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How to Pick a Business Niche and Build Traffic

teacher avatar Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. How to Pick a Business Niche - Course Introduction

    • 2. Finding a Business Niche Using Google Trends

    • 3. Finding a Business Niche The Fluid Part

    • 4. Define and Build Your Business Niche Online Using Google Alerts

    • 5. Finding Your Business Niche and Chasing SEO

    • 6. SEO and Internet Search Volumes

    • 7. Understanding Google SEO

    • 8. Getting Your Website Righteous With Google

    • 9. An Organic Traffic Checklist - Get Found

    • 10. Paying for Website and Blog Traffic

    • 11. Using Analytics for SEO

    • 12. Congratulations

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About This Class


Start a Home Business Chapter 4 - How to Pick a Business Niche and Build Traffic

This course provides the student with several lectures that collectively when finished, provides them with a strategy for defining an online business through to developing a greater understanding of the strategies and techniques they can employ to improve the likelihood of their web or blog sites being successful and being found by search engines on the Internet.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Finding Your Website Niche and Chasing SEO - From Business Design Through Implementation
  • What is SEO and how does it work
  • How do you optimize and improve your web or blog site so as to improve its chances of being found by search engines
  • How does one do keyword and keyword phrase analysis and what tools – paid and free – can help to get the job done?
  • How do the experts use keyword analysis to find new business niches that they can exploit to be financially successful? What tools and strategies do they employ to make a lot of money on the Internet?
  • How do you get your website “Righteous” with Google so they don’t penalize you in their organic search engine rankings
  • What sites can help me analyze and debug my web and blog sites so that I can maximize their loading speed potential and reduce or eliminate bounces to my web or blog site(s)
  • What analytical tools and websites are out there so that I can track various aspects of my web or blog site’s performance?
  • What strategies will best help me to generate steady organic traffic to my web or blog site?
  • If I want to pay for traffic to my web or blog site, where do I get the “Best bang for my buck?”

At the end of this course, the student will have gained greater insights into the world of SEO, creating backlinks, building a stable and far reaching online business presence and in general, getting their sites found on the Internet. This knowledge gained should help the student to improve his or her business “online presence” so it can be found more easily by organic searches. This should lead to more sales or content consumption by potential customers.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dan Grijzenhout

Over 35 years of business experience


About Dan Grijzenhout: For close to thirty years, I've been a professional business and information systems consulting professional working to executive levels for both private and public sector organizations globally, a number of which were "Fortune" level enterprises. I've built from scratch, operated and sold an online global payment services company that moves millions of dollars on behalf of its 100,000 plus account holders annually; I've been interviewed on the show "World Business Review" by former head of NATO and Secretary of State, General Alexander Haig, for my work in advanced digital and online telecommunications services and nation-wide online and card based "Loyalty" programs; and I now work at writing books and building training programs to share my years of experience w... See full profile

