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How to Prospect, Sales Prospecting Secretes

teacher avatar Shane Kluiter, Knowledge is Power

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Persistence

    • 3. Cold calling phone prospecting

    • 4. Email Prospecting

    • 5. Text and Social Media Prospecting

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About This Class

What is one of the most profitable skills in sales? 


The ability go reach out and find new clients is essential for all businesses. When you learn how to prospect well and how to profit from it you gain the ability to write your own ticket of success. Business developers prospect for new account and clients and create something from nothing. Prospecting is like magic. In this course will will discuss prospecting via Email, Text, Phone, and Social Media.

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Shane Kluiter

Knowledge is Power


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1. Introduction: Hi. In this course, we're going over prospecting secrets so you can sell more faster. In this course, we're going to discuss email prospecting, phone prospecting, social media prospecting and text prospecting. Ah, a lot of similar skills sets used across these go over how to do them. We're gonna keep it simple so that you can apply this to your business and really any business that involves direct contact to consumers. So this is for anyone who's reaching out directly to the customer, either qualifying them to take a look at the product or rich out immediately asking for purchase. 2. Persistence: Firstly, in this course, I want to talk about persistence. You're gonna fail more than you succeed, especially when you're prospecting. You have to know that going in and just so that sister reality and you're used to it. You can't get weighed down by every time somebody tells. You know, prospecting is one of the hardest and most mentally draining task the professional can engage in. It's the thing that often time burned sales people out. It is, however, essential cells skill. You have to have a thick skin and a short memory to prospecting correctly. By being persistent, you're really gonna allow yourself to push through the hard times and really get to the number of activities. You know having a day to be successful. It's easy to get negative. Facing constant rejection. You have to develop a positive mental attitude, making 100 calls a day or not. Hannah read or knit neighborhood in one afternoon is mentally draining, but that's prospect. Your friend had a positive attitude where you will fail. It's easy to neglect. Working one day in sales are typically on your own island and left a sinker swept. You have to make the conscious choice that every day you are going to wake up and work towards your goals. Some companies will create Metro's to show new sales reps. Just how much prospecting needs to be done? Reach a goal as thistle. Oh, for example, you might be told that if you make 100 call today, you should set one demo a day and average five them five sales a month off of that, just based on historical data. That's what the average rep should be able to dio. There will be out liars, and there will be people who are just not gonna do anything, does. It wasn't the right job, but that's statistically what you should do. And if you could find that for what you're doing, that can really help to give you an idea of where you're at on a skill level. Persistence is key and sales some rough. They're successful purely based on their ability to you pushing forward towards their goal instead of allowing failures twin by being persistent, you're not constantly just working towards one quiet that you really want being persistent with that one client. Uh, the idea isn't so much to do that the edges that your persistent with your activities, your persistent with constantly going out and saying I wouldn't knock on excellent of doors an hour. And you do that cause that's realistic. Clear urine, or I'm gonna make 100 phone calls a day where I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna find five companies that actually want talk Number five Devils by the end of the day. And that's how you do your business. You go out and you say, I'm gonna get five businesses to talk to me today. You don't care honestly, By or not you talk to you. You know, if you talk to five on Monday, five on Tuesday, five on Wednesday, five on Thursday, five on Friday at the end of the week, you're gonna have to talk to enough businesses that enough of them should buy for you to your goal. You have to be persistent. Their next videos. We're going to go over evil prospecting cold calls and then prospecting using text and social media 3. Cold calling phone prospecting: cold calls air probably my favorite phone prospecting. It's one of the hardest ways to prospect, and one was difficult things, I think, to do it. Sales. It's also one of those profitable skill sets you can have in a day. You can make 100 to 200 vocals, any on you are dialer, or if you just dial really quickly so you can make a lot of touchpoints. With a lot of people having the persistence to continually do that day over day and the mental attitude in the vision to see the future you can have from it. You could make a lot of money just by using cold calls when prospecting over the phone. It's important, like in any part sales to be clear, indirect. The clients have the easiest out in the world, your one click away from being hung up on at all times. Don't waste your prospects time, and more importantly, I wanna waste drunk. You want to qualify quickly or disqualified quickly. You can quickly figure out about 10 minutes. Vocal. Somebody's not supposed to be a customer of yours. You're gonna save yourself a lot of time. You're not in the worst waste time trying to go through your full sales process. You're not gonna move on to a demo. You're not on the schedule. An in person meeting. You're not going to go the long too long. You're gonna get it out of the way. You're