How to Pin Affiliate Links to Pinterest | Rachyl Kafonek | Skillshare

How to Pin Affiliate Links to Pinterest

Rachyl Kafonek, MBA/Accounting/Banking/Finance/Blogging

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6 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome! Course Overview

    • 2. Choosing a Niche or Topic

    • 3. Creating Pinnable Images

    • 4. Uploading Image and Link to Pinterest

    • 5. Adding a Keyword Rich Description

    • 6. Disclosing Your Link Properly


Project Description

Create an affiliate pin and description, and leave it here in the projects for others to see! Gain ideas from other users, and help each other improve. We are all in this together! Here is the information from the videos: Link to course for creating images with Canva: My Pinterest URL: Affiliate Sites: Amazon, ShareaSale, ShopStyleCollective Tailwind link for $15 credit/free month (affiliate link):

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