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1. How to Pick a Business Niche - Course Introduction: Hello and welcome to my training course, which I title how to get found on the Internet. As you start to build out your unlike business, an Internet business presence. You will be working hard to attract people to your online location or locations, whether it be a website, blawg site, training site or other locations or several of these. To do this successfully will involve the execution of a number of strategies that will work together to raise awareness and others about your existence online, what you have to offer that may be of interest to them and how they can find you. This course outlines for the student. A significant number of these strategies that can be employed using these strategies and others that I am sure you will creatively come up with overtime will help to ensure your excess online. Let's start with the course overview. This course comforts the following topics. What is that CEO and how does it work? How do you optimize and approve your Web or block sites? Was to improve its chances of being found by search engines? How does one do keyword and key word phrase analysis and what tools paid and free can help you to get the job done. How did the experts use keyword analysis to find new business niches that they can exploit to be financially successful? What tools and strategies do they employ to make a lot of money on the Internet? How do you get your website righteous with Google's so they don't penalize you in the organic search engine rankings? What sites can help me analyze and debug my wedding block sites so that I can maximize their loading speed potential and reduce or eliminate bounces to my Web or blawg sites what analytical tools and websites air out there so that I contract various aspects of my Web or blawg sites performance? What strategies will best help me to generate steady organic traffic to my Web or blawg site? If I want to pay for traffic to my Weber Block site, where do I get the best bang for my buck? So how will the student benefit from this course? This course provides the student with several lectures that collectively, when finished, provide them with a greater understanding of the strategies and techniques they could employ to improve the likelihood of their Weber block sites being found by search engines on the Internet. At the end of this course, the student will have gained greater insights into the world of S E O, creating back legs, building a stable and far reaching online business presence and, in general, getting their site found. This knowledge gain should help the student to improve his or her business online presence so it can be more easily found by organic. Search is this should ultimately lead to more sales or content consumption by potential customers. I hope you enjoy the course bye for now. 2. Finding a Business Niche Using Google Trends: Hello and welcome to this lecture which I title. Find out what is trending using the Google Trends Service. You are searching for a profitable business niche for your new venture, and you realize that your best opportunity for penetrating a market and generating good revenues is 20 win on a certain aspect of the market and targeted so that you can ultimately be viewed as an expert within it. In this video. Elektra, I'm gonna work to teach you about Google trends, which is a good method by which you can gain insights into what is currently trending in your areas of interest. The Google Trends application is a great starting point for business nish development. Once logged into the application, you will notice the screen that displays a number of stories trending. Now you can just scroll down this list in view stories that interests you, and sometimes you will find a story that can give you a business idea to pursue. This initial list covers all types of stories. You can, however, refine your search by selecting the drop down list for all categories and also the drop down list to select stories within a specific country. This is not a bad way to get your brain juices flowing at the beginning of a day over your first cup of coffee. Sometimes you can hit on some interesting business ideas or products to pursue if your desires to promote third party products as part of your business model. In my example for this lecture, I start by narrowing my trending search to the topic area of science and technology news occurring in Canada. My first results screen shows six trending news items, with the 3rd 1 looking potentially interesting based on my personal interests, and the topic area is Facebook, twitter and instagram. Clicking on that item brings up a following screen that displays a number of articles, and I noticed that in the top right corner of the screen, I can further refine my search. And so I do selecting Facebook as my topic of interest. The next screen brings up a number of Facebook related articles, and I choose the 2nd 1 down to view as it appears to have some business potential on Article appears that discusses how Facebook is bringing a new product of Canada called Messenger light, as it appears that The existing Facebook Messenger program, installed on probably millions of phones in Canada, is carrying a heavy telecyl footprint, meaning that people using that application are spending significant dollars on cell phone charges just to use the application on their phones. Well, this is interesting to me. It looks like there is an opportunity here worth pursuing. If I can pull some statistics together and play some ads and build a website presence for myself around building economical to operate smartphone applications, I could become an authority in the space and earn some revenues for myself. Starting with the new Facebook Messenger light application, this could be worth pursuing. Oh, but wait a minute. Facebook Messenger light is bound to be a free application. How can I possibly use my newfound knowledge to make an income using a free application? Well, don't just give up with the idea. What you've uncovered can still help you. It has value in that it will help people save money, and they will want this application. You can use that knowledge in advertising campaigns as a lead capture mechanism to bring people to your website because you will be offering them a free download link from your site with possibly a few extra bonuses that might interest people, so it will get you some traffic. And once you have them on your site, if you build it correctly, you can show them other related products. If they would pay for, you can get their email addresses, sign them up for newsletters and make connections with them that you otherwise would not have been able to make. You now have part of your online sales final conceptually built. This is a good start, and it can start to help you solidify a business needs to pursue. Now you just have to figure out what in the world of Facebook communications and or mobile device applications you can pursue that complement this free money saving download you haven't covered and find things that will actually make you an income. Google Friends has just helped you to find a possible business niche. Now let's drill down further with some more research, you can go back into Google trends to learn more and read more trending articles to uncover either other opportunities or items or information that can complement the Facebook Messenger light idea. Or you can start to look at other places online for more information. Our next stop in the business niche definition journey takes us to explore in Google Alerts . Learn about that in the next video lecture. That's all for this lecture. Bye for now. 3. Finding a Business Niche The Fluid Part: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title finding your business niche. The fluid part I want to use for an example in this video lecture. Some information I gleaned from doing initial research using Google Friends. Do you remember in that lecture finding out about Facebook Messenger light? Well, let's real down on that research to pursue the possibility of making this knowledge useful to our perspective. Business niche. I start with the question posed in that earlier lecture. How can I possibly use my newfound knowledge to make an income using a free application? I remember thinking that this would be a free application and that it could be used as a lead capture vehicle to get people to my site to download