How to Plot Your Story Arcs- Part 1 - The Big Picture

Charlie Aylett,

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5 Videos (11m)
    • Intro

    • Different Types of Story Arcs

    • Charting the Character Arc

    • Connecting the Dots

    • Assignment

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About This Class

Wondering how you can bring more depth to your fiction writing? You might be in need of a character or emotional arc. What is it? Well, that's what this class is designed to explain!

These lessons will discuss the story arc in a published novel, identify the emotional markers used to progress the plot, and help you see how to layer the markers to focus your story.

Once you take this class, you'll see how easy it really is! No need to stress or get in a tangle. A clear path for you to follow in your fiction writing.

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I love this class. Thank you!
This was explained so clearly. I also loved that you explained how to plot out benchmarks that represent the character's change. Thank you Charlie.
Short, simple, easy to remember - perfect for my attention span! It's well-organized and practical. It's cool to see a class about story and character arcs from on emotional perspective. although I never read The Girl with the Pearl Earring, which was the example, it was explained in a clear way that helped me understand Aylett's points.
Udern Stroud






Charlie Aylett

Been writing longer than I should have. Along the road of those many years, I stumbled into editorial work and currently reside at Flash Fiction Online. I read a lot of stories every month, the majority of which are declined. I’ve critiqued hundreds of novels and short stories, read a thousand more, written a ton of rejection letters and tried to give helpful advice wherever possible. I've always taken pride and pleasure in helping writers understand key fiction writing techniques and g...

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