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How to Pitch & Get Brand Deals, Correctly. Without a Social Following

Ben Knights, Digital Content Creator

How to Pitch & Get Brand Deals, Correctly. Without a Social Following

Ben Knights, Digital Content Creator

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12 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why you need to pitch to brands correctly

    • 3. How to find new brands to work with

    • 4. Why you should work for free

    • 5. How to structure your portfolio

    • 6. How to cold pitch a brand

    • 7. Why I use a media kit

    • 8. Warm introduction

    • 9. How to move to paid projects, correctly

    • 10. Thank you!

    • 11. Bonus!

    • 12. Your Course Project

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About This Class

Getting consistent brand deals is the ultimate goal of many content creators. We are now facing a difficult time when there are more creators than ever wanting to work with brands, the good news is that there are also so many brands. This means you need to find a way to stand out against the noise, and that's exactly what you will be learning in this course. 

I go over:

- How to find new brands to work with

- How to cold pitch 

- How to get a direct contacts email address

- Scripts you can use to copy and paste in your own outreach emails

- How to get paid work from brand deals

You do NOT need thousands of followers to create content for brands. You simply need an offering for them, for me its video production, for you it might be photography, design, anything that you are good at that can be of use to a brand. Having a social following is great but that's influencer marketing and that's not what we go over in this course.

If you want to start pitching to brands, creating content all over the world, and getting paid to do so, then this course is great for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Knights

Digital Content Creator


Ben is a Digital Content Creator. Specializing in video editing, graphic design and animation. He has a wide array of skills in the creative field. 

When Ben isn't working on a new project, you can usually find him exploring Los Angeles.

Follow along with the journey on Instagram or on his website where he showcases his travel and brand videos. 

As well as being an avid content creator Ben is also very passionate about health and nutrition, on this channel you will find courses and trainings covering a wide array of topics form freelance business to creative techniques. 

