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How to Play No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker For Beginners

teacher avatar Greg Vanderford, Knowledge is Power!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 58m)
    • 1. No Limit Hold Em for Beginners Promo

    • 2. Lesson 1 Intro to No Limit Hold Em Poker

    • 3. Lesson 2 Relative Hand Strengths

    • 4. Lesson 3 Poker is a Game of Deception

    • 5. Lesson 4 How to Win Big Pots

    • 6. Lesson 5 The Most Important Skill in Poker

    • 7. Lesson 6 Playing the Player

    • 8. Lesson 7 Making Your Decisions Easy

    • 9. Lesson 8 Pre Flop Decision Making

    • 10. Lesson 9 The Winning Style of Play

    • 11. Lesson 10 How to Read Your Opponents

    • 12. Lesson 11 How to Have Good Poker Judgment

    • 13. Lesson 12 Combing the Key Poker Skills

    • 14. Lesson 13 Thinking Like a Pro

    • 15. Lesson 14 The Power of the Semi Bluff

    • 16. Lesson 15 How to Play Pocket Pairs

    • 17. Lesson 16 Playing Your Position

    • 18. Lesson 17 Poker for Beginners Recap

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About This Class

Poker continues to be one of the most popular card games in the world

One of the main reasons for its continued popularity is that it's one of the only games where you can not only make money consistently, but EVEN MAKE A GOOD LIVING at it once you become a really good player.

In this course, I'm going to teach you how to play No Limit Texas Hold Em (the most popular version of poker by far) from the very beginning.

You will learn:

1. The relative hand strengths

2. How to choose which hands to play

3. Poker terminology

4. When to fold before the flop

5. When to check, bet, or raise

6. Understanding position

7. Opportunities to bluff

8. Import card probabilities

9. How to choose the right game structure for you

10. The difference between tournaments and cash games (it's huge)

Join the course and learn HOW TO PLAY TEXAS NO LIMIT HOLD EM POKER from start to finish!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Greg Vanderford

Knowledge is Power!


My courses are designed based on my many years as a teacher and student of education and business. I hold a master's degree in curriculum and instruction and have been designing curricula for over a decade.

The business, language, and chess courses that I have built are a reflection of this experience and dedication to education. My goal is to reach as many people as possible with my courses, which is why I have chosen the internet as my ideal mode of delivery.

The following is a little more about my expertise and background. I was born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho. I attended the University of Idaho where I earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 2004. After a few years in the work force as an account manager I moved to Vietnam where I lived for over 5 ... See full profile

