How to Paint Skin - A step by step tutorial for beginners | Banashree Das | Skillshare

How to Paint Skin - A step by step tutorial for beginners

Banashree Das, Digital illustrator

How to Paint Skin - A step by step tutorial for beginners

Banashree Das, Digital illustrator

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11 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Creating a Color Palette for Painting Skin

    • 4. How to Paint Skin- The Basic Process

    • 5. Adding highlights

    • 6. Adding More Details and Making Minor Modifications

    • 7. Color Adjustments

    • 8. Adding Freckles

    • 9. More Corrections(If Required)

    • 10. Adding Grainy Texture

    • 11. Another Example

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About This Class

Have you ever had trouble painting human skin? Then this class is what you need. I really think this class is going to make your painting process easier. So throughout this  class I will teach you how to paint skin step by step. It’s a really simple process and you would be able to follow along quite easily. I am using Procreate on iPad Pro but to take this class all you need is a digital art program installed on any drawing device. And you must have some basic knowledge in digital art. If  you are a beginner make sure to watch my classes for beginners digital artist to get started right away.

 You will learn :

  • How to Create a Color Palette for Painting Skin

  • How to Paint Skin- The Basic Coloring Process 

  • How to Make Color Adjustments
  • How to Add Grainy Texture

Materials you will need :

  • Drawing tablet,Desktop or Laptop ( With a Digital art program installed on it)

You can also find me on :  InstagramYouTube , Gumroad, Facebook

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Meet Your Teacher

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Banashree Das

Digital illustrator


Hello, I'm Banashree ( online - MuzenikArt ), a freelance illustrator from India. I love to draw female characters and enjoy adding lights / glow effects the most.  I have completed my graduation in Computer Science but was always  passionate about art which led me to become an illustrator instead.

Join me on Instagram to see my daily artworks, progress works, tutorials and any other updates.Use #muzenikart on Instagram when sharing your class project there to get featured on my IG story.
You can also find me on  



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1. Introduction : Hey, guys, I hope you were all doing well, Amber Industry and will come to my class how to paint skin, a step by step tutorial for beginners. So throughout this class, I'm going to teach you how to paint skin from scratch. First, I will show you how to create a palette for being do skin. Then I will teach you my step by step skin painting process, including how to make color adjustments. And finally, I will show you. How can you add grainy texture to the skin? It's a really simple process, and he would be able to follow along quite easily. I'm using procreate on iPad pro. But to take this class, all you need is a digital art program installed on any drawing device, and you must have some basic knowledge in digital part. So if you are a beginner, make sure to watch my classes for beginner digital artists to get started battery. I use my custom dresses for my heart. If you'd like to try my braces, you can find them all on my gum road and etc. Also common patron. Now, by becoming a patron, you can get access to monthly reverts such us by step growing process images, including all references I use and that one exclusive artworks and more just scroll through my profile to find all the links. Now let's get started. 2. Class Project : for your task project. Draw your favorite fictional character in your style. You might have more than one favorites, so feel free to pick one and draw it for your class assignment. I highly recommend you to use reference. You confined pictures off almost in character on Pinterest. You can start for the sketch of the character and color the hair beforehand if you want, then just follow the steps. A teach in the class to paint skin. If you need any help with something else, like painting hair or eyes, you can watch my other glasses when done with your illustration, surely by uploading it to your project section. If you have in equations are doubts or need more dips, make sure to let me know in the discussion. I would be happy to help. Also, I will be sharing your works on my instagram story, so make sure to submit your projects perfect base and to get featured on my story. 3. Creating a Color Palette for Painting Skin: first decide what would be the color of your character's skin and create a palette so you could easily pick the colors anytime you need. Now to create a pallet first, pick the primary skin color and paint slightly on the canvas like this. Next big ALeiter safe, then the primary color to paint the highlights. Then we could Darker said, then the primary color and paint again. And finally Pete, a considerably darker safe than the previous one being the sad news. 4. How to Paint Skin- The Basic Process : I have been, did the hair already on a different layer as this class is only for painting skin now create a new layer underneath the sketch, and you can rename it base for whatever you prefer. Then fill in the sketch with the primary color, using a solid ground for us. Uh, it's not a must, but to bend the skate into the base color better you contain. This gets layers playing more to multiply and lower capacity to your lighting. Next, creatinine there above the base layer and said it as a clipping mask. Toe the base there now being to say, does with the color next to the primary color from the palette. If you are a complete beginner, he will probably find it hard to figure out where to be in the shadows. But if you take a good look at your French picture or a similar picture, if you are not using reference, it will really help with Hermine, where you need to paint the shadows. At the beginning, you might find it a little hard, but I can promise you death. With regular practice, you will get better and better, now said. It's been more to multiply and desta pass iti to your preference and blend gently. You can watch my other glasses if need any help with blending or not sure with default, process to use next, completely going to paint her eyebrows and eyes. - Now add a new layer on top of the skin one layer, and I'm going to rename it to skin, too. Next week, the darkest sit and being those areas where the shadows or the skin has got this stone. When I'm painting a face, I made around area sides off the big booms below the nose and the neck. Have the darkest stone, said plan more to multiply. Then it's much so the colors blend in and at just the leaders capacity as required. Now I'm going to do her lips now , create a new layer above the skin to there and rename it to skin tree or whatever you prefer on this layer outlined the face and other parts with both lines. He was in the darkest, said Black, shown it would have the skin color looked not too flat. Then plant and adjust capacity to your liking. 5. Adding highlights : next Greer new layer on top of the sketch to pain the highlights big the lightest safe from the palate and start adding the highlights when adding her lights. Just remember that the areas where you're supposed to add highlights always protrude forward, like the news gene and the lips. But when you were painting a character would make up on, you can decide where you want the highlights. For example, I like to add highlights to make characters I lives and under eye area. 6. Adding More Details and Making Minor Modifications : now create one final layer to make some small corrections on this layer. You can work a little on the details to make the different features stand out. If required, you can go back to any layer and make any changes or any adjustments. - Come feel free to add extra leers if needed. Uh. 7. Color Adjustments : by adjusting the hue, saturation and brightness over there, you can easily get different tones. They remind color, strength and obtain off real itis or doctors. With carbs, you can modify any layers, color and tonal balance. He was gamma to change all three primary colors. Genders that is red, green and blue and just an individual color general. Select rape green or blue when done with the adjustments, merge down all the layers together. 8. Adding Freckles : You can also add some records to the skin before or after emerging the layers to do so on a new layer on top. Got a post nose and cheeks for every to add some to other parts of the body like the next just or arms, then James Plan Moto color, burn and lower capacity based on your preference and smart gently make sure lower breast capacity and size before you start smudging when done, march down down the years. 9. More Corrections(If Required): Now you can make any color adjustments to the final. They're using the adjustment dudes if you need to make any area or areas off the skin darker afterwards at a new layer on top and being the areas where you want a darker for the darker said Change brand motor, multiply and lower capacity to your liking and smart a little. 10. Adding Grainy Texture : Lastly, you can add some noise, which will give the skin a grainy texture after selecting noise from adjustments. Great, right to increase and left to decrease the amount of grain, and we're done. 11. Another Example :