copies of the APP. I wanted to confirm this thought. So I launched Google play and went to the my APP section and did a search on Facebook Messenger light, hoping to find it. There is a free download. I was correct and it was there. But wait a minute. Not only was it there, but there were a dozen or so applications created by various developers built on this new Facebook technology, so I knew that Facebook had opened it up to partner developers to create application extensions. As I went through these application extensions offered by the different developers, I noticed that some were paid purchase and some were free digging deeper. I noticed that the free ones and some of the paid ones as well offered in APP product purchase, adds that promoted other products to those using the applications. So this immediately gave me some ideas. First, should I do the work to create my own application extension versions of this light product or continue to offer the basic Facebook version as a lead? Capture the product is originally planned or option three. See if there were any reseller opportunities available to me to promote one or more of these third party extension products on my site, and then I could begin to earn reseller revenues from them. More research was obviously required. Further scrolling through the Google plate brought me also the realization that there is an entire world out there playing games on Facebook and some of these were paid games. Could I possibly become an online reseller of some of these other games on my site as well , a quick search using the Google search engine brought me my answer. Yes, it was indeed possible to become a reseller of Facebook page games that I could earn a revenue split from. And not only that Facebook itself had built an entire business infrastructure that helps to facilitate this. First, there is the Facebook payments for games utility that allows you to capture in APP purchases and payments and over 50 currencies. Next, Facebook owned and operated the Facebook game room for PC Gaming, which operates worldwide, and one could install premium paid games in that environment that was made specifically for gamers. Bottom line. There is a very solid potential for a business online involved in the gaming industry that one could get into. As in each business, this is a potentially profitable business needs candidate. Next steps would be to explore this potential business further by building some initial business models and potential revenue projections for it, and then compare this opportunity against others that one might be thinking about pursuing . You would want to decide if you want to get this deep into the gaming industry. Do you want to be a reseller of products do you want to make the investment? That is time and money to create your own products in the space. You want to promote other games from your site and just use Facebook Messenger light as a lead capture magnet. Do you want to sell other things, which I haven't drilled out on his yet? But this could include such things as phone accessories, phone covers, discount calling cards, downloadable music or video subscriptions. As a reseller, etcetera. There are any number of things you could still do with this one starting idea. And all of this stems from just reading one article on Google Friends. The bottom line doing this sort of research can open up many doors of opportunity for you, so keep an open mind and explore your options. You never know what you might stumble across that could earn you a living. That's all for this lecture. Bye for now, 4. Define and Build Your Business Niche Online Using Google Alerts: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title using Google Alerts to become an authority in a business niche. Google alerts is not only a way to wake up in the morning and get current with the world around you while sipping or guzzling your first coffee of the day. It is, in reality, a tool that you can use to help you become an authority in the business. Nish you have chosen for your online entrepreneurial effort first, while you are still defining the business Nishi that you want to go after, you can use Google Alerts to gather information about business areas that you're considering. To accomplish this step, log into Google alerts at google dot com slash alerts. And in Canada, this can be found at google dot c. A slash alerts and then note that you will be wanting to use your Google log in access, preferably a Gmail email address to set up your account for Google alerts. I have found this the easiest to do using the Google Chrome browser, by the way, but it is ultimately up to you how you want to get set up. I have just found that this approach works the easiest, as I published curated third party content across the Internet. Once on this site and logged in, you can pick topics related to business niches that you are pursuing and register to be alerted daily by email from Google on those topics. What Google will do is send you each day by email. The top 10 most commonly viewed, published and viewed pieces of content in their network relating to the topic that you have chosen. Enter topic that you're interested in by putting it in the line that starts off, creating alert about and then pressing to create alert. But prior to pressing this button, if you wish to change the default of getting one alert on the topic per day or where you get the email message delivered to or what the contents, sources or region is, just press the options button first to further to find what you receive and where prior depressing the create alert button. This is stage one in the process. Now you'll be getting the most popular content sent to you based on the parameters that you have defined step to in the process. If you are still searching for ideas about a business needs to pursue is to read this content as you receive it, to glean ideas for your business and to see what is trending. That is to say what others air finding to be interesting content. Once you have defined your business needs, you can start to use the same informational feeds in another way. Now you use them to help establish you on the Internet as an authority figure. Here's how you do it. You'll want to start by reading what you receive if you come across particularly good content, such as blog's and articles etcetera. And for this purpose, I prefer to use ones that have a picture I can't attached in your Google feed as they present. Better toe others as I share them. Click on those items to read the entire article, and if the opportunity presents itself to leave a quality content on that piece of content after reading it, then do so often your name and Google icon or back link will now travel with that popular piece of content, and other readers of the content can spot you and your comment at the bottom, and they may click on your back link to find out more about you. This is a great, passive way to start to build presence across the Internet in relation to training conversations occurring, and will help the cement shoes an authority figure in that business niche while at the same time trickling in some additional traffic to your site. Occasionally your comment will even get picked up by a Google search engine query, which is a double bonus for you. On the more active side, you can click on the alert content item to be taken to the article, and once you're satisfied that it is a good quality and is pertinent or relevant to your business niche, you can copy it's your URL or forward it. If linking buttons air present, and then you can publish it into other social media platforms with your endorsement, this does some positive things for you. First, he keeps content from you appearing publicly so people become more aware of your existence . It then shows to others that you are out there to help them rather than to just push your own products at um, it helps your authority building. It starts to gain you some followers in your social media platforms, and you even sometimes build mutually rewarding business bridges with the person creating that third party content. Ultimately, you may be able to help each other grow in presence and followers online, which usually translates into more close business for both of you, that's all for this lecture. Bye for now. 5. Finding Your Business Niche and Chasing SEO: Hello and welcome that. Finding your website niche and chasing s CEO. Improving your S E O standings through both organic growth