How to Publish Low and No Content Books like Journals, Sketchbooks and Workbooks | Ronnie Walter | Skillshare

How to Publish Low and No Content Books like Journals, Sketchbooks and Workbooks

Ronnie Walter, Artist, Writer, Art Biz Coach

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    • Skillshare LowContentIntro FINAL

    • Lesson 1 Why Publish a Low or No Content Book?

    • Lesson 2 What Kinds of Books To Publish

    • Lesson 3 Examples of Low Content Books

    • Lesson 4 Publishing Options

    • Lesson 5 A Book By Next Week?

    • Lesson 6 Steps to Publish Your Book

    • Lesson 7 Upload Your Book

    • Lesson 8 Marketing and Final Thoughts

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About This Class


You may have heard that Createspace (the self-publishing arm of Amazon) will soon be merged completely with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing--also an Amazon Company) and Createspace as it is today will soon be phased out. I am in the process of updating this class to make sure I am bringing you the best (and easiest!) way to self-publish but it will take me a few days to update this class.

HOWEVER, everything except for Lessons 6 and 7 will remain the same so you can be working on your theme, content and marketing plans while I am busy getting the technical bits sorted out!

I will be sending an email out to all of my followers as soon as I do that, so if you make sure you are following me so you will know when the class goes live with the new information. Thanks so much for your patience—just another one of those lessons that the only constant in our world is change!

Have you ever wanted to publish your own journals?

Maybe you're teaching a class or writing a book, and want to create a workbook to help your readers get more? After self-publishing more than 15 books including journals, workbooks, and sketchbooks I can show you how to do it!

This short class will teach you all the basics, including how to decide what kind of book you want to publish, planning and design of the book, and how to publish it with a minimum of headaches. I will make it as simple as possible to move you from "Hey, I want to do my own journals" to "Hey! I just published my book"!

This class is delivered in seven quick lessons with lots of encouragement!





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Ronnie Walter

Artist, Writer, Art Biz Coach

Hi! I'm Ronnie Walter. I'm an artist, author and Art Business Coach. I license my work on all kinds of cool products like greeting cards, fabric, giftware, books, plus 17 (and counting) coloring books for adults.

I am frequently caffeinated.

I love what I do and I particularly love teaching and coaching artists to help them move further on their journey no matter where they are! My goal is to help you calm the overwhelm, discover your unique gifts and make a game plan where you ...

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