How to Paint Straight Hair - Step by Step | Banashree Das | Skillshare

How to Paint Straight Hair - Step by Step

Banashree Das, Digital illustrator

How to Paint Straight Hair - Step by Step

Banashree Das, Digital illustrator

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5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Sketch

    • 4. Coloring

    • 5. Changing and adding more than one colors to make hair took more interesting

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About This Class

This class is for those who want to learn How to Paint Straight Hair.  I will share my complete process step by step which you will be able to follow along easily. I have already published a class on How to paint Curly Hair and you should definitely consider watching it if you want to know. I am going to publish one more class on painting hair which will be for Wavy Hair. To take these classes all you need is a digital art program installed on your device; it can be your PC, Phone or tablet whichever you use will work just fine. And of course you need to have some basic knowledge in digital art. If  you are a beginner make sure to watch my classes for beginners digital artist to get started right away.

 Toptics covered  :

  • Drawing  Straight Hair 
  • How to color Straight Hair

  • Changing hair color and making it more interesting 

Materials you will need :

  • Drawing tablet,Desktop or Laptop ( With a Digital art program)

I use my Custom Painting Brushes for my Art (in Procreate) if you would like to try my brushes they are available on my Gumroad shop

You can also find me here :  InstagramYouTube , Facebook

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Meet Your Teacher

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Banashree Das

Digital illustrator


Hello, I'm Banashree ( online - MuzenikArt ), a freelance illustrator from India. I love to draw female characters and enjoy adding lights / glow effects the most.  I have completed my graduation in Computer Science but was always  passionate about art which led me to become an illustrator instead.

Join me on Instagram to see my daily artworks, progress works, tutorials and any other updates.Use #muzenikart on Instagram when sharing your class project there to get featured on my IG story.
You can also find me on  



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1. Introduction : Hey guys. Amber Industry and welcome to my class How to paint straight here. Anyone who wants to learn how to be in ST here digitally can take this class. I will share my complete process step by step, which you will be able to follow along easily. I have already published a class on how to be Carly here and you should definitely consider watching it. If you want to learn, I will be publishing one more class for painting will be here and to take this class is all you need is a drawing device or a PC with digital art program installed in. Also, you need to have some basic knowledge indeed. Delight. If you are a beginner, make sure to watch my glasses for beginner digital artists to get started right away. Throughout this glass, I will show you how to draw straight here how to color straight here. And lastly I will share how I mean. Characters here look more interesting by adding more than one color. If you are appropriate beginner, consider watching my class getting started inappropriate. Before you take describes where you will also get to know which people presses to use for sketching, calorie and blending. And if you need help with blending, watch my glasses and how to blend in procreate. I used my custom painting dresses for my art in appropriate. We would like to crime addresses. They're available on my gum load and etc. So and you can find the link in my profile. Now let's get started. 2. Class Project : for your class project. Draw character with straight hair or it can be district here. You don't necessarily have to draw the face for free to air multiple colors or dry different highlights. You can find some inspiration on Madam a Pinterest board. I have linked the board in the project details for you. If have any questions, the Frito ask in the discussion and consider submitting your projects to get fit big. Also, I will be sharing your projects on my instagram story, so make sure to sell your projects along with their instagram handles. I'm really looking forward to senior projects. 3. Sketch: first create a new layer and name it sketch, then skates are the overall here, shape on the sketch layer. Make sure to remember unlike early or wavy here straight here is less likely to have air sticking out of the sites. - Also , feel free to try different hair partitions. If you want, you can clean it up by addressing your sketch on another layer. If you want trying another part dishes Theo way coloring process will be the same, regardless off how you partition the characters here. 4. Coloring : If you want. Once done with the sketch at a new layer and name it based or based color, make sure it's underneath the sketch layer. And then I got the complete here shape with the solid color at just skates. A pass ity according to your needs and jeans. Brand more to multiply really new layer on top of based, clear and name, it said does and paying the areas which are supposed to be Darfur with the darker side of the base color. Make sure now at a new layer or duplicate the saddle layer and change, then moved to multiply. Adjust capacity as required or as you prefer, then being the areas where the shadows are less darker than first. Settle The earth, for example, cites of the here parting line and areas behind her ears. - I moved to to play gated shadow there below the first shadow layers so I can apply the duplicated there as a clipping mask to the base layers with grouping mask on. It would be easier for me to work on the saddle earlier as it will affect only the area covered by the base. Clear if you don't know what it's clipping mask. Consider watching my glasses for beginner digital artist, mainly the coloring part. No, it just a pass ity as required and blend. Then create a new layer and name. It highlight big, a lighter shade of the base color and being the highlights, as shown again , a just a passivity off. Any leers, as required now create a new layer on top of the highlights. For details, pick a dark color and start adding dictates, like shown in the video to make it look more detailed. I'm drawing some lines, which is going to give the characters here some volume. You should make the line street or coffee based on the hair flow when it's done with the lines at another earlier for shine because I'd, er said, than the first highlight color and being over the lightest area, - then smudge a little if required. Next, make a few gentle strokes with a small breast using a set that's a little lighter than the previous color you used like this, but make sure not to overdo it. You can merge all Blears before proceeding to the next step. Create a new layer on top of the merged layers for some extra details, you can add some street here, here and there to make it look natural. Make any modifications as you like. 5. Changing and adding more than one colors to make hair took more interesting : next, I'm going to change the hair color if you have watched my last class, however, pain curly here you are already familiar with the next step and repeating the same all over again will probably get aboard only so if you haven't watched it yet. Consider watching it now to learn how to change here. Color step by step. You can easily find that video in my glass about training early here as I made a separate video for proteins. Hair color. Now I'm just going to mention main points on Lee. First, I'm blocking the complete here part with a solid color. Here I changed plan more to color, now changing its you stop when you get the color you want. Feel free to add some extra highlight. If you want on new lier, - then I'm urged the layers. Now we're not a new layer on top if you need to make a portion darker. After all the coloring is done, you can have a new layer and said when more to multiply and paint over wherever you want to make it look darker. Add just a pass ity when required and much failures once you were. Don't Now again, I'm going to make some modifications on a new layer on top. If we had a new modification layer, make sure to merge it with the original drawing layer. Once done using this technique, you can make characters here a lot more interesting. Here is another example amusing to colors this time, but feel free to use more than two. If you like to meet the colors pop, you can duplicate it earlier and change when more too soft, overly, and you can add just a pass iti to your liking.