and also through paid keyword searches takes a significant amount of effort. Google AdWords has a great tool to help you find keywords you might use to improve your seo standings in your knish business. But have you ever thought about taking the reverse approach? That of using a keyword research strategy to help you find a good nish that you can then build a website, blood videos, etcetera to develop on and capitalize on opportunities found when doing the key Worth research There are online entrepreneurs who do that very thing. Over time, they will develop multiple revenue streams by starting with keyword research and then building multiple sites and multiple businesses to support them. They share their underlying developed technology infrastructures across these different business ventures because they have learned that these are reusable. They just put different content on top of the systems and then promote them in accordance with the formulas for success that they have developed and evolved over time. I know of several entrepreneurs. You take this approach and they're doing extremely well. They have learned the formulas for building good automated business and systems processes coupled with the highest impact marketing strategies, and they then basically cookie cutter online businesses using that the same formulas to succeed. They differ from the vast majority of people who think in terms of just starting one business online, hoping they could make it succeed so they could make a few extra dollars. These individuals know what they need to do to find opportunities online, to develop them and then toe harvest the rewards from them overtime to make really significant incomes. One individual has shared his business model with me, mixed well over 100,000 in revenue per month. With this approach, have you dared to dream that high? He didn't at first, either. In fact, he only started down this path because he was laid off at work and he just decided to make the best use of his time while off work and at home. So how did they do it well, assume that the technical infrastructure for businesses in place and solidified through use on other projects that have already been completed. I'm talking about content promotion tools and strategies Web hosting basic template, Web development, email, marketing, subscriber capture systems, etcetera. They know that they can clone this when they are ready to implement the new project. So they start with some serious keyword based nish opportunity research. And this research looks something like this. They start by researching what a number of the trending directions might be. What is hot out there? They could do this by doing a number of things. For instance, they send out questionnaires to their existing subscriber base with general questions about what interests them. What kind of queries do they usually put on Google? What kind of videos do they like to watch on YouTube? Etcetera note. This also has the added benefit of keeping them interacting with their subscribers, which keeps them close in, which helps promote sales even further. Did they check a few new sites Blawg sites, job sites, etcetera to see what is trending, what industries and jobs are currently being hired for etcetera. They think through these ideas to determine which ones they feel they know enough about or can learn enough about, so they can soon be posting and providing insightful content to interested consumers. They use this to shortlist their opportunities. Two guiding questions they usually ask themselves when short listing garnish Selections, by the way, are one Can I help people? And secondly, are people interested in learning more about this? If yes to both. The opportunity makes the shortlist, and they start to keyword research to see which topics and Nietzsche's give them the best chance of success so keyword and in each research drilling it down. The primary goal of this research is to see which knishes and keyword give them the best opportunity to make the first page or two in a Google search. Google searches key on the following criteria, and these criteria are built into seo and keyword search products made available from a number of vendors. For instance, domain authority Are there many domains out there that have already been paid for that air trying to go after the same nation keywords were thinking about using page authority. Are there many Web pages out there that specifically used the keywords were looking to promote in what we're building? What does the competition look like? S. E O mas website rankings. The mosque site uses a number of different criteria to determine the rankings of websites on a developed comparative scale. The scaling system is used by researchers to determine how tough the competition is to be in order to get the best possible spots on Page one of the Google search results page page links the higher amount of third party site link backs to the primary site. The higher competitors will appear in the Google Search Results rankings. For example, a site with less than 50 quality third party back links can often be dislodged from page one of the Google search rankings. But if the website has say, 250 or more link backs than that usually means that they have been working to optimize the rest CEO rankings and high Google search results, so they would be difficult to dislodge from Page one of the Google search page. Looking at the above collective criteria if the researcher finds that there is a lot of stiff competition for the top 10 spots on Google in the research tools I mentioned following then the researcher knows to pursue another nation and collection of keywords. The tools that can help the research determine these rankings is documented below. I'll start with the free ones. Google AdWords used the Google AdWords keyword search tool for a starting point. F Y I you will need to actually have an ADWORDS account to use some of the tools listed below. So you'd best be making signing up for AdWords your first step in the process. The Mars site used the open site Explorer tool to get good starting point Analytical data After you've done some initial work with the Google AdWords keyword search tool ECM rush, this is a good site to obtain more details. Keyword analytical data Indeed, Site. This has a good trends in job search utility at the bottom of the page. See what jobs are currently in demand. Check it out. If you're contemplating building some form of training or educational site in relation to a job or vocation. S e o. Rank smart. This site contains a good Google rank page checker Muzzi dot com Good site to research MAS rankings. Actually, I'm not sure if moons is there any more. I think they were being bought up with somebody, but check it out anyway. It takes a fair bit of manual work to learn how to use these sites and then glean the useful nuggets of data out of them. But remember, you have to dig through a lot of dirt to make a living patting for gold. By the way, I got that quote from a Pat Flynn podcast that he put on recently. Check him up. You'll learn a lot about S e on key word searching from him, not to mention how to be successful is an online entrepreneur. There are a couple of tools you can purchase to make your keyword in, each researching easier. And the top two of these two come to mind her long tail pro and market samurai. They combine the work of several free products into one and will save you a lot of time. If you are regularly doing this sort of research in closing, there are some very good videos I viewed on you too, while researching and learning how to do s seal properly. So I recommend you take a look there to add to your learning on the subject. That's it for now. And I will see you soon. Bye bye. 6. SEO and Internet Search Volumes: Hello and welcome to S E O and Internet search volumes. I recently published an article on improving your S E O standings through more careful deliberation on the selection of your keywords, titles, headings, etcetera. And this helps to a point in getting you found in Google search engines. But the true reality of being found through a search engine these days takes much more than just some good keywords selections and even long tail keywords selections. The problem is, and I tested this out just the other day is that if you actually enter your carefully picked keyword phrases into a search engine such as Google, it can still return you tens of millions even 100 million plus results. The