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How to Paint a Crocus Flower in Chinese Painting

teacher avatar Olga Sumarokova, Chinese painting

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ink painting crocus 1

    • 3. Ink painting crocus 2

    • 4. Painting crocus in color

    • 5. Bonus! Crocus in color with white

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About This Class

Here is the second  part of the complete course devoted to the different primroses - the most delicate and fragile early spring flowers. Charming  crocus is one of the most favorite spring flowers. Crocus symbolizes hope and rebirth.

It began to grow in the East before our era! According to Buddhist tradition, the gods brought crocus from Heaven and scattered it in India. In China, yellow paint was made from crocus pollen and only emperors were allowed to wear fabrics colored with yellow.


You will study and learn

-how to mix beautiful colors and create effects that makes paintings in ink ( xe-i)  technique so expressive!
-after finishing the course you will have a ready-made charming picture with the image of a snowdrop, new skills and perfect mood!

This is a class for more advanced students taught by Olga Sumarokova



The materials you will need ( and if you are in doubts what to chose I can help to find better decision):

-Brush for xe-i and elastic one or a  universal  small brush.
-Wolf hair brush for contour No. 2 or brush for landscape No. 1
-Chinese ink for painting and calligraphy
-Felt mat
-Set of mineral paints MARIES palette of 12 colors
-Paper for xe-i.

Recommended paper for this course

- paper for sumie "Plum"
- paper for xe-i and sumie 35x136 mm
- universal paper for xe-i, xiao xe-i and sumie art.



