How to Public Speak Like a Boss! | Megan Grano | Skillshare

How to Public Speak Like a Boss!

Megan Grano, Public Speaking Coach & Comedian

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6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro: Why Being A Good Public Speaker Matters

    • 2. How to Look Confident

    • 3. How to Sound Confident

    • 4. How to Keep People Engaged

    • 5. How to Conquer Your Nerves

    • 6. Practice Makes Perfect


About This Class

“Give a toast at my best friend’s wedding? Sure! Easy-peasy!”
“Present a project status update to my team at work? You bet. On it!”
“Convince a few loyal clients to buy our newest product in three minutes? No problem-o!”

Except… you’re not on it, and as it turns out, nothing is easy-peasy about the presentation you’re doing TOMORROW.  Why, oh why, did you wait until the night before to throw something together? Suddenly you realize you’re not prepared. You’ve got nothing interesting, nothing of substance to say. Worse, you’re nervous.  And once the nerves creep in on us, as C-3PO says,  “we’re doomed!”

Public speaking is one of those things almost all of us will have to do at some point in our lives. But many people hope that somehow, some way, they can avoid it. That’s because for many people, public speaking is their greatest fear after death. To all those innocent souls: Relax, public speaking is a skill.  That means it is something you can study and practice. And the good news is: with just a little effort, you can easily improve.

My background:  I am a comedy writer and performer based in Los Angeles. About seven years ago, I was pulled in to help an exec with a speech. From there, my business grew. I've been helping people improve their public speaking skills ever since. I've worked with C-suite execs, salespeople, graduation speakers, and ordinary people who just want to give a killer speech at a special event. So if you are looking to make a good toast, wow your co-workers, or even just get someone to listen to your presentation for three minutes without checking his or her phone, this class is for you.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to stand when speaking
  • Where to look and for how long
  • What to do with your arms and hands
  • Vocal guidance to create a clear, strong voice
  • How to make your speech engaging
  • And perhaps most useful of all, techniques to combat nerves

This class is intended for beginner to intermediate level speakers – that would be people who have done either zero public speaking or those who have light experience. Even expert speakers might pick up some new best practices.  

Our class project should be fun no matter your skill level. Each of you are invited to present your own short speech – either using the template speech I provided, or your own. Then the class will provide constructive feedback on each others’ presentations.

I will do my best to be available to you throughout the class to respond to your questions and concerns. Enjoy the process and here’s to taking one of life’s biggest fears* head on! 

*Please note: this class will not help with your fear of death.





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Megan Grano

Public Speaking Coach & Comedian

Hi, I'm Megan.
I am a comedian, writer, director and public speaking coach based in Los Angeles. When I was 14 years old, I auditioned for my high school's comedy troop. Luckily, (*or unluckily if you're my parents) I got in! From there, my love of improv and sketch comedy grew. I majored in Journalism at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but in my free time, I founded an improv/sketch comedy group called Chapel Hill Players or CHiPs. HumbleNotHumbleBrag: CHi...

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