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6 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1: WHAT

    • Lesson 2: WHY

    • Lesson 3: HOW

    • Lesson 4: WHO

    • Conclusion


About This Class

If you’re an aspiring freelancer of any kind, half of your job is finding clients. Pitching yourself and your ideas is a specific skillset necessary to freelance success. This 32-minute class will walk you through the steps of generating quality ideas, establishing your qualifications, finding publications/editors/clients to pitch to, and crafting the perfect pitch to land you the paid project you’ve dreamed about.

The concepts presented in this class will be broadly applicable to all freelancers, but the class material will use creative-content projects for its key examples. This class is perfect for aspiring freelancers or anyone who wants to improve their confidence in pitching ideas to new clients.

The class project is to write your first pitch using the tips and techniques from the class lessons. The class teacher will give personalized and constructive feedback for every pitch shared in the class forum.

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Caroline was great with giving tips on how to give a pitch. She also shared her experiences and the step she took to get from A to B. I hope to see more class that she will share on Skillshare.
Deborah Kobelski Robertson

Creative Visionary

Great content and right to the point. I so appreciated that.
I Like that! it's very important to prepar your answers before the clients ask the questions. It could be hard but it worth it. I like the first and basic video, it is definitely smart to think about how to pitch your ideas by asking many questions to people and build a story fundation as many ideas can pop up on your brain.