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How to Publish the Best LinkedIn Articles

Michael Luchies, Entrepreneur & Writer✎

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15 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. LinkedIn Publishing Background

    • 3. What is a Good Article on LinkedIn?

    • 4. Tip 1 Add Value

    • 5. Tip 2 Interest

    • 6. Tip 3 Offer a Cookie

    • 7. Tip 4 Formatting

    • 8. Tip 5 Include YOU

    • 9. Tip 6 Tags

    • 10. Tip 7 Shareability

    • 11. Tip 8 Uniqueness

    • 12. Tip 9 Headlines

    • 13. Tip 10 Involve Influencers

    • 14. Additional Tips

    • 15. Your Project


About This Class

What do you want to accomplish on LinkedIn? 

  • Grow your status as an influencer
  • Land a job
  • Expand your network
  • Recruit partners
  • Build your profile

Whatever the case may be, publishing on LinkedIn can help you in your journey. But you can't reach your goals without writing impactful articles that get noticed! 

My name is Michael Luchies and I've gained new clients, speaking opportunities, and more all from writing on LinkedIn. I've published over 240 articles on LinkedIn to date, and there are 10 things that my best posts (and all of the best posts on LinkedIn) have in common. In this short course, I'll reveal my top 10 tips which will help you write the best posts on LinkedIn, and I'll provide some additional insight along the way. 

After you complete this course, you'll know how to make your posts stand out and how to take a step towards your LinkedIn goals. 