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1. No Limit Hold Em for Beginners Promo: I am his break Bennett, for I've been playing poker for about 20 years. I played professionally for a few years of several years ago, and now I play mostly recreational Lee to something May income. I teach people how to play private lessons, and I'm making this course, uh, how to play for beginners. How to play No Limit Hold'em poker specifically for beginners to explain to people in a very short, brief format how to go from knowing basically nothing about over it all to being a solid, pretty strong player in a very short amount of time. So this course is geared towards beginners, and hopefully you. By the time you're done with it, you will be able to play a competently and confident playing against maybe your friends and relatives or even at the casino against pretty good or even very good poker players. So I have broken the course up into 17 different lessons of myself, showing you over the shoulder, making decisions, playing the game and explaining all the basics to you from the relative strength of hands. Two. Position to the betting and betting strategies, bluffing how to play against different types of players and all the ins and outs of the game of no limit Texas holdem poker. So I hope you guys join the course and we'll see you inside. 2. Lesson 1 Intro to No Limit Hold Em Poker: everybody. So in this course, this course is geared towards beginning poker players that don't really know anything about the game. You like introduction, and so I'm gonna have you guys watched me play over the shoulder online and explain everything that's going on. And so I'll be a rating. What we see other people doing narrating what I'm doing and it's give you the very basics of poker. So, you know, first of all, I put the game obviously and then next, how to start thinking in terms of strategies that will win you money. If you have friends, have ah, home game that you go to. Maybe you feel like you don't, you know, play very well. You're not confident. Play with them and you always lose. Well, this course will help you a lot. And then once you graduate from this course and you go out there and get some more practice , then you conjoined my other course learn to play poker like a champion, which has much more advanced concepts. Basically, poker is one part our and one part science. You have to learn some probabilities. You have to learn the hand strange that they learned a lot of things. They're sort of the basics of poker that its scientific, which hands beat, which hands one of the rules. But then the are part of it is that you need to be able to make a lot of decisions with partial information. And that's one of the things that makes poker so fun to play. And also where it's one of the reasons why they have the saying It takes a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master the complexity of no limit poker, especially in no limit. Hold'em, especially, is limitless. But just getting started is pretty simple. Basically, you can fill two cards in your hand, and then they're gonna put five parts face up on the board. You could match your two cards in your hand there, called your hole cards, with any three cards from the board to make the best five card and possible. And so everyone has to cards and you need to come up with the best five card and that you can that will win the the pot or for yourself in a position where you can bluff by betting into the pot and scaring everyone away and thus getting everyone to full and then winning the pot. In poker, we have something called blinds, so you notice that there's a dealer button here, says G on it that rotates around the table of each turn. So you're really with car, that all you probably there with the dealer being something that you know, everyone takes turns being the dealer. It goes around well and poker. It's very significant. First of all, the people to the left of the dealer have to pay an automatic blinds like an answer. And so let's say, for example, like in this game, the blind is five chips and 10 ships. So the small blind, the person right next to the dealer. They put in five chips every hand and the person in the Big Blind. It's two. Next to the dealer. They will put in 10 so there will be five chips and 10 ships in the pot, no matter what the beginning of your hand. That means that there's gonna be a pot starting with 15 ships. This one was has been called and she tells you, hear how many chips told in the party. Now there's 50 chips in the pot. I've got a previous of hand, actually, because if somebody doesn't have a queen, I've got top pair. It's not a great man. I'm gonna go ahead and bet the pot we call vetting the pot of reasonable best. So there's 50 chips in the pot. Click 50 Intimate at 50. Now, this is gonna tell me what my point is. Do is gonna tell me whether not they have something better than me. You're not. So this guy called. He has something. I don't think there's a queen problem. Would have. Bet you might have a I'm gonna bet the part again because I know the leader and the box getting bigger. We already have money out there. We wanna protect our money now. Okay, he folded one. If he had a queen there, he would have raised me because now he wants you to push me out of the hand or when a big plot. So I won by 85 chips on that one case, I'll put full because really, that's starting hand. I'm gonna talk about starting hands soon. The first was finished with the dealer, but so notice again. So the two people. Next, the dealer are in the blinds. Small. I'm only puts in five. So when it gets around to him, he's gonna decided he wants staying his needs Another five in order to call and join the hand. Everybody else is not in the blinds. Has to put in 10 chips in order to come into the pot. So we said, we see that the bet in this case, an automatic that of 10. And so I got a bad hand. Queen four suit is bad. Hands are just old. One of the most inviting check. Excuse me. I can check because I'm in the big blind. I automatically have to put up the attack. One of the most important things in poker is to make sure you don't come into the hand without something that's key. Said so Here I would've had a pair of fours still really bad hand. Even though I have a pair, it's not very good. So low pair and this is really bad. And so somebody bet Sky bet 30. And of course you're just gonna full. We don't stay in the hand unless we think we have the best hand or unless we have a hand that we can improve by making a straight making it flush. And that will be something that we call and draw if you're drawing to a straight or a flush or a two pair or some other stronger hand. And we already have something that repair and we may want to stay in and chase are car whether or not we do so as we're gonna learn the course well to pay on our opponents and what they do, what the betting is and how big the pot is and our position, which I'm going to talk about shortly. So I'm in the small blind I automatically had to put in five, But again, Queen three, also similar for the last time for the terrible hands. I'm not gonna play five. Not gonna put more money in the pot, I mostly could be in bad position when you are one of the first act, which reports you are the very first act here in the small blind, each round of betting because you're next the dealer. You're in a bad position because everyone at the table could see what do you do. And so if you check everyone afterwards gets the opportunity to bet, raise and stuff like that. Now, if you bet in early position, then it's also dangerous because everyone after you it can raise you, and then it it makes you have to make a decision that call a razor right full. And so you usually have a really strong hand to bet when you're in a bad position like this , because you assume that someone might raise you afterwards, or so have a good hand. We have no idea what anybody has. We haven't seen those act yet. And then, conversely, if you're on the button, as you say when you're the dealer button or you're in good position one of the last two or three seats by the button, you could just see what everyone does first with everyone checks. It may be that everybody missed. It has about hand, giving a lot of opportunities to blood by betting into the pot. It also gives you an idea that if you have a really strong and if you want to check it and give someone a chance that catch a card, and that way you can win money out of that pot poker is not just about winning pots. It's about happened. You maximize how much money you make with your hand that happen, you minimize how much money you lose. And so it's not just about having the best card. Some of the biggest posse you're ever gonna win will be with having Medio cards. And some of the biggest Potsie ever gonna lose will be with having really good cards. And so it all depends on the situation is what it's all about. If you had a pretty A pretty good starting handles on the button. Best position with Jack 10 to pretty high cards together. They're also called a connected cause, the next each other. But I missed the board and handle. Having it is 10 was a spade. I would have a flush draw, but instead I don't have anything I don't I wouldn't even have had a draw here. And so I think I could have gotten two cards in a row since a seven year and eight and nine give me a straight. So the board came down on the river and on Excuse me on the turn and the river, which is what we call 1/4 5th hard to come out. I was impossible for me to make a straight, but we need two cards in a row to come like that. Your odds are very, very low. You should never chase a hand in. The odds are very, very low. Okay, so since we're starting to talk about starting hands, I don't want to totally overwhelmed you guys in this first lesson. We're gonna leave. Leave it there. That's very first lesson. And then we'll start talking about good hands to come into the pot with in the next. 3. Lesson 2 Relative Hand Strengths: So if you play any cards, card games, Yoon pretty much understand relative hand strengths, but and hold up. It's just like any other type of poker. It basically just goes in order from, uh, to being the weakest all the way up through Ace's being a strong, so it's pretty simple. Most hands will be won or lost if there comes to a showdown where you have to see the card with someone just having a pair. A pair is a really common hand, and usually you'll win with top pair, so everyone pretty much plays their aces. If you have a asking your ex clean too high carbs, I was gonna say that the best starting hands. If you have a pocket pair, that means you could dealt your two cards are the same card. That could be the best use of, For example, the absolute strongest handing it dealt. Element Will is that have two aces problem pocket aces, and you have the best chances of winning that hand support. You're always gonna play pocket aces if you have two kings that second best to Queens as the third best etcetera who everyone you have aced King you don't have a pair. You still need tohave your king of your ace come out on the flop, which is what we call the first re card to come on the flock. But the odds of you catching a parent for all five cards coming out are actually really high. And so you can play the Ace King with confidence before the flop. They don't want to go all in all your ships because you might run up against pocket aces Pocket Kings, in which case you would have a really low percentage to win, probability to win. So I got top pair here in a space, and then I've got a good kicker. The next card we have is covered, kicker, because we want that car to be high in case someone else also have an ace. Then we will win because we'll have top pair with a better kicker. So this gets calling me. You may have in a sous well, at this someone a bit big because we want to knock him out, always get a better handle. Me, probably at this point, is if he has a better kicker than me. So we're going keep betting the pot, and he folded once again. We want you noticed that both the hands that one that you guys have seen have been by everybody else folding most of the hands and no one to hold him will not be showing down, because if you have a good hand and bet it, most people of the good players, they will full unless they have a good hand. Other times. If it is shown down the majority of those times, it will just be two players that are left after all the rounds of bidding. So you'll have a showdown between June players. This person went all in the bleak, terrible hand, presumably because he didn't have just left or some people just kind of do crazy things, sometimes at the poker table, trying to double up and double their money. So you always have to be wearing of who you're playing with. Its one of the most important things and poker we sit down at the table is knowing the personalities we're playing with because, of course, if someone very conservative player, they're gonna play a lot differently. And if someone is, uh, you know, the opposite type of player he called a loose player versus a tight player and so you play a little bit differently against Loose Player had to do with the type player, a player that plays very aggressively and is very lucidly lost a hand that's a lot. We want to be conservative and tightening instead and you care because we don't know what they have. But then when we do get a good hand, you can often get a lot of money because they bet too much and then the converse is also true. If we're playing into really tight player that don't get a lot of very conservative and we generally we want to be more loose and aggressive because they're gonna full of a lot and there, let us do a lot of bluffing and steal a lot of pots and stuff like that Sweet. We play a different style depending on who we play against and you're playing at a 10% table and every resident style and if you who's you to watch the players play and see what they do so focused all that in game of getting information and observing what people have done in the past their hands. So you really have Teoh pay attention, just like with any card game. Of course, if you want to do well, you gotta pay attention to patterns and see what people have done when their hands before. And I will give you an idea about how to play against the but to go back to the hand. Strengths. Basically, it's very simple. If you have a pair with you. Have, as we saw with my last hand, had an ace in a snowboard. That means I had a pair of aces. There's to any pair beats any high parts. Obviously, if you have a pair of shoes that is better than just had someone else just having on a sometimes everyone will miss the board and they will come to a showdown because nobody really bad. Everyone has checked all the way around. The liver has the highest part of their hand, will win that pots very simple, and you can look it up on the Internet. The relative hand strengths, but the next strongest hand after a pair is you have to pair that prepare bolt of the cards in your hand. So there was a five and two of the sport, for example, I would have to pair two pair would be any single pair, even a pair of aces, so it's very straightforward. So two pairs a pretty strong hand and, uh, poker and Norman hold him. You were a lot of big hands with two pair. However, whenever you have to pair, you always have to be a little bit careful of there being a possible straight on board. The street is any five parts in a row, also known as a run. So, for example, you have to before 56 and that would be a straight. And whenever you have to pair, that means there's two cards out on the board. A lot of hands will be next to each other because we only play carbs as I could teach you that are connected or almost connected, like a car or a hand like I have now. Queen 31 high part one low car. They're not connected, so you can't make a straight with these two cards together. And this is one of the reasons why really bad. And you have an ace and a three. A lot of people will play. In any case they have, it's not gonna be if you want a good player, you only play ace and end of the high cart because everyone plays their aces. You catch an ace and you still probably have a losing hand because your kicker second carving low. So it's a money losing type of a play, so we don't want to play all races. Speaking of aces, I just got delivered pocket aces, the best possible starting and that you have. And since I'm in a bad position, it doesn't matter if this person raised it. I'm just gonna re raise them because of no way that they have a better handed me. And so there's 85 is 85 of them were gonna bat like 1 80 Got careful because you bet fast, because online game, the clock's ticking. So I re raise this person. They probably have a good hand. So there is gonna call and we will see. OK, this guy's all in. We'll see what comes down. So this is good for me because I wasn't going here, and I'm trying to knock these guys out and isolate us. One player is all in and win against him. Someone else might have a pocket. Pair of the mind has had high cards. They probably missed the board and Soc 70 10 Jack of a nine came. This person would have had a straight and they would have won against me, which would have been pretty ridiculous. But pocket aces, probably winning is high. I just want 500 chips there, and that was a really easy one to play. This that went all in and this guy raised it. And so all I had to do was was re raised. My face is really easy. Hand to play and again, most hands and noblemen hold him will be won by pairs. It's very rare. Or at least I should say that there is a lot of time in between the occasions where hand will be shown down and