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How to Paint Watercolor Desserts

teacher avatar Alexandra Motovilina, Watercolor artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class project

    • 3. Dough

    • 4. Cream

    • 5. Berries

    • 6. Fig

    • 7. Caramel

    • 8. Chocolate

    • 9. Final details

    • 10. Final words

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About This Class

In this class, I will show you how to paint a watercolor dessert. I'll cover how to draw different kinds of texture - such a dough, cream, juicy berries, and glossy caramel. My specialization is food illustrations and most of all, I love to draw french desserts because they look for me like little pieces of art. So welcome to my class and let's learn how to paint the delicious food illustrations

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexandra Motovilina

Watercolor artist


Hello! My name is Alexandra Motovilina, and I'm a watercolor illustrator.


I specialized in food watercolor illustrations and work as an illustrator to create illustrations for the cafe, restaurants, and food brands. Most of all, I love to draw french desserts because they look for me like small pieces of art. You could find my illustrations in the Paris Pastry Guide, which I illustrated recently.



Watercolor is my pure passion. I adore painting since my childhood and luckily it became my profession. But I started to do it consciously only in 2013. I really would like to share my experience because sharing is caring! 



Last year I started to host my ... See full profile

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1. Intro : Hello and welcome to my Secure Shell class. My name is Alexandra NIO, watercolour artists from France. I work as an illustrator, encouraged food watercolor restrictions for the cafes and restaurants. Especially I door painting deserts. Because for me, they are like little piece of art. You can find my watercolors in PR response to gate, which are illustrated recently. In this class, I will explain which materials are better for some techniques we will teach you to be in diverse Decker elements. Demonstrate how little details who will give you what moralistic book? And of course, I will show simple ways to make your illustration successful in this class is for every level. So if you would like to know how to bake delicious political deserts, you are in the right place. So take your brushes and let's get started. 2. Class project : So for this project, I propose you to draw your favorite dessert. I think it's important to draw your own illustration because you will practice in different kinds of texture and most important evil express yourself to this duration you can use for the reference which I prepared for you, or just find yours. Be sure that you choose the desert which has some DO cream and declarations such a dopings, fruits, and so on. To practice row all these elements. To repeat my technique tried to use good watercolor paper, CTL, and 300 grams. It will be great. Now let's see what else who owned it for this lesson. Prepare a pencil sketch and let's get started. 3. Dough: So first, we start with the dog. I will use yellow ochre and burnt umber. Well, all brow shades in my palette. I make sure that my brush is wet enough and I start to colorize oh, dolt shape, trend to do it at one time to keep my painting wet. Because only then when I will add the second color, it will create this natural gradient. I am continuing to add different brown sheets because it will give our dough and more realistic look. And then I'm adding a darker color to the bottom. Deemphasize the shadow, and create the volume. Try to keep your painting wet enough. For this. You can carefully apply a beat of clear water. Now, we will add horizontal length on still wet painting. So it will be start of our future. Do texture. Just be careful and don't add a lot of them. And let's give it to drag. Now, our first Vertical Alliance of DOE is dry and we will create a texture I used are brown and even abit of neutral tint to darker color. Your brush should be almost dry. Try to do precise movements, great until lines. Your hand, you'd be relaxed and light. Do it. Who? The sharp brush tip. I tried to add more columns to the right site where the shadow at some small dots and particles. Be careful, but not too much precise. Actually, it looks like doing makeup with the brush. Some careful enlight movements. Where down for the moment. And let us begin with the cream wire. 4. Cream : Now we will be doing the cream layer of our vernier cheesecake. No more, the Karim has a light color. So we will use equivalent mix of watercolor with enough quantity of water. To do that. I will need some natural beige light colour. For this. I will make the ogre and a bit of file it mix enough quantity in advance to colorize the directions at once. Edit Clear Water domain, this mix light and transparent. Keep your brush very wet. Start adding the column on the right side where the shadow. And then add only water to create a light gradient. Then color mix onto the era where it touches the Cara melter being shaped. Normally. Here, we should notice shadows. So it should be a bit darker. It's done. 5. Berries : Raspberry, blackberry are a bit complicated to draw, but it's also a very meditative process. A prepared the mix of pink and red. And with tiny little rush, start to carefully colorize each circle of raspberry. I leave each time small little circle, the glare of light. You should have a light color mix. So we will be able to see this nice vertical transparency. In other words, the color of your Raspberry balls shouldn't be so dense. It's like when my illegal shapes of the bury us to it, I can add a bit of darker color to the bottom. It will create early Del gradient and show the volume. Raspberries, both calls to the border should be Docker. On this area, objects normally have a shadow. Now, this same process for the Blackberry. I mix blue and a neutral tint and also a bit of file it, it will create a Neutral Blue Note so saturated to her a bit. The same process for the BlackBerry. Thank you. Okay. And now let's finish our berries. Take it, dynode or brush. And we some dark being great shades, tried to create a dark 10Ks, started to add color between various circles. Even if shapes already touch each other. You could a tiny little lines between them. Just be precise and tried to keep your head more Maglite and natural. Thank you. And we're done with Paris. 6. Fig : First, we will start with a fixed spiel and then we will painting inside. I will use blue or violet and a bit of neutral tint. I changed the brush because I have a lot of good pigment and I don't want to lose it. So to create a violet blue gradient, I'd take a second brush with a violet color and continue to paint. Emphasize the right site with more dense color. Now let's begin with insight. So I start to colorize the Center over the green color with Brock strokes, light and small. I do not so precisely. And as they call it, I play with watercolor. And then I added a yellow color only just because I don't like so much the manner donors shapes. And then we can add being dark green. When you're close to the border, leave the white area along the contour. You will colorize it later. When my 50k is almost done, I'm adding dark color, so it perfectly shows the volume. 7. Caramel : Caramel and other dopings normally have a glossy texture. Ceg the photo reference to notice where I glare of light start to colorize each drop of caramel. Who live in a wide area of paper to show the glare of flight. When your drop is still wet at a bit of dark color to the site. This method will perfectly show the volume of the drop. Apply color under berries, and then with the water to the bottom. Can you see it? Who have a lighter area? For the drops? I use a more solid color and know we sleep Sal, whitespace. The boredom of drops very light and add darker color. The paper should be still wet. Do you see how it starts to take your form? Continue to add dark brown until you will be satisfied. Now, let's give it to dry. Now, our caramel layer is almost finished. Movie we'll add just another layer to separate two parts, top and bottom. I will use the same brown color and we'll make it transparent earth of water. And while it's still wet, you can add a more shadows. 8. Chocolate : So here is simple. Prepare a dark mix of colors and colorize the chocolate strikes. And then I just start to wipe the color to show the bird color of light. And that's it. Clear your brush and white paper tissue each time you take off the color. 9. Final details : As you can noticed, our painting become lighter. This is an effect of cotton paper. So I will add some shadows. Again. Also, I will add vanilla beans. This little detail is just awesome. Just tiny dots and your dessert transforms immediately. Also, let's finish in that figure and add dark color to the center of the fruit. And add little hairs to the raspberry. Unlikely, we're done. I hope you'll like it. 10. Final words: Congratulations, you finally did it will recover principal steps in deserts paint in such Addo, Karim and Decker elements. I hope you've learned enough to start practice in this beautiful watercolor technique. Please upload your project to the project gallery on this class page so we can all take a look. Also, please leave your comments and review and follow me to see my next vertical adolescence. If you have any questions about this technique asked me and I will try to help you. So thank you so much again and see you next time.