project Assignment

    • 5. Final Words


About This Class

About the Class

Being a freelancer or running your own business, of course, gives you more freedom as well as freedom to decide how to use your time. But at the same moment it demands more attention and efforts. From one side being boss to yourself and seductions of so called free life can turn your days into waking up after 12am and staying in pajamas all day. Or on the contrary you may become even more busy and hard working than you’ve been working at the office.   

Of course, these are extreme scenarios. And, of course, it’s not totally restricted to work from bed from time to time. Nor it doesn’t mean there will be no periods of really hard working (especially at launching period). But both scenarios are not normal in the long run as usual way of working. And before your life will remind one of them it’s good to stop and think where the line between work and personal time is and how to find balance here.

For whom is the Class

First of all this class is addressed to freelancers, crafters and small business owners and anybody who works in home-office format.

There are no direct must-dos and set rules in the class, as balance has very variable meaning that depends on many things. I’ve tried to keep the list of advice very general and flexibleany person can apply them to practice taking into consideration peculiarities and special features of their daily life and job.

So in some way the Class actually can be helpful for almost every working person.