someone has a straight flush for a full house. Now you will see this happen often. When you play a lot, Eventually it will happen. But it will be big gaps in time between when you will get dealt straight flush or a full house. You know, a lot of waiting in poker is a game of patients. Wait, the good hands when you have good hands, which are basically any two cards that are 10 or higher, is what I recommend, especially beginning players to start having discipline. We start playing. Don't play any cards that are armed at least the 10 or 10 Jack Queen King Jack thinking things like that because you want to get high pairs with high kickers, with the exceptions of that is, if you get dealt pocket pair, for example, pocket sixes, pocket fives, Pocket force. Those hands are playable because you already have a pair. And so the board comes down with really low cards and you have pocket AIDS. For example. You probably have the best hand in bet that also a good thing about having a pocket pair as you could make a set. In other words, we call it Set is three of a kind, so you have pocket sixes, for example. On that six comes down on board, you've got three sixes, and if somebody else makes a pair while you have a three of a kind, what we call it set and you're in a position to make a lot of money in that pot because you are going to have a big hand. What? Someone else also has a strong hands. Three of a kind is a really big money making it. This person got really looking to set pocket jacks against pocket aces. The person with pocket aces, their lost that. And because this person got very lucky and they caught a jet, obviously is only four Jackson Deck. So if you have Plunkett Jax, the odds of you catching one of those to other Jack has some else's pocket aces. It's very, very low. So we got lucky. He want a lot in that pot. And so this person, you know, the odds in their favor. But they lost. And so to call this race because I've got a good starting an ace queen, too. High cards. I catch a nature queen. I'm ever like a hand. If, however, if I miss, then I'll just throw the hand away. Normally, Alex simply fold this. This person, they're very aggressive. They might be until they just this is The person is lost with their pocket aces, and now they're being all aggressive. Normally I would fold. It's this person raised all in as well. But just for finances, on teaching you guys, that course And this is not real play. I'm going to just go away as well. And c would see with these guys absence. He this person was until they had seven. So these guys both little in their with their sevens I didn't catch any cars. And so I lost that money. No one would have thrown that away. But I wanted to show you guys what those players had and have a see what would happen there . Okay, so with that, we're going to stop right there, and then you can continue the discussion about which hands that we should or shouldn't play in the next lesson. 4. Lesson 3 Poker is a Game of Deception: Okay, so we've been talking about relative hands Strengths. After three of a kind, The next biggest hand is going to be a straight straight beats Three of a kind And think about a straight is really easy to see when the board like example right here. 78 If someone had a nine, the board goes 78 10 Jack. So someone could easily have a straight here. So you got a three of a kind here or two pair is a very, very dangerous board for you. And if you have an ace in your face counts, you know, you're still very happy about that. Because even if you have a a top pair, someone else probably has a straight. And indeed, this person had a nine and a one with a straight. So it's really important in no limit. Hold'em Teoh, carefully read the board because if you have a top pair of some hundreds of really strong hand, if the board comes down something that is random like if you have like, for example, here your Ace Jack, for example, two and five of different students are exactly what you want to see because you've got a really strong hand. But if you got a Jack and the board comes down something like, um, Ace Jack, Queen King that all someone needs to have is a 10 and the registration will have you beaten all of a sudden, your hands not so good. So in poker, everything is relative, they said, before a lot of the hands will win like the big hands, a win it will be with a mediocre hand or or even a weak hand. But someone's bluffing and you call me or someone thought they had a better ending you and they called you and you end up winning. Maybe a really big plot. Other people might have been chasing their straits or flushes chasing their hand, and then they missed and the pot had gotten big because of a lot of betting. And you win because you happen to have the best hand. It doesn't mean you have to have a really strong hand, and sometimes I get really lucky. And if you do a big plot, you were the one chasing, maybe you bluff and then you get a call, but you catch a car. So focus really interesting in that way. There's lots of different ways to win a plot. A lot of it is psychological. A lot of it is bending, and the actual hand you have the actual strength. Other cards. A lot of time doesn't even factor into it. And we'll learn more about that as the course goes along. So after three, the kind of the street next is a flush flush is also really obvious because if three of one suit come out and someone else could easily have a flush, all they have to have is two cards in their hand of the same shoots of those three hearts, and you've got a big hand like, uh, straight or three of a kind. You've always got to be concerned that another car heart will come, and then someone only needs to have one heart to make a flush. So then you want to make sure you bet your hand aggressive whenever you have a good hand and is a dangerous board that could make someone a better hand. You bet aggressively, and then conversely, whenever you have a good hand and the board looks really safe, like I just talked about with having an ace and working down for five or whatever you can check in with the head were slowly and try to get people put more money in the pot so that you actually make money off the hand. It's kind of frustrating when you get a really big hand and waiting for a long time, get good cards and then no one else has anything. You just don't make money. Everybody fools. And that's once again the reason why I'm poker. A lot of times we make money in pots where your hand isn't that great. So meals also has something. The way to make money in poker is when you have a good hand. So House also has a good hand. But yours is better, and later in the course, we're gonna talk about how we can take advantage of the situation. And careful to not have a good second best hand, more money was lost in poker by people that have a good hand. They've been waiting a long time to get the cards and accepted Kim hold their good hands. Folding and poker could be the most important skill is really hard to fold, a good, strong hand, especially people are very impressively even waiting a long time to get the cards and those boringly way. And then, you know you're up against someone, has a better hand in you, and you just don't want to fold it. Use your money. You have to be able to fold. Okay, I've got a good hand here. Is gonna break it up a little bit. Ace 10. I'm in middle position. It's not a great hand, but it's a good man. We play our aces if it's a 10 or higher, depending the position. I was in first position here. I'm I'm a fold this That was the only It's a small bet, but this guy's raised again. So this person is showing us their signaling strain by reason. I reason they raised me again. So they're saying I've got a really good hand. Also there in position. Now, this is a weird bet. You only bet 10 stupid when the plot is already 300. So I don't have anything here, but I'm just because of the pot on the odds senate sensitive to tiny bet we go ahead and we call it to see if our card comes. Does it happen? A scheme on the turn. I would have a good hand. I didn't. I didn't pay very much to see it again. 10. That is a meaningless bed. It makes no sense. If you don't have a good how you just check it, get a good hand. You should bet more. These teeny, tiny best they don't add anything to the plot. So when someone plays his way, basically just shows you that there a bad player now he's making a meaningful bet and we fold. And you may think, Well, I got an extra 10 into the pot of each of these players. But the plot was already 300 chips, so adding 10 to it doesn't make any sense. Normally we would bet, definitely, but we're gonna get into on betting strategy a lot more later in the course. So again, after you have, uh, after a flush, the next biggest hand is a full house. You always gotta be wary of a full house when you have flush and the board has paired whenever the board has. Apparently, there's two of the same car on the board and his potential of someone having a full house because they have a pocket pair, for example. That is like pocket queens here. And then we see that. Okay, so they have three of a kind, but then the board pair and there's 26 That means that someone have a full house and has a full house beach pull the flush and a straight. We always gotta be carefully reading the board to make sure that we're not too excited about our good hand that we have again. We've been waiting for a long time for good hand, and we finally get a straight. We finally get a flush. Yes, I got super strong and within the board pairs, you immediately have to be wary of somebody having full house. And the only way that you can tell if someone has that is how they bet how they behaved before the flop in the first round of betting before the cards came out. And afterwards. So you're trying to piece together what somebody has based on their behavior, not play cards for a long time, started really, really good at putting people of different hands. I'm guessing what they have when you've been playing for a long time. You can very very actually tell what somebody has based on how they met for the flop based on their position, based on how we reacted to raises or calls. And you can put them on a specific hand after the cards come out. And we're gonna get a little bit into some more advanced concepts later in the course. You know, in this case, when you got pocket pairs usually work Calling one race to try to get a set of seven comes all the big hand. Didn't get it on the odds of flopping in three of a kind of the first reports coming out on the flop are one in nine, so it's pretty low. But when you do when you do it, that car, it's a really good hand 1/2 because three of a kind is really sneak. People can't tell you have it if they just see the 17 in this case of seven came on at three of a kind. It doesn't scare anyone away, so you can win really big pots when you hit three of a kind. That's why it's often worth it to call a bet a pocket pair, you can try to hit a three of a kind. And when a big pot, everything in poker is all about deception. And so if you can deceive your opponents, they can think you're weakening strong and vice versa. And you could become a good poker player. It's all about deceiving your opponents and making me think that you don't have what you have and so anything you can do that is tricky. And that sort of fakes out your opponents. And that's what you want, todo and we'll talk more about that in the next. 5. Lesson 4 How to Win Big Pots: so poker is a game of deception. We've got really good hands, the really good cars. We wanna bet an act as if they're not that good. Unless you're playing against a super aggressive player, then we are going to want to do anything we can to get that person for the chips in the middle, because then they'll probably lose their money. It's a game of probabilities. We've got a strong hand. We want Teoh that heavily with that hand if we have a weekend, but it's cheap for us to see more cards and try to improve our hand. Then we can call some small bats to stay in to try to hit our hand. It's all about the probabilities of having the best hand when all the cards come out and how much you have to pay and chipped to see more cards. And thing about no limit poker is that you can lose all your chips in one hands. You may have been playing for hours and winning money to be really well and have a big chip stack, and then someone else at the table also is a big stack. You get locked into a big hand with them and you could lose all of your body to be very careful notice I would have had Queen nine, which is top two pair, which is a very strong hand in this case. It's gonna be interesting to see what this person who just went all in and we've seen this prison because their flesh drop hit the flush and they welded flush. So this person called their bet just a nine. So I would have had the best hand on the flop there, and I would have more out of the better odds of winning that hand in this person. Just flush draw. And I would have called that all in that they made. But I would have lost their in unloved situation because they're flush. Cart did come. But you have a flush draw up because you have to sukarne their hand, like in this case to student clubs, to student clubs on the floor, right here your odds and catching a car to your card to come for about one and three. So pretty good. So you're bluffing with that flush draw. And so he calls you, you know, have a one in three chance of your flush of being made right here, you would have make it flush. So you always have to do a quick calculation poker and know the basic odds throughout the odds of you catching a, uh, their card. We have a pocket pair with nine yards of being a flusher with three with two part to come with, only one car become. Obviously you cut that in half. That's one in six. And so, knowing those odds help you to make decisions about whether or not you should call bet or raise in the hand, we're gonna get it. It's a basic some more basic probabilities throughout the course. All be throwing those numbers out there you want, take notes and write down. It's important, you know, the basic probabilities. So that was interesting hand to see what I was going to say was that Queen nine that I would have had me never, ever want to regret not playing a hand. If you would have called and then you would have had a big head and say darn it, I would have had a really strong hand if I just would have played that Queen nine that's on the way to think about poker. The way to think is to be disciplined and to use the system. You only play high cards. He only played pocket pairs and you only play suited connectors. I haven't talked about suited connectors yet. Basically, a student connector is just like what it sounds. It's two cars that are next to each other. So, for example, like 67 of the same suit suited, and then we call the connected because it can make a straight and so you have a hand that's really flexible. You could make it flush suited, or you could make it straight because connected. Or you can also simply make a pear to pear or three of a kind or whatever as well. So suited connectors are good hands. Technically, when I have right here, 74 is a student connector because it could make a straight when normally, when we say student connectors, we want the cars. Right after this, that means 767889 19 etcetera. So we wanna play student connectors at the cars of low, and we can see the flop or cheaply. Then we'll go ahead and come into butts with suited connectors. A good thing of suited connectors is that they're good again in multi way hands, meaning there's lots of people in the hand with you, because when you play with lots of people toe hand, a lot of people have pairs and things like that. And then if you place your connector, your trying to get a straight or flush or maybe two of a kind two pair and that happens, then you're gonna have a hand that could win against a lot of other players. You show you trying to win big pots. Suited connectors are hands where you could potentially win really big pots. Notice. I would have had a three of a kind here, three sevens, but I wouldn't have gotten my 3rd 7 till the river. There's been a lot of betting in between this person or this person, actually, one with a full house. So even my 3/7 would not have been good enough. That person would have been a full house, and that was a situation. I told you it would be wary of a full house. When the board pairs two sevens came out of the board where I had three of a kind because I have won seven in my hand. Somebody else can have a full house. So sometimes having three of a kind and you have one card in here. Hand is a really strong hand because its three kind of its need to pair. But the thing is, you gotta immediately be wary of a full house. So it's a good Waltham whenever the board pairs being worried about a full house, another rule of thumb that already mentioned to review if never the cards come out with lots of suits gotta be worried about a flush, like in this case here, anyone that has to club. Right now, we have a flush, and if the board comes down, multiple cars in a row, it. But we're worried about straight. So everything is relative and poker if you got the best starting pair if you got pocket aces, but the board comes down the whole bunch of flash cards or hold of straight hard. All of a sudden, your hand is no longer and good. That's the first thing you should learn about poker is that it's all relative. It doesn't matter what you start with what matters is what the board looks like and what other people have after the cards come out. 6. Lesson 5 The Most Important Skill in Poker: So we've been talking about the relative hand strings we've been