1. Introduction: Lincoln has one of the most powerful publishing platforms out there. But are you taking advantage of it correctly? My name's Michael Lucchese. I've published over 240 articles on LinkedIn over the past five years, had different successes, different results throughout the years, and in this course I want to share with you how to publish the best Lincoln articles. This course is perfect for you if you're currently blubbing somewhere else. If you have been publishing on Linked in or if you just heard about, Lincoln's publishing platform will walk through 10 main tips that will help your articles stand apart from the rest on Lincoln. 2. LinkedIn Publishing Background: now, Lincoln's publishing platform has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Back when I was first Center deduced, I believe around 13 4014 is called Lincoln Pulse. They had a bigger team around it. Now it's just kind of more of a hidden feature. But the articles still get seen by people unlinked in through search engines. Lincoln does leverage their authority to help boost posts online so people can find one other search engines to they don't have to be searching on Langton now. This course is based on one of my more popular articles on Lengthen through my 240 or so articles that I've published. The article was called 12 Things, Every linked in post needs. A lot of that has changed, which is why I'm creating this course to discuss it Now. As you can see, a circle did extremely well, usually for articles. Anything over it depends on your network, but anything over 50 to 75 views can almost be considered decent. Getting any kind of engagement shares likes eyes great, especially when you're first getting started. It will take a while to build up your your authority. Get people tuning into your channel regularly to read your post to get some of those views up. But at the beginning, just shoot for something around 50 to 75. This article obviously had over 3185 lakes, was fantastic and 44 comments. Let's look at another post that did quite well for me on why I might have done well. 3. What is a Good Article on LinkedIn?: Here's another successful article that I wrote on LinkedIn. This was on my interview with Shark Tank's Chi. Imagine are fantastic young entrepreneur who was on Shark Tank. People within my network who are business owners, entrepreneurs, small business professionals. They're interested in this type of content, very interested in Shark Tank. I think it is even more popular back then than it is now. But still, that's part of the reason for the success here. So let's talk about what is a good article on lengthen, and there are different ways to measure that. So the four primary ways that I would measure if your article is doing good on LinkedIn. Our views. Obviously we talked about needing to get at least 50 to 75 I would say in the first month otherwise, I think you can start looking at other types of topics to pursue shares. You want people to share your article on. We'll also talk about that a little bit later. But that's extremely important because that's a way that you can really boost those overall views and likes is getting other people to share out to their network because your network only extends so far, even if you have think I have around 2000 connections about 3500 followers, even through that, that's limited. But you get a few people to share those two there 5000 followers and connections on then it can kind of spread from there likes now linked in within their algorithm. There is definitely favoritism towards post that are getting engagement, including likes. So the more likes you get, the more you're likely to get. It's a ripple effect there on and then comments. I think comments are probably the most important metric of a good article on LinkedIn now. I wouldn't intentionally trying to be controversial, but even if you do have thought that are a little out of the box, if you're getting those comments, that means you're engaging with people. Uh, and that's extremely important on linked in. You want to get people's attention. If they're commenting on your post, you're getting their attention 4. Tip 1 Add Value: Now let's look at the 10 tips to publish the best post unlinked in number one is add value to the reader. Now on LinkedIn. It's a business network. Business relationships are all about providing value. You want to add value to the reader. You don't want to write something that's just self serving. You want to make sure that is benefiting your audience. You want to give them something for their time, and this is where you need to add value to them. So teach them something new. Give them some tips. Do something to add value to your readers. 5. Tip 2 Interest: number two interest your followers and connections, so you need to take a look at who your network is. What is it composed of? What do they want to hear? Where they interested in you? Some of that to come up with your article ideas and your topics because you want to target those topics directly towards them. Or you can start targeting articles towards the people you want to reach. But that's a little bit harder, I would say. Build some of those connections first, then target your articles towards that audience, so then you can get that engagement. 6. Tip 3 Offer a Cookie: number three offer a cookie in the introduction. Now, what in the world is offering a cookie? An article. So this is part of what I call dessert. First pitching. This is back when I was working with an elevator pitches with small businesses. You want to get their attention right away. Now your article isn't very good if you can't get somebody to the end of it. And that's very difficult, because there's so many different things pulling for people's time. So offer something. Write in the introduction. Ah, quote a statistic. Maybe you want to speak directly to your reader something tried to create an instant connection with them. You want to do something right in the introduction to grab their attention. 7. Tip 4 Formatting : number four flawless formatting LinkedIn Posts are notoriously bad for formatting. Whenever you copy and paste content from a word document or from a Google drive, the formatting completely changes when you paste it into the Lincolns publishing platform. So if you have a number less 1 to 15 you got it. You put it into Lincoln. All of a sudden, 111111 instead of 1 to 15. Everything is once you have to change that format. Also, look at the text size. Look at your headings. Make sure change all that. You will need to spend a little bit of time for reading your post after you copy it and paste it on the Lincolns platform. 8. Tip 5 Include YOU: number five include you. Now anyone can right on any topic, but nobody can write from your vantage point. I also as a hobby, get into stand up comedy. Now in stand up comedy. I don't want to tell jokes that anyone else could tell. I need to give my unique perspective, and that's working in stories about myself, anecdotes, things that have happened in my life. You want to do that, too? This also helps create a connection with you between you and the readers and will help them want to follow you or connect with you on Lincoln. Further, it can really help, especially if you're trying to generate leads, create that personal connection. People don't always connect with, ah, business name or a logo or even a tagline, but we connect with other people that's in our DNA. So include a piece of yourself in your articles, unlinked in 9. Tip 6 Tags: a relevant tags. When Lincoln Publishing first started, you could add 3 to 5 tags to your post. It's different now. You're forced to after you complete your article. You then have to publish a post, which is different from articles, their articles and post. You have to create a post unlinked in and publish it. Now this is a post that is now published on the bottom of my most recent article. It's the Post I used to promote the article, and here's your opportunity to introduce tags to your article, and you can. You can have more than 3 to 5 now, so use Hashtags. These will help your article and that post show up. So these are just some of the tags I use for when sharing article on tips for people who are now having to work from home. So you want to make sure to pick tags that apply to both your target market and apply to your article. There needs to be a mixed there. You want to pick ones that fit both 10. Tip 7 Shareability: looking number seven share ability. We touched on this just a little bit later. But you want an article that people want to share. So here you're not even. You're not only looking at your direct target market, the people in your connection you're looking at your connections, connections. What are they going to want to share to their network and why? If you can answer that question, you probably have a really share a bill post. Also, when you look at articles that are share, will you want to look at ones that people can tell from the title, they'll be able to gain little bits of information and move on with their day. It's kind of sad thinking that people might not read your whole article, but if they can gain something within 10 to 20 seconds, you probably have a really good share. Will article. This is why you see so many art article titles that are like the 10 ways you're getting behind in life for five moves to make today. If you want to be a marketing ace, I mean, those are terrible titles and we'll talk about titles later. But you want something that's terrible, that people could easily understand that they're going to gain something from it right away . 