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How to Pipe an Easy Buttercream Flower Wreath Cake

teacher avatar Suzanne Groenewald, Loves making and sharing art

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. How to Pipe Buttercream

    • 4. Piping a 5-Petal Flower

    • 5. Piping a Leaf

    • 6. Decorating a Cake with a Flower Wreath

    • 7. Decorating Cupcakes with Flowers

    • 8. Wrap-Up

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About This Class

Hello my fellow bakers and artists! In this class I will teach you how to pipe some basic designs with buttercream and a piping bag. We will make 5 petal flowers, leaves and a leaf border. We will use the skills you learn here, to decorate a flower wreath cake and flower cupcakes.

This class is an excellent place to start your buttercream flower journey and is suitable for all levels. The basic skills that you will learn here forms the foundation of all piped buttercream flowers. Once you master how to work with buttercream and piping bags and how to make basic petals and leaves, you can build on these skills to create almost any of the beautiful creations that you can find with a quick internet search for buttercream flower cakes.

To participate in this class you will need a cake and buttercream. I have uploaded my recipes for buttercream and sponge cake under the Class Project. You will also need piping bags and a petal tip. Optionally you can also use a leaf tip, a round tip, a flower nail and baking paper.

 What you will learn:

  • Introduction to piping buttercream flowers,
  • how to take these skills and create more intricate flowers and leaves, and
  • you can use this course as the building blocks for creating your own floral masterpieces.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Suzanne Groenewald

Loves making and sharing art


Hi! I am a South African scientist, artist and mother of two. I love to create beautiful things and to share my passion for art with others. My hope is to inspire people to make more art! Currently I am focusing on expanding my skills with traditional art using watercolour and ink. I also bake cakes, specializing in buttercream floral cakes and I love to create beautiful cake art and teach others to do so too.

If you would like to see more of my creative works, you can visit my website here. 