gonna get your quick now and you're gonna move off. That's the idea. One thing you can do in sales on the phone and cold calls, especially if you want to ask questions, is gonna help increase your clothes rates or your conversion rates a lot because it takes it from being about you. And it makes about the customer. And people talk about themselves. So if you think about conversations, you've had conversations you enjoyed. Were any of them just you listening to somebody else talk about themselves? No one really likes to hear, like, the sales pitch. Hi, my name is Shane. And, uh, I sell this product where we will make it so all of your things are better, and it costs $5000 a year. And do you want to buy it? And nobody wants that right away. Right? You've unqualified anybody. It's kind of a thing about what you do because it has never been explained. And you're not going in with an actual solution for any problems because there are no problems that you've identified. So you gotta find problems. And you have to do that in your first initial call to give them a reason to talk to you. So your first touch point as a cold call is perfect. You're able to ask a few questions, get a feel for the home person our you might get. Do you get a feel for them and find out that you can easily just ask him a question. You're gonna straight answer, and it will move on. It might be someone where you have to ask them three or four questions to get to the actual answer you were looking for just based on the way the answer questions vaguely, um, they might not be interested in talking to you, but they might be too polite to just hang up on you. In that case, you've got some time to find a way in a date but asking questions and have clients explained to you, um, how they're doing certain things or why they're doing certain things and you kind of questioning. Maybe current processes or asking these things could be better. How things could be better, what they imagine, the future being you can create not only a connection, but you can create an opportunity for yourself to fill those gaps. Not everyone's going to be your friend, um, looking at sales in general. There's a book called The Challengers Out. I recommend that you read it. It's a great book. It is just a whole analysis of sales reps. And they broke apart, UM, five different versions of sounds, reps and what their skill sets were and how they sold and found which ones were more successful. And the challengers were by far the most successful. Statistically, calendars challenge what clients say. They're not there to be your best friend. They have a great conversation with you. They are friendly, but they challenge what the clients think, and by doing so as it sells up, especially in a cold call, you're able to open up their mind and make them think, you know, maybe I shouldn't just hang up on this guy. Forget he called. Maybe he's right, and I should take that demo or do this trial run on the product or let's have that second call Al bring in my team so we can make sure it's the product. It'll work for us. So we has qualifying questions. We ask disqualifying questions, and we challenge the notions of what the client says when we know them to be wrong or something that we can fix in some way. So you won't start your sales call with Hi. My name. Shame. That's why the company. Because I understand you're in charge of the Dynamics GP system. Is that correct? In this case, I am selling to a dynamic GP administrator. I'm trying to sell him. Adam. Um, the answer. There's gonna be quick, yes or no. From that, I want to move to open ended questions, right? They say Yes. Great. Have established. This is my client. He's the guy in charge of the system I had onto. I want to make sure he knows what I can do. Most people I work with, um, they struggled with managing their inventory. How do you manage your inventory? He goes on about how people under things in the equipment bins where one of the house there bends or you just says We don't really like it. It's difficult to use. It's hardly manageable. No one wants to even use the system. Things are hardly accurate. People don't want to use the system. And then I haven't in right. I have a solution that makes it a lot easier to use. We add on to GP, so basically, you don't have to switch your system. You just get this. That works better in this situation. But open ended questions. We're gonna get you there. It's important to remember what your goal is and where you're trying to go with things, right? So once you're on the phone, you're qualified or disc called. Um, from that worry trying to get Are you selling a product? Someone can buy a medial. Are you selling a product that requires another meeting just to scope things out? Is it more complex or more people involved? What stakeholders there need to be? Is this gonna be going up the chain to get approved? These are things we might need to figure out whatever your next step is after you qualified , you want to start moving there. You want to move it quick as soon and you can drive urgency. The fact you're gonna get through the sale cycle If you get into somebody's voice Mount Lawyer prospected, you might want to just send an email with it. It's a really good tactic that's using email and a call together. So it be something with this where you would call and say hi, I'm ashamed calling because I have companies. Luckier is that she better work flows inside your Microsoft platform. I'm going to send you an email with total gym, better processing. Take a look and let me know what you think My phone number is. La la la That's in that email. If you have trapped in software, you can also see when they open that a mound. Get my call right when they dio. But you can see people getting that voicemail and originally thinking like I'm not gonna open this, but maybe now they're curious. They've seen it twice. That's more powerful than just seeing email or phone call. It's shown up twice. Maybe they saw the email first and then got the voicemail that reminded me a really nice thing about