11. Tip 8 Uniqueness: number eight uniqueness is your article. Unique is their already one that does exactly what your article does. This also stresses the importance of including a piece of yourself giving your unique perspective. Now, what this doesn't mean is that you can't write about a topic that's already been written about because pretty much everything has already been written about. But take a unique angle in your article. This is where you can introduce a little bit of controversy, take a different viewpoint, then somebody else would, but make sure you're being unique. Those articles always do better. The two examples that I showed earlier those were both articles that I couldn't find anything else quite like them. I think that's why they did so well. Some of the other ones that did touch on really common topics about hiring at work, how to deal with angry bosses, even a lot of those unlinked and have been touched on so much they just weren't unique enough to really catch on. So do always try to take a unique angle, and you can I also work in the unique angle to your title 12. Tip 9 Headlines: number nine a strong title. The title is like your business name. If it's not a little catchy or at least intriguing, nobody's really going to care about the contents of your article. You want to grab their attention right away, and you can do that with a title. Now how do you create a strong title? This is where I would recommend a headline analyzer, and so let's talk about that briefly. Now there are several headline analyzing tools. The one that I choose The Uses. The Coast Schedule Headline Analyzer. You can find that by visiting coast scheduled dot com backslash Headline Dash Analyzer. What it does is all you you can copy and paste your headline. Analyze. Now it will provide a ranking, and it is kind of brutal and ranking but a ranking and reasons why your headline got that score. So let's go ahead and look at the name of his course in the Headline Analyzer now 79. If you're thinking out of 100 that might not seem great on this analyzer. Tool 79 is fantastic. It's very hard to get in the high seventies. I think anything over a 70 you probably got a pretty good headline. If you reach over 75 you probably have a great headline. Um, as you really perfected the skill you can maybe get into the eighties. But it is extremely difficult, so let's look at what they analyze. They look for common words. Obviously, you don't want too many common words. Uncommon words. I still question the effectiveness of this, depending on how uncommon the word is emotional, how to in the best. That's what that plays plays in. And then power using best power words. Eso those air Just the four main things that they rank within their headline analyzer on And you can research more about power. Emotional, uncommon and common words. There's a lot of good resource is out there, especially power words. You can find lists of 5 600 power words that you can use. I would caution you not to try to stuff too many. You still want a headline that reads Good to a human, and I believe this one really does how to publish the best Lincoln articles. Now let's look at alternative title for this course, improve your Lincoln articles with these 10 tips now it sounds good but actually rings much worse than how toe how to write the best. How to publish the best Lincoln articles and kind of. Here's why there's not those emotional pulls. Any emotional words. There's still the one power word, and there's more common words in this. It's also a little bit longer. Now you might try to create a long title trying to stuff as many keywords in as possible. But that's not what you want to do either. You're gonna lose people's attention. People are drawn in by titles that are short and to the point and impactful, so that's really what you want to focus on. 13. Tip 10 Involve Influencers: number 10 involve influencers so linked in. After all, it's an online community, right? You want to bring in other people in what you're doing, you want to create engagement. So in some my other articles, including a couple of the ones that you saw, I brought in other people other Lincoln influencers to some degree toe help These articles reach a wider base. Now, here's another interview that I did this one with Jenna Atkinson. This one did much better than I thought it would. Um, just because this is specifically targeting small business owners and how they can grow a business on a budget. We got 56 comments over 600 views, which is really good for a link to an article I did interview series for a time on Those did pretty well, especially when you include a tag of that person in the post that you published. You can also let them know through face Facebook or linked in message or email, and asked them to please share because you're doing them a favour to your helping boost their authority. You're mentioning them in a post you're giving them some new views, maybe some new followers. So most of the time, they will share your article, uh, as a thank you 14. Additional Tips: additional tips. So here are three other ways to really boost the interest in, and success of your Lincoln posts consistency at the bare minimum. I would try to publish once a month on Lincoln, ideally your publishing once a week. But if you don't have that kind of time or money, if you're working with a ghost writer, then just shoot for once a month at least. But your networks should be used to your posts. Once they get used to it, they'll interact with you more. They're engaged with UME or your posts for about. The published articles will start to rank more in people's feeds as well, especially if they start liking the couple there. Stop, they will start popping up more. Do LinkedIn's algorithm. No engagement. Anytime someone likes or comments on your post, you should be engaging with them. Maybe not every like but every comment, even if it's a comment against what you're saying, and I do see that happen quite a bit. Some people disagree. You still should thank them for their comment cause they're engaging with you. They went out of their way. They could have just closed out of the tab they went out of their way to engage with you to comment on your post. You need to respond to them. You should be liking their comments, respond to them. Start a dialogue with them. A conversation always be polite. There's no reason. Even if they bash, you don't Don't stoop. Uh, in another way to look at this is why are you even publishing on Lincoln in the first place ? You're publishing to engage your network, right? So that means if somebody is commenting on your post, you just one take advantage of it. You got what you wanted out of this. You can continue the engagement by commenting on to their comment and then promotion. Lincoln's publishing platform has changed. Unfortunately, there was a time when you could just publish and automatically your whole network would be notified that you published. And that was freaking awesome. That's changed. Now you have to promote your posts. You should be posting a couple of posts about each published article. You should also be sharing on other networks Twitter, Facebook, instagram, whatever you use. Try to lead people to your linked in post. You're gonna have to do some promotion. You don't need to do paid promotion. I'm not suggesting that you do. Ah, Google AdWords campaigns for your linked in post, but you should be spending some time promoting your Lincoln articles. If you want to grow your build your profile. Whether you want to get a job, get new clients, build new partnerships. You should be promoting your Lincoln articles. 15. Your Project: now your project for this course, you need to write and publish your Lincoln article and share through the Crete Projects section under projects. And resource is in this course. I also really want to know your feedback review this course, let me know if I exceeded your expectations and what you would recommend to other students interested in taking this course. Also feel free to reach out to me. You can reach me at Lucchese, that michael at gmail dot com or obviously you confined me unlinked. And thanks a lot for taking this course. I hope this was helpful. Please review Take care and have fun writing awesome posts for Lincoln.