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1. Introduction: working with brands is the ultimate goal from many content creators getting free stuff and paid gigs to shoot content for brands that you already using like is an absolute truth. In this course, we're gonna be going over exactly how to do that and tips and tricks that I use that I'm gonna teach you so that you can start working with Bratton's will be going over a lot of the things that I see other people doing incorrectly, like asking for paid work. So we're going to be covering how to do that correctly. I'll be showing you the exact email templates that are used. And then in the last video of this course, I'll be giving you a link so that you can download those scripts of it. You can just copy and paste them and start applying to brands that way. Thier best part about this is that you do not need thousands of social media followers to start working with brands. All you need is a service or an offering that you can provide the brand sick me that's video production. So when I pitched a work with a brand, I pitch my video production skills, not my social media skills. You're ready to start pitching correctly to brands. Come on in and I'll see you on the inside. 2. Why you need to pitch to brands correctly: So let's talk about why you need to correctly pitched brands in the first place to brands get obviously a lot of emails every single day from customers from other businesses and now lots of content creators wanting to collaborate and get free products. So you have to be clear and precise in your email introduction, and you have to use a select set of tactics and tips, which is what we're gonna be going over. Teoh, introduce yourself and propose what it is that you're offering in the correct way. Now that starts by not emailing a generic info act email address. And in the next couple of videos, we can be going over how to find those specifically. So what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want a structure, a series of emails in a clever way that you stand out on. That you're offering to. That brand is clear and concise. If you think about it, how many emails do you get every single day? How many of them do you pay? Ah, 100% attention to now. There might be one in there that is offering you gone, but because you've skimmed David, that email. You don't get a chance to see that offering. So what we need to do is we need to structure our emails and our outreach in such a way that it's obvious the gold is in the email that you're offering that needs to stand now as much as possible. 3. How to find new brands to work with: So in this part of the course, we're gonna be going over how to find brands toe work with. Traditionally, it was very easy to kind of Google Google brands that you'd like that. Look off. One by one, surgeons scraped through Google. Grab that generic info email address and start making a spreadsheet and just start pitching out your emails to all of the different brands. Now, with Instagram, we have a brand new way of reaching out to France. So let's jump into my phone and onto Instagram and we're gonna go over exactly what I do to find new brands to pitch my work too. So we're gonna look at River Lys protein. They're actually a protein based company that I've done some work with in the past, and this is the exact way in which I found them. So you go to an instagram profile. So here we are on the River Lys Instagram Page. And if you see right here, there's this ill arrow drop down are you can tap it and it's gonna actually bring up a bunch of other companies that have really related to this company. So in this case, we've got River less, which is a protein based company. So we're seeing a Lord of options for other protein based companies Now. For me, what I like to do is I like to work with Brandon companies that don't have a job, enormous social media following. And that's because they don't tend to have either. In house content, creators over don't have a huge budget to hire other content creators, so they probably don't get head out as much for content creation as the enormous brands did . So I like to keep it below 100,000 followers when I'm looking for new brands. So if we go to the river, this instagram page, which we are here, let me tell you a little drop down our we get all these other protein based companies to the side. So this one rule one proteins. They don't have a verification check mark, so that probably means they don't have hundreds of thousands of followers, so free tap them when we have a look. They have around 50,000 followers. So that's right in the margin of where I like to look out so we can look and we can see they our preaching based company. They sell protein based products, so they fit our criteria perfectly. So that is, this is one. I would now have a screen short or type down in a spreadsheet and save for one to reach out to. So then, if we get back on, we keep looking that these guys away terrified in scram accounts or probably want do days. But if we tap on, we can see muscle and fitness eso festival. They don't even sell a product, so they probably don't need content creation for a specific product. But most importantly, we have 800,000 followers. SOS, an account like bad is probably getting messaged and requests for video content, photography content, all kind of content that they can just have the pick of the letters of standing out in a company of that size is gonna be extremely, extremely difficult if we get back and we keep looking. Look at this one prime lamps so it looks like they sell products. Say that's a good starting point for what we're looking for on they have less than that 100,000 follower Mark. So these would again be another very good company to reach out to you and see if they need any content created for them on. We can just we can just keep doing this. So let's do this for another company that I've worked with so Celsius. If we're on their page, I've done work for Celsius. So reaching out to a competitor of Celsius will be great because I have my portfolio of what will be going into a portfolio of work later on in the videos. But I have a portfolio of work with an energy drink based company. So if I reach out to