odds of you showing up on the first page er to are very slim indeed. If you are going for just generic keyword phrases and an optimized s CEO strategy to show up it all on a search engine you need to be is in key words that have more specificity. For example, put your name in your Web site and in the search box, and you actually do have a good chance of being found. But that is the far end of the scale. And who out there that is searching knows your name beforehand. Anyway, A general phrase won't find you unless you are a major player out there that already gets tons of hits using these keywords regularly that positions you near the front of the line on Lee being beat out by those that have paid for the placement through AdWords or some similar mechanism. But if you're a small, independent content creator trying to be found, well, here's an example. You can try to prove my point. I typed in how to become a consultant into the Google search engine. This is a long tailed keyword phrase that tools I used indicated was a good choice for a keyword phrase. So I have used this string both in my website and on some YouTube videos on Google Search. It returned 220 million results. I scroll through a number of pages and I was nowhere to be found. Searching for this on YouTube was somewhat better at 80,000 results, again scrolling through several pages. My videos using this phrase were not found. I tried this with a number of general keyword phrases that I thought might work, and always thousands or millions of results were returned. There are just too many of us now pumping in keyword phrases for our content on a daily basis for us to organically make it to the front page of search engines. So my bottom line thought for a CEO and its usefulness for those organically trying to be found via search engines these days by the average content creator. Careful selection of keyword phrases won't get you there alone. The only way to get theirs from ultra content at cost, using your keywords or promoter site through things like guest posts and being active out in the social media landscape. Then you could be found, as I often create, content that has a lower, no find financial return expected. Promoting it financially so can be found does not make good business sense. This means you have to be creative and do extra work to be found. You don't pay for it, so I have started doing that, and it is starting to bear some fruit in this regard. My first thought is that it takes more effort than it is worth just directly promote one piece of content very vigorously. You need to find ways to collectively promote all your content every time you put in some promotional energy to do so, carrying the slot further as I do many things such as creating articles, templates, books and videos. The best focal point to promote my content has turned out to be my own website where all create is viewable. So this is where I put most of my promotional energy. For example, my videos on YouTube, if I am not paying to promote them, are on my website. I am bed and make them playable there. My articles air also resident on my website, although I do use social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter and Google plus two point people to my site by linking any content I put on those platforms right back to the site. When I comment on other people's articles that I've read or videos that I have seen, I put in a back link to my website wherever possible. Next to my posted comment. These air waste organically promote your published content. It takes work. It also means that you want to do a lot of work on your website to make it ultimately a showcase that people will want to bookmark and come back to on a regular basis. So put the effort into your site. By the way, as you build out your website or blawg site with more and more content Web pages and features, and you start to get more and more visitors to it, Google will see it and your carefully selected s CEO targeted keywords actually do start to work for you, and you start to pee higher up in their search engine results. Over time, you will start showing up on their first couple of pages in the results list, but it takes a lot of work in time to get there. So Seo is alive. After all, you just have to back into at first by doing a lot of work elsewhere. I hope you found this useful, and I wish you the best of luck in building out your own business on the Internet. Bye for now, 7. Understanding Google SEO: welcome to understanding and improving your Google s CEO standings. The formula is used by Google to rank published websites, YouTube videos, articles, etcetera has been a constantly moving target. Is the Google search engine itself regularly improves in sophistication and efficiency? The overriding directive for this search engine is to provide to the viewer the best possible content for each query it produces, And it hates people who try to con it by using this leading keywords header titles, subtitles and meditations. In the old days, your content could be found just by putting in a good title with good supporting keywords, and your upload would show up in the first page or two of a search engine. User Queries Result Page Not anymore. Now a number of things need to be happening in concert for your Internet rendered content. In order for it to appear well as a search result, be lower just a few of the things you need to be doing to have your content found by a user query. First titles, headings and meta tags all need to be more specific and gear to certain targeted search queries that occur just putting in a tag like make money at home won't get the job done anymore, as your content will be mixed in with tens of thousands of others all competing for the same 22 50 premium slots on the first couple of results pages to be found. Now you have to think of more tightly focused tags that will get you showing up in smaller query results. Sets against more specific and user queries that are made. Don't even try to compete with general meta tags or headings. It only took you a few minutes to think of in create. You have to work at this now. In order to be successful, be sure to carefully fill in the alternate text titles when you insert photos. Not only are these searched by the engine as well, but they are compared to the other tags in your document. To ensure consistency, all search elements, including photo names, need to be giving the same message to the Google search engine as to what your content is about. If you just call your photo image one dot j peg, for example, you are failing in this regard. He will score lower in search engine results. Web page key words need to be consistent across several categories, including the page title, the Med in a description and the meta name keyword sections. Again. The same message throughout needs to be presented to the Google search engine and the more targeted you can get against certain expected user queries. The better for you results when the search engine processes the query, the better your content in the more you directly promote your content through the many social platforms available to you, the more views you will get, the more views you get through your own promotional efforts, the more of the Google search engine will begin to see you and the higher you will go in their rankings, which will then get you the exposure you want through their engine. And these additional views will start to happen. Remember, promotion, Promotion promotion gets the job done. You need more than a simple 8 to 10 page website thes days. Something put together for you via small template of half a dozen pages or so won't get your website found unless it is very heavily, externally promoted or you are some famous person, such as a Justin Bieber or Bruce Willis or political leader, or something. The most found websites often have over 100 pages in them, and they are found because many different keywords and messages air found throughout each page that bring people to the roots site toe. Look around, with many of the pages individually being actively or passively marketed, thus creating more hits collectively. Then you can get on a small site, so keep building in overtime, the Google search engine will start to find you. The above are just some of the baseline things you need to be doing well in order to get the traffic you're hoping to see, there is much more you could be doing to organically get the level of use you want, but they take time to