How to Paint Yummy Macarons in Watercolor: Easy Step-By-Step Guide | Yana Shvets | Skillshare

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How to Paint Yummy Macarons in Watercolor: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

teacher avatar Yana Shvets, Paint.Travel.Take a risk

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Why you want to take this class

    • 2. What tools you will need for this painting

    • 3. Sketching macarons in pencil

    • 4. Applying first layers

    • 5. Working on details: shadows, color mix, volumes

    • 6. Final touches: make macarons look even more realistic!

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About This Class

If you are interested in learning new media and want to get an actual painting in the end (not just do exercises) - this course is perfect for you!
You will paint a delicious French macaron still-life following me painting them as well to see the whole process from pencil sketch to the final realistic artwork!

No complicated theory, every step explained in a simple and fun way
Just try it and see that you can paint already NOW!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yana Shvets

Paint.Travel.Take a risk


Born in Ukraine, raised in travel. 
I am a professional watercolor artist, full-time traveler and a salsa lover ;)
After a burnout in the office, I hit the road without any plan and since 2014 I've been travelling around the globe, visiting different countries & settling down for a few months (sometimes years) in different cities. My watercolors are inspired by places I've visited and people I've met.

You can follow my travel-inspired adventures on Instagram.


My original paintings and prints of those are available for sale if you appreciate art on your walls ;) 
I am open for commissions and happy to create an artwork that will inspire you, have an impact on your family or become a gift for beloved ones. Just hit me a message.