another energy drink based company is gonna make closing that deal a lot easier. So if we hit the little drop down area and we get some more suggestions So Jim Shark, let's have a look. They have 4.5 million followers, so they're gonna have either their in house content creation team or they're gonna have people who they regularly work with. Getting a deal or brand deal with them is gonna be very difficult. So let's go back. We're gonna keep going across until we find one that we like the look of. So this one looks pretty good to say these guys make obviously on energy drink. They don't have that many followers. So this is a perfect one that I personally would reach out to you and see if they wanted any video content created. So here's another one. I say Pure company. They have less than 100,000 followers. That's pretty good metric for us. We can look down. They create all kinds of creative, cool, nice photos and some a lot of video on there. So they would again be a really good company for us to reach out to. So that's basically it goes. That's how I would use Instagram to find Brand that I want to work with. We don't have to go through Google. We don't have to search for hundreds of different listings to find different email addresses to send emails. We can just go on to Instagram. We can look a brand that we already like. We can tap that little drop down, are on weaken, swipe across, and we can keep looking for other brands that are related to the type of niche that we wanted to start during content. For the moments we find them, we can. We could screenshot. Then we can put them down in a spreadsheet so that we've saved them. We have a nice list of brands to contact. 4. Why you should work for free: it's in this video. We're gonna be talking about why you should work for free when you create your first piece of content for brands. So first, what? It takes a lot of pressure off of the brand. They don't have to worry about paying you. They don't have to worry about finances. They don't have to deal with haggling. They don't have to compare your price to other people's prize and compare your quality of white to someone else's quality of works. By offering something for free, you remove the most difficult part of any kind of brand deal, and that's price will go into why it's important in just a minute. But this is the first reason. More often than not, you'll get a free products, so it's not like your work is totally for free. You'll be receiving a product on That's only a product that the brand for me anyway, will want in a video I'll be creating for them, for example, River less, which we showed in the previous video. I did my first piece of content for them totally free on, but they did send me the products that they wanted to feature in the video. If they are happy with your work, it makes pitching for a paid job so much easier. And that makes sense, right? They've already received a great piece of content from you. It's been high quality. They're thrilled they didn't pay anything for it. Now they are going to want to use you for a page up, that having their objections in using you for for paid work. So we're talking about standing out in a brand's inbox, right, because we know that they're going to be getting hundreds of emails a day. Lots of requests toe work with them, people pitching their own content. So we want to stand out. So when brands is skimming through your email, if you have a statement in there that says you'll happily do this first video or piece of content for free, well, that's gonna catch their attention. They're going to remember that, right? You've got everyone else who's pitching proceeds and ideas and stuff in your you're just pitching that you want to create content for them and preferably an idea of what type of content you want to create for them. But you're saying that you're gonna do it for no charge, you're gonna do absolutely free. But that's very memorable. And what we're trying to do in these initial set of emails and for this first type of work is we want to be memorable and we want to stand out. Now. The whole point of working for free is so that you can, when you create your next piece of content for them is you can move into a paid piece of work. Now, sometimes the brand will not want to pay you. They don't have a marketing budget for content creation. They're thrilled that they got the first piece of content from you for free. But they don't have the money to pay you for any future work, and that's okay, that does happen on That's not exactly a lose lose scenario, because at the end of the day, you've got the content you created for that brand on. Now you have a brand that you can say that you worked with. So there's value in creating content for free because it builds up your portfolio. It gives you credibility because you've created content for that brand. Now, when you go into Instagram, you look up that company. You take the drop down arrow and you see all the other related companies. You can reach out to them. And you can say that you've worked with the first branch. Didn't want to pay you on. Show that piece of content on You don't need to say that you weren't paid for it. You can keep that obviously, completely to yourself. But you've built up that poor failure and you've got another name of a brand that you've worked with her at your portfolio in the next couple of videos will be going over the importance of having a portfolio. 