talking about. I also have my Internet here, um, a little bit about the bedding, about the position we've been talking about, which hand to start with best starting hands. And we haven't talked too much about the Betty. And so I want to talk more about the betting. So again, as I mentioned, we will bet are strong hands, and we won't slow play that many. We'll check them and try to give the money to the planets or hand. It's very, very strong, and we basically have to. Otherwise, everyone's going to full. Otherwise we simply better hands and again, the better your position in relation to the dealer. The stronger your hand is, you need to act after everybody. You are in a stronger position so you can play relatively weaker hands and better position , and you have to have relatively stronger hands to come into the board when you're in a weakened position. This is a very, very important idea in no limit hold. Your position is extremely important, so hands you might play on the button when you're on the dealer wouldn't play when you're under the gun is what we call the first position because you have to act first. And so I'm gonna keep showing you guys difference ways that we would play in different situations. Right now, I'm in middle position here. This is only a six person table. If you go to play Casino, you might play with 10 players on my player with fewer players, but this only has six place when you only have six players play against. You can play relatively week your hands when you have more players to play against you, to play relatively stronger hands on the big blind here have already come and check out that have a king, but it's not a very good Hannah. It's a middle pair with two high cards on, there's a possible straits possible flush. Everyone plays their high card, so it's almost certain that I don't have the best hand here, even though calling 10 is not very much there, the odds are very low that I have the best hand with flush straight and multiple high parts on the board. So you have got a pair middle pair. We just simply fold this and we hope that we could conceive showdown so we can see what these guys have, based on how they play this person, show a lot of strength toe bet into a pot that have such a dangerous looking bored. If someone had a a jack queen, they would have a nut straight. But now, because another spate came even the nut straight ball the next that's the best possible hand would lose to a flush. Now 82 spades would be flush. And so it wouldn't matter if we had a seven kings. We had a straight or any of the other hand. Wouldn't matter, or it is also moving. Have to have is to space, and they would have a flushing speaks of these kind of boards That may be really interesting, and it be very careful. Basically, if you're in a multi way hand and people are betting, you know that any pair is not going to get someone has a straight or a flush or a straight jar flush draw or maybe even two pair. That someone has a king or a 10 or even Kington to pair is also very likely where the board is like this since everyone plays or high cards and lots of high parts come out because this one, this person play that crazy. They making seven. And they were betting when this person had a really strong and that was really bad poker on their parts. That's what we learned from there. So I have a hand any low on the student cards, I guess. 83 Those are called trash. Just don't even look at him. Don't think about it going play. Sometimes you have to wait a while and you cold streets where you don't get a lot of cards for a long time, and that's just part of poker. They say. Hours of boredom followed by moments of sheer terror is something that people have said about poker because all of a sudden you have a big hand. You'll have a lot of action to be a bunch of betting in the hand, and then you know you playing real money. You got money out there. It's always scared because I don't want to lose your money. But you know you have a good hand. It's a little bit terrifying. So they say hours of boredom, followed by sheer terror. But really, it's just excited. You get into a really big hand. You've got good cards. Very interesting. Jennifer A of other people are doing their exciting, especially, you know, I've been in hands that played in tournaments before in Vegas, where there's literally thousands of dollars on the table in one hand. I've been bluffing in those situations, and it's very that she'd adrenaline rush is very exciting. It's very scary. But you know, if you're good card player, you have to do what the situation dictates that you do. If you know you have the best hand and people are raising or betting against you, you simply have to call or you have tow bet. In some cases you have to raise. If that's what the board is telling, you do so. Poker is definitely not for the faint of heart. It's, um, a game that takes courage. You have to be able to call people, So this case there's like two of us and so I raised it. I stole the blinds. It's something that you can do when you are isolated against one person, and since there's only two of you, the odds of you having a better handing them, and you haven't a star a lot higher. Right now. There's a few people sitting out. I'm gonna bet again because I got a pair of only against one of the person it could have a king, in which case don't leave a bitter enemy. But I'm gonna go ahead and continue to bet. So they have this pair and he's raising now. He probably has a king and someone unfold. Go ahead and fold and not lose any more chips. You called my bats and indicates that he has a king and then he bet on the terms. You got to read what people are doing can. Now I have a skiing on the button. This is a great situation to be in or the great things about AIDS King. Since it's not a area, it's not Pocket aces. Pocket King. That's really easy to fall on. The weaknesses of having that big here, one of weaknesses of having a pocket aces Pocket Kings is that is the absolute best starting hand. But after the flop comes out, it may no longer be the best. It's hard to fool people. People get really excited to have it. We're gonna go ahead and golden here against this person. It's good you got such a strong hand and let's just see what everybody does. This first will almost certainly call because they've been calling everything to see what they have. Okay, so we have a much better hand, but all they needed if a clear 10 comes, they're gonna win case when we win. Because we have a high cards. They did not catch the car they needed. And so we wait, doubled up right there. And so that was nice. Ace King again. It's a really good and happy because you miss your car, you don't hit a pair. Then if someone bets, just pulled it. It's really simple. Nothing to think about. But if you hit your hand, oftentimes you will have the, you know, very strong. And it's almost like a two pair because, yep, an ace, a pair of aces. And then Akeem kicker, you have the best possible pair. Or, if you have a pair of kings, an ace kicker, the any of the best possible care. So it's like having a week to pair basically and you're using up more of the cards on the board. So H things are really good hand, and it's easier to play than some other hands. And so aces and kings, when they get dealt to you the best starting hand that you get in a race, which is, you guessed, one of the person, like we just saw this person, Danny Time and I were it and Bacall races showdown. Just two of us that don't betting both. All in whoever ends up winning, that is, you know, win based on the first starting and what comes out of what we call it rates. So obviously, you have pocket Aces Kings. You wanna have a race with those cards, but Ace King is not usually has good in a race, but it's a really flexible hand that you can play lots of other ways. You do make her hand like a strong and anything Mr Hand. It's easy to full again one of the most important skills, the not the most important skill and Noma Hold on a scale of being able to full when you have a strong and a lot of people can't do it. And that's what separates the wheat from the chaff. And if you can't get you have a folding good hand. Know that your beat with the probability is that your beat, that you're never gonna be a good poker player. 7. Lesson 6 Playing the Player: so I would say without reservation that began. Will fold is the most important skill in poker. The next most important skill is being able to read the board and read your opponent's, because when you see how they're they're betting on their previous behavior impacts what they have, then you will know how to play against them. Notice Here I would have a four in my hands. I would have had three of a kind again. You can plait his hand terrible hand. And this person played 83 they want the hand of the flush was extremely lucky as an extremely terrible hand. His Danny Time person is, obviously has no idea what they're doing. And you know, sometimes people that play this way, they'll do well for a while. They get lucky, have a nice hand here. He's Jackson that eventually is gonna lose all their chips. And so this Israel money, when this is $3500 this is a lot of money on the table. We would love to have a person at the table telling you to do is play conservatively and play tight and wait for them to just block the whole their money to you or put it all in there where they have bad hands. And every once a while, though, they won't get lucky. And they will hit some good hands, good cards, even though they start with really crappy hands and you sort of have Teoh deal with that. So this time I does that because at high cards and that was a week board and if someone would have called her raise, I would have pulled him. But it was just a little steel. So sometimes we did sort of steal some chips, and we could use some betting that it seems like everyone else I'm in showing weakness or if the board looks like a really safe board. Because most time the fact of the matter is a poker, you actually don't catch anything on. The odds of having a hand every single time are a little bit to pair of cards. You know that definitely has 52 cards and in order have a pair, you know, out of four cards in the deck. I could make a pair. You gotta have one of those and then the board. Let's have one of those and So the odds of you catching cars that having a good hand are pretty low. So they have to wait a lot. And then after you do catch a good hand, then you also have to compete with all the other hands that are out there in order to win. And so a lot of times you catch a good hand, but you still lose. Which is why a lot of it comes down to the bedding and to the psychology. And in addition to simply being able to tell what people are doing based on their betting, we need to have a betting strategy that is is rational and logical. Okay, so this bad player bet tend to this pot. I've got top pair here. Someone may have a better someone may have a flush draw. We don't want to get out of the odds to call. We bet Small and we give them a chance to catch their flush. Wouldn't want to do that. So we've got top pair, you know, on a cane. That's a bad player. They may have played their ace, so I'm gonna go ahead and just you know what? I'm gonna bet pot here. See if this bad player calls. Yeah, call. So this is weird. You have no idea what some like this has they check him injected, have a showdown. And if they haven't ace and that means you play the game. They played badly, so they had nothing. They had a had a straight draw and they missed it. And even after the missed it, they still they still call the big bet. So I want a huge pot there simply because this person is really bad poker player. I had top pair later rationally. I bet it this person who had no to be a bad players. We watch him called my that. Normally, if I wouldn't see an opponent call a huge bet like that, I would be worried that maybe they had to bear. Or maybe they had an ace. But they caught that ace in the turn and they had another card. I'm like a 10 which is what my top pair was, and I would really slow there and check, but the rest of the hand, I wouldn't want to lose my money. But when it's someone that you see do irrational things over and over again. Oh, this person can't win a stand against aces. And so there doesn't think dudes ever catch hold, which tends to win that I was a bad play. She's one. Do something really irrational like that. Then you play her head differently than when you see a player who's been playing well. If they would all of a sudden be calling my big bet like that, they're a good player. Well, obviously they have something really good. And so the type of player player playing against a super important because it signals to you what cards they. What they do tells you other hands is a headstrong. Is there an week? And what you do in reaction to that? And the next lesson, we're gonna get more into this idea that it's really 8. Lesson 7 Making Your Decisions Easy: so this idea of playing against the player is something that's so important. I really want to emphasize that a lot, but I first sit down at a new table playing a real live game or been playing on the unit like I'm doing right now. I will usually if it's for a lot of money for real money. It's a lot of money, but I would usually use. I will sit there and I will observe how everybody is playing for several hands to see if I can identify which players are loose, being aggressive in the bed a lot. Paul and which players are tight in the opposite of the intended be very conservative and wait for strong hands. And then I know it's really easy to play against a tight player because event, you know, they have something. And so the signal, what to you, what they have the next easy play. It's that even know they're actually, they're a good player, but playing a straightforward way only play good hands. They are actually making easy first place that we can avoid them basically. So this is a slime. A lot of people would play case 5.6 people aboard. But I don't like to play aces low card because it's so easy for me to catch a space and then have someone else have a better kicker and I bet it and then I lose my money. So this is what we call a problem hand and we don't want to play problem hands. That makes happening lots of difficult seasons when it plays it away that we have easy decision to make. We know whether or not we should check, call full or that and that's why I said, like with a Skeen, it's a really nice hand to play because decision making is easy during the hand. Catches have a strong man or you miss and we throw it away. But this problem hands whether he was borderline situations. We're not sure whether or not what you call a race. We don't want to be confused. We're playing but we want confident. We want bold and so we will be playing hands that will lead to easy decisions later on. This is a really important idea in poker, but to go back to what I was saying about people on their style of play. Since we'll be playing against people of various styles, we're gonna lose to pull it tight. Such a the ideal way to play after you've got experience and you can do this well is to be constantly changing your speed, as we say, changing your style. Sometimes you play loose for a little while and then people think I look. It's a loose player. He calls, and that's a lot. So it's kind of easy to play against. I was gonna play type. He's gonna bring him to me in a situation where the with a lot of money off him. But then we tighten up and then all of a sudden, this person you haven't we called table image. Your table average of self is of someone that plays loose and aggressive, and then all of a sudden you start playing tight and you wait for a really big hand so people will underestimate it's strength, every hand because of that, and they will. They will call against your bets more, and it will raise you or thinking that your hands are weak and then you end up winning really big pots and then your players, your opponents are confused and they're thinking, well, this guy seem really loose and aggressive. But now all of a sudden, every time I see a hand, he's got a really strong hand. And so now they think, Well, maybe he's not as aggressive of the thought. Maybe he's a better player type player. Okay, I'll be more careful against now. Your opponents are confused. This is exactly what we want. And then after playing tight for a while, then we can change up again. We start playing loose, aggressive again and not your opponents are really scared of you and then they will full of a lot more. You can steal or blinds and your bones are befuddled. So an expert poker player is someone who changes speeds. You play boost ably type. People lose simply type. You play unpredictable hands someone you play high hearts and people have local. Everyone's well. I will go ahead and play a really bad hand like seven to offset, which isn't the worst handed poker because it has the lowest other catching good cards. And then if I catch something, my opponent will be confused because it makes no sense for me to have 72. So the poor comes down seven to base and I call the Rays of seven too obstinate. My point has an ace. They're going to be very confident that they have the best hand. After all. What I call a raised seven to Austin doesn't mean he says, and normally of course, we don't want to do that. But every once in a while we throw out on ball playing there because that's how we might have a really big plot. And so that situation happens, which it does from time to time. Well, I flopped really big hand like that. I would with a huge pot because my polling is not gonna throw away their ace in that situation. I'm not gonna think that