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1. Introduction: It's different. Hello, welcome to this class. I'm not to fight a mother. Pink floral wreath cake. My name is on, and I've been making cakes for five years now. I am so excited to share my knowledge with you. In this class. I'm going to show you some basic skills that you've been used to make really interesting case, I'm going to start with a cake. You can buy one or make one another. It's used cockpits. You don't need everything that you can use infinity. Well, first of all, I will show you how to fight beetles. The basic petal shape that we will put on this cake, you can modify to make loose document text. I'll show more of that in the lessons. Also detail how to make leaves and other plant the leaf order that you see here. And then I will show you how to construct a floral wreath cake. I will teach you basic piping techniques in upcoming lessons. And you can use knowledge that you learned in this floss to build more interesting and fascinating cakes. And with the basic skills that you will learn in this class, you can make beautiful cakes on your own. This will be so much fun and really excited. Let's get started. This clause is beginner, friendly and relevant to anyone who wants to live up to cake decorating skills. 2. Tools and Materials: Welcome to this lesson on tools and materials. For this clause, you will need to have cake or complex. You can biotech where you convey the deck. You can use it negative you want. But I'm using a deck that already had quite a few icing on. If you'd like to learn how to cover cake with butter cream IC, you can either look at my other clause, which is focused on that. So for this clause, we will need by unfortunate, which I'm going to cut into little switch. I am using food coloring. You can stick with whites if you want. I've seen very beautiful cakes that's only white. But in particular, I'm going to use dusty rose, leaf green and chocolate brown thing. The only fighting tip that you will need is a bit of I am also using a leaf tip, an immediate announced it, which I recommend that you get. But I will also show you how to continue if you don't have that and flower petals. So if you don't have a cloud of Ben, you could use it and mail with broad hate. But it's much easier. You could get deplorable. Some screws and bolts to mix. The icon coloring says it took the holes in your biomass. We will use with the byte meetups. And of course, parts of cream icing. I suppose you can use any bathtub, realizing I'm using American butter cream, the recipes in the project list. And you can also have a look at the previous class, if I refer to here, which we'll show you how to make the buzzer cream icing. Okay, so in the next lesson, I'm going to show you how to pull a fighting back and how to use it and hold it in quite some backends. Let's get started. 3. How to Pipe Buttercream: In this lesson, I will show you how to fight with bottle cream. First off, I'm going to color some of the butter cream. And then I will show you how to fill up biking back links consulted. So I always need the bulk of my butter, cream, white because they always have the option to color it any color and I want the contact because it out with you can always add more color. So we will call it only a little bit at a time to make sure that we don't waste alphabetically. First often the interconnected chocolate brown. And this one hits, I forgot to mention. I am using a gel food colour, but you can use any product that demand feed or jostled college, powdered food colours, liquid food colors. I've used everything and in my opinion, everything looks the same. So you can really use whatever you have. So here I just added a little drop of ground, mixing it in. So you can just make sure that connects all of the Whiting. And of course, this is colored to preference. So I think I will add a little drop extra. And they do use the Brown to make a reef. Then I need green for the leaves. And the flowers are going to make white and pink circle the leaves are going to use Leaf Green. From experienced this one is really saturated. So I'm not going to drop it in. That would be great to watch. You can always take a toothpick and just get a little bit, a little bit of color. You can always add more afterwards. Right? And it sneaks this scene and see if the economy is good. My wife can screen. It's gonna look like a spring Frisch. Decent flowers. And lost that pink. My favorite Pink is dusty rose, which I'm going to use. You can also use electric pink or purple, red, yellow, anything. Okay. So I went to lots of this because it's quite a lighter color. Was queasy directly artificial photons. It's mixed this currency, how it looks. I like to go for the terms down govern. Like the dust settles, the electric being just a bit too, right, getting perfect. And I think the pink and the green and the brown with beautiful together. Next time ready to show you how to pull up my back. So first of all, I will start with a drum. I think to use the medium ground step. But I'll show you how to do it. If you don't. If you don't have the piping tip, you can just cut a little point of your piping bag. And then you have an ankle. But I still recommend that you use the middle state because it gives you a lot more control. So now I go back. Now could the dubbing. And we'd use a scissor and just scored a little line. Please excuse my neighbors, leading noisy today. So I score a little line when I look at the back and then cut it there, right? I prefer