... See full profile

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1. Why you want to take this class: everybody will come to my watercolor class. Um, I spent some time in France, and there are some things that will you just can't forget. So that's why I decided that in this would color cause, we will learn how to paint traditional delicious French dessert. My name is Yana. I'm a full time traveler and a watercolor. Artists have been painting for 15 years, and Carl, I am working on a project called Travel Art, which means that I travel the border with me people, places, and I paid all my adventures in watercolor. Besides that, I also creates prints of my artworks, organized workshops in the city's traveled to and created a handmade, unique sketchbooks. If you're interested in what a collar but new did, this medium they scores is perfect for you. I will not keep you any difficult theory or weird words. I will just slowly guide you step by step through the whole process off, creating a realistic painting so we will learn about colors about tones about light. We were used Rio McCone, who put them on the table and pain the still life. We will start from the simple sketch and then build up layers and build up colors. Learn how to create volumes and shapes. So if you're interested to dip in your knowledge, to know something you but in a easy and on way any well, McCullen as I don't join the scores. Okay, I go buy new McCrone and you stay here. Prepare for the class and see you later. 2. What tools you will need for this painting: Hey, welcome to my watercolor class. And let's talk about supplies that you will need in this course just very quick, soft pencil for sketching. I use HB You Can you? You can choose any soft type off pencil that you prefer like be, or to be brush size number one, meaning it's very small and graceful. Working on details. A round brush size eight arm. It will help you with washing. Um, I also got a very special one, also for wishes made of from extra Find Tavi in gold hair. All right, so there's Ah, pickup. I have here a tiny travel what a cop made especially for artists on ago, some tissues to pick up the pain and, of course, of what a color said. I prefer what a color in fans as the pigment is more concentrated and there's no waste. And today I use beans are in Newton, the professional watercolor and now the main hero off today's class. Delicious McConnell. I just brought in this bakery, so here we have a beach color, yellow and dark Burpo. I guess it's like like a blueberry color kind of thing. Well, anyway, we're all set and ready to get started. 3. Sketching macarons in pencil: all right, guys, but we'll start from sketching the composition pencil. It is very important, especially when painted still life to keep proportions right and composition balance. So don't put too much pressure on your pencil to avoid bold strokes, as it will be too hard to cover them with water color later. This is catch is more guide rather than a target. Keep the strokes light and simple, and much of them will disappear into paint in any way. So let's build up pyramids off alot. McColl Well, sorry for my pronunciation. I'm not really good at French. Uh, well, yeah, So it was built up A pyramid using simple oval shapes tried to use a razor as less as possible as it can significantly damage the paper texture and affect the way paint is laid out. There's no need to go through much details just outlined the main spots where cream shows up. This area will help us remember to keep it lighter than the rest of the painting. Oh, by the way, did you know that French confection has actually bean produced in divinity in monasteries since the eighth century? So they're actually two methods to making the macron, the French method and the Italian mirror. - Um , let's play around at some fruits. Let's say this beach McCone is made of strawberry, the middle one banana and the bottom now from from blueberries, Okay. 4. Applying first layers: and welcome back. So that started painting. Um, the traditional watercolor approach is to work in layers using a sequence off color washes , starting from light and moving too dark. So load your brush with a diluted red color, and here I'm using card memory deep and apply it on the upper. The first layer is also cold under painting because, well, eventually it will disappear onto under the new layers that will apply later on. I'm skipping the middle part of micro because I will apply other tones in the area and don't want them to mix up in the bottom of the macro. I dropped some French ultra Marine or you can use any blue collar. And no, I'm not going to just leave random blue color in there. Um, the point is to create a shadow, and my choice is to use neutral bull color for shadowing instead of, ah, brutal black read. After that, I climb or concentrated red just from the tip of my brush to blend the colors. So now we receive a nice, dark tone representing the volume off the macron shell, which is basically like a bowl. This tunnel conscious defines its form and also as interest. Okay, so let's increase the tunnel conscious here in the creamy area by painting deeper color between shells off the macro working, darkening the ruffled interior ages No Nas feet white is the most powerful color. It produces atmosphere. In fact, that's why we accidentally leave some white spots and covered instead of using the actual white color pink. - What a color has a tendency to merge and run a slightest opportunity. But what people forget is that it really depends on amount of water. You're brushes caring. So because I want to be in control in such a delegate painting, I mean, today, I'm keeping my brush relatively dry. We're not working in dry and dry technique here because we don't need Rigg stroke. So we want, uh, ticket painted soft and smooth. Oh, yeah. And I would like to offer you an exercise in order to practice painting volumes. So go had to cross projects and check out a little discussion on the task that I left for you. Um, and just find some time to do the exercise, because it will really, really help you understand the volumes. Okay, let's go on All right, let's move to next. Cookie. Um, so we will do exactly the same. We will apply first layer the light winds or yellow. Um, you can use any light yellow color. You have any upper left and apply the first layer off the bunker wrote, you know, Then get some, um const more concentrated color you can use, even like raw sienna yellow cra to paint in the bottom of them Cookie. Ah, and build up the color from the bottom outwards. - And here is a little tip for you. Um, you always want to start from there lightest player and build up at the darker one off the words. And also, once you add a layer that drives, you can't fight it up. So you can't really fix the painting as easy as with oil. Um, that's why you really need to keep an eye on how what your paper is. And if you're layer dried up, it's not that easy to pick up the color and fix the pending. So I got some burnt sienna and then squeezed my brush dry and used some the painted tape to kind of staple very lightly, where the colors made to encourage them to fall together. So this wagon you create a very nice shape, full off volume. And here, working on the edge is basically the where the creamy apart should be. Um, I'm trying to use as less water as possible on my brush. So the darker I go, the less whether the less water Excuse me, I use. - And here is our final my cone, right in the bottom. Again, we use exactly the same technique. We pick up the very diluted red color, but the world as delivery cookie, we want to, um, to have a little bit different tone than the 1st 1 So I picked up there a littering crimson . But feel free to use any red available in your palate. As you can see, I'm not using that much water. I'm very careful with that because I want to control all the shapes. Um, off the cookie. I'm painting here. - I like using some pointy moves. Um, just