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20 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. What are Stocks?

    • 3. Why Invest in Stocks?

    • 4. Why Can You Be Successful Picking Stocks?

    • 5. Understanding Investing Strategies

    • 6. Technical Analysis and Day Trading

    • 7. Growth Investing

    • 8. Mutual Funds and Index Funds

    • 9. Value Investing

    • 10. Net-Nets

    • 11. Greenblatts and Buffetts

    • 12. Sum of the Parts Investing

    • 13. Screening For Stocks

    • 14. Balance Sheet Analysis

    • 15. Income Statement Analysis

    • 16. Cash Flow Statement Analysis

    • 17. Growth and Management Analysis

    • 18. Under Armour in 2009

    • 19. Japan: Nikkie Index in 2012

    • 20. Free Tools and Resources

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10 of 11 students recommend this class
Incredible information and resources. The speaker really walks through how to pick stocks in depth and helps you decide which choices work best for your investing strategy. My only complaint would have to be the audio, as it did tend to cut off frequently. It may sound stingy, but with some of the topics he was discussing, full attention needed to be given and if with voice cuts or skips during that conversation, important steps were missed. Quality of content: 5/5 Enthusiasm from speaker: 3.5/5 Voice presentation quality: 2/5 Overall: 4/5
How to Pick Winning Stocks is an excellent class to learn how to evaluate the stocks. I like that Robert also include explanation of mutual funds and bonds in addition to equity. I learned how to read the financial statements and an easy method to figure out if the stock is over value or worth investing. It's a valuable class for any person who wants to invest in the stock market.
It would be more helpful if you didn't read off a sheet so much to retain natural tone of voice and natural pauses. Otherwise it's hard to follow along. Also the audio skips at times (like during the growth investing part, right when you start talking about Netflix)