cold calling. Is her running to clients that didn't know they needed a product. I hadn't started taking the time to really look for something yet. So instead of having a client that comes to you saying, Hey, I'm looking for a solution for X Y Z and knowing that they talk to you they probably talked to two or three other people pricing for ideas. Just get a handle on things you just happen to be. If you're not number one, number four or five in the line. Just two people that talk Teoh. They kind of have an idea of what they want. They've been doing research, but that point you're starting off almost a little bit behind because they haven't established, um, view of what things should look like opposed to this all happening kind of organically with your cold call, where you're coming in and together. Creating that vision cool going is highly effective and finding new business for your company and growing it. The hardest thing to do once you've grown established is to continue to find your customers so you might start off feeling like your business has a lot of customers to begin with just because you're finding them kind of organically in your network. You're growing, you know, by leaps and bounds at first. But maybe you're not work stalls out right? Maybe you know, white now what to do next If companies that have tried to stop having cold call be part of it and only work with warm leads and and you also coming through their websites and they found that going back to cold calling is actually pretty much essential for growing businesses in our society Just because there's so much power utility in that and reaching out to people who didn't know they needed a problem, I didn't know they needed things. Now, if you don't know, something exists, you can't buy it. And that sounds super simplistic. But how many things do do we all not know about until somebody tells us? And then we think, Wow, obviously this Israel obviously this exists. But unless someone told you it did, it wasn't gonna be on your mind. 4. Email Prospecting: huh? Shane again in this video atop about email prospect. It's important to note that with email prospect, and you should not use it to supplement you were telephone prospecting. If we get any phone calls, you shouldn't replace it at all. Picking up the phone is still very powerful, even in 2019. Probably will be until we find something else other than phones to use people going ignoring email a lot easier. There also people that just never checked their email, so that initial contact you have, you'll get a lot more done on a phone. You on email using an email. It's still a great prospecting tool. Some people you don't know what shift there really working you just now They are in the inventory control department ad company actualize E. You have to get a hold of, and they need to hear about your product so that you can set up a demo so you can sell them your software or there gonna buy supplies from you, right? But you don't know. Maybe they will have to work third shift that week, right? A lot of variables. We just don't know about what people are doing so in emails a really good way to kind of have that initial start with the conversation. Definitely not how you want to do. You're in her sales process. Let's talk about some jack wines. So with a subject line, this is your first attempt to get their attention. First thing someone sees you get notation on your phone boom at an email. What's it say? Great. A really good way to get someone's attention is to use their name. So you might say John. And then we're problems trying to solve John Cash for the busy season. John, that air shipping where your solution is, that's what you're gonna wanna put there, John. A sense of security in case of an emergency. A call to action. You may also, I want to use something like urgent or alert. These are something that you might not want to start with, but using them kind of as a last resort. Urgent comma, whatever you want or just totally urgent just to get them to open the email, right? Because at the point, Rigoni's urgent or alert Say you haven't heard back from them ever something two or three now, as you call them a dozen times. They're just not responding. Throw a Hail Mary out their title. It urgent Leave a quick message. There you go. Asking a question just in the subject line. Do you like your inventory management solution? Have manager inventory. Hey, are you great contact? I've found that just reaching out and asked people their the right contacts sometimes gets me an answer. It puts me towards the right person. Or it couldn't get you the answer of yeah, on the right person. Butter companies going out of business or we already have a supplier for that. But I already have a solution we bought two months ago. Contract last year. But you know, you call him that share. You could take over that agreement, but gets you in the door. Your emails short. You want to make sure your titling them with something people are going to open. So think about the things people send you that you open. What marketing are you receiving that you're opening versus the stuff you're just sending straight to spam or deleting inside the body of your email? You want to keep it short. I want to keep it short in sentence one, and in the amount of information you're gonna get, short sentences and statements need to lead to a call to action. Keep it simple. Don't use terms that might be hard to understand if there's specific terms for your industry. Yes, use those that we go to show. You have to acknowledge. Don't use any fancy words. Keep everything plain simple and present. What? You're actually trying to do it straight forward. Short statements get right. Kind of like a tax write. You gonna taxed? It's a couple sentences. It's restricted. Same thing with tweets, tweets or short that restricted. That's why people like them a short They're easy to take in small amounts. How often do you open an email and you just don't rebuild? Uh, I know personally, I don't read it. Ah, full long email, primarily because