to use a medium-size bad. We get them in media and in small, large external knowledge. The medium one is the base because it gives me a lot of control in a small bag that I have to ball, but it still holds a lot of item. You can also use a store, but the largest, I think difficult to work with, I wouldn't recommend that. So some people prefer to use a gloss. Then you can put the bag, other jaws and opening up. And you can have both hands free to put in the IC. I don't like this. I prefer to open the bag over my hand and opening up there is a hole. They may use a knife to scoop up the icing and display it inside the bag. Rather useless IC and fill up your value gain when it's bent. Because it's a lot easier to work with a little bit of icing at a time so that you have much more jewel in your hand. Okay. I'm going to give about a shape to get the Ising model. And now I'm going to take out all the vowels. You don't want your knowledge and yet science questions. And then I'm using my fingers to push down that I think make sure that there's not a lot of bubbles in there. If you have balls, it will interfere with him vital and inevitable and twist and reread this this. So here you can see that I am holding the twist with my hands, made sure that the Ising doesn't come out at the back. And I looked up in the front and they make you squish with squeeze with my hand. That's it. So he can squeeze in a line. We can keep it straight down. Squeezing dot. Rather than whites and smile. Next we're going to do the green for the leaves. Now once again, I'm going to use and lifted. You don't need it. He wants to only use the piping bag. You can just cut a little V-shape glue. That looks the same as I prefer to use it because it gives you more control. So it's the same procedure. You open a bag and insert that omega score to see where to cut the back. I recommend that to make that score because if you cut the back too big, you're finding that he's going to pop out at the front and you have to start over again with new them. It's not fun. Again, I opened it up over my hand. And there's a knife to scooping some of the green icing. Later. He's a bad check. Make sure that they know it tracks near wished downwind, you twist. Now for the important, and this is going to be a fun one. And I'm not going to use only Inc. and intimate to turn flower. So I'm going to use white and pink. I'm using the buildup. The planet and the entire pipe will have pink and white symptom. So I'm going to put the white and the fixed side of the dip, you know, being, being on this side of the dip. So adding a to turn to fighting back is really easy to do. And it looks fairly impressive. I always read, even if it's just a little bit of a difference in color. And always adds two turns to my flowers because he made his people. They will go, wow, how did you listen? Okay. So my tip is inserted. There is a thick bar and the third part, we're going to be the white on this side and the ink on that side. And they distort as a pink. Because I only want to little bit options. And they often do Minecraft. And we're going to put the link on the thin side of the tip with a knife and gain to take only a little bit and then go to straight. It did just the stroke color show you Donna himself. So now you can see it's just struck on that side. The bulk of the IC will be white because the local to global and on the right. So I need the white IC. And I'm just going to put it into the rest of the bag. Doesn't have to be perfect. As it wipe everything will move around in any case, so you don't have to worry that this is absolutely perfect, Dylan. Okay. So that's how it becomes. Turnouts. Shaking, closings. Pushy guy. Great. Let's see how this looks. So first, I just trace out a little bit until I see two colors, convenient. Day. Second galleries coming out. Right now only some of the top. Thus beautiful buffet. Okay, so we're ready to move on. In the next lesson, I'm going to show you how to apply blouse. 4. Piping a 5-Petal Flower: Okay, now we're getting to the fun part of this class and this dates and I'm going to show you about Python's five bagel flour. I will show you the basic flour first. And then I will show you some variance that you can do to make it more interesting. So we will be using the fatal tip and the low spin and the vision of watchman. I've got the bedroom watchman into five by five centimeter squish. It doesn't matter anything that size is fine. We're going to make flowers and they were going to freezing. So what's fun about this project is you can make flowers a bit of time. You can make many flowers, so you have time and you can freeze them and use them as you want. I've kept flower frozen for three months, six months. Like come up with it. First off, we will put a little dollop of icing on the flower pen. And we're going to pick up one of the begging parchments. Okay, so we're going to fight the flower onto this parchment. And then we're going to remove the Bushman and freeze it so that we can work with it with our heads. Okay, so first I'm going to make a flower so that you can see how it will look in the end. And then I'll zoom in and you can doing this, my friends. Flowers are really easy to make quantities to eat. And you can make all kinds of areas using the same technique that I'm teaching in here to make all kinds of different knowledge. This is really exciting skill to learn. I also added another fighting back with a teeny-tiny little round that you can just cut a little hole into a piping bag. I added white