implement. It will be well worth your while to give serious study to the subject of S CEO. If you are in a serious on for traffic to your online publications. Never lose sight of S E O when building anything that will be publicly consumed or search for via the Google or any other search engine, for that matter. There are now millions upon millions of Web pages, blog's videos images, articles, etcetera and now available on the Internet. And you have to compete against all of them to get your content viewed. So please take the subject of S E o very seriously. Bye for now. 8. Getting Your Website Righteous With Google: hello and welcome to getting your website righteous with Google. It had been quite a while since I had gone through some of the Google tutorials that I used to watch when I was first getting started with building an online business presence. So I decided to go back into these and nose around a bit, and I was startled with what I found. Despite all my work recently trying to understand s CEO keyword searching, building back links, building more website content and doing a myriad of other things all in the name of building organic traffic, I found the traffic had not been growing like I thought it should be doing. So I decided to go back to basics. And that meant taking another look at Google itself, which brought me back to some of their initial tutorials that I had watched. I quite literally stumbled upon their Google console tool, which I hadn't looked at in close to a year. I found it by going to my browser, initiating the quote site colon and then your full site domain name Colon Command, which is a quick method of looking at your own websites, page names and descriptions with a view to improving on your text for them. I re acquainted myself with the Google consul. Toolan was totally startled to find just how much I had fallen off the wagon. With respect to running a clean website is, Google would view it. Google, by the way, is motivated by its advertisers to present quality websites to its consumers. So there regularly surfing our sites and recording things that they noticed, which we need to be fixing up to remain high in their search engine rankings. You may have great content, terrific s seo keywords and descriptions in place. Lots of quality back links, etcetera. But if your site is not clean, they just won't be seeing you. The Google console application, by the way, is found in the Web Master directory section of the Google website. You can also find it under the Google Tool selection. If you are using chromosome browser before you can start using the tool, you will need to open it for the first time and copy the SPF dash TXT record link that they give you and then go to where you have registered your domain and pace into your dot txt record line attached to your domain. Then you'll need to go back to the Toolan, verify your ownership of the domain, which is just a button click to complete this step. Once done, you will probably need to wait about 24 hours or so to give Google a chance to run. It squares against your site so it can start recording for you within your consul what your site errors are. So here's what I was startled to find out about and what needed to be repaired. First, I had 14 error for a horse where links were still going to pages that did not exist any longer. I had several duplicate record description slash meta tag airs where I had copied old pages to create new pages and had not remember to change the metadata on the new pages. Google does not like duplicate pages with the same metadata in place. There were several webpages where I had become lazy and had not filled up complete descriptions in the metadata area. There were a few pages where the meta tags did not match up with the page titles and descriptions this again as a result of copy New pages from old ones and forgetting update the meta tags or the descriptions on the titles. In any event, they were all out of sync. Google now places a big emphasis on your Web pages being friendly to mobile devices in order for your sight to be seen as being clean. This was a new requirement from when I first started building this site, so a number of the pages that I had previously built were not responsive. Designed, compliant. 19 pages were like this. In fact, now this is flexible. The first thing that you have to do is to ensure that every one of your pages contains a line of code in the meta tag area of its header information that configures your view port . And that is how Google describes the area gives you in the message Vieux Port, not configured. Search Google help for Vieux Port Medical, and you can get to the instructions for inserting this code along with the cold string itself. Front too small. I had four Web pages with thoughts that too small to work properly on mobile devices, touch elements to close. There were several Web pages that had buttons installed too closely to be easily and separately usable on a mobile device. They would overlap on that platform, so they needed to be spaced further apart. Flash usage air The site still have been using some old Adobe Flash player scripts that had to be deleted in about a dozen places. Apparently, Google does not like how the older flash players work on mobile platforms, and I understand today that JavaScript is also a problem on mobile devices. These air issues that they would like you to resolve, abandoning your old flash players on your Web pages in favor of the usage of newer technology. So bottom line here is that my website is in process of becoming fully righteous again with Google, and I should get there in the next day or so and would hope to see the search results start to pick up again. All these months I have been regularly working on the site to improve it. I have also been sloppy at times or and or just didn't realize that I was doing something's wrong and as a result, was hurting my Google rankings. So where to the wise get set up with Google Console and get your site right just with them to see your viewing numbers go up again and they will know you are working on these tasks, and I suspect you will be rewarded accordingly. As you fix these items, you can hit buttons within the console to say the item was fixed and you can retest pages for the mobile platform airs so you can see what you need to do page by page to get each one of these pages compliant. Once righteous, you can focus on your CEO again and really start to rack up the viewing numbers and the result in sales Bye for now. 9. An Organic Traffic Checklist - Get Found: Hello and welcome to a checklist for getting organic traffic to your website or block good s. Seo Optimization is not enough. If you're just starting out as a creator wanting to get your content found on the Internet , you either have to pay for the traffic by promoting it through Facebook or Google or other pay for view services. Or you have to manually and organically promote your content to yourself, which takes a consider amount of work when just starting out. If you do choose to grow your views by organic manual effort, the checklist of ideas listed below should be of use to you Bill followers on social media platforms like Google, plus Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, with link backs to your website in your profiles and in each poster item you upload to those sites. You may not get a lot of traffic from this, but some views should trickle back to your site. If you can write any book and get it published on Amazon Kindle than building Author Central Profile for yourself on Amazon with link backs to your website. Once done, create additional author profiles on book review sites such as good reads If you are selling products on your website, be sure to feature them on places like Google Plus Pinterest and your Facebook business page, which you should also be setting up frequently. Update your website with additional pages and content. You should be doing this at least once a week. This let's search engines. No, your site is alive and improving, which does get you a bit higher in the search rankings. Promote, promote and promote the content you create around the Internet, such as your articles and videos. Get out there to start getting the link backs to your website. The more activity such as this that you have with external sites referencing yours over time, the higher your search engine rankings will be in, the more traffic you will receive. Don't always promote in the same