5. How to structure your portfolio: So in this video, we're gonna be going over your portfolio. Why you need it, the importance of it, what you need to show on it on what might properly it looks like you need a portfolio to show to Brown's because you need to showcase what previous work that you've done. Previous brands ive worked with said. There anyone who's looking at your work and get a sense of your style on the type of content created before and to see whether it's what during a brand deal with you Now, obviously again, you don't need thousands of followers toe work with brands that's influence on marketing. That's not what we're doing. We're offering content that bacon use on their own social platforms and Web sites. What's great to include on a port failure is a previous list of clients or other brands that you've worked with. If you repeat the steps from the previous video where you awful work for free, you build up that list pretty quickly. But again, that's relevant because you'll want to show that you've worked with other brands, gives you credibility, and to any future brand, can have a look at previous brands that you've worked with and see if there's any kind of common themes so that they might feel secure in hiring you. Maybe you haven't created any content that's directly relevant to iPads. But if you've worked with brands that make phones were, then there's a direct correlation in electron ICS. So just because you haven't done any content creation within a certain niche, if you've worked with a brand that has a similarity toe new brand that you're pitching to while then seeing that brand on the list of brands that you've worked with on your portfolio is gonna be a huge standing point to you as a content creator. So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna jump into the computer and we're gonna have a look at my portfolio so I can show you what my website looks like and hopefully give you some tips on how to arrange your website and showcase the content that you've made, as well as the brands that you've worked with previously. So I use Squarespace from my website and I highly recommend them because they make creating a website super easy. They have tons of templates for you to choose from. Adding your content to them is really easy. You don't need any coding, no design skills or anything like that. You just upload your content or linked to your content where it is stored. Either on after for me, you cheap or Vignon Poseidon Video on Bennett's gonna Paul in that content and display it on your website and their pre made themes really nicely, and it just takes out a lot of stress of building a website. I've used other website providers in the past. On by far. Squarespace is my is my favorite. So right away on my website, you can see I have a full screen cover image that does not clog up the entire screen. You don't need to scroll up and down, and I like this because I think it keeps it nice and clean. And then I include major links on the home page. So if we go into a videography, that's where I house all my videos for different clients. The first thing I do is I have a top here. I have my show reel playing, and that just kind of gives her a taste of the type of quality that they can expect to see if I want to create videos for them now. The top thing and I include art, some logos of previous brands that I've wiped with. I have worked with a lot more. I just like to keep it at this amount because it looks clean on. It gives a good overview of the type of variety of niches that I've worked in and worked with clients in, so we have that front and center. So you'll want to once you build up that portfolio of brands the water if you want to display that nice and high. So when someone comes to your website, your portfolio Paige, they can just see boom here the clients that you've worked with. Now I have a bunch of branded videos at the very top, so you can just click one on. It'll just open up and start playing, so this is a really nice way of displaying content. Obviously, there's lots of videos for someone to look through. The thumbnail of the videos highlights exactly what the video is about. Obviously, Alistair include a title to you. That's too. Now you keep scrolling. I segment my videos into different niches. I also include some testimonials to give extra added credibility to them. On Brand Client can just scroll down and see the variety of content that I offer video content. So that's how I like toe showcase my video portfolio to a client. We have a no show reel of the top, showcasing a bunch of different random clips cut together through that branch and see the kind of my sort of style big front and center. We have the logos of other brands that I've worked with, and then we scroll down and we get a nice, nice variety of different brands that we've worked with. You get a nice variety of different video content that someone could look through separated into his different categories. So for me, that's athletic travel lifestyle. I want to break those down so that someone flicking through the page can see it really easily because of Brander, a client. They're not going. Teoh watch individual videos, right? They're gonna want to flick through the page, see what catches their eye watch, maybe one or two pieces of content before ultimately deciding toe to go forward with you or or not to get forward with you. So you want to make it nice and easy. You want to make content on your page? Stand out and you want to separate it, so it's nice and easy to see through. 6. How to cold pitch a brand: So in this video, we're gonna be going over how to cold pitch to brands. So cold pitches when you're sending an email or a message to somebody he's never heard of you Never. They don't know you. A warm pitch is when you're messaging somebody or emailing somebody directly by name or somebody that you met before. Do you always want a warm pitch over a cold pitch? Cold pictures tend to generally goto info act email addresses on They're probably not going to get seen. If you're emailing somebody's name at company that you want to work with dot com, and you can include their name and the email. It feels a little more personal. They feel like they might know you already, or you might may simply that they next is going to be paying more attention to what it is that you're saying in your emails. We always went up from warm email outrage, traveling a cold email outrage. So how do you get a warm email outrage where you have to start first, obviously with a cold out rich And the best way to do that is the use Instagram like we showed earlier to find the brand that you want to work with and then on a lot of Instagram accounts. Their lives have an email address directly on there. But what I like to do is I like to message the actual INSTAGRAM account so you can just tap message and you can send them a message and you can kind of give them a little pitch. About what about what it is that you want to do for them are showing my exact script in just a