How to Paint a Beautiful Acorn in Watercolors

Shiho Arich, Artist

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7 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • Wet in Wet Technique & Right Amount of Water

    • Materials and Colors

    • Acorn Body Part One (First Layer)

    • Acorn Body Part Two (Second Layer)

    • Acorn Hat

    • Your Project


About This Class


Welcome to the class!

In this class, we are going to paint a beautiful acorn in watercolors, using wet in wet technique. We are going to learn how to apply water layer and blend several colors on that, to create soft texture and three dimention. We are going to see the comparison of water layers with different amount of water, to see what is the best amount of water for blending colors, and learn how to create a highlight (spot with reflected light) on the acorn, by leaving the white color of the paper.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I hope you enjoy the class, and your painting time!

Material Info:

Hot pressed watercolor paper (Fabriano Artistico Grana Satinata Traditional White 100% Cotton 300g/140Ibs.)

Synthetik watercolor brushes (Size 2 & 4)

Small flat synthetic brush as an eraser 

Colors for the acorn body (From left to right) : Burnt Siena, Burnt Umber, Red Brown, Van Dyke Brown by Mission Gold

Color for the acorn hat : Yellow Ochre no.1 by Mission Gold

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Lovely painting, easy to follow instructions, nicely paced !
I really enjoyed to watch this clear and fundamental teaching of wet on wet technique with layer painting. Short, effective class beneficial for everyone who want's to start or learn more about the art of watercolor painting. Thank you, Shiho!
Jarmo Tikka

Teacher, Designer, Carpenter, Artist

This is hypnotising! I love watching the painting in real time - very useful! I really want to learn how to blend using watercolours now! It's amazing!
Kate Pearson

Photographer and teacher





Shiho Arich





My name is Shiho Arich, I'm a lover of nature and watercolors. As an adult I came back to my childhood love and started painting again, it has been an adventure to teach myself, with hours of learning and practice. In my classes, I would love to share as many things as I can, that I have learned to paint beautifully in watercolors. I would be very happy if it could make your painting time even more relaxing and fun.


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