using a tip off my brush and to leave this like adults and kind of tiny, tiny marks with the concentrated paint. And this will allow me, first of all, to have ah more contrast in the area and painting. And if I pick up a little bit of water and dilute this this bright drop off the paint, I can just wash it out or blended down, or basically move it any direction I want. And that will allow me to have very nice and smooth transition from a concentrated collar all the way down to like a nice, transparent and deluded color. - All right, And let's move to paint in some fruits that inspired our Maccarone here. So, um, you will use exactly the same color that we used for painting each cookie. Right now I'm doing the small old tiny banana. Yeah, pieces of banana. Basically, Um, and you don't need to do any detail work right now, So you just want to kind of place the objects right now on the paper kind of mark the area where the future banana, small things future banana slices will be. - I'm here just defining the parts of banana sizes that are in shadow using a little bit more concentrated yellow color, the same that you used before, Or you can even use, like the Orange or or Sienna. And now we're moving up to paint some, um, little strawberry pieces. Um, again, You don't need to do all the small details off each stronger. You just want to define the kind of a shape that will remind destroy beret. But then the details will be worked on later, and we do the same for the delivery. Just little round spots around the cookie. - Cool . So liver to dry and we will get back to it right after o our painting. The first layers are completely dry season. 5. Working on details: shadows, color mix, volumes: Hey, hey. I hope you had a nice break and now ready to dive in into our second big section. So remember that after you complete first layers and let them dry, the water colorable well dried lighter than it appears when wet. So don't be surprised that your painting is basically even much, much, much later. Currently, we will work on detail in and make our cookies to put up. So let's modify our, um, middle McCrone the manana one way the touches off, stronger collar off orange. Or currently I'm using a mix of orange and burnt sienna. And, um, if you could see, I very rarely use the palate, and I apply collars directly from my watercolor set to the painting. But sometimes men immature, I wouldn't go through the the palate and just makes the color and see how it looks like, especially what I want to get a new tone. Um, I makes a few colors, but try not to makes more than three at the same time, cause otherwise it will get really dirty, so it makes two of them to have a nicer turn again. I'm trying to keep my brush as dry as possible to have much, um, brighter and concentrated strokes. So this way you can actually differing the edges off the upper and bottom shell off the macron and define the creamy area that's right in the middle. - Oh , as our Cokie's a kind of laying on each other. It's always that the very upper one will drop a shadow on the middle one, and the middle one will drop a shadow on the bottom one. So that's why we want Teoh. Define it. Create this shadow, but don't overdo it. Don't Don't Don't use black color than Hughes, Um, too concentrated, colored or don't don't do like a crazy mix because we don't want Teoh drag too much attention to this spot. But this tiny detail the shadow will significantly change the perception off the whole painting. Okay, when they really want to out shadow a part of my cookie, Um, I pick up a tiny bit off my blue, the French ultra Marine. You can also use well, I have a means or blue, but you probably have your own Brent blue color. Um, do slightly define again the edges off each show to make it pop up in stand out more That so called how this French cookie are basically sandwiched together with some kind of feeling. And yeah, the speeding can be traditional can be absolutely unique. Like there so many flavors. Now, um, somewhere just crazy. Like chocolate chip or peanut butter and jelly or even sneakers. Well, feel free tomb. I leave a comment. What is your favorite one? Okay, - if you feel like you drop too much paint on your on your artwork, um don't stress out. There's always a way to fix it on day. Um, uh is quite simple. If you're painting is still wet. So basically, you just need to take a tissue, um, or some material and become the color with the water. So if you're pain has a lot of water, is is it if it is watery, it's very easy with to pick up this water with the pain. Using your tissue another way is Teoh. Get some water in your brush and literally just blend the cower into different directions. Just, basically dilute the paint. Okay. Uh huh. Now I'm aiding some little touches to the final part of our painting. Is the fruit Um so I'm working on the texture off strawberry. And again, you don't want to put too much attention to those strawberries because my car, you know, the most important thing on this paint, And so the fruits, they should be recognizable, but not really, um, to detail. So if you feel like it doesn't really look like a strawberry, well, don't worry about that too much. So as there is, um, attorney a space between the fruits. I'm very careful, ed, in the background in between them, So really take your time and be careful feeling in the spots with a very, very light wash. In my case, I'm using my favorite French ultramarine. You can take any light blue bush as you want. Um, so the difference between the wash and the concentrated pain is that you want to dilute it with the water. So you want to, um, load your brush with border and applies on the paper? We don't want to use a wet on wet technique in this case, because I'm afraid that if we, um paying toe water first on the paper and then, uh, applied the actual paint, um, the because of the water, the pains will run all over the place and ruin some Some off a worm fruits and as the spaces, so little between them. Um, I think the risk is really high, so I tried to keep it, um, weapon right this time. 6. Final touches: make macarons look even more realistic!: - you can finish this painting with very light. Nice wash and create a little bit of a shadow. Uh, custom down from from the whole Para made off our McCombs so you can pick up the blue color from your palate and, um, applied the first strokes right on to the very bottom. Uh, macro the Bill Berry one. And I make sure that your brush is, um Sami Wet. Not not super wet models like dripping water, but also not to drying. Um, And when you apply the first layer off your semi wet wash under the bottom macaroon, uh, you want to pull down the color like literally pull it down, and when to surfaces tonight, the pigment will believe from the wettest area to the dries. This way, the clear light values make will will make the painting glow will be very nice. So go ahead, Do that. Add little small details that you would like to do. Uh, and I would be super happy to see your final artwork in our well final project. So put your final project in the project class and I will be excited to see your results and discuss any difficulties or troubles that you had on your way. And also, if you have any questions, please feel free to message me in my instagram. I'm super active over there. Oh, are you can also contact me in my Facebook. - All right, good. - So I hope you had fun painting this cookies. And if you feel like it was too easy for you Well, I have great news. Um, I have another quarter. So where a T child to paint a dog step by step. It's a little bit more in France and more complicated than this one. And you If And if you want Teoh, enter the challenge, please let me know and I will be super happy to offer you 50% discount. So hit me a message on any social media platform I provided before, um, asking for Well, I spent for the course and I will be there for you. Thank you very much. And I wish she loads off inspiration. See you in the next course.