I have a better handed that you want a really big plot. Now they're gonna be angry when they see what you had to see. How can you possibly call a raise was set into obscene because, of course, the stupid thing to do, and normally it is a stupid thing to do. But if you mix it up, mix up your play and you throw these kinds of all both things into your game every once in a while, it confuses your opponents at poker is a game of deception. Everything you do is in order to confuse your opponents. You never want your point to be able to guess what it is that you're going to. You don't want to give them any information or any guesses about what you're betting means . What you're played means. This is why a lot of people in poker they were sunglasses, right? They have a sort of stoic face. We don't want to give our opponents any information off. Of course, really good poker players about experience with long experience like myself. We can easily read facial expressions because you watch people and get their cards. You watch people make their bets and you can tell you're gonna read whether not they have a strong hand or weekend with bluffing or not. Okay, so this personally bet 10. I'm gonna call just because I got two over cards and it's a small that now the king is a terrible card for us. We wanted to see you another black cards. Maybe I could make a flush of everyone in the seaports, an ace or queen. So for this person Bet everybody called it in a Texas prison. Just play the hand. Very, very strange. Washed away. Now, of course, we don't want to call a veteran. You don't have anything Super ace High. But it checks around. We might actually have the best hand. It has been a side, and this person also might try to steal. This was like a steel that but I'm unfold because they could have before four K maybe think they'll try to get some money out. This no point in risking risking it on. Hold this one too. A small car just don't wanna mess with A lot of people would play this, but they shouldn't because you never catch my face again. It's probably gonna be a losing hand. I'm gonna be under the gun for the rest of the times. Yeah, I would have top pair of aces, but someone else could easily have an ace. And then I'm the first person to act after the button here and every round of betting with my week hair. So this is sort of a money losing situation. I don't want to put myself in a situation where It's not clear what I should do, and I'm scared of all the players after me and what they have. So that's why it's so fun to be on the button and you start position. You're going to see what everyone does before you is very, very useful in poker, okay, and that will go on the next list. 9. Lesson 8 Pre Flop Decision Making: So obviously, after hearing what I've been talking about, his view lessons of this course, you realize, should realize that psychology plays a huge role in poker, especially no limit. Hold up if you're playing limit games with better limit is a lot more calculating. These happen because you really need to know the odds and probabilities. In that case, because all the bedding is capped, a lot more people will stay in the hands. You can't go all in and just knock somebody out with one huge bet. You will have a lot more multi way plots. So it means that having draws a straight job, left draws and things like that are better hands because you need to have stronger hand to not more people out, but no limits that you can bet as much as you want to you, and you can take someone's whole entire bankroll with just one hand. There is a lot more psychology bowl people, a lot more afraid of a big That King Queen is a good hand, not student, but it's hyper words. So go ahead and call come in and decent position of now. It's raised like this normally against good players. I probably given full. This is not that great. But it was raised by this person who could have anything who plays all kinds of hands. So we actually want to be in part of this person because we end up actually getting something really good that we're gonna win a huge, huge pot. So I've got top pair. Good kicker. Now it's possible that someone has a nine, which would probably which would be a bummer. There was a lot of people in this hand. These guys are all things lose. I'm gonna raise this person out because I got a king. They raised it. I've got a good kicker. I'm gonna raise it up a lot. So let's make this raise it up to 100 and see what happens here. This person got a good hand, they're gonna go all links. We only have 600 ships. So they call. That's very interesting. OK, so aces really bad card for us because we had top hair and now someone if they had an ace, I'm gonna go ahead and just call this Actually, don't go all in, but call 10. I want to see a show down and see what this person had. If they hadn't ace here, it would be really frustrated because that means they called Olympic. That's he did occupies. And so my king with the best hand and this person just again played their hand in a way that was really, really weird, so I didn't want to be too afraid. It better handed me my top pair. You do not be afraid of ghosts if a good player would be raising me their word that they had a nine or something. But since it was this player, then I go ahead and go all the way to the end with the hand. Now, this is not that great of a hand. 10 Jack, but everyone's call me. And so it's a good multi way if I make a straight here or two pair like land is got a straight drop. So 89 10 Jack it means the Queen's or seven comes. Then I will have a really big hand. Now. They went all in. That means they have top pair. I've got a draw to the nuts. Normally, I would not going, you know, it's simply full. This is not real money. As a course, I'm gonna go ahead and go all in as well. And if a seven or a queen comes here, I'm gonna have nuts. As long as it's not a someone it doesn't flush. Draw another dangerous things. We want a seven or a queen to come seven or a queen. That's what we want. It's vulnerable to raising teeny, tiny. So we want to see a seven or queen. Otherwise we're gonna lose. It didn't come. And so I lost this present pocket Kings this first ahead of straight jobs. Well, this person had two pairs of this bad player. They want all the money of all the players of the tables. That's pretty funny. And she's now they have 10,000 chips. Give me letters. I did that was so that we could see a showdown. I can show you guys what everybody had and how that how that went down. So I only had a open and Celestron, now 789 open ended, flush draw. I mean, I mean, excuse me, straight job being the type that I just had just just now has about the same odds with two cars to come as and as a flush draw has, you have about a one in three chance of your cards going because you have you have eight cards in the deck that could come. You want more chips? You have about eight cards in the deck that could come and make your straight right. Now get society seven or I need a queen, and you've got two chances at those eight cars. So in other words, you have 16 chances of getting that car if you just have one card. Icos 16 out of 52. But it's not 52 because we can see some of the card and see the cards in our hand, and we could see some of the cards on the board. So it's actually a pretty good chance that you're going to get one of those cards now that you saw in that example, though, I didn't get my car that this was really money and it was $1000. This person would have just made $10 dollars off the hand. But in a real situation, people would have gone. Everyone would have gone all in like that. I definitely would have folded with my draw in that situation with riel money. But the reason he's been fake money here so that I can give you guys the lessons and talk to you while I'm playing because I'm a little bit distracted as I am explaining everything to you guys. And obviously I don't wanna have $5000 on the table and then not be able to concentrate 100% on what everyone is doing. Well, I'm also trying to teach you guys, so you're gonna see a lot of weird plays. And weird things happen as I show you guys these concepts here. But the point is that the idea sinks in that you guys can see why things were happening and what we should be doing. So in this case, clean nine. It's not a good hand. I'm in pretty good position. I'm going to hold it. It's student, but it's just not quite good enough. That was Queen 10 suited, and I'm in good position. I might play. That is probably not going to get raised, wouldn't have anything, and I wouldn't want any money. But again, we don't care about what comes out once we full it doesn't matter what we would have had or what other people have was. Forget about let it go because it doesn't do you any good worry about Oh, you would have had a big hand, but you fold it. All that matters is what's actually happening, and you come into a pot with a borderline hand. But, you know, maybe he called a raise, but you were on the button and then all of a sudden, you have a nice draw with a pair or something like that. Now it doesn't matter. You know, all that matters is how much money is in the pot that you could make. And what do you think your opponents have? So poker is a game where you have to be very, very rational. It's old if you think you're being, no matter what has happened before, you got to cut your losses. You have to be able to move on when you would have won a lot of money, which will happen all the time. You fold a hand and then you'll see at the end of one. That would've been a lot of money. You can't play, would or should. It could've or what if in poker. And so you have to have a really stone psychology. So poker the game of psychology to game of deception is a game of probability. And it's also a game of money management and looking at how much money your opponents have at the table. And that's a really, really important idea, as I'm gonna spend like a whole lesson talking about of the size of the chip stack next. 10. Lesson 9 The Winning Style of Play: So in a really game of poker, you always one of you aware of how much money your opponent has in front of them. Because if you get your hand and say you've got a big chip stack and then your point is in the hand with you also has a big chip stack. You can double up off them or they knock you out. So you're gonna be thinking about that as you making your decisions and is ending its you. If someone on that you're in the hand, wit has a small stat compared to you. They can't knock you out. And you also can't win that much money instead. So why would you want to be taking a lot of risk to betting for a small amount and also with something that could knock you out? Why would you want to get into a situation of someone that's a big stack that could knock you out if you don't have a really good hat? So it's really important. You don't always be aware of how big stack is. People in front don't want to take big risks if you can only win a little bit of money and you don't want to take big missing someone that could knock you out, You have to have a really good hand. So you want to win big pots. You want to get yourself in situations in poker where you can win big pots and the probabilities are on your side. And I've got a big stack I want to be planning. Is people that big stacks I have taken up? I could take all of their money, but I got a small stack. I would be looking for any opportunity. Just try to double up and stay in the game. I'm gonna be avoiding people. Have a small stack with my stack is big because they're trying to double up off me. There'll be playing all kinds of cars and you know, you just don't want to be risking a lot of chips out there. You only can. You can only win a little bit of money, so you want to put yourself in situations in poker or you can win as much money as possible . How much money your opponent has in front of that is a big part of that. So you want to be choosing games where everyone has a big step and where there's lots of action, that's a good type of a game. And then you play conservative. You played tight and simply this player cards. So this is a new player. That's this seat that used to have a bad. They left. Some of those new came in. I've got a good hand. I was gonna call this raise and see the first time raised, though they are after me, they're after me. But I have top pair. I'm gonna check into them because they raised and they're gonna pretend they haven't Aces person's gonna bet lunch. They bet it and we checked in. It's almost guarantee thing to raise here to bet here. Okay, so he didn't bet. Now I'm gonna go ahead and re raise him because I don't think he has a better hand on me and he's they're gonna full or I'm gonna win 645 chips. Let's see what he does. So he has a 10 or we have the exact same and so we're going to put the pot. So that was That was pretty interesting. We split the pot as we have the same hand. So it's interesting when someone new comes in and we immediately get to see how they played a hand, raised it with her 8 10 and decent position. They got a call, came around them that better. They put the hand very reasonably. There was only a few people in the hand I raised him and he called his top pair good kicker . So this person obviously is already a better player. That last person that was in that seat, we don't know if there great player yet because I was a really easy had to play. But at least they played that one and rationally. So now going forward, I'm going to assume that's a rational point and I'm gonna play against them thusly. So this is my favorite hands. I like to have low pocket pairs because, just like with Ace King, they are easy to play. Easy to throw away. So we'll come into a hand and if we hit a four, we have a three of a kind of a big hand weaken. Bet it pretty much all the way, unless is a really dangerous board out there. But if we miss because most the card come out will be higher than our floors were something . Throw the head and we're trying to make a set. We have this hand now. It's been raised. There's a lot of money that everyone's calling. So I'm gonna call one raise here and try to hit. Set. We've got a set. It'll be awesome. Okay, we didn't do it, but it's always interesting when the board pairs the board. Here is pairs here. We actually have a higher probability of having the best. Thanks. We already have a pair, however, says the card that has paired is an ace. I'm gonna fold him because everyone plays aces. So these guys Bolt might have an ace, and I'm almost certain this person since they raised before the flop most certain this person had an ace. So just see, hopefully we get to see a show down here. This person probably gonna fold because it's very unlikely that they pulled basis since his two aces on board from them. Bolt have aces that kind of though, but everyone plays their faces, so we're going to see showing here. We're going to see what it is that these people have. It's always impossible old here after all that betting. So we called, so he did not have a name. So this person here, they this risk all that lately lost all that money out, even having an ace, And I correctly predicted, because it was a pretty easy prediction to make this person who played reasonably in the first hand and saw the dining table, they did indeed have an ace. They raised it. We call the Rays. We didn't get upset. Two aces came and they just bet for the whole entire round throughout that hand. So as you can see, the more hands you witness, the more experience you get and the better you'll be able to read of the situation. And, of course, that's what it's all about getting experience than making better decisions over time based on reading the situation. For some reason, this person went all in 96 right here, just lost our connection. But that makes no sense unless you have almost no chips and you're saying, Well, to heck with it, we'll see you finished a zero, but you gotta flush drop. So this person I just denigrated. We actually ended up doubling up because they got really lucky and they got a flush, so we'll see that happen a lot. But this remember, we always want to be objective. We don't want to see someone play and win money and then think that we should play and the way they did, even if it was bad. No matter what happens on the table, you always want to go with the odds and probabilities. Semenza get unlucky in poker is just the way it is. That's why you want to play a way that is unpredictable and aggressive and be stealing a lot of blinds and be winning a lot with a lot of bluffs, because every once in a while you will get unlucky by a bad player doing something stupid, but then winning a big plot against you. It's just part of the game, and so you will have to call that a bad You will have bad beats. And so, in order Teoh win over the long run. Wouldn't you inevitably run up against bad beats? Is playing a certain style because on a detail that style more specifically in the next lesson, 11. Lesson 10 How to Read Your Opponents: So again, I would emphasize that the winning style of poker is one where you're changing speeds. You play loose and aggressive for a while to get your table image. To be one of being loose and aggressive. You steal blinds, your bluff a lot. You tried it. Mix it up at the table and then you tighten up and you keep your opponents guessing how they expect you to be loose because that's your table image. And then they will be looser against you, and you will win more money that way because they will call and bet more than they should. Is this newcomer to the table it just really crushing it, even catching a lot of really been carts and oftentimes complaining if someone who's Ah Hot Street like this person has