Meet Your Teacher

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Olga Sumarokova

Chinese painting


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1. Introduction: Hello. Here in the second part of the complete curves devoted to the different broom rotors. Demos delegate in early spring flowers, chairmen Caracas is one of the most favorite and symbolizes hope and rebirth. It began to grow in the East before our ear. According to the Buddhist tradition, the gods brought Caracas from heaven and scattered it in India. In the croc is painting course. I will show you how to draw flowers with few white panels. We will analyze the total solution of the single flower and a group of and of course we will paint is with color, with transparent paints, adding sound wide. And then over the course, you will start in the traditional Chinese painting Tech. Let's begin. 2. Ink painting crocus 1: In this video, I want to explain you how to draw the open Gropius's like that. So I will start with the petals that are closest to me and face me from the outside. They will be darker in tone. Here, I'm going to draw, this is how the battle will look. Then continue to draw the same petals facing me, revert side. To draw the same petals facing me with a reverse side, which is darker in tone. As I have already said. That battles of the croakers tend to rub. There may be many such petals. In total, the flower has six of wheat. So try not to draw more than six. I will draw the inside of these battles with the lighter tint of ink. And the distant petals do here, 123456. So I combine the whole flower, the farthest pair. The farthest petals can appear wrapped around the corner. Here they are. And they can personally see the stem of this flower. Here is a picture of when the drugs that can add him the middle and this sepal from which it appears, the grass is darker and then narrow. Like this. It could be drawn with fairly dry ink. Here is a composition of the single flower. When the middle dress, you can use very dark ink and draw a pistol. I will now try to make a fairly wet middle or in black and white. You can do this with white paint. But I have decided to use ink. 3. Ink painting crocus 2: I'm going to show here is the composition of two flowers. You can use photos to make a composition of three or more colors. What is important in the composition of two or three flowers when it's open slightly different. And the direction also, this one thirds at this angle. The other one should be a little different. Now, I will try to draw it here. One will be titled more strong, the second, a bit less. Use an elastic brush to make your drawing as comfortable as possible. For drawing small compositions, different versions or Japanese paper suites where a well, for example, Japanese paper palm. Here I have drawn the flower. The other flower will look at a different angle. And this describable not to draw flowers and they could position at the same level. So the second flower, for example, may be higher. Careful and accurate. Tried to focus on the entire composition. If you can figure out how the flowers of your composition will be arranged, hesitate to take a large number of photos and look for the most interesting angles of your idea. If you have the opportunity to, to observe flowers in nature, it is certainly very good to use real flowers of your sketches and impressions. Here the second flower, 0s. Now I will draw this sepals from which they come from 12 and add some grass. And grass with a bright, dark, fairly dry brush. When drawing grass, you should avoid the cross intersection. This is an Anglican positional intersection as well, like the one that looks like a greed. These two things should be avoided when drawing such a narrow long grass. So the decomposition is almost trading. I want to add only the central pistols. Wait until the middle is sufficiently dry. And using dry, bright or white, make an active pistol. It have to attract attention on itself. This is a center. I expect you to make these black and white drawings of Gropius's. 4. Painting crocus in color: So withdrawal flower of Gropius in color. Gropius's have a verity of colors. Purple, blue, almost white, white, and yellow. So here you can choose a range of colors for every taste. I will show you blew the flowers and the variant, drawing Gropius's with white paint. So I start by taking a blue or like shade. For this, I can use, for example, the 398 or 451st paid from the marriage palette. I can use the 439th paint as as well at the stone blue collar. I have it here from the maybe pellet. Yellow color could be taken with a standard 290 paint. And you can add a little 684th to get a more orange shade in this foreground. You can also add sound worm, 242nd color. In the other words, you have enough freedom of choice working with Baines. So you take on the brush, any kind of blue or like collar. And that will start exactly with what I started drawing in black and white. In the previous lesson, I will start with more active foreground. And accordingly, the paint will be also taken bright enough. I will form the battles, all the foreground. I will form rounded battles. And with a lighter shade, for example, with the addition of blue, I will make light in their parts. The lower part, the stamp, I will make also quite dark, right? If you look at the photos or study the flower in nature, you'll see that the stem is quite dark. That's how I draw the stamp. In contrast, the sample from which it comes out is usually light. Went through it in black and white. We also made it quite lied. And D, who've won some verity in colors, I suggest adding a little bit of blue to stone, which we use to draw a flower or six conduit and 84th brown color. But all this should be mixed into the ink in order not to make the collar too bright. So that doesn't distract attention from the flower itself. Here I have drawn the sample. We can make graphics on it. To make a graphic, you need to draw this graphic with a very dry brush over the wet sample. Like this. If you want to make graphics on a flower, because the weights for Caracas is its particularity. It again, they made the same color as you drew the flower, but more solid, inactive and tone. So to mix and would only make the veins from the outside. To draw a flower pistol, you should take yellow paint and mix it with white. Yellow player is transparent to not. So you can draw it with just only yellow paint. In mixed with white. It becomes dance and fits well over any other color. By mixing these two colors and make a fairly thick and solid bright color. And tolerated with this scholar, I draw a pistol of flower. When it is only the previous layer of paint. It looks very bright and doesn't get paid when drying. So to make the picture less bright, I will make the grease as always as I like to do with ink. The graphs can be drawn with more dry strokes then for the flower. And it can also be made very few. Here I have made a sketch of a colored Caracas, which I performed simply with transparent colors. 5. Bonus! Crocus in color with white: Now I will draw a Caracas using quite band. To do this. I will squeeze out more white on the plate. When drawing large sheets, you can take two or three panes plates to make it easier to meet. We have fairly small work, so this amount of paint on the blade is quite possible. I will mix the white with the like paint and gets such a soft, pale shade. And despite the fact that I have white-collar in the base, I will still try to take a brighter tone and the tipo, the brush. This is how I start drawing. The croc is flower. Remember that when drawing with white paint, you have a higher viscosity of paint on the brush and the water will not float away as if you were drawing without white. So it becomes easier to control water on the brush. Here is such a flower on blown I have drawn. You have a higher viscosity of paint on the brush. For the step, I will choose more active shade. In the center, I will make more water scholar. The veins of such a floor can be made either completely wide or it'll be dark. I'm going to do both variance now, you should add Caracas wanes till the paper is still wet. In drawing veins. It is very important to make strong, active strokes and avoid theme in drawing. Here is a flower with dark veins. And now I will draw the flowers here with light waves. Also using quiet. The stage of openness and closeness. Or the flower, you can adjust yourself to really look at the real flowers. This is not possible. Photos. Tried to look at the samples of the photos. Try every time you draw a flower to come up with some new variants of drawing it. Now, I don't try to make the flour to different In order to show how different coloring techniques look on similar flowers. Inside I make a complete guide tone, changed the brush, and make the veins with y. And again, I do it on the way to paper. Vanes can be made even on the stamp like this. Now, while I was drawing this second flower, the first one dried up and the bone little wet, but still quite acceptable sheet, I draw a pistol. I also mix white with yellow. Then it's almost as if you are drawing with Gosh. And a place that pistol here. Because my flower is closed more strongly. I can only see the upper part. From here. I can see a little more, but also not so much. Flowers with wide band are very Turner. I will make the sepal and the grass smoothing. In order to achieve search and harmony, I will add graphics to the sepal width, wide band. Now, I'll make some grass to thinner this cache. Always try even if you are making sketches to make them quite complete, like small work, then it will be easier for you to draw with large formats like this. Taking this small brush and the white paint, which I take quite dense, I will end Greg's on the Caracas sepals. Here. I have showed you how to color the Caracas flour. I suggest you try the method with white collar and the method without white-collar both. And make this small sketches. If you want, you can try other shapes, other colors, but the methods with and without white car are worth to try. I wish you good luck and waiting for your sketches.