second. But why that's great is because the people who run these social media accounts of the brands that you want to work with, they're not the actual brand owners. They're not the marketing people, and their job is to message other people on Instagram and other social media platforms, but also to reply to customers as quickly and as efficiently as they can. It's not them who is going to be making the decision to a lot of the time. They're very willing to help you and provide contact information for people that will be able to help you. It's in their best interest to help you. I've been using your products for a while now I'd really like to chat about a project that I'd love to partner with. Name of company for Is there any way that I could have the email address or phone number of someone? I can talk further about this way now more often than not about reply, and they'll give you a direct email address of someone in the marketing team that you can directly email. So now we've gone from a generic cold email to the Social Media team. Remember, it's in their best interest to help you on. We can get a name at name of company. Wanna work with dot com, and we can use a warm email average. And that's always gonna be the goal. What's all cigarette about this instagram message to brands is that it's is pretty generic , right? It's not just saying, Hey, I want to do a free video for you. Can I have the email address of the marketing team? It's a little bit more generic, we say I'd like to partner with. That might mean that it's an opportunity for that. For the brand on, it obviously isn't opportunity. It's an opportunity to work with you, but they don't know what type of opportunity. So again we've got It's in the best interest of the brand social media account to help you on. Now you're offering something that they don't know how beneficial it is gonna be, too, that cos they're gonna want to help you even more because we keep it a little bit generic. We don't exactly what we're offering. We want to save that for a warm email, but now our objective is complete. We've got an email address of somebody on the marketing team that we can send a warm email outrage, too. 7. Why I use a media kit: in this video, we're gonna be talking about media kits and why I like to use one. Media kits are traditionally used by social media influences when they reach out to brands to highlight their statistics and other social media stats that they can offer to the brand . I like to use one because it's another way of showcasing you as your brands. You can link to other pieces of work from your media kit. You can include really cool photos and other information about yourself. Think of it. It's kind of your little on line. Resume in nicely packaged PdF. So we'll jump into the computer again and we'll have a look at my media kit. Andi, I'll go over at the information I included in there and why include the death? And then what I did because I think it will help you guys is at the end of the course. In the last video, I included a link where you can download all of these resources, and one of these resources will be my media kit office. See all the images and will be removed, but you can use that as a template so that you can stuck to create your own media kit. So on the first page, I include my my signature, which is this over here, my name and then just media kit. I also include a really nice, bold big image so that seniors somebody opens their steak and kind of be a little bit curious in that. Gonna want a little bit more so we can have a little look down on include another big image . My name again. We just want to keep hammering in who we are, what we do on that we're great at it. So that sticks in people's mind, Remember about standing out. We just want to keep standing out. So here I have a little introduction as to who I am, then I include some social media statistics. Now I don't have a large following by by any means, and if you don't have a following, that's doesn't matter. But I like to put this here because it shows that I do have some sort of social media following on their If I post their content, well, then a few more people are going to see it more than if they just posted it on their own, so they get a little bit of exposure. Three me as well as the content. Now. Obviously, this is much more compelling if you are. If you are an influence, only have a huge following than they're getting value right of your content and then the promotion efforts that you can put behind it. But, I mean, I don't have a large following. I've never had a large following, and I've still been able to make great content for great brands. So I like to include Inherit, just as an example to those brands to see that their content can get pushed a little bit further with my help. And then here again, I list the a few off the brands that I've worked with previously. Again, it's not all of them. It's just a nice variety. We've got car companies, we've got soccer cos we've got technology based companies, fruit based companies. We've got a nice variety so silken skip through and see if there's one that's relevant to their brand to know that they'll be confident with choosing me to create content for them, and then that's it. And then I have my last big image, which is just a landscape view of Los Angeles Next, and generic andare include my email address, my website on my INSTAGRAM account on That's it. That's just a nice little thing to include when you do your warm email, which is what we're gonna be going Eva in the next video. Just to attach this at the bottoms, someone can skim over your email. See Bill attachment. And if they have interest, double click your opener and they see this really nice layout, some really nice photos and some more information about you that you don't want to clog up in their initial email. But here you can dump a bunch of content about yourself and kind of promote yourself so that you don't need to do that so much in the email. 8. Warm introduction: our guys. And now we have found a few companies that we like the look of that in the industries or the niches that we want to start creating content in. We've message them on Instagram. We've got a few email addresses with name off the person at the company in the marketing team on. We are ready to start during our warm introductions, typing out the message that adding our media kit at the bottom on. Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go over the script I like to use from my warm instructions. Now, keep in mind you can You can use these scripts, Aziz you as you like, but feel free to customize them. We want to make it as relevant. Each company is possible and the script is just a starting point in the air like to use. So I do actually a copy and paste these ones each time I send a warm email. Andi, I will just taylor it a little bit. So obviously I replaced the company name with the actual company name. I'll talk about something relevant to do with the company. Maybe they posted a photo on Instagram or say how much I like that very toe, just something that makes it a little bit more personal into the brand. If we're sending out 10 what that you know, the majority of our work is done with just copying and pasting a simple script. And then we're just gonna spend a little bit of time personal izing that email. So let's look at the script ice into brands for a warm email. Hey, name. My name is Ben, and I'm additional content creator based out of Los Angeles. I have worked with companies big and small from HP in Celsius, and my videos have gained hundreds of thousands of views. Here is a link to my website where you can see some of the recent projects. I have worked on my INSTAGRAM account, and I've also linked to videos that I think irrelevant to your company. So then I had my website on my instagram account. And then here are that two links that I like to include but really love what you guys are doing, and I'm reaching out to see if you'd have any interest in collaborating on something together. Have a few ideas about a video that I'd like to shoot for name of company. I've put together some rough ideas, and I'd love to discuss them with you. I've been a fan of name of company for a while now, so I'd be happy to shoot this first video completely free. I just need a few products that you'd like to highlight in the video. Thanks in advance. Cheers bent. So that's the script I like to use. I think that keeps it nice on Open. It allows some modification to the email. I can pull in some recent information about the company, like I just mentioned that we can make it a little bit more personal, but that's the generic email that I like to use. So let's break it down a little bit. I asked me, Like to try and always do to video examples that are relevant to the brand that I'm pitching to because that gives them a little bit of confident that I have created that type of content before, so there will be a little bit more confident if they want to get with me. So I like to do to. If I don't have two examples, then I try and do one. And if I don't have one example, I'll link out specifically to another piece of content that is kind of relevant. You always want a weapon, brands that a kind of relevant brands that you've already worked with. I say a few times in the email that I love, what that company's doing and that I'd like to work with them on some things. And then in the last paragraph, we talk about offering our work for free. So now when I do that in an email, I like to just put that on board, maybe even underline it, just to call out, to draw attention to it. Because we know people scrub through email so fast and they skim through individual emails . Anything that's boded colored, underlined anything just to make that section stand out a little bit more, they're going to see completely free, bold and underlined, and they're gonna be a little bit curious. They're gonna wonder what you're offering that is completely free to them. And then they're gonna go back through and read your email. Now maybe they're gonna pay a little bit more attention now that they know what you're selling what you're offering is gonna be free to them. It's not gonna cost them any money. You say that I've put together some rough ideas for a video. Now, whether I have or haven't that doesn't that doesn't matter. A lot of the time, I do like to think about the videos that would create for the company, but sometimes I don't Sometimes I I say that I've come up with some ideas, and that just gives a really nice impression to the brand before I go any further, or if the brand reaches out to made, then I'll come up with. The idea is 100% but it's really nice for a brand to think that this person has already thought of some really great ideas for a piece of content before they've even agreed before . They've even heard of you. You're thinking about what type of content to create for them. That again is just going to step you ahead of the competition 9. How to move to paid projects, correctly: So now you've done your research of research companies that you want to work with. You message them on Instagram. You've moved beyond generic email addresses and you've got someone that you can email directly. You've created your media kit. You've got a script ready to go for the email you've sent to Eva. You've done the work. You've got the brandy or you created there. You've got a relationship with these companies. You've done all of the steps perfectly. That's great. Now you want to move away from free white for the company on into paid work. Now, this is where I see a lot of people doing it incorrectly, asking in the wrong way maybe even feeling weird about asking for money now that you've done a free project. A lot of people think that now that you've done a free piece of content, that brand is gonna consistently expect free content from you. That's not the case that I've encountered anywhere. A lot of the time brands are very happy to have free content and when you move into asking for money, they know what they're getting right. They know the type of content that you can create, and it just removes that barrier to entry for for them. So now you're negotiating there. No trying to drop the price on you because they don't know what your contents gonna be like . They are happy to start real negotiations for content that you create. Say that being said, let's jump in and have a look at the exact script that I use when moving away