place. Be looking for places to showcase your content, but do ensure that their quality sites you want wide reach with white audiences. For what you create without antagonizing the same groups of people by promoting yourself from your business, do frequently in the same space all the time. Find Internet business communities your content relates to and target them over time. these communities and their members will begin to look at your site is a source point for information in your traffic will grow. Remember, the Internet is no longer about selling people. It is about sharing information with people, and sales have become a byproduct of the information sharing activities. Which brings me to the next related point. A good strategy, if you have things to sell, is to create how to use them videos or articles that you can share, as opposed to pushing a sales pitch at them wherever possible. Let the sales come organically as an output to advice given, as opposed to pushing someone to buy something. People like to follow other people on journeys. So if what you were doing out there is some form of journey for yourself documented and share it, it will increase your traffic. Learn how to build good squeeze pages, slash lining pages where you can engage people who visit and capture information such as their email addresses. This gives you more ways in which to contact them. Such a story now marketing, and it will keep you engaged with them over time. If you are writing articles, get them on your website and also get them onto article distribution sites as well. You will get some triple through traffic from this post comments on other people's articles on high value sites as well. You can get some back channel traffic from that activity as well. If you are entering your website information along with your postings, be careful with this strategy, though. Make sure you're only giving link back information on quality sites that Google would like or their search engine might punish you in their ratings just by association. The above idea should help you to organically built traffic over time to your site. It is a slower pace. Growth and paid promotion is. But the longer you work at it, the more you're follower base will grow and the better you will do. Accelerating your traffic growth requires spending money, and I'll soon be creating a podcast to assist you in getting a good bang for your buck. If you to take the paid promotion route instead as well. Good luck in building the traffic to your site. Bye for now, 10. Paying for Website and Blog Traffic: Ah, hello and welcome to aim for website and block traffic. Growing your traffic organically can feel painfully slow, especially in the early months or even years that you are trying to build a business online . It is not uncommon for people starting out to have only a couple of real website hits a day , or even none at all as they're just beginning. You have put a lot of effort into building your website or block site or your YouTube channel or podcast channel, for that matter, and nobody is paying any attention to you. So you start to look for ways to get traffic to your sites by paying for it. But is it worth it? To spend money to get the traffic to your site is a complex question with several variables to it. For example, do you have the funds available or a budget available that you are willing to spend to get people to come to your site? Do you want the traffic badly enough that you are willing to pay them? I need to get the people there. Do you have a site that has sufficient products of interest to people that you can honestly expect that when they get there enough will purchase something to pay for the advertising costs you just spent. How soon do you have to start making money from your site? Is speed of conversion an issue for you? Do you care who shows up, or are you just looking for volume? These air questions only you can answer for yourself, and it depends on why you built your site and what trying to do with it. Organic growth takes time to build. You have to grind it out over time, being willing to actively promote your site and regularly build content in order to start getting some of the numbers. A snowball effect can possibly take place this way it sometime in your future. But it is also painful working and voting your site regularly, building content and back links commenting and forums and guest posting and other sites etcetera, all trying to increase your numbers. It is hard work, but you have to do it to get the kind of traffic and followers that will stay with you over time. Did I say stay with you? Yes, something you need to realize up front to get people to regularly come to your site again and again. You either have to build personal relationships with um, or you have to have content and value on your site that keeps them coming back to you and telling your friends about you. Paying for traffic will get someone to your site once, but will they come back of their own accord once they have been there? That is what you're wanting to achieve, or you will be forever spending your money to get your visitors on the site. But having said all this to make you aware, let's look at some of the better ways to get people to your site. Note. I am assuming that you will be building appealing landing pages for their arrival and that these pages will have some form of email capture form on them to try to get them to subscribe to you before they leave. Don't even think about spending money to bring them to your site. If you don't have this in place yet, unless your name happens to be Amazon or eBay, get the maximum value for the money you spend to pay for getting people to your site. So here are some good pay for traffic ideas, create you to promotional or how to videos with links to your site and promote them on YouTube. This is a very cheap form of advertising. You can get the word out with an upfront video sales pitch included at two cents a video of you. So 50 watch promotional views only cost you about her dollar. Check out a site called that Fly that's 80 f dot l Y. If you just want high volume for cheap money, you can get 1000 hits to your site for five second each between about 40 cents and $5 depending which countries you choose to get them from. How good your landing pages will depend on whether or not you keep their attention as they are most likely people involved in some sort of deal where they are viewing dozens of sites to earn a penny or two in income. Not exactly a targeted viewing audience, but you can get them to your site for the few seconds guaranteed. For example, the other day on this site I spent $8 is a test on a global 40 cents per 1000 deal. They had going. I got about 20,000 people to my site, resulting in seven sign ups for my newsletter. If you want good quality, targeted leads to your site and are willing to pay 50 cents or more to get each one Facebook boost, posting its the best game in town. You can narrow down your leads to gender, age, range, demographic and even geography. You can get exactly the kind of person in the location you want to your site, but you will be paying for it. Next. Try writing any book, get it on Amazon, Kindle and either give it away or give it away. Keep enough that it can get into the Kindle KDF program. Be sure to put links to your site in the book. You can then promote your book through Amazon at low cost. Make sales revenue from your book as well, which may cover your advertising costs and maybe even earned use in extra revenue and get leads to your site at the same time. Twitter advertising is doable as well, but I have found them to be very expensive for watch. Yet Facebook and YouTube are much more preferred. Google AdWords needs to be mentioned as well, an important option as Google has the largest search engine in the world, and you can specifically target keywords and keyword phrases to bring people to your site. Your options for keywords and keyword phrases are endless, and if you do your research, you can get good Quality leads to your site at reasonable cost, although you will often find yourself bidding for advertising placement on search result pages against other advertisers. What important notice you need to be aware of. If you are running an AdSense enabled website or block site, do not run paid traffic at it. You could lose your AdSense privileges with Google as running paid traffic to your site goes directly against their agreement rules. Under the contract you