there's so much in it that probably didn't even need to be. So. By keeping things short, even things concise, you're going to do a couple factory getting to read the whole thing. You're gonna ensure that you didn't make anything seem overly confusing or overly complex because that makes people not wanna buy to begin with but he didn't think simple. You drive it closer to what you want, which is a conversation. All sales email communications should be relatively short into the point with the idea of driving towards your angle. So not only are you making things concise, you're making things concise but also always working towards the same place. So you have to work for emails and communication going that import with a hell of a phone with you. You're trying to get a phone call. Still, they talk to you, and then they're doing email with you because there's still hard to get a hold him on the phone. You're trying to move to the next part your sales cycle, which might be finding out who above them you need to talk to. It might be figure out their budget is. It might be that negotiation of what all the services are going to be in your situation. You just have to continue to progress forward out of baby steps. This is what we can do. All right, this is how are you doing? Ask qualifying questions in your emails. That way you can rule out the prospect as soon as possible. if they aren't your ideal client, you want to know as soon as possible. So you move up. It's a lot harder to try to force someone to be your ideal client. It's a mistake that a lot of people make when they get in the sales they're going to and they say I consult anybody I'm gonna self, Anyone should buy when the idea should be. I'm gonna sell the people who make sense to buy this because they're the ones that are actually gonna do it. You're not that person I want to know. I only know now. So I don't waste my time. We don't want to waste our time sending in the house, making phone calls to anything with people who are not. All right, you carts. If you can offer something free, that's a really good way to use an email to want to get them. Just will do that pretrial or if you get them to talk to you sometimes it's advantageous to even say a word in the same town. Why don't I buy you a free lunch? Even totally know a free lunch click on it. They see Hey, I'll take you don't want. Let me see if you're even work being customer. Boom! There we go. You will have lunch with the guy. It cost you 10 bucks, but it gets you in the door. Any on your market. That might be a really good trade off below. Here we have an example. Company now and shows the inside John for most my clients. Q. Four of the biggest time of year. They utilize their services for the cash they need to buy inventory for the busy season. Could use extra cash on hand during q four. This is something you signed up for, Jenna, You three years to be in here for just October here. How? Another time creating this video. Let's think about things in their cycle. They're gonna make them want Open it. Right. So, John Cash the busy season. Does Johnny Cash the busy season? Great. He's gonna click on it because my company do you supply funding? Wonderful. This is what I'm asking. Do you need Hyundai? Most people working with now dio for inventory. Great pretty hall I am. And get his attention for so in this email in just a couple sentences and say Hey, most people I know in your city, companies like you have this problem. Do you have that problem? And I'm implying that I helped so quick Example something to kind of think about in how your prospect 5. Text and Social Media Prospecting: what in this video we're talking about prospecting the A text or social media. So when you're prospecting in the text based kind of chat based on program like something you would dio in attacks on the phone or via Facebook messenger or via instagram messaging or Twitter messaging, wherever comes out in the future, right? Mostly minute. Having a chat program? Well, one thing that's really nice about that is people get notifications for it, really location on the phone and our society is glued to social media. Um, the open rate on text even is the highest of everything that we send out. So if you look at email marketing and then you compare it to the open rates on texts, do a quick search in Google and take a look and say See what the average open rates are for any malice. Average open rates for attacks campaign are a lot higher and text, and it's gonna continue to be, um, less unless people want to be their email. More on what we want. Pretext. You're seeing more companies for it to do more prospecting via text and taking phone numbers on more importance than an email address. Text prospecting is similar to email prospecting, except you have much higher chance the prophet reading the text and reading it very soon after you send it. So using what? When you get taxed, you probably look at it pretty quick. We all work phone sitting out next to us. Your phone's probably in your pocket right next to you. Right now. Mine is we all has vibration on or sound most of the time, even if we don't, we look at it enough, right? We're all addicted to our phones, and that's something we can use in sales. So you're gonna wind much like an email, use a hook or use a reason for them to talk to you. It doesn't matter if using Facebook doesn't matter for using social media at all or using a person to person tax on phone. What matters is what you're saying, and you should say some more invisible scenario. Hey, this is what I can do. Keep it short. Um, sure, On Twitter, you probably had a bunch of random people that you on Twitter and then they've got a program that automatically send messages to everybody on It was and it sent you some giant paragraph that obviously you didn't click on because you can't see what they started talking about. All you can see is the stupid link that sent you at the bottom. It doesn't have anything to do with that, um, that you're into. It's too random message hoping you'll read this giant