in it to make the center of the flowers. They added one lower down. Now let's have a look at what I did. So starting again, you're going to put the biggest or to the piping tip in the center. We're going to make five fatal flowers. And if he wants to, You can measure out your five pixels for end so that you can see exactly where you want to point. I didn't do this, but it is good to stop like this. Now I'm going to make five-fold shapes, orbitals. Again with if it is hot on the inside of the flower. So from this mark to that one, gently squeezing the bugging back as I'm making that shape. And that's a theme that five times. And you'd have a beautiful flower. And you can see how the two colors that are put in a piping bag makes a lovely flower. The, the, so you can stop here. All I need to put the Saint-Domingue with my small bag with just a small bowl. I'm just going to squeeze down and lift it to make little salting. And there you have it. Beautiful little flower. Now you can gently lift off the backing portrait. And pretty darn flat. So usually I stop here, we have white flowers and identified the symptom, hacky said that freedom to fight the different scenes. And when I use the governor, say for instance, I fight the white season now and later I want to use it with the yellow cylinder. Then I should have stopped. And then to show you a couple of different centers, others than the one that we're going to use for the sake. Let's have a look. So you saw the little box that are made. Now I'm going to make just one big dot and using the same two presided before. So that is another different type of seating. So this is my favorite symptom by user opens doors. And I just hold it perpendicular to the flower and gently squeeze a little bit about, stop squeezing. And either it, I really liked that symptom. So now I've showed you how to make his basic five beetle flower. You can use this skill to fight the battle, to make many different flowers. So you can stop right here and you have enough of this lesson that will quickly show you a couple of other flowers that you can find it using the very same technique that we just learned here. That will give you a lot of different options to work with. Okay? So first, we can make an squiggle in a bagel instead of just james will like that, will make a squiggle that end in Santa Monica, picks up, up, down, down. You see, that's just a tiny bit more interesting. I think this is beautiful and leads our distortion witness. That's a beautiful flower. Next, I'm going to make a bigger value. So I'm going to make a beer oval. And the viewers for going further out, nos show you rioted at right now. Now I'm going to add a second layer of small admittance. And here you can see that we have a fascinating flour and we use the same technique that you just learned. The discussion, dinner, anger, cuticle, CINAHL, we have main threads of dollars and they decrease this and in about an hour so you can pick them up and put them in a bowl in a bit so you can store your college until he wants to use them again. In the next lesson, I'm going to show you how to fly keys. 5. Piping a Leaf: So now you have learned how to buy flowers. In this basin, we either into five leaves. Again, there are many different ways to buy belief. I'm going to show you the boast by sequoia, which is using the leaf tip. I will show you that leap that we will fight over Skype. And thereafter I will show you some of the actions that you can also do. It gets thought. So I'd like to show you the NIF that please excuse my negative. And again today so there's a bit of background noise. You can work with it. Okay? So here is the lifter. The key to using this is to put the shop page to the surface that you're going to wipe on. So not black that would like that. Okay. I am holding the bag with a twist my fingers and I made the GNP squeeze with my hand. And the sharp tip to the blight. Squeeze. Left measurement only. Squeeze, squeeze. You CLV balance. So we've identified these basic needs on okay? But I'm quickly going to show you some other mediums that you can do with the Centre. So the first one is the same technique, but we're going to make a longer leave. For the squiggly. You can, you know, there's no limit except your imagination or do you want to do is make a fat squiggly. My favorite one, which really as a fancy bugs to uptake is to put a firmly on the tablet look again, same technique, but I'm just going to make a short squeeze and lift just by the moon. Short One. Nice solar and snow will like this one could work. Maybe go, that's afforded leave. I like five bees making little spiral on the deck during the ASM as such. And that's it. Five believes is as easy as that. There are different lives that you can wipe with different pipeline depths. But we will get to that in a future classes. Now we get to the really fun CT. In the next lesson, we're going to degrade outbreak using all of the knowledge that we learned here. 6. Decorating a Cake with a Flower Wreath: Right now we're getting to the interesting part of this class. We are going today, I'll today correct that fit with the budget gene floral wreath. We're going to start by finding the Brown as a reef. Maybe we're going to use the dozen flowers that I've just taken opposite the freeze it to place them on reefs and we will age with blessings on leave C2DM, it's gets dolphins. So we start with the ground and we're going to Piper east. This doesn't have to be perfect because we are making a natural theme. I am twisting with this hand. I