How to Paint: Watercolor Houseplants | Monstera | Audrey Ko | Skillshare

How to Paint: Watercolor Houseplants | Monstera

Audrey Ko, Watercolorist and Modern Calligrapher

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12 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies Overview

    • 3. NEW 3 Monstera Sketching

    • 4. Color Mixing

    • 5. How to Tape Your Painting

    • 6. Sketching the Final Painting

    • 7. Painting the First Layers

    • 8. Painting the Second Layer

    • 9. Painting the Third Layer

    • 10. Painting the Final Layer

    • 11. Painting the Background

    • 12. 10 Conclusion


About This Class


This is the fourth and final of the houseplants series: the Monstera! Check out the other plants in this series:

  1. Fiddleleaf Fig Plant
  2. Boston Fern
  3. Pothos Plant
  4. Monstera

The Monstera is probably one of the most recognizable tropical plant. Its large leaves that sometimes look like swiss cheese because of the holes make it such an interesting subject to paint. Using your observation, sketching, color mixing, and basic watercolor skills, you're going to create a unique work of art!

Please note that a few parts of this class that will be in timelapse ("Sketching the Final Painting" and "Painting the Background").

Try painting this and then digitizing it (in my other Skillshare class!) to print it on cards, mugs, decals, and more.

Don't forget to make a project for this class so I can see all your wonderful works. If you're on Instagram, please tag me (@ThingsUnseenDesigns), and use #WatercolorWithTUD! I love to feature my students and their work!

See you in class!

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