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How to Reach Balance between Work & Personal Life

teacher avatar Aleksandra Shupletsova, · in handmade we trust ·

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. How to Reach Balance - Tips

    • 3. Class Resume

    • 4. Class Project Assignment

    • 5. Final Words

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About This Class

About the Class

Being a freelancer or running your own business, of course, gives you more freedom as well as freedom to decide how to use your time. But at the same moment it demands more attention and efforts. From one side being boss to yourself and seductions of so called free life can turn your days into waking up after 12am and staying in pajamas all day. Or on the contrary you may become even more busy and hard working than you’ve been working at the office.   

Of course, these are extreme scenarios. And, of course, it’s not totally restricted to work from bed from time to time. Nor it doesn’t mean there will be no periods of really hard working (especially at launching period). But both scenarios are not normal in the long run as usual way of working. And before your life will remind one of them it’s good to stop and think where the line between work and personal time is and how to find balance here.

For whom is the Class

First of all this class is addressed to freelancers, crafters and small business owners and anybody who works in home-office format.

There are no direct must-dos and set rules in the class, as balance has very variable meaning that depends on many things. I’ve tried to keep the list of advice very general and flexibleany person can apply them to practice taking into consideration peculiarities and special features of their daily life and job.

So in some way the Class actually can be helpful for almost every working person.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aleksandra Shupletsova

· in handmade we trust ·


Hello! I am Aleksandra, Sasha or Sashu as my friends call me - that's where my project's name comes from - SASH? d?cor bureau.

I live in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), but originally from Belarus and in love with Paris :)
I make various handmade stuff since early childhood. Now I run Etsy shop, where I sell the best results of my creative experiments that meet all high quality requirements and pass my strong self-criticism filter.

I like to challenge myself, to learn and to develop. This permanent creative process fills my shop with a variety of styles and techniques. I take natural materials (linen, cotton, wool, natural stones, wood, etc.) and transform them to cozy home decor & textiles, stylish earrings & accessories, and other beautiful stuff.

I do everything ... See full profile

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1. Class Overview: Hi, I'm Alexandra and I welcome you to my class. How to reach balance between work and personal life. This sorts about how to metrics actually, work and personal time started to bother me about a year ago when I quit my job and became so important, I was excited. Opening my smoke created business and diet into the approaches, dealing with hundreds of tasks all by myself trying to do as much as possible. And this quickest I lived this way for a certain period of time and was quite happy. But then came sudden understanding that I'm totally exhausted. I'm even lobbies and I was working full time in the office. I am disappointed that I don't have results. He called my efforts and extra. Don't remember when I was doing something not connected with my foot. A little bit off reflection, small research in some usual logics. Help me to come out from this situation and I started to build my way to balance between work and personal life. After a year of personal experience, I worked out a short list or things that important to think about. If you want to reach this golden point of balance. I want you to spend just 10 minutes watching this reading on option 10 15 minutes more for class projects for a quick reflection off your daily reality that will help you to slow down, to think of it and to make a first step to your balance point. 2. How to Reach Balance - Tips: First of all, you need a working schedule. Heaven, at least nominal. Can Crane will let you be more productive into the plan. In this, make your time to have an upright not necessary to work from 9 to 19. Maybe you're more productive night or you need specialized early morning. It's up to you. Just be flexible and objectives. Planning your working hours in the way that will not leave you to non stop working days and nights or in the country will not be too light. And you'll find an end up with burning deadlines that can help putting business hours. It is also kind of working schedule, but not for you. For your clients. Communicate your clients concrete time when they can reach you for any questions, and he'd best be 100% available during this time to give rape. It answers if you work at night and the now that your business hours from 3 to 9 p.m. The clients will be not disappointed if you don't answer immediately today and an email, and most likely will be not bothered with morning calls. Seven. Clear business hours will help you to increase quality and effectiveness off communications with clients and to do loyalties. Also, it will make border between work and personal life smoking credence stronger whatever work he's definitely need. Splendid. You'll never get a work down there always with something more to do and not enough hours in the day. So you have to learn to say no, run to set priorities and to estimate your time, resources and abilities honestly. By the way, it's also good motivation to analyze on absent wife some working processes you work in space. If your work is inside your left off great, grab it and find a suitable work in place outside home for working spaces, safety bars, etcetera. If it's back to move, you work with locals and neck secure stuff. Then allocate some face at home convenient for work and try to keep your working pro Tuesday. This place will be associate it with work, and it will be easy for you to concentrate and to be more productive being there. Working with special place at home for summer outside will say the from from turning into orbit the two little deflation for life only to rest and relax with half of a cow in the company with close a blanket and interesting book. It is very important you've addressed properly your work, even if you work from home. If you don't need special uniforms for a type of work. In went one dressing kind of uniform, we will be more productive, always dressed for work and change, even if you just move from working table to couch in the same room. Using the small treat, you will reach easily between work and personal life by simply changing your clothes. You have organized properly not only a work in process, but your leisure time, too. So, first of all, you definitely need a weekend. Even if you are totally in love with your work. Really listen to read and ready to work for 24 hours. Your skill. You have a rest to prevent paramount, moral and physical. Not to lose inspiration. You said it in Sunday or not just set up several days a week from work. There are better buys works. A change is as good as a rest. Kenya activity is very important, especially when your hobby becomes your work. You need to find a new for be long ceramics. China for actors costs. Find something that has no connections with your works. Do something only for your own pleasure for you. So we will be able speech of all thoughts about work. It is very easy to be swallowed with work, especially when you're so employed or work from home. So it may sound strange, but time with those who love has to be planned, like other important tasks and business meetings. Plus, it has to be calling to sign your, in which you have to be 100% present here and now. It means that there is no place for never stopping mail checks and endless talks only about your work. It is great if your job was doable anywhere around the world and you can work while traveling. If you're so lucky, use it. But as well as normal weekends, you need to have normal and true vacations, So plan several, please short vacations. For years. We will take with you on the bikini in books, and there will be no space for laptop in your baggage. And finally, sports. It is optional but highly recommended. First of all, additional physical exercises are always good, especially if you work, mostly with computer, will spend a lot of time in the same position, while so in a painting, for example, secondly sports disciplines, it also helps to reload. Brains change point of attraction and finally, it is totally a personal and quality time. 3. Class Resume: So this is the least of 10 aspects important for region balance between work and personal life. They equally regulate both your working process and later time. All tapes are very simple, but very often we forget even about such simple and over things. The idea of the class is to attract your attention to them as you've noticed. And as I promised at the beginning, the list is better general and flexible. So you are free to transform this advice is needed and to build them into your daily life, effectively taken into consideration other personal patters. 4. Class Project Assignment: So now I'm asking you, and this is your class project to think about your reality, to analyze what you already do, what's missing, what you need to apply to your life and in what ways it will take it and proceed mean it's more, but it's a seed that it's worse to be planted, so please share results off quick reflections and the sketcher for action plan off reaching your balance point. I have also prepared a small charge that can help you to put down and organize your source full instructions for the class project and file with the chart you confined in class project sections. Besides, maybe will come up with some more idea and advice. How to reach balance please share. 5. Final Words: Thank you for watching my class over. The process is launched and you're ready to discover your personal balance formula. You already have 10 things for your experiments in pursuing balance. Now, somebody who needs towards this class please share optionally. But you ever welcome to come back in a week or two and a date across project. We'll just leave a quick note in discussions with your results and impressions. What? From that wife least you managed to apply to your daily practice how it works and what changed So hope to see you too.