signed. Be aware of this restriction. People have lost their AdSense accounts with Google because of this. What I have done is create one site that is not Google. AdSense enabled, and I sometimes run paid traffic against it, and my other primary site, which is AdSense enabled, does not get paid traffic to it. I go that one organically, a strategy that could work for used to run pay traffic against one site and have it contained a number of links across to your other AdSense sight at key points so that you can get the best of both worlds without putting your business and relationship with Google at risk. There are numerous sites and offerings out there promoting traffic to your sites, and you can explore them as you desire Trial and error over time and research will help you to find out what works and what does not. If you're in this for the long haul, over time you will develop the best traffic generation models that fit your business. Bye for now. 11. Using Analytics for SEO: Hello. Welcome to using analytics to improve your online business and S e o. Using online analytical tools as part of your regular online business routine is a great way to not only view and measure your online results and profits, but it is also an important activity to your business. If you are wanting to grow it through increasing traffic to your sites to compare yourself against competitors in your niche, make sure your websites remain easily accessible in viewable without Arizona issues. And make sure that your Web pages load properly and quickly so people attracted to your sites don't leave because of performance or viewing issues. So let's discuss some of these available tools, and what their benefits are to your business will start with social blade. Social Blade is primarily a statistical analysis and future business projection website for people that create monetized YouTube videos. In recent times, it has also started providing statistics for twitch and instagram as well. Once your channels air registered invisible on social blade, you can view statistics on your estimated earnings views and revenue viewing projections into the future. It is also a good comparative tool that you can use to see how you are comparing to other channel owners in your niche. From an overall perspective, you can see where you are in comparison to all other channel owners in terms of videos, loaded subscribers, views and revenues. Enter any other channel owner name, and you can view their results as well. But wait, there is more on this site. Social Blade offers both a forum and a blawg site as well. Don't overlook these additional services provided both with respect to using the site to learn more about what is happening among your peers. But you can also use it to advertise yourself and your channel a bit if you aren't blatantly trying to promote yourself there. YouTube analytics are also a very useful tool set. You can keep tabs on how many views your videos air getting. You can view and respond to comments made by viewers of your videos. You can see what percentages of your videos air actually being watched. That is to say, our viewers watching your creations through to the end or just part of the way through. You can view earnings histories by video creation. You can see what devices your videos air being viewed from, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etcetera, where people viewing your videos air located how many and which videos air being shared with others and much more go through these analytical services to better understand where issues are so you can strategize how to improve things. For example, if people are dropping off early rather than viewing your entire video, you become aware and can make educated decisions to correct the issues. Google Analytics is a very comprehensive tool set that you can integrate with all your online properties, such as websites, blawg sites, YouTube, etcetera. It also ties in directly with Google AdSense, so you can also your AdSense revenue statistics to use it with your websites and block sites. You will need to have a Google Analytics account, and you will need to drop in some custom code that Google Analytics provides into each Web page that you want Google to track. Once set up, you will be able to get all kinds of traffic information on the daily activity around each of your Web pages, such as what percentages air being viewed by computers, tablets or mobile devices. Where are the people located that reviewing your pages. Where do they go to once they leave your landing page? What is your bounce rate? A high bounce rate, by the way, means they go to your landing page and they don't go anywhere else on your site. They just leave. How much time are they spending on your pages? And note there that ah, High Bond Street, coupled with a short average time on the page, is usually indicative of some sort of page problems occurring. Such a slow loading speeds to the page, the pages and rendering properly, etcetera. Next, How are they finding your Web pages? What are your traffic sources to the page and much more? Google Analytics is, ah, highly recommended tool for you to be using as part of your online business. The next set of analytical tools to look at is Google Web Master Tools and its accompanying search console. Here, Google tries to help you identify at depth any problems that is found with your site or sites. This is also a tool set that affords you the opportunity of proactively sending more information about your site to Google so you can build a better relationship with them. and with their search engine. This tool set will provide you with detailed information on your Web page, such as where there are broken hyperlinks on your site, where there are quoting errors where there are problems of page loading speeds where your metadata, which is your title description, and tags where they are in effect, inconsistent or duplicated with other pages on your site, where you're using non compliant code for mobile device displays such a certain JavaScript and much more. If you want to rank highly or continue to rank highly and Google search engine results, you would be wise to be accessing this tool set regularly to ensure that the technical quality of your site is being maintained. Another very good analytical site to check out is Kingdom P I N g D o M. Kingdom has a tool that allows you to enter any URL, and it will then test it by accessing it from various locations around the world. You will learn just how fast your pages are loading, and you will learn why pages air loading slowly. If there are any loading issues, Pingan will tell you what and how many JavaScript call outs are occurring during your page load. How factor Web pages where each page load is encountering errors and what those errors are . What are the parts of your page loads that are taking the most time, etcetera? This is a very good tool set for debugging Web pages to ensure that they are loading at their best possible speeds. These are some of the key tools that I use regularly to analyze my online properties, and by using them, I have been able to steadily improve the technical quality of my holdings online, which have been contributing to ever improving customer cites statistics. This, in turn, has helped to both improve traffic to my sites and to build greater site revenues. So be sure not to overlook the use of online analytical tools in your own business. Bye for now. 12. Congratulations: Hello and congratulations on completing this class. It's great to see and making it all the way through. And I hope I was able to give you some useful and lasting knowledge that will help you and whatever you're wishing to achieve. If you're liking the content that I'm creating, I'm very much looking forward to seeing you in more of my classes, which you confined in this site by going to my profile section. You can still reach me through this class. If you have questions by starting a discussion with me, I'll be more than happy to respond if I hear from you. A second thought that comes to mind is that if you have appreciated the content I have created, please give me a thumbs up where and when the site ask you to to rate my class. This helps me trend better in the system and helps me to reach more people who could benefit from the training I'm trying to create. And if you choose to share the class link with friends or anyone else, thank you for that additional support for my creations as well. Bye for now,