been on a blustery, you want to avoid that for some reason, probabilities being as they are, they come in streaks, they coming in Bunches, and it's just the way it is. I've got a straight job here. 10-K might have the nuts, but its first almost certainly get a bluff right here and betting to me, only 20 I'm gonna culturally truck, which 10. Didn't get it again. No. Upstairs and check another word I have something is a good player, see, and I'm gonna go ahead and but the over. But the pot now and he's gonna try get a cold because he checked. So he showed weakness in full. To see this person is acting rationally there. A good player. It's actually easier to play some cases against good players because you know what they're thinking. This person showed weakness, even the playing very straightforwardly and having good cards and actually witnessed by checking. When expected him to check. I could bet into him, and I can steal that, which is what happened. So that's a really good example of a typical play that you will make in poker. When you start to learn how to read your opponent's, you can tell they don't have anything, you bluff and you steal the hardest player. Play against the type that I've just been describing it just like that. We want to be an unpredictable, really good player that changes up how they're playing so that they never put a patterns. This person has been playing in a rational pattern, so even though They're good, decent player. Obviously, they bet they have good cards when they don't bet or check, they don't have the parts. They're playing in a very simple way. So it's easy to read. The play that was sitting here before was really bad player, and that's the type of person I have. A paradigm is gonna check it, but I'm probably gonna win My queen. A really bad player is more unpredictable and in a way that makes them more difficult to play against. But they're playing so badly. See that one of my queen. I wanted my queen because no one else had anything else yet between my kicker was hired for you between three, um, so it against really bad players. Easy. The winds used to be careful that pick your spots against them. Eventually, there was lose all the chips to you against decent players like this person. It's actually this is the kind of person you want to play against because they signal to you what they have. The player that you don't want to play against is the expert player that knows how to change speeds, be deceptive, mix it up and confuses you That's the type of player that we want to be wannabe. Always confusing our opponents, changing speeds, betting, checking in a way that has no pattern and everyone's wants. I said before even play with really bad cards. I'm talking about, like one in 30 hands, one and 40 hands. I'll just play the really bad hand and then you might get lucky. Hit your cards and your in a position, then to win a really big pot and anger your opponents. People go until, as we say, and they get angry at you because they lost real money to you in a situation where they thought they were gonna win. And it doesn't seem rational. You don't play the and the way that you played it, it's gonna make your table image get worse. They still make you seem like a bad player. It's gonna make them emotional. We want our play, our opponents to be emotional so that they make bad decisions. Whereas we, of course, want to be cold, calculating and logical. So we're always making objective decisions. This is why you should never, ever drink alcohol when you play poker. Of course, if you got a home game on the point of the game, in many cases, is a social engagement where, you know you want to have fun, play cars. Maybe you're having some beers or something. But if your goal is to win money and played well, and you should never, ever drink alcohol when you play poker. If you go to a casino and your tournament and everyone is drinking or other players, some of them are drinking on your not you have an advantage over the you can concentrate better. You can more quickly calculate, read the card better and also help you to be more conservative and not waste your money. Call too much. So really to be a good poker player will say this. Alcohol and poker don't mix. 12. Lesson 11 How to Have Good Poker Judgment: so do a quick recap. I just said that you don't want a drink while you're playing poker. You don't want to play either too loose or too tightly. You want mixing up your speeds? You wanna play stronger hands? If you're out of position near the button, you want to play, you can play. I should say relatively weak your hands. You're in position on the buttons. You want to look for opportunities to steal by bluffing when your opponent show weakness and it seemed like they don't have anything cars you want, Teoh. Use a lot of that money that you say that you stolen with your bluffing with your steel raises and bets and your aggression. Tiu Ah, bankroll the rest of your play. We say that you have basically free rolling in a lot of your other situations that you get into because by stealing a lot of chips when you didn't have cards, Okay, so we have middle pair here with a flush draw. This is a pretty interesting hand. It's a dangerous board. This is gonna board where everyone probably has some piece of that so might have a king. Other people might already have a flush so our hand is not very good, but way have stranger and a flush draw potential and we also already have a pair. But there's a lot of people in this hand. So I'm very weird of this hand. There's it is riel tournament or there's a lot of money on the table in the situation. I would be very, very hesitant here. However, if a heart like a queen or ace comes in, our hand is really good because that that means there's only one other heart that could make someone have a higher flushed us and we would have a good hand. And of course we are disconnected. I don't know why my Internet not connecting very well right now I do you know why it's because I'm wrong. Get into the room. Hopefully we can reconnect before my time runs out. This is a terrible cable, so the clock of then quickly begin away. Our hand is pretty good. It's interesting, but it's not that great. Having conceded that run at a time, it looks like we missed the hand. We missed what happened, so that's too bad. Our connection got blocked with a lesson. With that hand, we don't to see what would happen to learn. That's a very, very dangerous board, even though we had a piece events. Okay, this is just like a top pair with. Really, really, really good flush draw. I'm just going to check it. Man is very, very strong. And if I bet it, everyone's gonna fold. And now there's a straight draw, possibilities and non event that we don't want to slowly, too much to let someone get a better hand than us. This wasn't gonna call. We don't want to see any more straight cards. Come. That's a bad car. 79 10. Jack, I'm gonna bet the plot anyway, and we'll see what we're up against here. I missed that. We one we one of the top hair. So that was a really big hand of God on the flop. Our hand didn't improve throughout, but we still had top pair with a good kicker. So we still want it. But to go back to what I was saying about that last hand whenever the bluebird is such that a lot of players could get a piece of it, you have to be very very careful with. It. Seems you've got a really good hand by having a pair and a flush draw and a straight drop. But somebody else could have had a better flush draw. A better straight job and you bet, even a better pair than you, that's type of hand that could be a money making hand or a money losing it most time. That would have been a money losing hand because you could have caught something that would have made it difficult for you to full and poker. We want our again one of decisions to be easy and clear. We want to be situations where we know that what we're doing is the right decision. If you're confused and you're not sure what to do, then you can easily make the wrong decision and lose a lot of chips. And sometime we'll even be pretty sure that I have the best hand. But because of the situation, I will still fold if there's a lot of money at risk on the table and that's the thing about playing no limit, especially if you're in a tournament and you're deep in the tournament and you can get not out if you make the wrong decision. Sometimes even though you know that you probably making the wrong decision. You just have to be conservative. You have Teoh live to fight another day, basically and not put your whole entire chip stack at risk on a coin flip on a decision that could really go. Either way in a cash game is a little easier because he has a lot of money at stake. You can always just buy back in. Did you plan and then try to win your money back? But in a tournament is difference all or nothing. So decision making in poker is a really, really big part of it. I mean, just having good judgment and having a good overall strategy and understanding that, you know, you don't need to win every hand where you have the best hand, and a lot of times you will win hands where you had the worst hand by bluffing. So since you will not actually go to a showdown in most cases and knowing the whole sense, there's so much betting going on, A za cards come out and stuff. A lot of it just has to do with your positioning and your judgment. And this is why I'm having good judgment is one of the main skills in no limit Hold'em. Next up, phenomena talk more about that. 13. Lesson 12 Combing the Key Poker Skills: directly. Very interesting. A wild back. Which was that now? Some Fortune 500 companies during their recruiting process, Or executives actually have their potential executives play poker about three of a kind that was gonna check 30.3 people here. I'm gonna get this prison inopportune to bluff didn't bluff. And there's not very much money in this plot, so I'm probably gonna I'm gonna bed. And probably it was gonna fold. But I also don't want to give people a chance to catch a flush because it's too flashcards . And so even though I got a really good hand here, somebody else might be on a cholesterol And then if I just check in and get a flush bar, that would not be very fun. They're gonna call and no flash card, get flus Card came to check it, hopefully a flush draw if they do a flush. So they had to pair, but I one of my three of a kind, so they called their with their two on the turn. Since everyone should we get simply myself checking If I had made with the best hand with my choose and they called again at the end of one an extra bed at the end there that were done pretty well if you want my story. So these executives are being forced to play poker is part of the recruiting process, because executives of companies, CEOs and leadership have identified value in having to have judgment. When you play a game like a no limit Texas hold, there's so much complexity going on in terms of decision making, having to read people having to read the cards are gonna read the board, having to make decisions quickly, having to make good decisions based on limited information. You never have complete information also having, you know, having the opportunities to bluff and also having to show discipline by folding when you have good hands but have been pushed against by people's big bets. There's so much going on cognitively in a game of poker, especially a no limit game of poker, which heightens the emotions because there's so much money at stake. And since you can lose that money so easily, it's just a really good test. I have some ones judgment, and so if you're a person that could be objective and calculating and cold, how many go ahead of this person. Checks on a big steal that here because I already bet once got a call and I'm showing strength. Okay, so I won that with pure aggression. I didn't have anything that has had a high. That's a good example of how somebody here they called one of my beds. You think they maybe have a pair, but they had a draw, but they didn't show much strength. They were betting throughout the hand. I think I can muscle them with. So in that case that they would have had something big. I would have been in the situation to lose a lot. So I made a big bet there at the end. That was quite certain, due to the way that they played the hand that they would fold. And so there you go. That's a situation where you have to use your judgment and take a bold risk based on your judgment. But if you're the other person, that it can be objective and dispassionate and calculate and basically is not be emotional while money is changing hands very game while your stack is going up or down and you will go through periods where your stack, we'll go down. Someone's people even lose all your money, Really unlucky in situations where you're all in, Which is why I mean, I feel control your emotions, and it's also why you have to be ableto run it to manage your bankroll. It's a big part of the game, so judgments a huge factor. Decision making is a huge factor not being too emotional, being able to take advantage of your opponent's emotions and money. Imagine it. So the next lesson I'm going to focus on this idea of money management and managing your bankroll. It's really important in normal. 14. Lesson 13 Thinking Like a Pro: So I talked a little bit earlier about looking at how many chips your opponents have in front of them, how much money they have and how that can influence your decision. In terms of whether to come into a pot, whether not the call or two full, we also need to be always thinking about how much money we have. We don't want to lose our entire bankroll and then be out of the game. Do one decision, even if you think that if the right decision we have to manage our step and so one will have done a lot of poker professionals and writers upset is that you never want to go on to gain more than 10% of your entire bankroll. So, for example, if you got $10,000 dedicated to playing poker, you never play with more than 1000 at a time. Or if you got $500 earmarked for cards, you've never played with more than $50 at a time, and the reason we do that is because sometimes you will lose your money. I mean, you put yourself in a situation, you got pocket aces. Of course, you have to go all in. If somebody puts UAL and most of time, they're gonna win with that. Sometimes people people will get lucky, and then you don't have to worry about it too much. That was only a fraction of the money that you have to play with and you simply by back in . And then you keep fighting. Some people have is a sort of addiction. They treat their stack like its tournament stack all the time, even when they're playing cash games, and they want to make a much money as possible. They want to maximize how much money they have a table, but you're playing with your whole bankrolling the usual. Obviously, the game's over. You're done. No, when you do, you have to go get your credit card. You have to go get more money if you want to play. It's a terrible way to play poker. I mean, if you want to have a consistent, sustainable success, you need to build a manager, Baykal. And that means only playing with a small portion of the amount that you can have that you have to lose, and psychologically this helps you to play a lot better because you're not really worried about losing your money. You should be worried about playing well. And so when you're sitting there at the table, if you're afraid of losing your money, you're gonna full too much. You're gonna make bad decisions. You're gonna let emotions come into the picture. Too much of what I've been talking about over and over again. You want to play in such a way that you are not being emotional. When players have a bad beat and they go until they make bad decisions, we want to be playing against those players. We don't want to be one of them on one of the ways to avoid going until it avoid. Being emotional is, but always playing with less money than you can afford to lose. And so that's just a rule of thumb. So however much money you feel comfortable with the game, losing it should always be a lot less than you think. And it's just a good rule of thumb. It's a good practice, we should say, especially when you're first starting out, you know, play with some play money I got doing now and get used to how to play used to seeing a lot of situations and then start small, start playing with 10 or 20 bucks at a time and just get really used to think it. Experiencing media slowly go up in the States until you feel comfortable playing with hundreds of dollars on the table at a time and then later on thousands of dollars on the table at a time. I mean, if you have a goal of playing poker online to make a living with someone you may have, then you're gonna want me playing with the least 1 $2000 at the table. Then at least if you double up and have a really good session, you could make a couple grand in some cases over really today, and you could make a few grand most I've ever made. One day I'm in $17,000 1 day a couple of years ago had a really lot. They actually play either 5 10 or 10 20 which means they either usually have $3000 a table . Usually something go up in steaks. I feel like it, but most of time I'll play it around those levels and I had a really hot streak. I want a tournament and it is played really well. I got some good cards for a few days and I won $70,000 in one day. And I also have also lost relatively large amounts from one day to. So you're gonna have fluctuations. You're gonna have swings, no matter how well you're playing just part of poker. Which is why the money management aspect how much money put out there on the table is really important for you. Psychologically, never, ever risk more than you could afford to lose. And if you're gonna be a serious poker player, you want a good and you want to maybe be able to play for a living, but you need to kind of be able to combine all these things that I'm teaching you. I'm as you get experienced from how to play well, how to control your emotions. Gotta manage your bankroll for how to analyze everything that's going on at the board, reading players, reading cards, reading the position of reading the stacks of your opponent. So you combining all of this knowledge newest synthesis, your sin sightings and synthesizing things as you play, and at first it's a lot of information. Teoh intention to so course it takes time to get used to it. After a while, it just like riding a bike. Use automatic and start looking at all this thing. So when I sit down on a table, I started observing All this information starts going into my brain and my mind says the process it all and get into a rhythm. That's why they call it a couple of players grounders. You know, the button goes around the board, the hands come out and get into a flow, and sometimes, you know, you get into a floor, you might play 10 or 12 hour sessions straight without even realizing time one. But you just sit there and you play, and that seems kind of extreme. But I've done. I've done sessions where I played 10 hours straight, but like one out or it's like 1/2 an hour. You just sort of get into this zone and play car, especially if you're in a casino keeping environments in there like always the same because you don't know what time it is. You'll know it's the morning and night. Everything I'm gonna call one small bet here because I got open and straight drive a sword . Ryan came. I have a straight and a bet with some tiny probably gonna full now. I don't get anything good. Holds a larger bet and leave it at that. Okay, So what? That will leave it at that and we'll continue in the next lesson. 