am twisting the extent. I'm just watching. And you can see that it's even drinking at some places and that's fine too, because we're going to add several layers. So you can hide any mistakes that you make. By just going over it again. In the interest will look like a couple of sticks that got twisted into a wreath on which we placed flowers. So I'm going to go around three times. I think that's enough that this is your bag so you can do whatever you want. So here we have a reef. You can see it's not perfect, but that doesn't matter because we're going to decorate it with flowers and leaves. And very little of this will actually stand out in the end. I'm going to get my flowers from the freezer and then we will start on that. So I have taken my flowers out of the freezer. In this part, you have to work really fast. These flowers are very thin, untidy frost very quickly. Well, now you can see that I can touch them and handle them because they're frozen stuff. That's why we put them in the freezer. I will start by covering all of the spots that are not happy with on the reef with a pretty flower. And they, no one will notice that he didn't budget perfectly. I find that it works better if you put the flowers in clusters rather than one-by-one. It looks more natural. If you bring a bit of randomness students. Ooh, this is going to look so beautiful and very excited. Yes, we can do with these beautiful. Remember, we will be putting the sharp point onto the back. I'd like to pick up the leaves from under the flowers so that it looks like it's grown together with flowers in a blue cluster. I'm turning my next time so that I can work where my hand is comfortable. Let's put some leaves here. You see it's really just a little squeeze of the bank. But you can practice on a plate if you're not comfortable with this. And once again, we are making something natural. Gift relief and EBI flour does not have to be perfect because nature, nothing is that perfect. It will look much better if you have some flaws here and there. Okay, I think this is done at the top. It looks so beautiful. Now the only thing that remains is we will add a leaf border to the age of the Pettit, bottom, tied up neatly. Let's get started on that. I always add a border to my cake because it really ties into up in evening. I'm going to use the same technique again with sharp tip towards the aik by political leave. Just like that. I'm going to do it all around the lake. This is a nice practice for you to get really comfortable with biting leaves. The scene. I'm going to make this leaf border all around the Jacque. You don't have to make the border for your cake if you're not comfortable with it. But I think it adds a nice touch to it. Do you see? It looks beautiful. 7. Decorating Cupcakes with Flowers: In this lesson, I will show you how to decorate capex with flowers. I have two different science here and meaning one and a negative one. They start with the regular one. I'm going to cover it with salt. I think I have leftover from mother cream IC and really scooping it up and spreading it over the cupcake. You can leave the concrete Bay. I sometimes do that. That's your choice. So I'm just scooping into anya and it's beginning to them, the isotope pizza place for the launch to stick and all the big cupcake. It's one of my most flowers. Oh, predicting the same tip. And I'll add some leaves. Hey, look at that beautiful cupcake. That was easy. It's pretty here. And then we do a tiny one. So on this one I'm not even going to put icing, there's no space for it. We're just going to use some of the ground and I had quite the little dot just to give it surface for the flour to stick on. So increasingly down on adult of IC. And that's it. I'm not even going to add links to this more. If you use a cupcake, it could also just fight by hand. I'll quickly show you that. If you don't have a flower bin and you would like to try this and you can't use a nail with a flood gate and you can always only using it's not that easy because he didn't have the fine control that you have with the flower bin. But they still meet. Again. I'm going to put the dawn age down on the cupcake. And it's great to be the same fatal motion that we didn't previously. And just started taking the cupcake with my head. As I usually do this by hand, but I do co-pays. But I'm quite used to doing two button flowers, so I find it easy to add some leaves. Ok. You can also fight by hand and maybe ones. That's even easier because you have no control yet. Excuse my bad. It twists to get the ice-cream in front. And it's the same procedure again, same fatal over motion that we didn't before. So I'm going to go ahead and put my two remain. Flowers are more complex. And I'll see you in the next lesson. 8. Wrap-Up: And that's it. Thank you so much for doing this clause with me. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I looked at the skulls, gave me the confidence to my beautiful begs on your own that you can be proud of. Just a quick recap. In this class, I told you basic fighting techniques, how to fully apply convex hulls and make petals of Mike leads, and how to use those skills to construct a cake like this. Please set some parameters on the beautiful cakes. They can make an update to the cross product. I can't wait to see what you're working on cliched with his community. If you enjoyed this flaws, please follow me so that you can stay updated with future lessons. We will take the skills that you learned here. And following my fascinating case, I say, bye.