paragraph. They basically threw books, people. Those are effective. Um, they're not effective because people aren't gonna read little site. Ah, they're not active. Does they clearly look like span? And they are spam. What is effective is ah, short, concise, clear communication. Uh, keep in communication very clear on all platforms were higher dealing. It is extremely born and especially inside of the tax. Or so for me, a situation. So if you were texting with someone, you're going to basically be having a very quick email exchange. Um, that's what texting is for media messaging. Each other is, um, you might go into a situation, and then you connect with somebody on Twitter. Uh, that's someone you might sell to. You know, wearables. You're searching through certain tags for your industry on Twitter. You see, somebody commented underneath one of the posts popular. So you comment under there's then you feel the message and say hi, then you Hi is what I do this is Hey, it's what I do necessary pitch. No, but you keep it short. You say I'll businesses do this. Is that something you could use? Qualify quickly, Disqualify quickly. Give people a reason to talk to you of wise that used to meet you or ignore it. Similar to many melodies during this fan, using questions will help you to get engagement faster. I had a $38,000 deal over Facebook messenger here a few months back just because we connected. I had seen on Twitter that they were talking about how their business was in need off certain funding and they were having trouble trying to raise money. So I reached out. They were they weren't that far off the goal that they wanted to get. I reached out that actually had set lower Golden while they originally what they found out Now they needed. And that's okay. I work with companies like you that need funding in your situation. Have trouble qualified. I mean, it's real quick they look here All this form basically qualified or disqualified pretty quickly, and they did. They qualified in. You know, sometimes you get moments like that, right. Other times, a lot of times you get just like in any other kind of prospecting. Get a lot of times where you get shut down a lot of times where look no, stop. Leave me alone or they just move you. But if you do enough right, you end up actually meaning more traction and you get better at doing it. And he's learned kind of the better questions to ask and drive people to the Web site. You're trying to get him to the product or trying to get him to or get on the phone with you. So I I I was working for a You just company back when babying started first getting popular and we were trying to get into locations at shops and the smaller shops were everything was run basically by the same person, right? So the owner did the day today management. They did the accounting, they hiring, firing that were in the store every day. They were doing the social media. They're doing this Facebook, instagram, twitter it all that well, every the more you get ahold of. Because his new pop up shop, the owner, might decline every phone call that comes into him just because he tired of being sold to. But he's checking his Twitter. He is checking Instagram, checking Facebook. You checking them because he wants to make sure one. People are saying that things do that you're getting engaging out of them and hopefully driving people to the store. And three people are happy. They're not leaving bad reviews. They're saying nice things. People like to hear nice things snowshoe when they first started business. So it gave me away in where I at our product into stores and three states. Just my social media messaging and communication. Uh, because it didn't consistently asked her to the conversation that way. That phone calls, um hey, CEO shop see of these products are products. Fulfill these needs in the industry. You have anything in those thoughts right now? No. Great. Let me get you on the phone. I'll tell you where pricing is. If you like it within some, do a sample test, see what hell work. See how your customer likes it. See if it's something good for your base, things like that. There is just such a wealth of ways to get a hold. People nowadays that it's overwhelming and it's easy to overthink. So the easiest thing to do is to just keep things simple, keep things organic, kind of work on your feet and say, This is what I can do This is my my product set are my skill set. This is one of selling. This is the group of services I have who who needs this and then you reach out to people. You say, Hey, I think I think this can work for you in my right. I mean, what are you doing? How you do it. And prospecting in general is really just having quick conversations. And hey, And you, ABC, what do you dio? No, that we can help each other and a base level basic human reaction. It's really exciting what you get into it really exciting once you're really pushing through seeing results just from the synergy of all avenues. So look social media marking her social media prospecting. You can do kind of off hours and it doesn't seem weird. People are confused if you're up late, you can sleep. So you sent a few messages on instinct around to a few business owners and say Hi, this is what I dio or just introduce yourself. Or you just asked a question about how they get their supplies or something, right? They don't think that's weird at 2 a.m. Because if they're sleeping on a check total morning and even then they're excited to get messages. Um, you know, that triggers something in our minds where we get dope me during that social media interaction. So I feel like it opens more doors. I feel like it allows us to be able to go into situations. And instead of saying I could make cold calls in my area legally until nine o'clock and then I have to stop well, I can't sleep. Maybe I'll do something patient messenger and tell tat. Maybe I'll do some basic messenger when I woke up early by them because on the East Coast, and there's nobody with almost nobody's answering the phone, his highly I hope you know, these lessons