15. Lesson 14 The Power of the Semi Bluff: so this doesn't know. Wanna reiterate what I told you guys at the beginning of the lesson, which is the fundamental basic fact of being good poker players that you have to be patient and wait for good enough cards to play. If you are playing too many hands, you're going to be losing money slowly over time, or maybe quickly all the time. You only want to come into that game, and you have invented the probability is on your side. That means playing high cards, playing pocket pairs and playing suited connectors and trying to make a good hand from suited connector against you can cause a very flexible you can play. Uh, you go for a strange and go for a flush, get a pair two pair a set. You get lots of different hands with suited connectors. That's why we like them. The good multi way hand. Having a pocket pair basically is gonna be situation. We're going for three of the kind or you are going for. Maybe you can just do a showdown and winning. It's one of the player with your pair, but you almost always trying to improve your hand after the flop comes. Okay, so this case I'm playing in a table with his on Lee. Four people. So the relative strength of our hands that we need to play is lower. Remember that We always look at how many players are. We judge our hands, you can play slightly week your hands in this situation, we play a lot more hands on the table, fills up and there's more players in the table. You've been more hands. So with only four players, we've got to be a lot more active and replaying a lot more. This guy even raise it a little bit. He's got three million in chips, I've got four and 68,000 chips. And so we got a look at the size of the debt Relative to that, I'm gonna go ahead and make a bet here pretending about a queen because this person is a queen, they let me know right away. If nobody has a queen, then they will full. When you have fewer players. The odds of people making a hand with a board going down there aren't as many people. So this guy basically, it looks like he's, you know, chasing something I'm gonna make one more plot sized bet. And then if he calls again a minute, check it and lose the hand. I'm bluffing in this person. Show you guys a play that we can make when there are few players at the table, because again, since the other lower that they will have a good hand his goal on this one. Force him out, see if it works. He folds. If that was a really full new by me has. Basically you got the feeling that they didn't really have much there kind of is calling on a draw, and they probably called one bet to me as it waas that King came out. I think the king also scared them. So I went ahead and made a really bold play of going all in there as a risky play. But since we're playing with just chips and this is not real money, it's easier to do stuff like that. The whole point of me playing this way is so that I can do a lot of narrating and teaching you guys what's going on. The whole point is about learning. One person complained in my previous class had poker champion that looked like I wasn't winning a lot of hands that was so good poker player. Why wasn't winning more hands in my course? And the thing is, if I wanted to show literally every single hand that I play is a winner. I could do that because I can edit anything that I show you guys. I can show myself on Lee winning hands, but that would not be very educational. The whole point is to look at situations where we can learn notably a better poker and actually learning situations come from when you have a difficult situation. When you lose a hand. Oftentimes because you want to feel that analyze what happened there, well, could we have done better and how we learn from this situation is the same thing with checks, have a lot of chest courses. I'm really into chats and playing that game at a high level since I was a kid and think about chest. The way to get good at it, just like with poker, is to analyze your mistakes. You look at it the games you lost and see what I do there that maybe lose this game and That's how you improve. Guess I got top pair. I'm gonna bet it. I thought there was a good kicker. It is only three people in this hand, and so are our hand is relatively stronger. You get a sense for which hands you can and cannot play. Okay, so I still have top pair top kicker. This time I'm a bit more dispersed. Like to call a lot. Go ahead, make a larger bet before they full of last time. Those They're gonna be more prone this time calling my best raising me because they don't want to get the feeling that I've been pushing them to RK They went ahead and pulled again . And so I want another one. This time I actually had a good hand. Obviously Top pair top kicker is a good hand. Everyone so eager to run into a bigger hand. But see, when the board is really innocuous like it was right there. There aren't that many hands could beat me. Having somebody could flopped two pair, but they would have had held low cards and see if you're playing in a game with decent players, you can tell people are likely to have because if the pot was raised beforehand, for example, before the flop, why would somebody call raise if they were human? Is the average player? If they have bad cards, doesn't make sense. You know that If there was a raise, then the Plaza little dinner, even if there wasn't raised, If they're playing real money people, oftentimes they're not gonna come in to the hand and call the blind if they've got trash hands. Now, if someone isn't bad player, you're gonna find out very early in the game by watching them play by how they play their hands. So in that case, you can go ahead and just play conservatively against those players. And there is going to bleed money into you by making bad decisions over and over again. So, you know, you get a feel for that. The key point I want to make in this lesson in addition, toe basically his hands with them playing and that Aereo's popping up in these situations is to be patient only play high card. If this person had a straight draw, they decided to go all in with Justice Ph 4567 If they had an eight or a three that would have came, then they would have won. That's a really bad play to do what he just did. You shouldn't be going all in on Lee happened Drop. The reason you go in is if you have a really big hand and you're willing to put all of your chips on the table, risk everything against your opponent. Now, sometimes you go all in with a semi GLA, for example. Let's say you got your in position you've been raising and you only have a draw and you put your opponent on a pair and you think maybe you can push that opponent off of their pair and forcing the fold with a really big, all in raise. You could do that on occasion. I know what you're doing in your semi bluffing. You're hoping that they fold and you win the pot right there. However, if they go ahead and call you, they call your bluff. Then at least you have a lot of outs. Okay, so I get in a really similar situation before I have top pair. Top kicker or not. Top pair. Topic of top pair. A good kicker gets the same person. So I've been betting into her, literally every single time that we played. Eventually, she's gonna start to think that I'm bluffing, but we'll see what she does here. So we're gonna go ahead and call, Okay? In haste came. That's not a good card from you, so I'm gonna go ahead. Just check this. Can we Bolt checked and I'm gonna get now. My hand got weaker as both these cards came out because I only had a jack and by her calling them first bed. If she had high cards, then so she called with nothing. That was really weird. Why would you call with 96? That makes what this person just didn't. Makes no sense on any level. You shouldn't be playing 96 ob suit no matter what. And this person was not even in the blinds. That was just a terrible play. So now we know this is a bad player because that that play playing the hand makes no sense from any situation at all. There's never any reason to play it, but going back to what I was thinking about a semi blood that could be a good play, especially for playing against type players of your game with good players, and you're playing a regular sort of ah scenario and you have a really good draw and you're in position. That could be a time to bluff. Usually don't want to block when you don't. Having outs. Usually bluffs on some level in some way will be a semi block because you don't want to call if you wanna win. But at least if you do, then you have some outs. Maybe you could make a flush. Maybe you could make a straight or maybe you have a pair and you think you're probably be. But maybe you could make a two pair like we have a asking, for example, and you can catch another age or catch another king. So seven bluffs are really good play in poker. Due to the fact that you have two chances to win, you have a chance to win my raises. One. You have a chance to win when you bet on they fold. You have another chance to win if they call you and then you catch your in. And the thing is to when you do a big someone blood and they're and your drawing something big, like a big straight or big flush. And there are two or three people or more in the hand and you get called and then you catch a card, even though it's not the ideal situation. We don't want to get called or semi bluffing. We want people to fold. But if you do get called, though, the situation where sometimes you win huge pots because people call you that means they have something pretty good. But it usually also means that you're on a draw. That will be the best hand. If you win of its like that, top a good kicker again. Same exact scenario as before and I'm just gonna go ahead, try to take it down. I tend to like the bet large and push people. I don't want to give them a chance to catch a car. This person gonna call again? Now I have a flush draw. But if this person had already had two hearts, then they would have made a plus just now. So she folded against. This person has been fooling a lot to me, and I want every single and against them. But I've also had a good hand every time except for that very first time. So I came in here with the about $500 chips of almost double my chips in about 10 minutes. So that's a really good performance of this was real money. We would be having a very, very good session right now and so we'll continue a little bit more about semi bluffing later on the course. But it's a really important concept and it's really pretty much a basic play you need to have is part of the toolkit when you're playing poker, so we'll leave it there and will continue more than that. 16. Lesson 15 How to Play Pocket Pairs: so earlier in the course, I talked about changing speeds playing loose than playing tight in order to confuse. Confound your opponents. But you also need to be changing your speeds, as I've alluded to based on how many players you are up against. So if people are leaving the table and you're only down toe two or three players, you could be playing a lot more loose and aggressive because you to protect your blinds and people will be bluffing a lot more. You have to play more actively as one will join the table, then tighten up because you have a relatively stronger hand in order to do well, you're playing a full table with 10 players. You need to be very conservative and be coming in the hands when you have a really good cards. So this is the hand that I really like now, unfortunately, not gonna be able to play it, because it's that with all land that Palestinians have Aces king or something like that. But Jack 10 Suited is only a very good hand, a place student connector, which is a handle talked about. But this is a student connector where the cards are bold high. What would have had a flush drop? There's my 10 he is attend to, and I would have won that with my higher kicker, my Jack kicker. That was ridiculous for that person to go away. And he's just trying to double up, basically, either lose all of his money or double up his money. So unfortunately, when you play with chips and not rial money players, would you much riskier things that normal. But it also gives us a good platform from which to learn to be able to see lots of different scenarios and analyze the game on such. So basically, the reason 10 Jack student is a religion suited connectors. You can make the nut straight into for ways again. The nuts is when you're the best possible hand. So when you have 10 Jack, if a slinking comes, you've got the best possible straight, not straight. But also if a 79 comes and you got the top industry with 10 Jack and so you would have the best straight again so you would have the best possible straight in both scenarios and then , of course, into a suited you can also make a flush with two pretty high cards. And, of course, you can also make pretty good pairs with a 10 or a jack as well. So 10 Jack is a really good handed poker, even though starting out the probability of you winning against one other player is not as good as having pocket aces or kings or something like that. In a multi way and 10 Jack is a pretty ideal type of a hand. Start with and again, it's easy to play like a king, because if you if you miss a hand and you get nothing in the flop, it's easy to throw away. You won't lose money, but if you hit something on the flop, then there's lots of things you can hit a pair of straight draw flush draw. Were you given flop a straight or a flush, which is hog heaven days. It's really nice to flop those things when you flop a straight, you always gotta be really careful of slow play it, meaning not to check it. You wanna bet it because you don't want to let anyone catch a better straight or have a better straight draw than you. You have to make them pay to see the next card. So straits are really dangerous hands from which to check. Now you have, ah, really big flush with big, full house. That's different. It's much harder to beat those hands. And so if you flop one of those, then you can check it. And it's a lot safer because it's really hard your opponent to catch up to. You want them to catch up a little bit so that you could get a value bet, meaning that you can bet later in the grounds, and then you can get some money out of it. Otherwise, you're not going to win anything. But when you have a straight so it's when you flop one, you always have to be very careful not to slow play it because you don't want someone to be drawing to a higher straight and then beat you. It's really frustrating when you flop such a big hand and then losing it. So I have a pocket pair here. I'm looking to flop a set. I didn't drop a set. Well, this hands that's still pretty good because it's only four of us in the hand and someone's gonna have a jack or a 10. Now, this is the kind of tricky situation because I assume this guy hasn't Jack he would had embedded. You're not really dangerous board. And I'm gonna go ahead this bold here because even though it's possible for me to have the best hand, there's no reason to call here when there are so many hands that can beat me, even though the bet was really smaller and that's what that was. Only 30,000. But there's no point in throwing away money when the odds of you having three the best hand or low. This guy did have a 10 0 on this guy. Got a full house in the variants. He was very, very lucky. He caught his full house on the river. This guy had a really good hand, You had 10. And so again we saw this guy. This is crazy play, and we see that he went a lot of money in that pot. But his his play there is pretty much suicidal. If he continues to play that way, he's going to go ahead and just lose all of his money. So we recognize him as a reckless player and only after due to be a reckless player is waiting for you. Have a good hand, and