from a free piece of content into a paid piece of content. So again, this is the email that I like to start off with a copy and paste it from my notes into the email to the contact that I've been dealing with after creating the content. And again, this is the really good starting point for me. I'll tweak and customize the email as much as I like, but this is the best starting point after doing this hundreds and hundreds of times that I have found. So I say, Hey, name thanks so much for the great feedback for the video I've shared on my instagram account or my story on the feedback has been awesome. Really looking forward to seeing on the name of company instagram account. If they've not already shared it. Obviously, I wouldn't say that I had a blast shooting this video and would really love to keep working together. It's been a dream of mine toe work with the name of company. For as long as I can remember, I came up with some new video ideas that I think would work great. Shall I send them over with a cost breakdown? Thanks, Bent. Now the reason I think this works really well, it is because we're not. We start off nice and positive. We say that we've shared the content. We say that we how much we loved the company, even if the experience was bad, maybe it took months and months. Maybe you wasted all your time. You still want to move into a paid project regardless. So now it's just shows how excited you are to continue working with that company andan again. To say that you've got some or ideas about future project, but I like to do is when I'm creating that first piece of content for the brand is come up with a few more ideas that a little bit better than the first piece of content that I'm doing second to consistently up my game when I'm creating content. So usually by the time I send this this email asking for paid work, I would have thought of a few ideas. If you haven't sit down, make a couple of notes, think about some new content creation ideas that you're gonna offer. So we're just giving them more confidence that we are spending our time thinking about this brand thinking about content we can create for this brand. And then to top it all off, we don't say I we need to pay me. We don't ask for money in an odd way. We don't say this is now paid project. We say we'll send it over with a cost breakdown that just lets them know that this and this project is gonna be a is gonna be a paid one on you. Just include your your quote. So your your breakdown, your price breakdown, whatever that is for you. For your content, you remove that barrier to entry. They're happy with the first piece of content you've done obviously, totally this if it ended really badly. But if it ended on a positive note after you gave him the three piece of content. Great, then you can. You can send this email. You can add your cost breakdown. Onda brands are going to feel a lot a lot better. They've already got your content. They like. You try to remember that brand don't want to keep changing content creators. They want to have a consistent style in the content they're pushing out, even though it's just for social media or for their website, They still want to have a consistent narrative on a consistent style of content. Did that putting out. So if you could be multiple brands content creators were, then That's great. And know that that's what brands are looking for is well, they don't want to keep finding new content creators. They want to find 12 or three that they like the style of that they can consistently use 10. Thank you!: Okay, guys, that's it. Thank you so much for going through the course. I hope you found some value of it. I hope I was able to clear up some some areas on how to have to pitch the brands correctly . For so many years, I tried a bunch of different tactics. Taipower, every single email. I would do things different 1,000,000 if I had to get back and looked through my emails. Now I'm sure I'd be very, very embarrassed. But this is the method that I've been using consistently for the last couple of years on it's been working. Great. Now do you remember if you are pitching to brands, do you remember There may be 10% are gonna move forward with you on give you their email addresses, and then even fewer of those who get back to you are gonna want to move forward with you. Remember, it's in numbers game. You're competing and millions of other content creators we want to stand out, but also stay resilient. I can't tell you how many times I've been ignores told they're going to move forward with me, and then I don't hear from them on. That's just that you have to get used to. If you want to create content for these sort of brands on mine, you have to get used to them. Forgetting about you are moving on using somebody else. Don't take it personally, just employed these tactics again and move onto the next brand under the next year, Andi in you'll be great. So in the last video is a bonus video. I'm going to include a link that's gonna have all of these templates that you can just download. You can copy and paste terms. Do you have a type and dictate what I'm saying? You can just copy and paste their script. I'll also include the media kits so that you can download that. Add your and photos on Do start using it as and when you like. 11. Bonus!: Okay, guys. So this is the bonus video. If you be typing the link that you see on screen and press enter, you'll go to a Google drive. Foda. If you get into that folder, you'll be upto individually Download the template that I use on that media kit that I suggested. Thank you so much for going through the course, guys. I'd love it if you leave a positive review. All the best and good luck pitching to brands. 12. Your Course Project: Okay, guys. And finally, your project for this course is to find one company that you feel aligned with your interests in style using that instagram search method that we went over early in the previous videos. Then copy and paste my scripts, obviously adjusting them and share your results without awesome community. I can't wait to see what companies you discover using this method and share with the community. Share results in the responses that you get. That is your project for this course. Good, like guys.