How to REALLY Profit With Branding: The Grand Brand Sandwich (plus all the marketing fixin's) | Cheryl B. Engelhardt | Skillshare

How to REALLY Profit With Branding: The Grand Brand Sandwich (plus all the marketing fixin's)

Cheryl B. Engelhardt, Music Business, Creation & Branding

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10 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Not sure if this course if for you? Watch the promo video!

    • 2. Introduction to The Grand Brand Sandwich

    • 3. Replacing Attachment with Commitment

    • 4. Brand Assessment

    • 5. The Perfect Pitch: Powerful outreach and requests

    • 6. Asset Creation

    • 7. Creating Great Graphics, Starting with your Website

    • 8. Creating and Editing Videos for the Non-Video Editor!

    • 9. Online Tools for Optimal Placement

    • 10. Authentic Engagement


About This Class

The Grand Brand Sandwich: From Purpose to Profit, allows students to clearly define their mission, communicate it efficiently, and create marketing assets that will exude the brand's purpose, leaving room to provide value and ultimately increasing profits. Cheryl has a unique approach to creating powerful mission statements, brand semantics, effectively pitching new clients, email marketing, creating great graphics, utilizing sound and videos, increasing online engagement and so much more! This isn't about finding your personal brand so you can tweet it once. This course is about discovering and deploying brand alignment to attract the right customer and increase profits.





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Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Music Business, Creation & Branding

Cheryl B. Engelhardt is passionate about supporting anyone developing a creative career. She spent over ten years writing, recording and producing pop records, touring around the world, and garnering dozens of TV and film placements of her songs all while developing a substantial career as a composer for commercials and films. She has given workshops and spoken at universities and music conferences including SXSW about how to develop a creative career, the importance of brand alignment, and h...

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