you get him into a pot with you, where he starts to raise you. And you just played back at him playback meetings. You just bet and raise. And then eventually they'll just lose all their money to you. One fell swoop because we see that they're not afraid to put it all on the line. So, against loose players you just played conservatively and wait for an opportunity against type players. You are the one that should play more loosely because they're not going to be calling a lot of your bets. They're gonna be more afraid of losing their money. And so that's generally how you want to play the jerky. A situation is when you have a table of very good players that are changing their speed, their playing both tight and loose, which is the way that we want to play. And there's two solutions to that type of a game. The first solution is to avoid that. If I go to a casino and I'm playing at a table where all the players are obviously really good. I don't see that I have a really big edge and playing with a lot of money. I don't see the reason to put myself in a situation where you know the odds are not necessarily in my favor. It goes to that saying it's a strong swimmers who drown. You know, when you really want to test yourself against the best you may do well, you may even get better as a poker player, but you're also put yourself at a potential disadvantage. Why would you want to do that? You want to be okay? This is pretty funny. I had two diamonds. We would have flopped a really big flush right here. But again, we don't feel bad about that because there's no way to know and says the board just paired here this to choose, someone could have a full house so we can flush and still get beaten. So it's just something to always be aware. I talked about that scenario earlier. Okay, so I'm gonna play this pocket pair and try to get a set and to show you guys how powerful is when you flop a set. It's a very, very sneaky hand and you catch it or you don't. I'm gonna call this one. Raise and try Teoh flop a set. And when a huge pot okay, got re raised now it's not worth it. Actually, everybody's calling, but still can't do it. Not good enough chance. I'm gonna go in full. Let's see what unfolds here. Okay. Would not have gotten my hand there. Just too many races that you got three people that have raised and called in a huge pot. And it's just not good enough. These guys probably all have high cards that they're if they're playing reasonably, this person obviously has a pocket pair. I hope this guy calls its use pocket pair Ace three. Okay, so you just had a three. So all that betting before the flop has done to really bad hands, Julie, Batman to would have came. So I actually would have made a full house there on the river if I would have played that. But again, we never look at what would have could have happened on poker. Everything is water under the bridge. We have to play rationally based on probabilities and never feel bad. If we would have won money or if we have make really good decisions and lose money, we never feel bad. We have to learn how to make good decisions based on probabilities and based on rationality . And then over time, long run, we will make money. I would have won this hand to my face came when that 17. Lesson 16 Playing Your Position: notice. I have not played very many hands at all in the small blind. A lot of people have a bad habit of thinking. Well, I've already paid for a little bit of this whole liquor that I would have gotten five. It looks like I would have been making a lot of hands here with all of these bad cards, but again, we don't think about it too much, just kind of funny. A lot of people have a bad habit of playing small blinds too often because they think that they're already paid something. So it's just a little bit more manageable. See, a flop problem with that is you're gonna be in bad position. As I said under the gun, first to act for the rest of the hand, I would have had a full house here fives, and you're gonna be in a bad position for the rest of the hand. So why put yourself in that situation? That's interesting. That person, just one that hand with a flush. So the ideal situation to be in is if somebody else has a flush and he actually flopped that flush he got in the 1st 3 cards to come out is when you make a full house and someone hasn't flushed because it's really hard for them to fold that hand. You want to be situations, we give the best hand. The other person has a hand that's really hard to fool. So I'm gonna call this guy's huge all pretty much all in bet with my Ace King. This guy could have anything. I'll be really unlucky if he goes ahead and see. So I got a huge advantage over him. Basically, if it if an eight comes, it's the only way you could win the hand. So it didn't and so I just one. I took most of his chips and doubled up right there. This guy just playing like a wild man. And so, normally with a scheme right there, I'm playing. It's good players. I would probably full don't want to risk my whole entire stack with Ace King. I might prison hold type sac bases or with kings, but he's king is not a good race. Hands, not a good hands go up against pocket pairs with. Even if someone has lower pocket pairs, you still have about a 50 50 chance of winning the hands. Why would you risk for your money with probability like that? But this guy could have anything and he had a really bad hand. And so I had, like, 85 or 90% chance of winning at hand and force in a game of probabilities you always wanted gives much money on the table as you can when you have a big edge like that. So that was a pretty easy decision concerning who I was playing against. Now he's doing it again. See, in this time he got lucky. Anyone with a Stephen of this guy had pocket kings, so just play that fucking things are a big advantage to get someone with a C because an ace coming is the only car that could help them. But we see that he's gotten looking. So he went up to over three million in ships and he went down to under one million and ships now has two million ships, but he's an easy player to play against. Basically, she's doing a big rates again. He was full of most of time, except when you have a really good hand, then you call and then you use the one says he's gonna win a bunch of money back right now because he got a queen and he just doubled back up and he just took back a lot of that. So this is kind of crazy. What's happening in this table? That's all right. We can learn a lot from it. So I've got a suit, a connector. I'm in the small blind again. It's a position that we don't want to be in. I would love to be able to play this hand. This guy's going all in again if he continues to do this where it's gonna leave the table because it's not fun to have someone was going all in constantly like this. This guy pretty much can't win now because you don't have to kings to come. So once again, we see that guy just going all in. I mean, Hastings a good hand, but I've got a screen, hopefully doesn't do it again. Cam is gonna go ahead, make a regular play and regular raise It got raised in front of me. So with this, I'm not gonna re raising this. Could handle is gonna call the Great and the good thing here is I'm on the button, so I'm in position. So it's nice to see him with the razor. Does before me to see how he acts. So especially, this is a good example of why it's time to be in good position. I get to see what this person does. So I thought, Palm pair top kicker. If you bets here at the blood, it's almost certainly a blood. And so we're gonna make a big raise here and try to knock him out. If he goes ahead and calls the raise, you might have a queen is possible. But I got the best kicker. So we're going to call this and see what he has. Ace Queen's were the same hand, so once again, we're going to split the pot. 18. Lesson 17 Poker for Beginners Recap: So in this lesson was gonna recap the main points of the courts again. This is the beginning courses going to assume that you know virtually nothing about poker. Although almost everyone will be somewhat familiar with playing car. That's in basic strategies that go along with pretty much every card game. The first thing that you need to do is wait for strong hands. Now, this is hard for people that are used to playing cards just for fun, because poker is a game that we're trying to play to make money, and that means it to be a lot more patient than you would be with a lot of other types of card games. So it means for some people that you're going Teoh get bored. But if you really love the human poker, you're not gonna get bored while you're waiting for getting hands because you will be intensely focused on what other players are doing. So you wanna watch the hands, watch how people are playing them, watch the cards, practice reading the board, practice following the action and be very much involved. Every single hand when you're not playing and then on Lee, come in when you got high cards like 10 or better pocket pairs and suited connectors in general, I didn't tell. You gotta tell you guys earlier. You know, every once in a while you can mix it up and throw in, uh, have bad hand, especially if you're on the but never in the big Blind. For example. Come ahead and go ahead and come in with bad cards in order to surprise your points. But you want to do that very rarely. It's gonna be something that you do regularly. That should be sort of a one off thing. You want to play loose against type players and tight begins to lose players. So we saw in the lesson how I was playing against that really crazy maniac player that was going all in with everything. When I got really good cars I would go up against, because I knew that the odds of my car is being better than him or in my favorite. Whenever the odds are in your favor, you want to put your money on the table. That doesn't mean they're gonna win in all of those hands, but when it means that over time you're going to win in the long run. That's what matters. And cards in all games of chance is based on probabilities, so you can never be afraid of losing and never feel bad that you would have won a hand if you would have came into. It's all about probabilities over the long term. And if you can't make decisions thinking about probabilities of long term, you're probably not gonna be very poker player. And I'm probably gonna be too emotional to be a good poker player, because the simple fact is just like something like investing. There's gonna be times when you lose money and you have Teoh be philosophical about it, and you have to lose money that you are willing to risk and that you could lose. That's when we go back to the rule of thumb. That I said never was. More than 10% of your stack is like investing. These have never been more than 10% of your money into one stock or one asset, never but tent more than 10% of your money into a gang because you can lose it all, and you need to be able Teoh play correctly without being so worried about losing your money. So that's what you want to start playing low stakes and then work your way up to higher stakes. You want to know the basic odds of catching different hands. I didn't go a lot into odds in this course because the begin, of course, you could take my course in a place. Pokal champion. I do a lot more showing guys a different laws catching different hands. Basically, I told you guys the main odds for just a few different hands the odds of catching a straight when you have an open and a straight or you have two cars that can come or one in three with two cards to come, the odds of catching a flush are also about one in three is a pretty good odds, especially if you already have a pair of in your hand is much stronger. Okay, the odds of flopping a set or three of the kind is about 19 The odds of catching inside a straight job. We need that. There's only one car that can help you to make a stray or one in 11 so those low odds so as you memorizing it used to all the different probabilities of all the common situations in the common hands, and you're gonna see over and over again. It helps you to make really quick decisions and know whether or not you should be, uh, calling, checking or raising. Okay, so you'll get used to that. Poker is a largely pattern recognition again, and I talked about how we have been called poker players rounders. You see hands and situations over and over and over again, and no situations being exactly the same as another one. But a lot of them will be very, very similar. And so I could get used to playing a lot. Get a lot of experience, will be able to make these decisions very quickly. And basically you become fluent in the language of poker and the betting and probabilities and analyzing the board, meeting the board in the card strengths and knowing what to do. A constituent types of players, you sort of synthesize all these different things and you become a really good player. I talked about how you needed manager Chip Stack. Don't take any unnecessary risks. Yes, there might be times when you think you have the best hand and very tempted to call. But why do you want to risk all of your money and situation where you're not sure? So a lot of times in poker you need Teoh a live to fight another day simply fold, especially your playing is a really good player and you're not sure what they have situations really tricky. Simply fold and you can if they want Teoh gall you and show you their their bluff. If they were bluffing, I will make a lot of people very upset. But sometimes you're gonna be the one that is bluffing. You're gonna be the one that is putting pressure on your opponent. So poker is a game of tactics and strategy. Someone you're gonna win the worst hand someone's gonna lose with the best hand. And that's okay to be in control of your emotions. So a big part of that is managing a chip stack and making sure you don't lose it. All this is like playing no limit. Hold'em is a very challenging game for a lot of people. When you can lose all of your money in one fell swoop, takes a lot of discipline you have to be able to lay your hand on. You have to be prepared to fold sometimes, even when you're probably beats. One of the key skills in poker is one of the first ones that you should practice. If you do nothing but basically wait for strong and play and then also fold. When you know you don't have the best hand, you're automatically going to be a decent poker player. I mean, it doesn't take much more than that to play. Okay is most people don't do that very well. Most people are undisciplined and they don't wait to play strong hands. They play all kind of cars. As we saw in some of the most recent lessons, some of the bad players of the table making really used to make money against them, and a lot of people just don't like to fold. You know, poker is a game where our egos are involved, and we don't like the focus. We feel like we're losing by folding, and so being able to have discipline and do those things and not be emotional gives you a huge advantage over the vast majority of poker players, even poker players. They consider themselves to be very good players. If they can't control their emotions, they're not going to win money over the long term. That's why a lot of poker is simply playing the player. You see a player that's bad. You seem to make that decisions. You want to be amounts of pots against that, play tight and make sure that you have good cards. You're gonna win a lot of money against those players. You see a player that plays very carefully, very conservatively. It's very good. It's being much more careful and stop player on the one hand, because when they're in the pot, you know they probably have something good. On the other hand, you can also play more loosely and aggressively against them because they're gonna be more careful that they're gonna be more apt to fold against you when you put pressure on them. So that's sort of the general rules when it comes in different types of players. But poker's again with people and so you want to go to analyze what type of player you're playing ins and then adjust accordingly. In general, you want any patient but aggressive when the odds in your favor, when you have a good and when you're mixed up in a pot and you're in good position, you wanna bet and not be afraid of anyone you want aggressive and push people out of the pot. You saw me make a couple of big bluffs during the course, and sometimes you just have to do that and not be afraid. But most of the time you're going to be patiently waiting for those situations in which you can be aggressive. So you want to be patient and then mix that with a calculated aggression at the right times . And if you learn how to do all of these things that I've gone over in this short course on poker, and you can become a very good player very, very quickly and then from there it's a matter of getting experienced, testing out lots of different things. And then if you go on and take my course a little bit poker like champion, there's a lot more advanced techniques, how to play a complicated hands and complicated situations and win money against good players and things like that. So I hope you guys got a lot out of this course and I wish you the best of luck in your games and hope that you guys have learned to enjoy this great game of poker because it really is fun is a great game that you can play for your whole entire life. You played into old age and you can keep improving at it, no matter how much experience you have. So it's really rare. I think in that sense is not many things you can do all the way until you're getting up there in years. Eighties nineties. You still enjoy playing poker, so good luck to you and thank you for taking the